The Circle - Movie Review

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  • In this technological wonderland of social media and being connected, the days of true privacy may be coming to an end. WHat does it mean!?....well, the movie doesn't really ask that, but here's my review for "The Circle"!

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  • Ben Schumacher
    Ben Schumacher 2 days ago

    I forgot I had watched it until I saw this review.

  • Mich Washington
    Mich Washington 11 days ago

    All of the porn! - J. Jahns LoL

  • MrCarricrl
    MrCarricrl 16 days ago

    there on my computer running slow go spy on someone else

  • Sophia H
    Sophia H 21 day ago

    Have you seen emma watson in colonia? Can't forget about that film!!

  • Andrew Keyes
    Andrew Keyes 1 month ago

    the movie that makes me question things is Shawshank redemption

  • Me Catalin
    Me Catalin 1 month ago

    ive seen lots of low budget movies with no name actors that are better than this crap, i don't even know how the fuck did pple think this is a good story and why the fuck did pple buy the book, even if its better its a waste of time to read

  • John Duckworth
    John Duckworth 1 month ago

    You should do a review of Twister!

  • FellOffTree
    FellOffTree 1 month ago

    Funny you say that, because a friend drank one beer in the movie theater and fell asleep during this movie :D

  • Prodgaming
    Prodgaming 1 month ago


  • John Casey
    John Casey 1 month ago

    So this is basically Watch Dogs minus the hacking and hacker groups.

  • Psyche M
    Psyche M 1 month ago

    from what people who have read the book tell me, emma Watson's performance is EXACTLY what the character was like in the book.  also, I thought she was excellent in Noah, like award winning performance.  but I guess i'm alone there.

  • no
    no 1 month ago

    but the porn, think about the porn

  • Martinho Ramos
    Martinho Ramos 1 month ago

    what an asswhipe of a movie

  • John Barrigón Staton

    What is the song of the concert that happen in the movie?

  • chriram97
    chriram97 1 month ago

    Just watched the movie. The premise was really interesting and i thought the story was pretty good, but the ending was so rushed that it ruined the entire movie...

  • Cristian Zainea
    Cristian Zainea 1 month ago

    You guys never watched Black Mirror. I am dissapoint. This video is Black Mirror with it's claws cut. Black Mirror does this concept SOOO GOOD.

  • PopDisplay1
    PopDisplay1 1 month ago

    Terrible editing. Stupidly animated. 1960's radio disc jockey.

  • Cindy Fawkes
    Cindy Fawkes 1 month ago

    I hope this movie will make a lot of people aware that you have to take measures to protect your privacy. First get a good VPN like NordVPN or Cryptostorm. Install a privacy friendly browser like Brave, that automatically blocks ads and trackers. And last, use a search engine that doesn't track you, like or Ixquick. Please share this message with your friends!

  • Logan Brisel
    Logan Brisel 1 month ago

    R.I.P Bill Paxton
    "Somebody ring The Dinkster?"

  • Robert Eli
    Robert Eli 1 month ago

    My thoughts exactly.

  • FlipSide and Quinn
    FlipSide and Quinn 1 month ago

    I actually hated it. The only good thing about it is when it ended. Finding Mae's friend was done horribly. He crashes because...I don't know

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 1 month ago

    I have a feeling John will be British in Pacific Rim 2.

  • Vladimir Strigunov
    Vladimir Strigunov 1 month ago

    Why all the youtubers yell?

  • sabian630
    sabian630 1 month ago

    I've been digging your reviews for a long time now. I'd say 90% + I'm with you the whole way. In saying that, you stating " The concept and all is great, but after 2 days I'd need my own space, you know, because all of the Porn"
    Straight up fucking hilarious.

  • Fesa Wild
    Fesa Wild 1 month ago

    FullMOvie 2017 The Circle
    Stream Now

  • shyang huei
    shyang huei 1 month ago


  • shyang huei
    shyang huei 1 month ago

    transformer age of extinct! why tis movie exist.....

  • Nikita Lane
    Nikita Lane 1 month ago

    Might go and see just for Tom Hanks.

  • Alehector R
    Alehector R 1 month ago

    Perks of being a wallflower was good

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 1 month ago

    these brainwashed liberal assholes would love to just roll over and give up their rights...sad

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 1 month ago

    a movie about the satanic cowards...

  • Aaron Ventura
    Aaron Ventura 1 month ago

    sequel: the triangle.

  • James Davis
    James Davis 1 month ago

    Jon Boyega doesn't have an English accent in a movie? What about "Attack the Block"?

  • nicolae cosmin
    nicolae cosmin 1 month ago

    I liked the character of Tom Haks and Karen Gillian. She was great in here.

