Iranian/Persian food or bakery ( Shirinie Irani )

I hope u like this "video" about iranian bakery.
I really love iranian/persian bakery, cuz it's so delicious, and I was forced to do a video about it, so I never could forget the taste.

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Author stonedkid69 (5 years)
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i havnt been back home in 9 years now. oh god i miss
shirini foorooshi. shirini tar, zoolbia bamie, mmmmmmmmm man yummy stuff
with tea.

Author MrChannel5news (3 years)
@shupalak متشکرم شما

Author TheLavish99 (3 years)
YUM, I saw a nice picture of zoolbia and bamieh.

Author tanyaa92 (2 years)
Noonberenji my fav!!! Yumm!!! What is this song? love it!

Author golddigger0325 (5 years)
1:19 whats the name of that one?

Author misss4u (5 years)
Kolche khameyi kheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeili bamazaast. Yaadesh bekheir!

Author TheZagros3000 (2 years)
this is why I hate and refuse calling myself iranian when you persian
scumbags must place the name persian next to iranian all the time. persian
is not a synonym to iranian! But for some reason you former shah puppies in
the US keep behaving that way. But if we shall behave that way then maybe I
should make a video called azeri/iranian food or kurdish iranian/food .
Just stop that nonsense and grow up RETARDS. Naan-brenji for example is not
persian but kurdish kermashani

Author zairt (5 years)
I love Persian Cuisine....proud to say that we in Hyderabad,India has
Persian influence in our cuisine..

Author Butterflyonocean (6 years)
Love persian pastry, its the best........

Author redgz2k (5 years)
i think i will just buy the ready to eat from Iranian sweets ...:-) thanks

Author TheThorsgirl (2 years)
All sweets look fantastic, I tried some of them,they are very delicious.

Author aria099 (6 years)
It is so shamful that i call you an Iranian. you do not belong to the
country with such a rich culture.

Author shinesthrudarain (6 years)
wheres perashki?

Author AvazFreedom (5 years)
The little ones in the middle are called "nan nokhodchee" they are made of
roasted garbanzo beans... The ones around seem to be "Nan berenji" (rice

Author Margie Carrascal (3 years)
@TheArabianGulf4ever I rather eat this than yours nasty grasshoppers! yuck!

Author safa safai (5 years)
merci kheili Ali bood ke asheghe in shirini hastam daghighe 1:54
دستت درد نکنه

Author kholekhoda1 (5 years)
Hi if you live in US you can buy heavy whipping cream and then beat it with
electric mixer on high speed and add suger powder to it as much as you want
it to be sweet at the end the texture should be firm and hard,sorry my
English is not so good but let me know if i can help you more :)

Author storki0 (2 years)
what did the person say?

Author golddigger0325 (5 years)
Can someone name me as many of those dishes to me as possible? I want to
look up the recepie since I dont live in Iran I cant get a hold of any of
that yummmm

Author Ahad Abdurahmon (5 years)
You have TURUKISTANI influence in your cuisine dork.

Author bafaw k (3 years)

Author maya ss (5 years)
how can i make rolet??

Author mue (4 years)
there are only cakes here, desserts. :(

Author kavghaa (6 years)
Bah Bah, Dahanam ab oftad :D

Author Megan Fox (5 years)

Author velvetbc (3 years)
@MrChannel5news.... it's called zoolbia, already a lot of recipes for that
on the net

Author AvazFreedom (5 years)
I love Hyderabadi biryani... lol

Author M (4 years)
@golddigger0325 It's called nokhodchi

Author BishiSab (4 years)
The Brits are destroying the food all over the world!!? Research this and
inform your familie and friends before its to late!! Say no to
gen.manipulated Poisen, and eradiated meat or Fruits. Wake up to this
before its to late.

Author Katluver1991 (4 years)
It was really bad of me to go to a video about Iranian sweets while hungry.

Author azra113 (5 years)
This aint jewish Or Arab, its persian :)

Author mannixisle (4 years)
Without giving us the recipes for these Persian Delights, it's torture to
just look at photos!

Author alguienPLC (4 years)
@Bahramerad Greetings, WANT TO BE RICH? we love TURKISH food, you guys
should come to Venezuela, and open restaurantS, you will get a looot of
ect. ppl come on! That’s a great business!! Trust me.VERY NICE, ITS SO

Author TheArabianGulf4ever (3 years)
yuukkkk... it looks disgusting!!! try something else iranians!! iranian
food is good just for iranians to eat!! shitty people, culture, food and
everything.. you guys are absolutely shit..

Author redgz2k (5 years)
hi Kholekhoda!thank you for your help.i am currently in UAE but maybe can
find whipping cream here;-) but why you said the texture should be firm and
hard?as i know filling of Khame is actually smooth and soft like ice

Author Parisa Amira (6 years)
omg i miss it so much

Author shangaize muhamad (4 years)
where are the recipes plz

Author Jasmine Shahinpour (2 years)
Look persian people in iran are wealthier than a lot of american and
european people. just saying. persians are not afghan or arab i think u
have to improve your geography and learn the difference between iran and
afghanistan. btw even homeless people in iran can afford cake or sweets or
bread. look at urself such a shame to call u and iranian...

Author zairt (5 years)
@AvazFreedom Oh really good for u lol...

Author maya ss (5 years)
peymaania ....ok now tell me how to make rolet im still looking for

Author Bijan44 (6 years)
Great photos.

Author AfgTweetyBird (4 years)
Yum Yumm I love Iranian sweets.

Author MrChannel5news (3 years)
@velvetbc Thanks alot, im going to have to check the recipe and have a
taste of this delicious treat. Brings back alot of good memories :) Thanks

Author Elaheh Gilanshah (6 years)
Maryam: Thank you for putting this video together. Music was great and the
sweets looked fantastic. GREAT JOB!

Author Jasmine Shahinpour (2 years)
STFU and do back to ur dessert like country... haha ur country is made out
of sand and we have all the oil....

Author zairt (5 years)
shut ur foul mouth....but do some research before u come up with such
stupid comments.....we do have turkish influences in our culture but
cuisine is mostly influenced by Persians

Author MrChannel5news (3 years)
Whats the one at 1:17 called, its really sweet, made with syrups and im
guessing honey. The orange thing not the cookies. Reply me back with the
answer thanx

Author Tina Norge (6 years)
I cant stop drooling...

Author ZedYahood2 (6 years)
Stop drooling or you will mess up your keyboard!

Author Tina Norge (6 years)

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