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Author rukhi asr (4 months)
lov dis serial !! bestest drama i hv ever watched!

Author bethany manary (4 months)
2:55 i paused and u saw. Fuck you Behlul now you just realize you love her?
Im so sorry for Bihter she dies cause of that stupid jerk. Btw i love these
series xD

Author sngstr86 (3 years)
if Behlul looked more like his uncle, this wouldn't have happened

Author Hüseyin Tkn (1 year)
Cause she was wife of the old guy who entered the room but she was in love
with the other boy (the boy is her husband's nephew) .. Her love would
marry that day but everybody heard that they were in love..

Author ghizz1988 (3 years)
she's fucking crazy she's insane

Author Pretty. girl. (2 years)
Thi's program is not good

Author Lilah Hex (1 year)
it is addictive!

Author Miss Sheeran (2 years)
@TBSG123 gt ton xorize sunaixia

Author Sofia strom (2 years)
Α ρε Μπιχτέρ....εσύ την πλήρωσες τελικά....! Μια γυναίκα σε απόγνωση.....!
Μια γυναίκα την οποία παράτησαν όλοι....

Author carol4909 (1 year)
I love the dramatic ending, but it'd be way more dramatic if Bihter
would've shot Nihal during the wedding, and then she'd considered as crazy
who dies alone, in a lonely room at the hospital or something.

Author spemka (2 years)
I cried my heart out :'( I loved Bihter and Behlul as a couple... They
loved each other! Nihal was.... I dont know... Just didnt belong in thiss.
I think.

Author Tsouskas (2 years)
bihter did everything for her love..she even killed herself...nihal was
just a girl,it was not her fault,but behlul and bihter should be
together...sometimes love doesn't care about rules....

Author fhassan289 (1 year)
Yaa she should be hanged............. she hided frm adnan and she was with

Author abi khan (1 year)
why why the heck she killed her self.....very very bad ending.

Author Shainchi (1 year)
his name is behlül but i think you pronounce it like beh-lol

Author sanhaa khan (1 year)
i dint know turkish serials are so emotional too

Author jazztrendy (2 years)
saçma sapan bir diziydi türk halkının bundan uzun bir zaman önce
kurtulduğuna seviniyorum

Author Mohammad Nouri (1 year)
hmmm :'(

Author TheSuri88 (3 years)
you can't imagine how much i cried in this scene beren was amazing !! this
veda is soo sad and heart breaking Behlul bihter forever !!

Author iri23na (2 years)
...she is fucking queen :D i love her so much

Author MissHalliwell24 (2 years)
kaimenos Behlul... :(

Author Ariel Smith (1 year)
I hate bither and firdevs

Author bourboulithrinia (2 years)
@000Rikki Xαχαχα ετσι!!! ειναι ηλιθια και κατι αλλο που δε μπορω να το πω
δημοσιως -_-

Author vyruss000 (1 year)
"Stupid Behlul. If they had left together it would all be OK...if they had
already left it would just be the old guy, Nihal would have fallen in love
with someone else, for example Besir. If they had only left. With this
idiot's actions so many lives were ruined, as well as the beautiful Bihter.
All gone for this ridiculous guy."

Author sanhaa khan (1 year)
shitttttttttttt wtfffff y she died in end damn i just wasted my time on
this serial huhhhh

Author eslam salim (3 years)
actually i can't believe i almost cried watching her but to tell u the
truth she is soo freaking amazing actress ...but it would be better if it
ended when she killed herself o,O

Author hymen2 (3 years)
she deserve to die she is absolutley bud women

Author greektvlover (1 year)
His real name is kivanc tatlitug. pronunced Kiv-anch (ch like chocolate)
tat-li-tug. I'm not 100% sure how to pronounce the surname but i think with
and accent on the last letter...

Author 72amirreza (10 months)
I Hate Behlul.... big bastard!

Author Maryam T. Ansari (1 year)
How do you people pronounce the real name of this guy Behlol?

Author MME21ful (2 years)
@azas1 swpa re esu pou den exeis adikhsei pote!!!!Kai o Antnan kai h sapia
h korh tou epiloges ekanan!!!!!!H nixal lussaxe na pantreutei to kelepouri
kala na pathei loipon p meine me thn anthodesmh sto xeri!!!!

Author lena berger (2 years)
Hi, guys if you don't understand turkish you can watch turkish series on with English, greek, arab ..... sub. except Ask i memnu , because
the serie isn't that Popular in turkey. i advise you watch " I named her
Feriha" it is more interesting than "Ask i memnu" It's Hazals ( Nihal) new
tv serial. Once you start watch it, you just can't stop.

Author Mimi Pérez (1 year)
I doubt it, it's a telenovela, that would go against everything they have
ever done. I really hope not...

Author Astrid Umanzor (10 months)
after watching the final of pasion prohibida the newest version of this
soapopera...... all i can say is :( SAD. endings.

Author angi1988 (1 year)
foverh skhnh

Author moosa RB (8 months)
strainght episode

Author L.A. Breeze (3 years)
the suicidal girl is sexy!!!!!!!!!!

Author Adam Abdullah (3 years)
Behlul's unle is quite fast at the beggining

Author zazi1zowann1 (1 year)
World best Serial ever Long live turkey Love you all Alot of love from

Author banatsabi (9 months)
i love u

Author Blair Es (2 years)
Bihter isn't selfish. And for someone of you that say,she wanted love,money
and everything,it's not true! The only thing she wanted was Behlul! She
didn't care about money at all!! And,Behlul is so damn stupid! He
says,Nihal will die if I leave her,and Bihter won't die,right? He killed
Bihter with his stupidness! And,Nihal acts like innocent to get what she

Author Khurram Hussain (1 year)
aoa kiya ho gaya hai ,is waja c suicide ki k woh adnan ko face nahi kar
sakti thi ,khan g ki ho gaya way tano

Author Shukran Rasheed (3 years)
@SuperHanany She was crazy in love...

Author eminemkata (1 year)
You are not fair if you think it's boring just because it's not a happy
ending! Life is not always in pink and this serial is one of the most
emotional things you can see on TV!

Author mücteba uzunoğlu (10 months)
Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil'i rahmetle anıyoruz bize ve Dünyaya böyle bir eser
kazandırdığı için...

Author SuperHanany (3 years)
iam surprised there is some people blame behlul about what happend to
bihter she is crazy this is enough i hate her she deserv's what happened to

Author mahawi3 (3 years)
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ENDING

Author thekingableable (1 year)
If I was Behlul I would give my life to her like a present or something
lol..he is so stupid omg

Author WMeMyselfAndI001 (2 years)
@12cares yeah yeah,,,I know now..Thanx anyways....:)

Author kat khan (1 year)
why did she commit a suicide plz tell me

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