Trump's Parade of Shills: The Daily Show

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  • Fiery One
    Fiery One 1 day ago

    Noah, the Hillary shill passes judgement.

  • John Skeggins
    John Skeggins 2 days ago

    look stop giving trump a hard time like when he said he was going to fix healthcare and put up that wall/fence thing he was just being sarcastic look he's the best comedian ever. wow orange clowns are way funnier than real presidents.

  • Terri  Jacobsen
    Terri Jacobsen 2 days ago

    I can't believe people still vote for these sleaze I can't people are that stupid. and raising their children up as stupid. .I'm so sick of them they all need to crouil back up his as and shut the duck up.. terri jacobsen

  • Sequayah Chaney
    Sequayah Chaney 2 days ago

    Trevor 😍😍😍😍

  • axel bertrand
    axel bertrand 3 days ago

    History shit circle PM call.

  • Ivoire Daniels
    Ivoire Daniels 3 days ago

    #3 and #2 are my favorite ones

  • jack shan
    jack shan 3 days ago

    i HOPE this comment gets on top

  • Fiona Wolf
    Fiona Wolf 3 days ago

    snake though literally constitute excuse leap precisely each wing.

  • Timothy Achumba
    Timothy Achumba 4 days ago

    If the IQs low, you gotta let him go.

  • Horatiu Ripa
    Horatiu Ripa 4 days ago

    You know on what's Trump also new? At the atomic button...

  • Larry Gassan
    Larry Gassan 4 days ago

    Miss Lindsay burned.

  • Woodland Restoration

    I am a huge liberal but some of this ridiculing childishness is silly. Why not have the facts and not the snarky BS> Republicans love to use this type stuff against us.

  • Gabriella Mulchin
    Gabriella Mulchin 4 days ago

    Did anyone notice that chris christie is apparently trying to imitate trump with that tan?

  • Ben Benson
    Ben Benson 5 days ago

    Trevor is here everybody, penises out! LMFAO

  • Dean William
    Dean William 5 days ago

    Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. I just can't figure out which one is the bottom in that relationship.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 5 days ago

    Why do these liberal stooges hate Trump so much? I thought Noah was meant to be comedy but all he does is spew hate.

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 5 days ago

    Keep up with the disrespect of our American President. Keep lying & deceiving your viewers to mislead them Against the President. In the end, those like noah who are filled with resentment, are the people who are ruined from taking the very poison they spew.

  • Romalyn Gilay
    Romalyn Gilay 5 days ago

    Omg I love Trevor Noah

  • Schlotzinger
    Schlotzinger 5 days ago

    poor america. just go through the streets, take anyone, and make him or her president. it will be better. sure.

  • Somebody
    Somebody 5 days ago

    Please, add subtitles at least in english! I'm from Russia and for me is very difficult perceive a speech without text... (Sorry for my english)

  • prideandprejudice
    prideandprejudice 5 days ago

    So well written! This is gold. Keep doing this!!!

  • SiriuslyMagnetic
    SiriuslyMagnetic 5 days ago

    Southern shade is the best shade. God bless his soul.

  • J x r d a n n
    J x r d a n n 6 days ago


  • Billy TheKidd
    Billy TheKidd 6 days ago

    Love this bold fresh piece of humanity! Stay strong papa bear. We love you forever, Mr. Trump.

  • Der der
    Der der 6 days ago

    Within in a year the orange ape is gone. :-) He came in a cloud of shit and he will leave in a cloud of shit. :-) Please Trumptards, save my name and mark my words, you orange joke is finished. :-)

  • Diana Pizarro
    Diana Pizarro 6 days ago

    I can't next video....

