10 Awesome Soda Can Life Hacks

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  • Someone :)
    Someone :) 1 day ago

    7:00 lol

  • Someone :)
    Someone :) 1 day ago

    Where can i buy the Househacker soda lol!

  • Granny Weatherwax
    Granny Weatherwax 2 days ago

    I like kittens

  • Sasha Manuel Mironchik

    5:50 You wanna know how i got these scars?

    FAT PANDA 3 days ago

    is that a dick in the water made of ice 4:20

  • The Queen
    The Queen 5 days ago

    I appreciate that the dorm hack was made from a redbull can, got a lot of those laying around lmao

  • bassskater96
    bassskater96 5 days ago

    I've never met a grown ass man who loves La Croix more than this dude lol

  • Adomas Lt
    Adomas Lt 6 days ago

    4:20 i really like the shape of his ice cube mold

  • rebecarmor
    rebecarmor 11 days ago

    He drank the bacon grease after

  • Yo Neighbor
    Yo Neighbor 11 days ago

    I melt my aluminum cans for ingots

  • alternativedelusions

    Why do you drink so much garbage water 😂

  • Frank Geez
    Frank Geez 11 days ago

    anyone see the pebis shaped ice

  • CK's channel.
    CK's channel. 11 days ago

    Scented candle melter: Those things are designed to specifically -not- be a flame candle... Using this "life-hack" is like buying a Corvette and permanently welding a huge trailer on the end cuz you wanted a pickup...

  • Randomness and more
    Randomness and more 12 days ago

    4:20, ice penis, there is something suspicous here

  • Spixi
    Spixi 12 days ago

    I'm i the only one who have heard HouseholdHacker saying Pretty cool huh ? Davehax

  • Joseanarr
    Joseanarr 12 days ago

    Found a nice fancyish way to plant my weed

  • 5 KTech
    5 KTech 12 days ago

    He said "pretty cool huh" @davehax

  • Jason Mcphee
    Jason Mcphee 12 days ago

    heyyyy why u usind dese fancy drinks
    :-( where the coke and sprite at?

  • Chris J
    Chris J 13 days ago


  • HEYMAN202001
    HEYMAN202001 13 days ago

    I thought at 2:30 he poured the grease, ice and juice all in the same cup

  • DrinkbleachDieRepeat 154

    Davehax "pretty cool huh?"

  • Dacold Bro
    Dacold Bro 14 days ago

    Dick at 4:24 wtf

  • blastt45
    blastt45 14 days ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    can you do potassium permanganate and condom life hacks?

  • Martin Zsibok
    Martin Zsibok 14 days ago

    Did he say "Flat service"? 7:10

  • Proguy1903
    Proguy1903 14 days ago


  • Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3310 15 days ago

    ive grown a cactus in a surge can

  • me_anthony
    me_anthony 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw a penis shaped ice cube

  • Proxy1811
    Proxy1811 15 days ago

    When you have a penis ice cube tray

  • Drgnwire
    Drgnwire 15 days ago

    lol these are janky af

  • mollywobbles23
    mollywobbles23 15 days ago

    That is the fucking most disgusting looking egg I have ever seen. No wonder your dog wouldn't eat it. They have standards.

  • Meh Meth
    Meh Meth 15 days ago

    Cut my self playing with this shit

  • Rod Gozinya
    Rod Gozinya 15 days ago

    DO NOT use a can as a oil burner!!! You are putting aluminum fumes into your air!!!!!!

  • Amira :3
    Amira :3 15 days ago

    I would so drink Triple H soda

  • seth410
    seth410 15 days ago

    This is a joke. Right?

  • Odin31b
    Odin31b 15 days ago

    What about turning one into a pipe when you break your glass pipe?

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff 15 days ago

    You can also melt down your heroin in the bottom of a can

  • League Amino Acid
    League Amino Acid 15 days ago

    I think this will be patched in the next update

  • Hail Arriola
    Hail Arriola 15 days ago

    4:20 dick ice cube 😂😂

  • IsmaelQ2Q2Q22
    IsmaelQ2Q2Q22 15 days ago

    I like the last one turning the egg into a heart is a good idea just had to be careful not cutting my thumps

    LAUGHINGMANWILL 16 days ago

    4:00 But BRAWNDO's got electrolytes!

  • lurker
    lurker 16 days ago

    You forgot to show the pipe trick life hack

  • Kayagorzan
    Kayagorzan 16 days ago

    I want to listen to can can after watching this
    Can CanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCanCan

  • Hi OK
    Hi OK 16 days ago

    So who's brave enough to actually make and blow the whistle.
    Not me.

  • scorcoz
    scorcoz 16 days ago

    Not heating up my fucking food in aluminum like that tho

  • scorcoz
    scorcoz 16 days ago

    Great way to help reuse cans and cut down on waste. Liked.

  • Max Meyer
    Max Meyer 16 days ago

    2:40 I already thought of this!!

  • Daily Foodie
    Daily Foodie 16 days ago

    Thanks for the hacks

  • Mr. Luigi
    Mr. Luigi 16 days ago

    Sorry but im not that cheap

  • Isaac Dahl
    Isaac Dahl 16 days ago

    I thought he was putting ice in his bacon grease for a sec there

  • Kayli Joy
    Kayli Joy 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who jumped when the cab crushed in the water?

  • Kayli Joy
    Kayli Joy 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who jumped when the cab crushed in the water?

