10 Hot Weather Life Hacks To Keep YOU Cool

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  • Rusty Tiberius
    Rusty Tiberius 1 day ago

    Wouldnt putting the ice behind the fan work better

  • Shaan Rakhra
    Shaan Rakhra 1 day ago

    Why am I watching this it's winter

  • Canada ball
    Canada ball 2 days ago

    I love how he says tiny pieces

  • Mr. Who The Hell Cares

    "If a random friend gets by"
    I see what you did there

  • vivile ilia
    vivile ilia 2 days ago

    3:03 sure that's water?

  • Victoria
    Victoria 3 days ago

    0:42 - cracking a cold one with the boys

  • aqua daily
    aqua daily 3 days ago

    just got a new sub

  • Finesse God
    Finesse God 4 days ago

    why is there a green dick in the thumbnail

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 4 days ago

    on the thumbnail theres a penis

  • Fun with us! - Animations!

    The crushed ice is very popular in Asia, it's called Ice Kachang in Singapore :3

  • lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other *

    now how to cool down your pet for under 0$

  • Aislyn Spink
    Aislyn Spink 5 days ago

    Love the ideas!

  • Subbu Forty-Five
    Subbu Forty-Five 6 days ago

    The channel Be Amazed stole this video

  • Nu Thang
    Nu Thang 6 days ago

    Oh god look at the thumbnail

  • toddysfc media
    toddysfc media 6 days ago

    I just know most people here now are English and struggling with this heat

  • Freya Brimson
    Freya Brimson 6 days ago

    Everyone in Britain is watching this after the heatwave lol

  • patricia beatriz
    patricia beatriz 7 days ago

    now you can literally crack a cold one with the boys

    • Alexis Quan
      Alexis Quan 4 days ago

      patricia beatriz I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS COMMENT

  • Zaastros Dog
    Zaastros Dog 7 days ago


  • Catstuffies Tran
    Catstuffies Tran 7 days ago

    3:56 he has a cat in his lap

  • chris morgan0
    chris morgan0 8 days ago

    Food coloring leads to cancer

  • RaelVidot _RBLX
    RaelVidot _RBLX 8 days ago


  • GD Drumming
    GD Drumming 8 days ago

    yea grants here!

  • Jess Ellis
    Jess Ellis 8 days ago

    You can do this, or, you can just stay inside with the aircon on.

  • Trisha Osburn
    Trisha Osburn 9 days ago

    lol I cracked up when I saw ice the fan

  • Terrell Carter
    Terrell Carter 9 days ago

    for shaved ice can you use brown sugar

  • Daryoush Jamkhu
    Daryoush Jamkhu 10 days ago

    *Cracking a cold one with the boys*

  • Help Me Please
    Help Me Please 11 days ago

    who watching in the end of vacation?😢

  • Seth Freakin Rollins

    who else noticed the green penis in the thumbnail

  • Ugly Casanova
    Ugly Casanova 13 days ago

    None ofthis made me feel cooler. Worthless.

  • AllThingsisHere Here

    on 3:02 you did pee 😂😂😂

  • The Random Gamer567
    The Random Gamer567 13 days ago

    Who else saw the thumbnail, looked at the utensil and thought:

    Looks like balls. Lol.

    MRHOVOXO 13 days ago

    in the middle of the thumbnail 🤔🤐😮

  • While you read this , i stole your food

    is it only me or i saw a dick in the thumbnail? the green thing

  • Itzzz Brightt
    Itzzz Brightt 13 days ago


  • bashar karawani
    bashar karawani 13 days ago

    "Huh,should've added more food coloring" me:yea to make it look even more like meth

  • Bag Obeans
    Bag Obeans 13 days ago

    I don't know if I would want that ice cream after you put your fingers all over it! ugh!!!😣

  • Spongebob
    Spongebob 14 days ago

    Who else clicked on this video because of the green penis is the thumbnail?

  • FerociousFelion 947
    FerociousFelion 947 14 days ago

    I'm allergic to peppermint

  • Federico Peña
    Federico Peña 14 days ago

    this is fine, but I was more interested in keeping myself cool as oppose to my drinks

  • Delightful Sadness
    Delightful Sadness 14 days ago

    Lmao it's winter, I have no idea why I'm watching this

    Also its literally 3:42am...

  • taha Salman
    taha Salman 15 days ago

    Check out the king of random

  • Aunica Betz
    Aunica Betz 15 days ago

    this came out the day I turned 11

  • Ewan Marshall
    Ewan Marshall 15 days ago

    Why does he have penis spoons

  • Kayagorzan
    Kayagorzan 16 days ago

    3:55 the spoon is inappropriate

  • Marco Moranchel
    Marco Moranchel 16 days ago

    I like the last one

  • Negrandis
    Negrandis 16 days ago

    Why the fck am i watching this. I live in norway

  • MossyK05
    MossyK05 16 days ago

    whats that green thing in the thumbnail?

  • Eric Luquin
    Eric Luquin 18 days ago

    This is king of random

  • Sayor Ray
    Sayor Ray 18 days ago

    My Summer Hack?I wear good looking clothes and go and sit inside the Mall nearby and do my business...security gaurds who watched me every day eventually came to the conclusion that I own that place and the rumour spread...after two weeks I used to get free cold coffee and Burgers from the Food Court.