  • TorianTammas
    TorianTammas 6 days ago

    President is not a position to learn on the job. An infantile narcissist is a bad choice as he imagines himself to be competent for everything while he isn't. He did not show that he learned anything or was even willing to since he took office. He will always be the infantile narcissist

  • Eulalio Martinez
    Eulalio Martinez 6 days ago

    Lol... thanks for sharing

  • Animu TOPKEK
    Animu TOPKEK 6 days ago

    Funny how this video is complaining about Trump's shills, when virtually every late-night comedy show and all the major news networks except Fox spam anti-Trump shit 24/7. That's not to mention Media Matters and Shareblue which are run by the Clintons and actually use millions of dollars to fund anti-Trump shills on social media. Trump is actually and underdog who is being attacked by both the establishment Republicans and Democrats in Washington. He was going to implement centrist/nationalist policies that would help both the left and the right, but you hard-left paranoid freaks are shitting all over it because you can't control your autism. Congratulations, you might as well go shit on JFK's grave too, your pals in the deep state would like that.

  • Random Preston
    Random Preston 6 days ago

    For the life of me I do not know why I dont watch full episodes instead of limiting myself to awesome crumbs (clips)

  • The Resistance Party

    Chris Christie says that Donald Trump is JUST now learning how people react to his words? He's 70+ years old AND the president of the US. How would he not know this?

  • Jed Ford
    Jed Ford 6 days ago

    You USA President-hating alien xxxxx bastard Fxxx Yxx

  • Anne Bastians
    Anne Bastians 6 days ago

    "Mister Coming" - Seriously, my dumb Americans. Are these dumb-dumb-dumb hens your representatives? I live 16.000 km's away from DC and I do not only know the name of the CIA-director is "COMEY", I also know and I see that this elderly and mentally handicapped Grandma is TOTALLY unfit for a job of that magnitute. As all Europeans know - the country with the 3 letters is run by a bunch of morons, with 30% mixed-in CRIMINALS! You might have the militairy might (no surprised if 30 Cents of any Dollar are spent for killing-machines), but I insure you, this won't last forever. The day is forseeable, when you turn into a third-world nation. Intellectually - concerning your ridiculous politicians (think about BUSH....hahahaha) - you are already there. Right behind the CONGO and TONGA!

  • Ghazal E.
    Ghazal E. 6 days ago

    They are right! Trump is new to a lot of things so..... that's why he has fucking advisors! Not an excuse what the hell? Then Trump fires Comey for?..... not dropping the investigation? There's no excuse for that so I'm sorry this is all a disrespectful charade.

  • João Bruzzi Lion
    João Bruzzi Lion 7 days ago

    The only class that can't complain of Trump's existence are the comedians.

  • Hey Look It's That Guy.

    I love Trevor noah's delivery, the writers also doing a good job. This show is amazing.

  • San Geet
    San Geet 7 days ago

    Trevor Noah is a genius because he's an overall observant, not letting hype deflect his focus

  • T Saleh
    T Saleh 7 days ago

    there was no collusion, what actually happened was that trump hired private russian hackers and this entangled with trumps russuan dealings

  • Boddaaah
    Boddaaah 7 days ago

    That's rich, this fuckin' guy talking about shills.

  • Dot Park
    Dot Park 7 days ago

    So basically he said Trump is too dumb to obstruct justice?

  • Dazzling Deb
    Dazzling Deb 7 days ago

    😂😂😂 That was great!

  • Rob Blest
    Rob Blest 7 days ago

    Trump is an evil ignorant child.

  • Daniela Carrillo
    Daniela Carrillo 7 days ago

    its OJT to the max, I should have ran

  • Robert Sutton
    Robert Sutton 7 days ago

    Advertisers beware this guy costs you sales from the people that actually work and make money. Change the channel.

  • sneakyjames01
    sneakyjames01 7 days ago

    I hope you like this video... *Cracks ny knukles*

    JAFO-PTY 7 days ago


    MONICA MARTINEZ 7 days ago

    All these idiots making excuses for this joke of a president, need to be voted out for being as incompetent as he is.

  • Audrey White
    Audrey White 7 days ago

    "He can't collude with his OWN government...(he's so stupid) how do you expect him to collude with Russia"....that was priceless!!!

