How To Save a Drowning Child

Today I show you how to save a child from drowning. It's extremely important that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. This technique works on children, babies & even adults. Even if you don't have kids yourself it's incredibly important that you learn these skills, as one day you may have to save a life. This technique is incredibly easy once you get the hang of it! Simply follow the easy step by step instructions & you'll obtain the skills & knowledge required to successfully prevent someone from drowning as quickly as possible.

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Special thanks to Maxmoefoe. Check out his channel here:

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HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic

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Author tomoyo okuzaki ( ago)
wonder if the cat bit him haha

Author kit cat face ( ago)
of course save the fish XD its more important than saving your own child

Author Happy lieke ( ago)
Why is Max always a girl?

Author Blossom Heart11 ( ago)
Did that fish just drive the car? What the heck!

Author Mangle Fazzbear ( ago)
I can't stop hearing, "thank you" over and over in my head then laughing

Author Dũng Phạm Quốc ( ago)
fucking gayyyyyyy

Author Kane Malupet ( ago)
is that maxmoefoe?

Author TheMoonWalkGamer ( ago)
The cat is look as if he was saying FML

Author PleaseClap ( ago)
Didn't work, my baby died

Author A person that likes food ( ago)
Cat: pls kill me get off me oversized baby

Author RealMackYT ( ago)
thank you

Author Emily Harder ( ago)
0:48 Sometimes I forget that this is not porn.

Author Jens Fleurackers ( ago)
What a hairy baby!

Author Lol Man ( ago)
Rlly? Bro?! Maxmoefoe is the girl?!?!!?!

Author Pew Die Pie ( ago)
dis channel gay

Author Roni Lehtonen ( ago)
what frickin kid does something like that why doesnt he just get up at 0:39

Author bleach boi ( ago)
1:11 LOL WTF

Author Asriel weiner the filthy memer ( ago)
Thanks for the tutorial, now I'm being referred to Child Protective Services and child murder. :)

Author TH3COOLBOYZ21 / FAZ3NOY ( ago)
I saved my nethew from living!

Author David Haynes ( ago)
Pure genius

Author Andreea Filon ( ago)
Love this

Author mooy theboss ( ago)
how is a fish drowning in water ????

Author ItsTheSilverNoob ( ago)
This is so retarded that it's so hilarious

Author David Rendon ( ago)
Poe cat

Author Boss GPG ( ago)

Author Lego Entertainer Here ( ago)
1:14 gimme some of that

Author thierry perrin ( ago)

Author Rubee Patrick ( ago)
max would me a good baby lol

Author Luxy CZ ( ago)
Ahh Shit! Here we go again...

Author DemonicKiller HD ( ago)
the child- thank you (slap)
the fish- thank you (drives away)

Author CryTheRavens ( ago)
I really want to know how the fuck you get your friends to do this

Author Razz Reza ( ago)

Author Kange Htet Min ( ago)
he is so funny

Author GreenCreeper HD ( ago)

Author Mangle ( ago)
what the he'll did I just watch

Author Lovely Rage ( ago)
Uhhh...Guys, I know that How to basic has never revealed his face, but this guy has the same legs as the one who always does those How to basic videos, where he does crazy and humorous videos. MAYBE ITS THE MAIN GUY(How to basic)

Author not suspicious ( ago)
the more you know.

Author Boogie Davis ( ago)
when I seen the title I was like.......OH NO HES GONNA DROWN DA BABBY!!!!

Author BOB News ( ago)
Imagine if a dad was trying to save his child from drowning, then he came to this

Author Ariya Canada ( ago)
Why do I watch this 😐

Author Sayuzu ( ago)
this is problably showing how Hentai is.

Author xXDragonite49Xx Gaming ( ago)
I think this was a normal video of how to basics life with max.

Author Mr. Blue Roblox And More ( ago)
1:27 and the legend has it howtobasic and misses fish had a happy life and had mermaids but the ones who belive they drove off NEVER CAME BACK

Author Noobie QwertyGT ( ago)
a fish drowned.

that is perfectly normal.

Author Aulion Joohyun ( ago)
Geblek 😂

Author Sans sebastian Rico ( ago)
WTF Jajaja good video.

Author AnFree Sub ( ago)
0:13 cat is like "kill me PLEASE"

Author MLG Jude ( ago)
I did this and I accidentally stabbed the baby

Author Dionel Mejia ( ago)
cat:kill me kill me!!#!!!!!
kid so fluffy

Author moblie gaming ( ago)
I'm saying is that you're running a girl and that's hilarious and people are going to laugh at you because you're a kid person

Author moblie gaming ( ago)
that's a hilarious video about why the hell I want the girl suits and being a little kid you know much people laugh at you

Author TomBoyGamez ( ago)
I feel like a new like 14 year old lifeguard was trying to do some extra credit and learn more about life guarding and came across this...and was like "well...I may have searched up the wrong thing? *checks* humph I guess this person is mentally challenged...?

