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Author Filip Matković (1 year)
i just got impressed,i was downloading The Walking Dead S02 which was 16 GB
and was downloading at max 60kb/s,now its downloading at max 560kb/s

Author Justin Joseph (1 year)
actually speed of utorrent cannot be increase

Author SalettaTech (1 year)
from 32 KB/s to 4.0 MB/s peak!!!

Author Arma DylO (1 year)
600kb/s to 600kb/s :|

Author vivek mittal (1 year)
thanks has increased little bit....from 20 kbps to 25 kbps...
i want more speed...can u help!!!!please!!!!!

Author ShadowVids (1 year)
Thanks,Mine went from 7kb to 1.2mb!!!!!!!Like

Author CoolCheatsall (1 year)
170 kb to 320 kb

Author Filip Matković (1 year)
You know what,you just got a SUBSCRIBE !!!!

Author Reborns Rule (1 year)
Thank you so much it went from 1week 5days to 10 hours!good thing its

Author Rohan Kudia (1 year)
check out this site...

Author Harsh Pastore (1 year)

Author František Pospíšil (1 year)
1mbs to 3,5 mbs thanks..

Author SimplyJohn (1 year)
Omg thank u I would marry u If u were a chick. Thanks bro. Yaaaa

Author wasi sparkzzz (1 year)
didn't worked with me help plzz..

Author Eunbi Kim (1 year)
oh dang, 140 kb too 700 kbs

Author Rainbowsexmoose (1 year)
1mb -2mb

Author FE4RKING (1 year)
thanks a lot it's first time when i see a 40seeds torrent downloading with

Author xFnzRaVeN (1 year)
1500 kb/s to 3000 kb/s xDD

Author Patrick Donnelly (1 year)
with that incoming port number when from 100kbs to 500kbs max its flying
thanks buddy 

Author Allen Pidor (1 year)
it didnt work -_- from 200 goes to 45 

Author xHabs77 (1 year)
wow 450kbs to 3mbs thanks!!!

Author Andreea Iuliana (1 year)
300kb to 1.2 mb

Author Aryan Mathur (1 year)
dude. . .. its nt working... :( help me... Please . . .

Author Stefan Mandzukov (1 year)
from 20 kb to 2.5 kb thanks a lot this works -_- now i dont have to wait 12
hours now i have to wait 1 week

Author Toola Kaboola (1 year)
from 500kb/s to 100kb/s...

Author Abdus Salam Aminuddin (1 year)
my intenet can go up to 400kbps but when i followed you steps it went from
43.0kbps to 14.0kbps

Author Stefan Steven (1 year)
from 1.4 kb/s to 1.6 mb/s
Thx man!

Author jacob Ceballos (1 year)
50kb to 500kb nuts

Author Matt Llovido (1 year)
WOAAHHH! IT WORKS! Amazing hahaha! Thanks man :D

Author Denlloyd Bautista (1 year)
hey thanks bro its working

Author Jack Hayes (1 year)
i went from 141 kb to 300 kb down speed OMG!

Author Kenny tickl my pickl (1 year)
thanks dod it works 

Author devon graf (1 year)
wow thanks man! helps alot!

Author Jay Zerimar (1 year)
from 780 kbps to 1.5mbps

Author crousezaza (1 year)
thank you finnaly a helpful video

Author TheMayflowerPilgrem (1 year)
I feel pretty sure i slowed my dl speed. 

Author mariokilla123 (1 year)
Went from 15.7 kb/s to 1000 kb/s

Author Anordinaryman1000 (1 year)
Thanks it works

Author Airo Ursonal (1 year)
thanks really help me

Author Ramil Hasanov (1 year)
from 60-70 up to 300 cool

Author purple2275 (1 year)
this is for windows…what about mac??

Author Dragutin Ljubicic (1 year)
thanks 100kb/s to 0kb/s

Author Rohan Kudia (1 year)
my net speed is 256 kbps nd my utorrent download speed is upto 25 to 30
kbps...i tried ur settings bt no use...whats wrong?

Author Jay Zerimar (1 year)
its more faster than it

Author Jaya Geeth (1 year)
awesome it works thanks a lot bro my downloading is very fast

Author Vukasin Petrovic (1 year)
Wow !!! Increases download speed A LOOOOOT. Works perfect and fast ! Thanks

Author emil boswijk (1 year)
7.2 mb a second:)

Author Adnan Salkic (1 year)
very very very nice video it work perfectly :) 1 like + 1 sub :)) make more
videos plz 

Author Kartik Sheoran (1 year)
Good job bro (y)
You did it really well

Author ruth91091 (1 year)
even though I have 1.2 MB/s coming on mine without a cap... yeah, I got

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