Motoba - Orchestre Lipua Lipua

Veve Edition 1975

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Author Jamesh Invest ( ago)

Author Alberto Leny ( ago)
Muziki Congo, Muziki Afrika!

Author Achola Fredrick ( ago)
Good rhumba.

Author HKZ LEGENDS ( ago)
Thanks bro sam. This is Jeff from Russia.

Author Bonya Mohd ( ago)
Wakati ule c sasa kila.kitu mungu alibariki,wapi Idd isambo,wapi Moses,wapi
mpo goodlack nkya ndani ya lyamungo

Author Flower Twila ( ago)
ndiyo eheee

Author Flower Twila ( ago)
yes hapa sasa

Author Amule Johnson Amin ( ago)
Amule amin. I remember those days I can not forget the life our people were

Author Jacques BAZEBIALO ( ago)
Chanson que je dedis à mon defunt papa . C'est la vie .

Author mohamed sendege ( ago)
best song in 70s

Author Yassin Juma ( ago)
Aki ya Mungu !!!!!

Author M. Musa ( ago)
I was in a good boarding school then. We paid Kenya shillings 800 per year
- inclusive of tuition fees and boarding fees where we were provided with
mattresses, soap, cutlery, porridge, rice with meat twice a week....niseme
nini. My Pocket money was shillings 20 per term - very good money - I
could afford disco on a sunday @ one shilling entrance fee. One US dollar
was selling for 7 Kenya shillings. There was money floating, I think
Chepkube Coffee business brought in lots of money also.

Author M. Musa ( ago)
Nzambe, were they praying? Someone give a brief translation please,
because my grand dad used to say these were songs of sin,, but they mention

Author naidamu ( ago)
sisemi kitu....

Author molaa Gulu ( ago)
Gulu dit.

Author ocitti ( ago)
Thanks Fred for your good memo. I do not come from those places you
mentioned. I am from Custom Corner as you know, but i totally share your
memo. MWODO in FOR GOD. I will not forget

Author fukieno kuame ( ago)
Thank you so much for this reminder in, should you please find the Papa
Wemba Song Levre Rose fetaed Afrisa?

Author EFRANKS W ( ago)
Bwana Keino, Thax for your efforts of posting these niece oldies. no where
you will find this kind of music and sung and produced in their originals i
mean vocals, instruments etc. not like todays ones. 2, I request you bwana
Keino to look for ORIGINAL MATOBA, this is the second matoba. I have the
both matobas on santuri and i have kept them safely. thanks.

Author Benon Muzira ( ago)
Fred...These songs remind me so many things...Ohh memories....the day was a
Sunday around February 1977. I was in P.3 but old enough to understand
.Amini's soldiers surrounded Mbarara Police Barracks,all police men were
gathered in a nearby play ground. All men who were of Acholi & Langi tribe
were taken away and that was the last time they were seen. My Dad was a
Police man but coming from Bushenyi,his name was not read. This occurred in
every dist. of Ug. Did your Dad survive.?OH ..memories

Author Karate ( ago)
Yes bro', dont you have to worry...these golden hits are very much
available here in Nairobi........hebu tembea pale Moi Avenue opposite
Mt.Kenya University City campus....there is a big shop that stocks music
instruments.....including ORIGINAL music Cassettes and CDs.......utapata
kila ngoma uitakayo....!

Author stephen Nsereko ( ago)
Gone are those days when the Ugandan 20 Shilling note was called "POUND"
because of the strength of the currency by then.Thank you for the upload.

Author Fred Akena ( ago)
Those of you who were in Gulu High School or lived around Mican, Katoli,
Kasubi by this time you must know the guy called "Orach Opii Pa Lwak" he
used to host discos in his court yard not far away from GHS.

Author robert kariuki ( ago)
lipua lipua at there prime time and one of the best band during that era...

Author molaa Gulu ( ago)
One of the sweet tune coming from Radio Uganda during my childhood days at
Alero trading centre in Gulu. Coming back home for lunch in my grand Pappas
small shop when School is over!! Just love it, thanks man, good old

Author Bellingham0035 ( ago)
@deekeyish sawa tu

Author David Mitei ( ago)
@Bellingham0035 , uchokozi ndugu yangu

Author Bellingham0035 ( ago)
@deekeyish Sasa Umeanza uchokozi

Author Bellingham0035 ( ago)
Riwa, Riwa, Riwa, Riwa of HBS

Author David Mitei (396 years ago)
Music transcends all boundaries,thats why a good song like this from congo
could be enjoyed in the remote parts of Rift Valley without as much
bothering with the meaning.Same with the evergreen kalenjin song
MAGDALENA,which iam told could be played accross east and central A frica

Author fitzjames ( ago)
I love this original version. I recorded this song with Nzaya last year
2010, now singing with ZONG ZING I will try and get it up on youtube soon.
all acoustic/unplugged. Recording him really made me see how very special
Nzaya's voice is. great song.

