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Author SalettaTech ( ago)
from 32 KB/s to 4.0 MB/s peak!!!

Author Justin Joseph ( ago)
actually speed of utorrent cannot be increase

Author Vivek Agrawal ( ago)
thanks has increased little bit....from 20 kbps to 25 kbps...
i want more speed...can u help!!!!please!!!!!

Author ShadowVids ( ago)
Thanks,Mine went from 7kb to 1.2mb!!!!!!!Like

Author SimplyJohn ( ago)
Omg thank u I would marry u If u were a chick. Thanks bro. Yaaaa

Author Reborns Rule ( ago)
Thank you so much it went from 1week 5days to 10 hours!good thing its

Author František Pospíšil ( ago)
1mbs to 3,5 mbs thanks..

Author wasi sparkzzz ( ago)
didn't worked with me help plzz..

Author Stefan Mandzukov ( ago)
from 20 kb to 2.5 kb thanks a lot this works -_- now i dont have to wait 12
hours now i have to wait 1 week

Author Rohan Kudia ( ago)
check out this site...

Author xFnzRaVeN ( ago)
1500 kb/s to 3000 kb/s xDD

Author Eunbi Kim ( ago)
oh dang, 140 kb too 700 kbs

Author Rohan Kudia ( ago)
my net speed is 256 kbps nd my utorrent download speed is upto 25 to 30
kbps...i tried ur settings bt no use...whats wrong?

Author nautiboiitrav ( ago)

Author FE4RKING ( ago)
thanks a lot it's first time when i see a 40seeds torrent downloading with

Author Rainbowsexmoose ( ago)
1mb -2mb

Author xHabs77 ( ago)
wow 450kbs to 3mbs thanks!!!

Author Patrick Donnelly ( ago)
with that incoming port number when from 100kbs to 500kbs max its flying
thanks buddy 

Author Arma DylO ( ago)
600kb/s to 600kb/s :|

Author Allen Pidor ( ago)
it didnt work -_- from 200 goes to 45 

Author Stefan Steven ( ago)
from 1.4 kb/s to 1.6 mb/s
Thx man!

Author Andreea Iuliana ( ago)
300kb to 1.2 mb

Author nitin patil ( ago)
28 kbps to 4 mbps ... thanks bro.....

Author jacob Ceballos ( ago)
50kb to 500kb nuts

Author Abdus Salam Aminuddin ( ago)
my intenet can go up to 400kbps but when i followed you steps it went from
43.0kbps to 14.0kbps

Author Aryan Mathur ( ago)
dude. . .. its nt working... :( help me... Please . . .

Author Matt Llovido ( ago)
WOAAHHH! IT WORKS! Amazing hahaha! Thanks man :D

Author Denlloyd Bautista ( ago)
hey thanks bro its working

Author CoolCheatsall ( ago)
170 kb to 320 kb

Author devon graf ( ago)
wow thanks man! helps alot!

Author mariokilla123 ( ago)
Went from 15.7 kb/s to 1000 kb/s

Author Jay Zerimar ( ago)
from 780 kbps to 1.5mbps

Author Jay Zerimar ( ago)
its more faster than it

Author Jay Zerimar ( ago)
it works!!! thanks man.:0

Author Harsh Pastore ( ago)

Author Jack Hayes (hayesy1233) ( ago)
i went from 141 kb to 300 kb down speed OMG!

Author Kenny tickl my pickl ( ago)
thanks dod it works 

Author crousezaza ( ago)
thank you finnaly a helpful video

Author Toola Kaboola ( ago)
from 500kb/s to 100kb/s...

Author TheMayflowerPilgrem ( ago)
I feel pretty sure i slowed my dl speed. 

Author MegaNato1995 ( ago)
Exellent it WORK BRO 100% WORKING with my Utorrent 3.3.2 EXELLENT

Author Lorenzo Van Ballenbrghe ( ago)
what i need to set global maximum number of connections? if my internet is
above 80mbps

Author Ramil Hasanov ( ago)
from 60-70 up to 300 cool

Author purple2275 ( ago)
this is for windows…what about mac??

Author Anordinaryman1000 ( ago)
Thanks it works

Author Airo Ursonal ( ago)
thanks really help me

Author Dragutin Ljubicic ( ago)
thanks 100kb/s to 0kb/s

Author AzyleeZ Studio ( ago)

Author Richard Richy ( ago)
from 1-50-100 it jumped to 500-600-700

Author Richard Richy ( ago)
WOW thanks man :O :D

Author Jaya Geeth ( ago)
awesome it works thanks a lot bro my downloading is very fast

Author Adnan Salkic ( ago)
very very very nice video it work perfectly :) 1 like + 1 sub :)) make more
videos plz 

Author Vukasin Petrovic ( ago)
Wow !!! Increases download speed A LOOOOOT. Works perfect and fast ! Thanks

Author emil boswijk ( ago)
7.2 mb a second:)

Author alfred francisco ( ago)
sh8 what the 6kb to 10kb

Author ruth91091 ( ago)
even though I have 1.2 MB/s coming on mine without a cap... yeah, I got

Author RaÐines Radines ( ago)
Thank you man, i did go from 0.8 kb/s to 126 kb/s :D

Author Kartik Sheoran ( ago)
Good job bro (y)
You did it really well

Author Filip Matković ( ago)
i just got impressed,i was downloading The Walking Dead S02 which was 16 GB
and was downloading at max 60kb/s,now its downloading at max 560kb/s

Author Filip Matković ( ago)
You know what,you just got a SUBSCRIBE !!!!

Author arian razavi ( ago)
after i did this i can download faster

Author Ludwig Lindqvist ( ago)
Don't do this cuz when you have done it it will be lower then it was..

Author Md Siddiqur Rahman ( ago)
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Author olaru gabriel ( ago)
Let’s get it out there. I have become pretty jealous of my neighbor. He has
actually been alone for life. By a cheat, he’s got a model to love him in
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Author Proud Moore ( ago)
Not Working

Author Nadz Nadesh ( ago)
It was 5 kb/sec before now 1.96mb/sec ??? Significantly awesome

Author Lee Chae Rin ( ago)
Not Working. My Download D.Speed 0.8.

Author Vasil Garnev ( ago)
I think it worked for me :d

Author Dharmesh Sareriya ( ago)
not working & thx for help.:)

Author Denis Haklaj ( ago)
What About If My Internet Speed is 100.0 Mbs??

Author Ramiz Basheer ( ago)
Awesome... It worked for me. Its now downloading at 550Kb/sec. Previously
due to IP blocking it was 45Kb/sec

Author Ramiz Basheer ( ago)
when we set * will come there automatically.

Author Berserker バーサーカー ( ago)
I notice there is a star * in advanced is it really needed?

Author Hamza Ben ( ago)
tnx for the video

Author Cole Heskett ( ago)
i did this and the ETA was 9weeks and 2 days... i undid this and the ETA
was 2 Days.

Author Raheel Radha ( ago)
Thanks you....................

Author MSN740 ( ago)
what the hell... downloading at 2.5mbps... Thank You my good sir.

Author Freez Moin ( ago)
max 70 kb/s

Author Freez Moin ( ago)
doesnt work :'(

Author Roxus001 ( ago)
thank u so much bro

Author Oscar Timan ( ago)
First it was on 600kB/s now its on 40kB/s....

Author Diana Rennick ( ago)
When do people realize this is fake, go to a hacking forum for example:
Take the internet speed-up program from RELOADED instead. They are a very
popular hacking group. