How To Save a Drowning Child

Today I show you how to save a child from drowning. It's extremely important that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. This technique works on children, babies & even adults. Even if you don't have kids yourself it's incredibly important that you learn these skills, as one day you may have to save a life. This technique is incredibly easy once you get the hang of it! Simply follow the easy step by step instructions & you'll obtain the skills & knowledge required to successfully prevent someone from drowning as quickly as possible.

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Special thanks to Maxmoefoe. Check out his channel here:

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HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic

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Author Galewood Pranks ( ago)
That cat is terrified

Author Taylor Masaoka ( ago)
I feel bad for the camera.
What the heck just happened?!?!?!??!

Author epic gamerMCTV ( ago)
what the heck

Author JasonGamer ( ago)

Author RYAN CARPENTER ( ago)
Maxmorfor is probably so ticked off doing all of that

Author Hector Meliodas12 ( ago)
This guy is noying he destroys everything his house crazy guy he has to hospice

Author KcPlayzRoblox ( ago)
How much did he pay that fish though

Author KcPlayzRoblox ( ago)

Author Jennifer Kim ( ago)
hoq much did he get paid for this

Author Cool_Dude _YT ( ago)
The face of How to Basic

Author Димитър Китов ( ago)
0:06 this is maxmoefoe.

Author Greninja Ash :v ( ago)
Ese gatito estaba sufriendo :'v

Author Salamander 61704 ( ago)
Obviously you can see the string at 1:14

Author Scruffy McScruff ( ago)
Man saves child then gets car stolen by revived fish

Author Muffinpie007 Nx ( ago)
This is a face reveal everyone this is how to basic

Author TheNachoNinja FTW ( ago)
is it normal that my child is shooting rainbows out of his butt

Author Aubrie zzstu Johnson ( ago)
Do u see the siring XD

Author Pasa baxisov ( ago)

Author Alphanightrouge Gelle ( ago)

Author Gafas Pixeladas ( ago)
Hey, i miss one step and now my child is drowning on the chainsaw, please Help

Author Jimmy Sanchez ( ago)
poor cat

Author Imani Cook ( ago)
but your neighbors like you're crazy when you're doing this video

Author Crazy Campbell ( ago)
Poor cat

Author bubblegum queen17 ( ago)
the cats like: fuck my life...

Author CornierKhan1 ( ago)
And here we see maxmoefoe in his natural state of mind.

Author L y n a ( ago)
took me a motherfucking year to realize that was Max.

Author Afonso Patrício ( ago)
0:14 help me todd

Author mokey :v ( ago)
beatiful :'v

Author CsabaYT ( ago)
wtf xD

Author GirlGamer 21 ( ago)
the fuck

Author MariYarem14 ( ago)


Author Theo202 11 ( ago)
is that you

Author Pro Racer ( ago)
1:23 by have a good time!

Author Foxygamer123 ( ago)
0:30 porn

Author _ ШкольниК _ ( ago)
How to save drowning gay.

Author joanna marie abella ( ago)
Bad idea

Author DinoPlayzGamez and more ( ago)
What the fuck did i just watch?

Author Gangsta Lemon ( ago)
Filthy frank is life

Author Fluffy Jr ( ago)
This should be called, How to kidnap your child's pet fish

Author laser pointer ( ago)
howtobasic do how to make a laser pointer

Author Explizit_Gamer ( ago)
nice video

Author ark isa ( ago)
cat:0:14 plz kill me PKL KILL me (me: XDDDDDDDDDD)

Author Nk192 ( ago)
00:13 - 00:15

Author Awesome Cat ( ago)
that looks like my cat

Author Hugo Roa ( ago)
Lol and awesome

Author Jemma Watson ( ago)
Poor cat she looks like my cat I feel so bad for it

Author GD CeCE ( ago)
Idubbbz + Filthy Frank = how to basic

Author Obey Crashes ( ago)
Was that really maxmoefoe?

Author Legend Of The Cringe ( ago)
0:12, cat: kill me

Author Night Mare ( ago)

Author Hussein Musa ( ago)
I thought this was real damn!

Author Joshua Bellino ( ago)
I died when um I saw this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author DJ WITHER FTW ( ago)
All you see in this video is from Kmart ,(no seriously it is )

Author Imagine_ Rainbows ( ago)
Now if a friend is drowning, I know what to do... (what is my life?)

Author Samson The dog ( ago)
I saw the string on the fish

Author Edgy Pickle ( ago)
max is oretty as smol grol

Author lol afvc ( ago)
man i laughed so hard at this.

Author WoT Gabi ( ago)
Lol maxmoefoe

Author Ignited Foxy2 ( ago)
am yours new subscibe

Author comprehensive comparison ( ago)
I had to watch this twice just to fucking make sure I could understand what happened... I never did

Author KirbyHiro Masurai ( ago)
Thanks! You helepd my baby nes!

Author MEMEZ ( ago)

Author Super Brolygaming ( ago)
I think I killed the child

Author squidery - Roblox and More ( ago)

Author Jordyn Gibson ( ago)
save the cat

Author talass6 ( ago)

Author Connor Curry ( ago)
excuse me... what just happened? 0:38 :|

Author Somebody Nobody ( ago)
instructions not clear. I drowned

Author Shadow Kitty ( ago)
I miscalculated and now my child is a cat

Author TheVaultOf1337 ( ago)

Author Данил Крут ( ago)
русский нах

Author DeNooby27 Man ( ago)
okay i made a mistake i was eating and i vomit😑

Author Ieda Majed ( ago)
how to basic and maxmoefoe is crazy

Author cool guy ( ago)
0:24 fuk u cool cat

Author MLP Luna Gamer ( ago)

Author Enzo Du Kirby ( ago)
you people that's where you saw the only adorable child on this planet

Author Thinking Rigeice And Thinking Regigias ( ago)
It worked

Author Golden Liquid ( ago)
This is someone's fetish

Author Kahlua Kelly ( ago)
that's not how you

Author Emu Films ( ago)
Da fuq

Author Sofia Alfa ( ago)
This is so meaningful.

Author moppets ramblings ( ago)

Author Kalissa Marie ( ago)

Author Alissiaj Gaming ( ago)
This totally Saved my life when I was little lol X3

Author Pineapple Spear ( ago)
0:24 what drugs is this guy on

Author Kash The magical unicorn person ( ago)
@ 0:12
I used to pet my cat like that when I was small 😂😂😂

Author // RiRi // ( ago)
I hope no one dos this ;-;

Author mert acar ( ago)
look like daddy fantasy

Author pengey01 Music ( ago)
Fucking love max

Author Calebthegameryt ( ago)
That's not how to basic he has a beard not telling u the Colour but he is a friend of mine

Author Dead Pool ( ago)
stupid gay

Author AStar97 Rblx ( ago)
Wonder what people will think seeing someone in a garden completely naked trying to revive a dead fish and sticking their foot in someone's mouth...😂

Author Adrian Ungureanu ( ago)
Your my favorite you Youtuber!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author xxxDAVID09xxx ( ago)
Someone called this video How to save a drowning man XD

Author LittleCherry PomPoms ( ago)
lol is that his real face?

Author Jose Castro ( ago)
hello I missed a step my child is in the oven and I'm fingering a French midget

Author Henry M ( ago)
That fish just stole his car

Author Joslyn Sappington ( ago)
Is my baby okay if she's not ill kill you

Author MrOrangehorseman ( ago)

Author Jenkm ( ago)
I tried it my baby fish is now OK

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