Author thino baroza ( ago)
j"adore, j"adore, bravo lipua lipua était vocalement,instrumentalement au
dessus de les kamalés ou lipua lipua de Nyboma que j'adore aussi,mais la
il'a pas photo avec KILOLA etTEDDIA OU NZAYA (a cette epoque egale a PEPE
KALLE ET MADILU dans le meme style de chant ,Kilola enorme en conccurent
vocal de NYBOMA ou PAPY TEX de bakuba empire .Benazo et MOMBASSA virtuoses
.ils metrisaient parfaitement le sax et guitard rhythmique dommage, que
lipua lipua était un peu snobés par des kinois,

Author David Mbugua ( ago)
Lipua's music takes me back growing up in Ofafa Maringo and attending
Eastleigh Secondary School.It also reminds of Dj king Bee.

Author Justin DANDILA ( ago)
Je remercie Nzaya Nzayadio d'avoir composé cette superbe chanson Matoba
dans l'orchestre Lipua-Lipua, qui demeure pour moi l'une de mes meilleures
chansons. Elle me rappelle mes 20 ans en 1976 à Brazzaville (Congo pays
dont je suis originaire), mes vacances à Mbujimayi en 1977 et de 1977 à
1980 à Nguiri-Nguiri (Kinshasa). Merci Verckys pour le soutien apporté dans
les années 70 et début 80 à tous vos orchestres KIAM et Merci à You Tube.
JD Ndoudi Kibaka

Author Joe Evans Agolla Nyagonya ( ago)
What is happenning to Africa music? Are we moving forward or backward.
Listen to these musician and compare with the crop of Musicians who came
with likes of Soukous or Ndombolo? The former musicians were real ones. Ma
en Agolla Nyagonya

Author Desh More ( ago)
Mr.Bwanakeino ki ukweli hii nyimbo jina lake ni lipi ..MOTOBA AU BONGISA
MALOBA Kwa sababu nimeliona kwa Mr.Bughativeyron yeye kaandika jina la
nyimbo hii ni BONGISA MALOBA zaidi jamani toka Fiji Australia!!

Author Desh More ( ago)
Thanx ...Bwanakeino naomba kama itawezekana hii nyimbo inayoitwa ...Ndokidi
na Awanze by orchestra Lipua Lipua, Akiwa muhimbaji ni Mombassa Vata, Nzaya
nzadio, Benanzo Mbuta na Tonele, sina zaidi natalajia kuzisikia hizo

Author kiwe sebunya ( ago)
anyone with Sekizengi

Author bwanakeino ( ago)
@MegaMeshak I had Se Kizengi somewhere and I'll try to check it out more.
When I get it, I'll make sure I upload it.

Author waketch ( ago)
Nzaya Nzayadio's best composition but the lineup of this Lipua-Lipua was a
great force to reckon with: Mombasa Vata dit " le professeur", Tedia,
Kilola, Tonele, Mbudi Malanda, Samara, " Johnny " Pindu (le " PI" du trio "
Mayopi " ), Nono Nkuka, Médard Mbanza, Benazo, Nzeza, l Mongo Ley, "Aspro"
Lusuama and the great Pepe Kalle. The best of Zaire in the 70s. Not
forgetting the tribute to the maison VEVE of Président Kiamuangana that
produced these groups.

Author SahrT1 ( ago)
Love this song

Author Joseph Mastaki ( ago)
this is a nice lyrics.. Lipua Lipua one of the best Afro-Cuban Rhumba's
best group..... D R CONGO is blessed with talents... I wish South Africa
had the same...

Author Jkajwang ( ago)
Mziki moto moto wa kitamaduni. Asante Bwana Keino - you are the best and so

Author cuteypretts ( ago)
Bwana Keino hii ngoma ni mwisho. Ahsante sana kwa kutupa burudani za miaka
ya sabini. This music reminds me of my teenage years and back to school
days.Thanks for the memory Bwana Keino.

Author Sendula Lorenz ( ago)
I am Aspro Lusuama and I love this old hits.

Author Fred Aboge ( ago)
Mtoto wa mama, tupatie Kayumba ya Fataki Lokasa

Author Steve Joey ( ago)
Letayote, Samahani nimekuwekea (-) kimakosa. Nilitaka kukupa (+) na
nikakosea. Naungana na wewe kwa kuomba wimbo wa Kamiki ......kamiki yeye,
motema wooo, kamiki yeyee motea woo wooo!!!! Wimbo safi sana.

Author Josephine Abner ( ago)
Bwana Keino wapi Kamiki?...tuwekee Kamiki ya orch Veve bwana!!!.

Author SahrT1 ( ago)
please can you explain what this song is about thank you

Author RUFFIN MUSUENE ( ago)
yo mutu na sala nioso po to zala bien na bana puis na sala nioso muana na
yo aya na poto mais souvent manque ya respect na kati ya libala ke dieu de
foudre tombe sur ta tete

Author Davidsaah ( ago)
Oldies but goodies. Lipua Lipua the best vocalists in the world of African
music. Is the any one out there with more Lipua Lipua music.

Author Samuel Anyuru (393 years ago)
Salut, si vous ete Parisien, essayez SONIMA MUSIC au 99, rue Faubourg Saint
Denis dans le 10eme.

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