Author dragon unicorns ( ago)
as always has to be a egg in there.😑

Author Dylan Klebold ( ago)
Maxmoefoe at his finest....

Author Hobo ( ago)
That is one big hairy baby. What's that disorder?

Author Julissa Espinal ( ago)
My FAVORITE of his vids XD

Author Natty_.x ( ago)
Why did it make me laugh when he/she/baby pet the cat? XD

Author over 18 i promise ( ago)
someone post this on tumblr under the ddlg lifestyle tag

Author Tom Jacobs ( ago)
Poor max

Author CookieRookie ( ago)

Author Awesome Falcon 15! ( ago)
That Poor Cat

Author LPS Heartoki ( ago)
Poor cat XD

Author Levi Sexton ( ago)
What if how to basic was my dad and i was drowning Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Author Marcos Apaza laura ( ago)

Author Booking Books ( ago)
Step one:
Rush outside _screaming_

Step two:
Grab a kitchen knife placed conveniently on the side

Step three:
Viciously _slice_ the pool in an ineffective way

Step four:
Slide the child out of the pool and onto the cold floor

Step five:
Turn the child over _screaming vigorously_

Step six:
Slap the child's cheek, making a noise similar to that of a birds mating call

Step seven:
Open the child's eye slightly for about a third of a second

Step eight:
While still screaming, shove your hand into the child's mouth essentially gaging it, remember to do this for multiple seconds, that is of course to _make the child wake up_

Step nine:
Slap an *egg* onto the child's forehead and continue to shove your fingers down its throat while also still screaming

Step 10:
Shove your foot in the child's mouth

Step 11:
Pour milk on the child make sure you pour as much milk as possible

Step 12: the child should through up; if this is not the case egg its forehead again multiple times

Step 13:
Once the child uses their manners, take much offence and slap them unconscious with an egg

Step 14:
Run back to the P.O.D (Place of drowning) and jump multiple times

Step 15:
Once transported to the sea, grab the nearest fish and although you are tempted, do not rape it _yet_

Step 16:
Bring the fish back to the unconscious child

Step 17:
Attempt medical procedures on the fish

Step 18:
Vigorously finger the fishes mouth until it throughs up

Step 19:
The fish should thank you for your endeavours and proceed to slither off into a car and drive off into the sunset. Nobody knows where that fish is going, only the world does, and that fish.

Three days later a mass genocide was reported on the news and the fish was believed to be the culprit. You hear a knock on the door. Its the police, they've come to arrest you on the suspicion of helping a murder and that multiple people have died to the hands of that fish and your car.

*_You're a monster_*

Author Justbest2000 ( ago)
0:13 f you poor cat 🖕🖕

Author SkYdAy CloUDy ( ago)
hello pool 😏

Author spicywatermelon32 ( ago)

Author RAGE CLAN 6679 ( ago)

Author Ryan Edgar ( ago)
derek savage is so triggered

Author BlastfAnmade DA ( ago)
the fish have a rope

Author BlastfAnmade DA ( ago)
click bait

Author Abhishek Kumar ( ago)
0:13 little girl playing with her pussy

Author *Benja Aguillon* ( ago)

Author flaming wolf !! ( ago)
what a cool baby

Author Lukala 333 ( ago)

Author Paris Solis ( ago)
this made me think of me and my boyfriend watching this while me and my bf are cringing and problably my bf will barf

Author Paris Solis ( ago)
this bitch

Author Lukala 333 ( ago)
1:19 when you are adult (IM OUTA HERE)

Author Lukala 333 ( ago)
0:59 tank u

Author You should drink what's in the picture above ( ago)
imagine all the retarded desperate parents looking up how to save a drowning child and come across this lmao

Author zuhairi kurosaki ( ago)
fish can drive a car

Author t kondratienko ( ago)

Author Timmy Li ( ago)
Max is so cute

Author Mlg llama ( ago)

Author Frederic Barrol ( ago)
Im goin 2 jail after this vid....

Author Dehov 22 ( ago)

Author Lenome Kun Nia ( ago)

Author BlazyAce ( ago)
Is this his real face?

Author Epic gamer 247 ( ago)
He's like suck my fingers and toes

Author ZedTrax ( ago)
i think that man was how to basics brother or its him and someone is recording him

Author Unicorns & rainbows glitter ( ago)
Is that his face?!!!!,..?

Author Harley Davis ( ago)
adult baby's be like

Author LuisGamer garcia ( ago)
so that guy is the crazy guy

Author mudkip narwals ( ago)
if the pool is made out of cement, what do i do then?

Author mikeandsalena Wa ( ago)
that poor cat lol

Author SubtoxicZer0: The Gaming Hobo ( ago)
YAY HOW TO BASIC SAVED UNDYNE and now she stole how to basic's car (sorry everytime I see a fish I think Undyne from undertale)

Author Jake Clarke ( ago)
couldn't stop laughing

Author Jake Clarke ( ago)
thank you

Author Pletosu Mario ( ago)
My Friend Like You Girl

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