  • Jaycie Victory
    Jaycie Victory 1 month ago

    I thought Emma was very good in Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I know what you mean. She's on the cusp of something awesome *crosses fingers* Come on, Emma.

  • Lee Jorge
    Lee Jorge 1 month ago

    The only part I liked was the comments around Emma when she was Transparent. They were so funny! Straight out of a crazy Youtube comment section.

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers 1 month ago

    The dude needs a haircut!

  • Shivakumar e
    Shivakumar e 1 month ago

    How about baahubali,baahubali2 movies?

  • EATeezey
    EATeezey 1 month ago

    It's hard to take Tom Hanks as being a bad guy in general. Like in Road to Perdition he was most certainly not a good person (a dark gray) but you still rooted for him.

  • Rishabh Dixit
    Rishabh Dixit 1 month ago

    please review "BAHUBAALI 2" a foreign language movie from india buts it's a kickass war epic drama.

  • m73jaredII
    m73jaredII 1 month ago

    The circle is skynet

  • messynate
    messynate 1 month ago

    I hope there's a sequel. The ending can lead to an uprising

  • iamyarita
    iamyarita 1 month ago


  • ty2005_92
    ty2005_92 1 month ago

    Your hair looks like a bad helmet

  • bernardoferreira89
    bernardoferreira89 1 month ago

    Minority Report - free will dilemma

  • The Spectacular Gonzo

    I don't want people watching me when I beat off.

  • dubugga
    dubugga 1 month ago

    "Not only because of all of the PORN.." We need a man like this in the senate. Telling it how it is.

  • Sarah Walter
    Sarah Walter 1 month ago

    Can everyone please stop sucking emma Watson dick? WE GET IT SHE WAS HERMIONE
    I am a massive Harry Potter fan but I don't let that blind me from her shitty performances

    • Robert Eli
      Robert Eli 1 month ago

      Sarah Walter "Sucking Emma Watson's dick." lmao what?

  • Gawking
    Gawking 1 month ago

    I saw the movie today. OMG. It was terrible. The first half was ok, but then it starts to fall apart. It looked horrible. Some of the actors (Mercer) didn't even seem to try. The book wasn't briljant but still a lot better than the movie. Emma Watson just doesn't do it for me. I'm not even sure if she's a good actor?!?!

  • Franco Antunez
    Franco Antunez 1 month ago

    Did he say "..all of the porn.." hahahahahahaha

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill 1 month ago

    This movie looks alot like Antitrust w/ Ryan Phillippe and Tim Robbins from the 2001.

  • Ryan Hastings
    Ryan Hastings 1 month ago

    emma watson is garbage

  • Jalonnie Johnson
    Jalonnie Johnson 1 month ago

    Emma Watson was great in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  • donttouchmeim steril


  • DoobieDrew
    DoobieDrew 1 month ago

    Can't believe jeremy and I have the same last name lol

  • FennecFox16 NaiMai
    FennecFox16 NaiMai 1 month ago

    Do a spoiler talk

  • Niggas
    Niggas 1 month ago

    Probably do a review of Outlast 2.

  • N00bZer0 Gaming
    N00bZer0 Gaming 1 month ago

    lol Jeremy random thought what happened to chet and aint fucking around that bruno video still kills me to this day!

  • RelayReview
    RelayReview 1 month ago

    Well of course he's awesome in the movie...its TOM FUCKING HANKS bro!!! And what do you mean Emma Watson has yet to deliver a movie that makes you go "wow". Harry Potter.............😐😐😐 (I know, I know he means besides that, relax)

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming 1 month ago

    bro, get a haircut

    MCGILICUTY. James 1 month ago

    you sound like you took a handful of adderal and then got drunk. pronunciate your words. hard to listen to this.

  • Billy Barnett
    Billy Barnett 1 month ago

    Concerning John Boyega's real accent, he uses it in Attack the Block. So he's used his real voice on film at least once.

  • Joonas Sergin
    Joonas Sergin 1 month ago

    Please please PLEASE tell me you are doing a reaction video to The Dark Tower trailer?

    • Joonas Sergin
      Joonas Sergin 1 month ago

      Yay! Now I can comment on my own comment and pretend like JJ actually read my comment and did the video on Dark Tower because of it.... ......yeah.... I really do know that's not the case, but let a man have his I-have-no-friends-and-comment-on-my-own-s**t-but-a-YouTube-celeb-read-my-comment-moment, damn you all!

  • william wilkinson
    william wilkinson 1 month ago

    The dark tower

  • Ambie Mess
    Ambie Mess 1 month ago

    Are you going to do a vid for the Dark Tower trailer?! I know it just came out, but my toes are curled in anticipation.