  • Any vidoes
    Any vidoes 16 days ago

    now that is what i call a life hack

  • Goomy the Lord
    Goomy the Lord 16 days ago

    What to do if you have drinking problems.

  • EpicVidz
    EpicVidz 16 days ago

    Need To Try Some Of These At Home

  • sleeping tiger
    sleeping tiger 16 days ago

    im obsessed with la croix

  • aiden dooling
    aiden dooling 16 days ago

    Want to see lightning but there isn't a thunderstorm? Put the can into your microwave for an intense experience.

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 16 days ago

    Tie a bunch of them to strings and make wind chimes.

  • useless cucumber
    useless cucumber 16 days ago

    Ice dick

  • 3o9afa
    3o9afa 16 days ago

    don't invite me to your taco Tuesday if you're going to grate your cheese with a can

  • Caitlin's vlogs and more Caitlin's vlogs and more

    I can text this to my big brother because he is going to college in August

  • Jon Roberts
    Jon Roberts 16 days ago


  • Hannah Wileman
    Hannah Wileman 16 days ago


  • ganymedeIV4
    ganymedeIV4 16 days ago

    10 ways to trash your expensive scissors

  • Elitedestroyer00
    Elitedestroyer00 16 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw a dick taking a dive in 4:20 ?

  • chuck cutler
    chuck cutler 16 days ago

    La Croix saved my life on multiple occasions ..

  • BionikReindeerProz
    BionikReindeerProz 16 days ago

    wHy does the iCE LOOK LIKE A DICK

  • VenomSn4ke
    VenomSn4ke 16 days ago

    I'm at *74 subs* *if I reach 80* I will *make a vid ding dong ditching everyone in my neighborhood*

  • retr0rain 13
    retr0rain 13 16 days ago

    You forgot to punch a hole in the bottom of the planter

  • yumyumchu
    yumyumchu 16 days ago

    Please don't feed black pepper to your dog it's bad for them.

  • Bart Blom
    Bart Blom 16 days ago

    rejected by a dog xDXDxD

  • Grace Coyner
    Grace Coyner 16 days ago

    That awesome

  • SuperSunMan
    SuperSunMan 16 days ago

    if the can was iron then you can let the metal shavings stay there!

  • TJRavenD
    TJRavenD 16 days ago

    Did he just say...
    Pretty cool huh?


  • Brian Tep
    Brian Tep 16 days ago

    so how many people are going to cut their hands trying one of these dumb experiments?

  • ton321
    ton321 16 days ago

    Somebody here said these cans are made of steel.......75% of the cans made worldwide are mostly aluminum...HH is correct.

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 16 days ago

    I just cut my tongue and blew my face off trying these hacks. Thanks Obama.

  • Eli
    Eli 16 days ago

    He just had to put the can in a fidget spinner

  • Tayven White
    Tayven White 16 days ago


  • stukkdolo
    stukkdolo 16 days ago

    forgot about using can as a weed pipe, classic

  • iStiiX
    iStiiX 16 days ago

    Finessing the system

  • Craig Jarrett
    Craig Jarrett 16 days ago

    Urgh fidget spinner, it was all going so well

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith 16 days ago

    la Croix is not soda, it's garbage.

  • My Best Partner Official

    How to make 1000k subscribers in one month? :) :D q

  • Peyton Ratliff
    Peyton Ratliff 16 days ago

    "pretty cool huh?" is that Dave Hax?

  • Chess Master
    Chess Master 16 days ago

    can grater? Just use a knife and chop the cheese into small slices.
    Honestly that looked unsafe and uncomfortable to use.
    that plant pot one was cool though.

  • Zemnii
    Zemnii 16 days ago

    Enter to win a FREE Rolex Watch! No joke: https://wn.nr/JBYG8H

  • Sanaa ul Rehman
    Sanaa ul Rehman 16 days ago

    5:07.. who else says that?

  • Sanaa ul Rehman
    Sanaa ul Rehman 16 days ago

    3:24.. is it just me or does those cans look pink, not red.

  • in the world Top 10
    in the world Top 10 16 days ago

    Very fond of your video!

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 16 days ago

    I melt my cans and make ingots and sell the ingots

  • LakePerch
    LakePerch 16 days ago

    Neat ideas. But don't reuse aluminum cans for anything involving food. Aluminum causes Alzheimer's. Google it.

  • Tucker Muse
    Tucker Muse 16 days ago

    Kinslaying awareness!

  • CD3
    CD3 16 days ago

    5:05 oh no Dave hax must be there

  • Darsh Solani
    Darsh Solani 16 days ago

    If you can get a can opener, I really think that you can get a grater

  • Anark Kist
    Anark Kist 16 days ago

    did this guy just plant parsley from the grocery store in a can. lmao it's already cut parsley,meaning there's no roots and it's ready to be chopped and mixed in whatever you're cooking lmao seriously just planted it haha

  • Sneakyy Migo
    Sneakyy Migo 16 days ago

    Flat service

  • Faalhaas Mulder
    Faalhaas Mulder 16 days ago

    Pals conservative It's pretty astounding" vidir punish

  • Omega Gamer
    Omega Gamer 16 days ago

    lol 5:06 Pretty cool huh

  • Berviffy
    Berviffy 16 days ago

    Are you guys kidding me. Are these can for cooking? No! Bec its not equipped for that. Its unhealthy

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