  • shayshay15ism
    shayshay15ism 7 days ago

    2:32-2:54 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Георгий Марков

    Bbq choice please this material !buyer :o)

  • Devon Miller
    Devon Miller 8 days ago

    omg I love you so much 😂😂😂

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 8 days ago

    Apparently, Paul Ryan is under the impression that ignorance of the law is a legitimate defense..."oh! I'm sorry I was going 80 mph through a school zone officer, I thought that sign was ONLY a suggestion."

  • smartcookie1592
    smartcookie1592 8 days ago

    i f love this man

  • ronald ng
    ronald ng 8 days ago

    Damn, u never fail to deliver.. hilarious
    keep up it up man

  • Bravo25
    Bravo25 8 days ago

    Gotta love a comedy channel for political knowledge and information! #americanleft

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera 8 days ago

    You KNOW you are in deep dodo when the best defense people around you can muster is simply that you are too stupid to comprehend what you are doing. Sure on one hand it could save your ass right now but its also iron clad proof that you are also way too stupid for the job too!

    To be honest I still find it hard to comprehend how Trump after spending all his life building up the Trump name as a commercial brand and a synonymous for success, would go and willingly get into a political role that is shining a spotlight on the man behind the brand. All its doing is to swiftly demolish the mystique surrounding his brand and cast him publicly as an opportunistic buffoon that was born rich enough to be able to bluff/buy his way to this day.

  • Kathy in the Wallowas

    Guess what? I FOUND the reference Sessions wasn't sure about. And sure enough... the exceptions mean... he can't do what he did. Heheheheh.

  • Thomas Dobyns
    Thomas Dobyns 8 days ago

    This site has almost 2 million views. How dumb 'd down is our country becoming ?? We really need to have news sites validate material and have footnotes. Otherwise, the show needs to be labeled as "Entertainment value only. This is not news." We also need to reinvigorate the anti-trust laws toward the media. Too few are controlling too many with their public opinion. This is not restriction of a free press, it's guaranteeing a free press with accountability. We also need to invoke some type of liable accountability to the press. Remember when the press got sued ? I haven't heard of one in years.. We also need to have the attorney general become involved in monitoring the press for the good of the public. I guess you could say all of these ideas are a matter of national security !

  • Ice banna
    Ice banna 8 days ago

    I laughed my ass off

  • Jayson Rv
    Jayson Rv 8 days ago

    if the i.q don't fit you must acquit hhahahahahaha

  • Augmar
    Augmar 8 days ago

    Mr. Noah would be wise to pray every night that he never encounters me.
    His family would miss him.

  • kmal2t
    kmal2t 8 days ago

    Even Lindsay Graham, a hyper-partisan Republican, can't take anymore of Trump's shit.

  • Delora Sledge
    Delora Sledge 8 days ago

    Exactly..."I hope your doing your homework" would imply "let me find out your not (side eye)".

  • Kayla Arroyo
    Kayla Arroyo 8 days ago

    I keep I sliding up to like the video and I have to realize that I liked it already

  • Ashrafuz Zaman
    Ashrafuz Zaman 8 days ago

    This should be a new gag "if the IQ don't fit,you must acquit" ...

  • Hiral Patel
    Hiral Patel 8 days ago

    I hope I can make it across the four year presidency.I hope to see Putin and shake his hand. I hope the Wall is as high as it has been in my dreams. I hope. -Donald "Red" Trump

  • Arianna
    Arianna 8 days ago

    Dicks out for Trevor

  • jmoney Banks
    jmoney Banks 8 days ago

    Trump is sooo stupid

  • Alina Bauer
    Alina Bauer 8 days ago

    enjoyed every second of it. this guy is simply brilliant

  • Inglês Fácil
    Inglês Fácil 8 days ago

    You are the best!

  • B B
    B B 8 days ago

    I love you Trevor 😉
    Very funny !!!!
    100% the truth with that shill board . LMAO😄

  • Deborah Hoffman
    Deborah Hoffman 8 days ago

    Why do these Republicans treat Trump like a 5 year old child? Frightening.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 9 days ago

    Amazing, ignorance of the law has never been an excuse. Until these traitors of our country sold their souls.

  • mary Willams
    mary Willams 9 days ago

    Really ignorance is no excuse. Anyone else becoming increasingly numb to everything with each passing day under this administration?

  • Kenzie Skye
    Kenzie Skye 9 days ago


  • elsadig ali
    elsadig ali 9 days ago

    When IQ don't fit you must a quit hhhhhhh

  • Andre Marcello
    Andre Marcello 9 days ago

    😂😂🤣🤣😂number 1 is the craziest lol dwl

  • Andre Marcello
    Andre Marcello 9 days ago

    man that mexican impression from trevor wow he gets better with time

  • Beth Bartlett
    Beth Bartlett 9 days ago

    Lindsey Graham- "You can't write material like this!"

    Love this host - most LOGICAL MAN in AMERICA - "Just repeat the facts - it sounds like fiction!" baaaaaaaaa! How refreshing !

  • Neal Bevan
    Neal Bevan 9 days ago

    What did Trump do wrong? true question. Holland here.

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 9 days ago

    Thanks The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.:)

  • Jeannette Arc
    Jeannette Arc 9 days ago

    I'm not an American, but I'm still very interrested in what's going on over there. I just noticed senator Collins in this video, being interviewed on CNN. She's defending Trump, but isn't she also on the board that's investigating Trump's connection with Russia ?

  • Megan Cole
    Megan Cole 9 days ago

    paul ryan immigration joke was spot on!

  • r kurz
    r kurz 9 days ago

    Archie and Edith

  • I Have Vigors
    I Have Vigors 9 days ago

    Is this how Trevor wants to spend his career? Dedicating every episode to talking about Trump? Pretty sad.

  • D Truth
    D Truth 9 days ago

    "Is this really happening," He got this so right!!! Hilarious !!!!!!

  • LazyLifeParis SG
    LazyLifeParis SG 9 days ago

    Quick question to the moronic left, how is there an obstruction to justice when the investigation is a political witch hunt with no evidence of any collusion?

  • flexbrat
    flexbrat 9 days ago

    fck ryan

  • Transatlantic Stardust

    Ils ont oublié le nombre quatre

    VALMER LYNN 9 days ago

    bridgegate tho.

  • Donald J Trumptard
    Donald J Trumptard 9 days ago

    spineless republicans and triggered trumpturd snowflakes are cucks to putin's bitch trump

  • JS Landaverde
    JS Landaverde 9 days ago

    Republicans are severe douchebags, they are so cynical and disgusting

  • Willa Wonka
    Willa Wonka 9 days ago

    the Donald set the bar super low on requirements needed to be president. I find it sad that republicans thought HE was the Best pick for president. 🤦‍♂️Obama seems like Prince Charming compared to this bafoon

  • Bobby Olsen
    Bobby Olsen 9 days ago

    fuck you mother fuckers non american anti trump bitches

  • Answers in Insanity

    Holy fuckin shit our elected officials are retards.

  • Home Wall
    Home Wall 9 days ago

    How the fefe did we get into this mess of sycophants? Congress has always been filled with liars and those who serve the rich, but never before have so many denied reality, praised tyrants, and ignored attacks by the Russians.

  • 9 days ago

    how many views do you have on youtube vs. comedy central site....? .....Exactly

  • Jeena Celeste
    Jeena Celeste 9 days ago

    Trevor???? I hardly NOAH!!!

  • Mike Riv
    Mike Riv 9 days ago

    He's an idiot look a this =>

  • Carmen Salcedo
    Carmen Salcedo 9 days ago

    eres el mejor de todos, inteligente y divertido TREVOR

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