  • Kevin Bolsajian
    Kevin Bolsajian 1 month ago

    Review The Promise

  • parcog
    parcog 1 month ago

    The Dark Tower trailer dropped
    Come, as you are, as you were
    As I want you to be

  • Full Life 3
    Full Life 3 1 month ago

    Honestly i feel like th movie should have included a hacktivist group or something.I mean isn't opposing big bad companies thaat want to get rid of privacy for money their thing? It feels like they would start threathining the circle and stuff.

  • spedbot18[SgMx]
    spedbot18[SgMx] 1 month ago

    I wanted it to be good

  • The Viking 916
    The Viking 916 1 month ago

    This movie sucked bad

  • Jacob Hyder
    Jacob Hyder 1 month ago

    Please do a review of Gifted starring Chris Evans. Probably my favorite movie I have seen so far this year.

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 1 month ago

    Hey Jeremy, can you do a review of the 2009 movie "Triangle"? Would love to hear your take on it.

  • Chase Repass
    Chase Repass 1 month ago

    Movie that makes you ask important questions? Prometheus

  • KJizzleMAne
    KJizzleMAne 1 month ago

    Jeremy can you review Sleight!!! We need more people aware of this amazing independent superhero movie. Thanks in advance bro!!!

  • Benoit Cote
    Benoit Cote 1 month ago

    Am i the only one who think Karen Gillan was the best actor in this movie?

  • Kevin Valencia
    Kevin Valencia 1 month ago

    Jeremy what is your favorite porn I prefer virgin porn

  • Light & Coal
    Light & Coal 1 month ago

    Will you be watching the trailer of Cars 3?

  • ClearSky Productions

    I'll be expecting the Netflix low budget knock-off "THE OVAL"

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 1 month ago

    Please tell me there's a BotW review coming soon :-D .....please??

  • Urban Panda
    Urban Panda 1 month ago

    Review Sandy Wexler please

  • Soufian 27
    Soufian 27 1 month ago

    U gonna post anything from your trip at the WB press event ??

  • PeteBeast
    PeteBeast 1 month ago

    Review Gifted!

  • Joe Otero
    Joe Otero 1 month ago

    "I want the truth" Why is Hollywood still stuck in the 90s

  • Will Atkin
    Will Atkin 1 month ago

    kill bill I and II review?

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    "this movie could be the tits!"
    ~Jeremy Jahns, 2017

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    basically Ex Machina without the robot?

  • Dale Stafford
    Dale Stafford 1 month ago

    this movie is really good if your expectations are in check. Think Truman Show meets 1984 but without the dictatorship. it really is a reflection of our soon-to-be times and actually encouraged me to sign off of a lot of things that I had linked together. And some things just shut off completely. People need to live life in person not over these devices that are too quickly taking over our lives. And yes I see the irony of posting this here. So turning off for the night. ;)

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 1 month ago

    I saw the movie poster picture online. I saw Tom Hanks, and was like, I LOVE TOM HANKS, I have a feeling this one will be good. I guess I was wrong. I just love Tom Hanks he's so awesome in every thing he does. Even bad movies lol.

  • David Burnett
    David Burnett 1 month ago

    Your hands bro!!

  • OutOfTheBasement
    OutOfTheBasement 1 month ago

    Hey Jeremy, you can fix your Twitter icon on your channel art to actually display the Twitter logo by adding the "www." in the link! - Justin

  • Loredana Sporeanu
    Loredana Sporeanu 1 month ago

    can you review Lucifer the tv show. I'm really curious to hear your opinion.

  • Thane Kyrell
    Thane Kyrell 1 month ago

    Jeremy you dont need porn anymore... you got Perri

  • justin martin
    justin martin 1 month ago

    Does Fight Club count?? Gonna stop you right there and say yes...yes it does.

  • Sumeiya Aden
    Sumeiya Aden 1 month ago

    John Boyega went to the secondary school near my house

  • The Legend27
    The Legend27 1 month ago

    Jeremy wanted to post this reviewer earlier but I was too busy kicking his ass

  • Dorgen87
    Dorgen87 1 month ago

    Favorite MCU movie = Ant-man
    Least Favorite = Iron Man 3

  • André Marinho
    André Marinho 1 month ago

    this is the first video I watched... and I really enjoyed it... subscribed and liked! 😁✌

  • Ben Murto
    Ben Murto 1 month ago

    You should make an awesometacular playlist

  • Baby Wolf42
    Baby Wolf42 1 month ago

    Does anyone notice a lisp every time Jeremy speaks, or is that just me?

  • Jeffrey Gordon
    Jeffrey Gordon 1 month ago

    During the last half of the video, I just could NOT keep my eyes of Jeremy's little superman hair bopping down in front of his head. Felt hypnotizing.

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