Learn How to Backflip in 5 Minutes | ASAP

This is a tutorial on some secret exercises and techniques in order to learn the backflip in 5 minutes!
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Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk. Make sure you are warmed up and are in general shape before attempting.

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Author Names Ahmad ( ago)
Idgaf about the backflips but that place and background tho😍😍

Author Ahmad Ajmal ( ago)
Must visit m pretty sure you will like this

Author Asma Zeeshan ( ago)
Who noticed his foot became muddy

Author black rockz ( ago)
When i was young i was playing in fishnet factory storage, i saw many kids like me there running ang playing jumping there are people doing backflip too , i saw an adult did the backflip and break his arms thats nasty

Author Shawn Gabriel Benico ( ago)
thank you ive learn backflip ty in this comment this is my real face but thxxx

Author Dakota Howell ( ago)
I can only do it on a trampoline

Author Katron ( ago)
He said it was 5 mins but this video is 6 mins long ;)

Author Matt Polk ( ago)
why is this man so stiff

Author Jada West ( ago)

Author Richard Dacorsi ( ago)
that's how you can break your neck

Author A.B.A vloger ( ago)
a moment of silence for everyone who thought they will learn a backflip but then just became lazy and left it

Author A.B.A vloger ( ago)
a moment of silence for everyone who thought they will learn a backflip but then just became lazy and left it

Author Ishan Dev ( ago)
You're a good teacher,, I m subscribed u

Author Sravan Sravan ( ago)
it's easy I got in 5 min super

Author JHIN - THE VIRTUOSO ( ago)
I could probably do it but I dont have a..... i dont have a..... I dont have a.... CAMERA TO RECORD IT...... That's it. I don't have a camera

Author Anne T. ( ago)
2:16 shittttt I'm literally crying😂

Author CraZy ClaSher ( ago)
ohh nice trick pigme ....thanks for uploading

Author fuam03 man ( ago)
it hurt even on sand

Author fuam03 man ( ago)
I feel on my back

Author DJ Vines ( ago)
Searching for INDIANS :D

Author aj vaulx ( ago)
I am saw close to flown do a great back flip

Author XxmauxX Lol ( ago)

Author Eden Farar ( ago)
"just being in general shape"
*i'll be back in a few years*

Author Ariana Gonzalez ( ago)
Who did it

Author Rijavan Ahamed ( ago)
it is not worked

Author Happy Singh ( ago)
I guess I broke my neck in 5mins.

Author RedAvaIyah Moran ( ago)
i broke my arm

Author MysticGaming ( ago)

Author 张正 ( ago)
5 mins I am in hospital

Author Ajay Shaju ( ago)
sir when I am doing this in 180° angle my control was left and my head lead down .. What is the solution for this?

Author Cruz LIzasoain ( ago)
You made me brake my beck

Author Irwan Asyraf ( ago)
I tried this after eat some chocolate cake and now my stomach feel a little uncomfortable

Author Nikhil Sharma ( ago)
backbreak in 5minutes

Author Daniel Saga ( ago)
Instructions not clear, penis stuck in tree

Author Pa Vang ( ago)
What I didn't get that

Author Adri Sihite ( ago)
you lawyer you say you can back flip for 5 minute , but ican back flip for 5 minute and 1 sec

Author Kathryn Nelson ( ago)
I broke my neck and some ribs, never trying that again

Author Normiii - Roblox and More! ( ago)
I landed in the side pockets of a trampoline and hurt my penis

Author Ashton Graham ( ago)
didnt work

Author Talal Ahmad ( ago)
my back is broken ;( i cant do this

Author All about review ADITYA ( ago)
5 minutes of hard work n thn 5 years of bed rest!!!

Author Amir Applins ( ago)
I'm a flipping machine

Author Amir Applins ( ago)
this works thank u

Author Avinas Mandal ( ago)
Now i can able to due it

Author Avinas Mandal ( ago)

Author Ahmed Amin ( ago)
really a best way to do a backflip👍

Author GHANI KHAN ( ago)

Author brendan beyer ( ago)
i can't backflip but all the people i know have tekneke your not going streight up not the best tuck not the best teknece

Author Joseph Mills ( ago)
this shit dos not work i broke my arm doing it so fuck u u fag

Author Reezereq 1337 ( ago)
it works

Author l.Viper ( ago)
Man should've atleast said try on the grass. -_-

Author Maheedhar Sai ( ago)
The video says you can learn how to backflip in 5 mins and the video lasts 6 mins

Author Saya Hussain ( ago)
Ahhhhhhh! I done that...