  • Juan Sigala
    Juan Sigala 18 days ago

    it looks like a d next to the snow cone and on the s

  • Joey Stauffer
    Joey Stauffer 18 days ago

    penis spoons

  • Illahi Bedi
    Illahi Bedi 19 days ago

    I did my tips on how to beat summers to on my channel !

  • Trystan Zafico
    Trystan Zafico 20 days ago

    Is it weird that I'm watching this in the winter?? 😂😂

  • Ms. Woodard
    Ms. Woodard 21 day ago

    i like those cubes in vodka

  • Ms. Woodard
    Ms. Woodard 21 day ago

    he likes food coloring

  • Bluelopeak
    Bluelopeak 21 day ago

    But what if I don't have Kool-aid in my country for the slushie syrup ?

  • NDT Gaming
    NDT Gaming 21 day ago

    I have a hack that similar to the fruit sauce hack, freeze your caprisun and then eat it.

  • Joanna Xavier Φασούλη Τσελίκη

    Why put color in everything?

  • Gaming#King
    Gaming#King 22 days ago

    haters are stupid

  • Stressed out on My crybaby tears

    Why does ur spoons look like penises xD

  • Kili Racoma
    Kili Racoma 22 days ago

    I hated this you bastard

  • FoxGamer156 #
    FoxGamer156 # 23 days ago

    At 3:08 at left rim of the pot you can see a small bug(shout outs to the bug)

  • AnimateOut
    AnimateOut 23 days ago

    i have air condition c:

  • Blossom 101
    Blossom 101 23 days ago

    I found after making the slushie if you add ice cream it makes a cream slush for any sonic fans out there! It's really good!

  • NinjaDoodler Gaming
    NinjaDoodler Gaming 23 days ago

    1:35 and stick that puppy in the freezer me: okay!

  • Sombre kat
    Sombre kat 23 days ago

    0:41 UNEXPECTED 😂😂😂

  • jamaica beauty
    jamaica beauty 23 days ago

    first one could cut your lips

  • JOSEPH Hagens
    JOSEPH Hagens 23 days ago

    hahaha i get it chill out because it is cold😂😂

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up 23 days ago

    Who else is watching this, when you are about to pass out?😧

  • Ismail Rabie
    Ismail Rabie 23 days ago

    am i the only one who saw the green dildo in the thumbnail

  • Mya Serrato
    Mya Serrato 23 days ago

    helpful hacks so you can crack a cold one with the boys

  • Pyro ES
    Pyro ES 24 days ago

    Sub=Become a millionaire
    Like=your crush will like you
    Comment=find $100

  • extreme savage 666
    extreme savage 666 24 days ago

    in the thumbnail the green thing looks like a dildo​

  • AarayKyramud
    AarayKyramud 25 days ago

    bettre than an ice block....fill an empty box wine bag with clean water and freeze. no soggy food, lasts longer than cubes and cold water to drink.

  • theREALgerald
    theREALgerald 27 days ago

    Why is there a green dick in the thumbnail.

  • HEY! It's Jay
    HEY! It's Jay 27 days ago

    I got sun burn today

  • Xamareik sauce
    Xamareik sauce 27 days ago

    the only reason I like the video is because you had a cameo with the king of random and say Grant's fault

  • Satanism is Cancer
    Satanism is Cancer 27 days ago

    I still drink tea. Lol

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen 27 days ago

    Percentage of comments
    80% thumbnail or spoon looks like penis.
    20% other.

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen 27 days ago

    Notice the spoon end in the thumbnail.

  • Steven universe time

    did he have a duck spoon

  • Siddhant Srivastava
    Siddhant Srivastava 27 days ago

    what's that green thing in the thumbnail.............

  • Alex Cerna
    Alex Cerna 28 days ago

    Why does the spoon ok the thumbnail look like a dick ?😂😂

  • Bill the Possum
    Bill the Possum 28 days ago

    He said refreshing so many times

  • Jacob Dewar
    Jacob Dewar 28 days ago

    Uhh 3:54 what are those spoons?

  • Wylie Wiggins
    Wylie Wiggins 28 days ago

    Add salt to the ice

  • Reiner Braun
    Reiner Braun 28 days ago


  • Diamond Ruby
    Diamond Ruby 29 days ago

    ppl who live in Texas need this😃😂

  • Asha Samuel
    Asha Samuel 29 days ago

    There is no such thing as " Left Over Bubble Wrap"

  • Kukac Mr.
    Kukac Mr. 29 days ago

    Just press 9 . You'll see what happens ...

  • Sherry Kolczak
    Sherry Kolczak 1 month ago

    I'm sad your freezer is empty

  • FeedoDK
    FeedoDK 1 month ago

    What is Kool-aid??

  • FaZe Angela
    FaZe Angela 1 month ago


  • emcc04
    emcc04 1 month ago

    0:42 drink a cold one with the boys

  • Frade
    Frade 1 month ago

    watching the scewer go through the cup made me shiver like nails on a chalk board

  • Deess G.
    Deess G. 1 month ago


  • Scott Koziarz
    Scott Koziarz 1 month ago

    where da hell you buy your styro coolers?

  • Joshua gamerjosh18
    Joshua gamerjosh18 1 month ago

    That is so cool

  • Dominic Statkus
    Dominic Statkus 1 month ago

    Why is there a tiny small green dick in the thumbnail..?

    • Ryan Yoro
      Ryan Yoro 20 days ago

      its an infants fork/spoon. the balls are eyes

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