Learn How to Backflip in 5 Minutes | ASAP

This is a tutorial on some secret exercises and techniques in order to learn the backflip in 5 minutes!
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Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk. Make sure you are warmed up and are in general shape before attempting.

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Author ParLex ( ago)
"just being in general shape" fuck ...

Author Troll uka ( ago)
fuck you pigmie not work

Author srikanta halder ( ago)
so good

Author akeem anderson ( ago)
Can someone please give an honest review and tell me if you actually got it in 5 minutes? All I can see is jokes about breaking your neck

Author Ethan Xie ( ago)
150,000 like

Author Masterix Gaming ( ago)
I just listened to the first 3 steps went to get my mattress, went outside and just did it first try

Author MSP Zeabra ( ago)
Ouch, don't try this inside I did not know how high I could jump I hit the ceiling 🤕🤕

Author J-Dog ( ago)

Author J-Dog ( ago)
This was actually too funny "power roll, sounds like a microwavable dinner *does roll* don't eat that"

Author Dominelle C ( ago)
Haven't attempted to do a backflip yet because I'm too scared of landing on my neck but if anything I'm really building up confidence

Author KuraiTachi ( ago)
don't skip legs day

Author Aktin ( ago)
6Mio People broke there neck

Author Yasin Gul ( ago)
i broke my neck not joking

Author gamer 302 ( ago)
wow you are awosome

Author Peter Jada ( ago)
After about 7 tries I've just about got the landing stuck!

Author GTA JAY ( ago)
you're the man haha

Author Mr. Ryan ( ago)
I played all of you! You don't know why I'm famous

Author Dwight Campbell Watson ( ago)
if I brock my nick what are you going to do

Author Dkabakjian18 ( ago)
I would eat a power roll

Author Izzy's world ( ago)
You're not doing it on the grass ( I don't think)

Author Kaleb Fletcher ( ago)
I need a little more help with it

Author Ollie-AD ( ago)
Now I can do a backflip

Author ACE_stealth251 [ACE] ( ago)
Who else came here to show something cool to your friends ?

Author SR ( ago)
"boom, I do" HAHAHA

Author Gamer Mia ( ago)
Boy I fell of my bed whiling rowing and I knock my iPad down and move my air chair

Author Emishou's Music ( ago)
Your Technique 3:31 it's like Pele Kick So it Was Easy All That time Tnx Dude XD

Author SIENNA VLOGS ( ago)
Still can't do it

Author Nurul Huda ( ago)

Author zeba nehal ( ago)
it is more than 50 minutes and still don't know how to do back flip but now I know how to back rip

Author NOOH k ( ago)

Author The Animator ( ago)
I like how does guy calls backflip as friends

Author ITSConnorMurphy ( ago)
He's hot

Author Meaty Keyboard ( ago)
Thanks for the tips

Author darth vader ( ago)
who's watching from the ninth star ship in 30078

Author lou peebles ( ago)

Author Keegan ! ( ago)
Who's watching this video but not following the steps 😂

Author Tala al marasdeh ( ago)
this is a lie omg i have now a broken arm

Author Bhagyashree Joshi ( ago)
very nice.

Author Mihai Cristian ( ago)
more like: How to break your neck in five minutes

Author kyle yap ( ago)
Sorry to say this but if you streach to much and back flip you can broke your bone

Author Kamala Neupane ( ago)
very hard

Author Cilar Reeves ( ago)
thanks dude i did it now i can do a backflip i didnt break anything

Author Consuela Joncky ( ago)

Author sekindo ( ago)
i got it

Author Lucas Klumper ( ago)
I already can a backflip and im just 10

Author Bilal Ahmad ( ago)
thanks now im at the hospital☺

Author Jyotsna Choudhry ( ago)
I can do the backflip

Author Alen alibasic ( ago)
THATS NOT FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT SIX?!?!?!?!?!!?!

REPORT!!!!!!! xD

Author Bottleflip 121 ( ago)
I have subscribed

Author Tenzin Tshering ( ago)

Author Cezar Albor ( ago)
Lw not the steps to do one... I'm not saying you can't from those steps but it's just bad explaining :/

Author Melina Zografou ( ago)
Thaaank you!!!You are amaizing!!!

Author Clooudz ( ago)
Anyone else just keeps thinking about their neck?

Author TrayDoggThrizal ( ago)
This sounds like it would work but is anyone in the comment section now dead from having landed on your head after trying this?

Author Benjamin Powell ( ago)
5 mins? the vid is 6 xD

Author Dylan Ha ( ago)
How do learn a backflip in 6:04

Author Raksha Kumar ( ago)
I'm scared

Author Irfan Gigu ( ago)
What type of grass is tht

Author Ballisterific ( ago)
all these neck problems giving me anxiety....😐

Author Dillon Dudley ( ago)
how many people did u kill exactly

Author swagtastic141414 ( ago)

Author Worth Bout It ( ago)
I did it, now I am at "bestie" stage

Author 7 -13 ( ago)

Author Rachid Triking ( ago)
dear beginners : you can't back flip in 5 mn , even if youre totaly focuse

Thank You brother....

Author be vk2002 ( ago)
pls help I dnt hve enuf confidence to take my knees up.

Author MC_WIN W ( ago)
I have a CAST on my arm because of this.

Author Conner Grace ( ago)
Hey I'm new to YouTube can I get some help with getting more subs?

Author Jon Pink ( ago)
whats a mycock-O

Author Sophie Somers ( ago)
This is hilarious

Author TechShift Zeiro ( ago)
You know what?
This was a pretty neat tutorial. I thought it was going to be stupid..
Guess I'm wrong.

Author Sao Setha ( ago)
I laugh so much😂😂😂🔫by reading all comments😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻

Author hazwan matassan ( ago)
i think i should make youtube video "how to break your neck in 5min"

Author antonio dipietrantonio ( ago)
Great video

Author Raymond Halaapiapi ( ago)
it works yassss

Author Bishes h ( ago)
Hand's up if you are interested reading comment's more than watching video✋✌

Author Creeper GamingHQ ( ago)

Author Jack Grossenbacher ( ago)
How did you escape the friend zone with the backflip

Author CanadianMoose 03 ( ago)
Instructions not clear got my cat stuck in my sink

Author Moxy Josh ( ago)
Just to think
Someone out there
Tried this

Author m ( ago)
I almost broke my thumb

Author Cele Baby ( ago)
I should do it now

Author Mickykicks ( ago)
can someone please tell me if this works 😂 like seriously please lmao

Author Awesomeness2552 ( ago)
Can u come to my place and teach me it not working it has been a year now on this video can you?

Author Tyler .voigt145 ( ago)
Does it work if so I'll pay attention to the video next to

Author FRANKY ( ago)
did anybody learn backflip like this?

Author Jawid Jaqobi ( ago)

Author STIZEN9 ( ago)
pigmie! you have the coolest character, and one of the best windmill tutorIALS! 5,891,496 MILLION VIEWS SON? Well its 5,891,497 now.

Author Philipp Stiefel ( ago)

Author amir arioz ( ago)
i just broke my neck

Author Young Metro ( ago)
instructions not clear, got dick caught in blender

Author Xavier ( ago)
When I try I can do the rotation but I jump back to far so it takes all my height so I don't land

Author Helena Lu ( ago)

Author Paper Plane ( ago)
BuckyRoberts teaching you gymnastics? XD

Author Kyla Shane ( ago)
How many of u guys r just watching this on ur bed thinking that ur gonna try this but u know that u will procrastinate 😂

Author jsdfs12 ( ago)
Guys stop the hate comments

Author Sekove Tuisuva ( ago)
I broke my neck doing this

Author LumiiBoy ( ago)
I broke my neck

Author Iraneusz Dubowski ( ago)
backflipa miał uczyc a on salto pokazuje

Author Yandel Acevedo ( ago)
bro bro bro your the best my freind dared me to do a backflip and know im able to do it

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