I broked my back.

Author Vlad Smith ( ago)
Post all your neck breaks! Darwin awards for all!!!

Author VARUNA JAISWAL ( ago)
thanks for teaching how to do a backflip

Author Aquafina Perez ( ago)
I hurt my knee when I did the backroll , and then I tried to do the back flip I landed on my neck and then ass so I guess it counts

Author Christophe Thomas ( ago)
Hey men I wanna buy ur body beast book hard case do u deliver in belgium? And I have a question about will it help improve handstands, freezes, flips and all the stuff you are doin in you're videos? And in the process become more flexible and gain more balance?

Author Shaun Kelchner ( ago)
key word learn, not do

Author Dan Macdonald ( ago)
I can backflip on the trampoline subscribe to my YouTube channel @Daniel MacDonald

Author Rosemond Aframmah ( ago)
this is a big lie you cant learn this in five minutes

Author doglover ( ago)
I know that I can do it if I'll try but I'm just too scared to try it

Author White HASAN ( ago)
is it possible in 5 minite?

Author S. Tar. ( ago)
My Arm is fractured now 😬😬

Author BrEaKiNg_Brad ( ago)
Where are you at? you look like you live somewhere nice.

Author xXGlichesKillXx ( ago)
OMG IT WORKS I DID IT IN 5 wait he said minutes oh I meant days

Author TheMainMayn ( ago)
Hahaha your remarks in the instructions are crack up man lol 'I do' to resemble marrying the back flip haha. A good 5min tutorial! I've sub'd :)

Author ZubzTheDoge ( ago)
didnt work: was looking at the comments

Author Pablo Santos ( ago)
It was five minutes for him cuz he already knows how to backflip

Author Karen Clunie ( ago)
plead my cause, o kord,with them that strive with me. fight against them that fight against me.

Author Brayan Toscano ( ago)
got a neck injury from this

Author Lukenstein ( ago)
The title is wrong for chubby and fat people....You need at least 3 months to lose weight XD

Author Roger Sorreda ( ago)
i wish i dont see dis video

Author scissorteddy lou ( ago)
this video should be named " guy who already can do a backflip, shows you how to Do It in 5 minutes" it woud be better if he picked someone rendom of the streed and showed that person how to do it. And if he or she actually can perform one in that short time....I'd be impressed.

Author Arbaz khan ( ago)
thank u bro i learned to do back flip

Author om prakash ( ago)
he already learnd back flip but for beginners need hard work

Author MAC TV. ( ago)
ill sub to anyone who subs me

Author Savage Pizza ( ago)
Thx I can now do a backflip

Author Aniyah Hall ( ago)

Author Asha Rocke ( ago)
Thank you your the best

Author Kwaii Peach SugarPop ( ago)
This doesn't help

Author Femi Benson ( ago)

Author Cute Face ( ago)
You're you fucking bad

Author Darkeye M ( ago)
fuck this no thanks...i like my neck the way it is

Author Mani Ven Srivastava ( ago)
Im 10 year old please tell me how to do backflip and its my mom account thank you

Author Grace Maxwell ( ago)
going backward is easier than forwards. Although it scares me to go backwards more. My brother said that I don't make any sense.

Author piggy starlord ( ago)
So bad

Author KARATE DO ( ago)
Please help me

Author Ethan Stangle ( ago)
How to break your neck in 5 minutes

Author Slime TV ( ago)
I broked My arm when i did this do not try this

Author bachana beqauri ( ago)
learn how to break your back in 5 minutes | ASAP

Author Fatal ( ago)
is this video about having friends or learning how to backflip??

Author No Name ( ago)
they should add this in dumb ways to die. This seems like a prominent method 😂🤔

Author chinna shivakumar ( ago)
I will try it......

Author Shawn Li ( ago)
i hit my head on the bed frame trying to do this

Author Todd Smith ( ago)
Fantastic video and attitude. Thank you.

Author Kevin Foster ( ago)
My friend died Bc of u

Author Ashley Vizard ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2017

Author jacob hylan ( ago)
This doesn't work

Author Nabil Islam ( ago)

Author faisal aqil ( ago)
really helpfull, thnx alot,,, how long should i practice to be able to do backflip,at home? this would be my first try. plus i am not good at any kind o f sports. i do excercise very rarely.

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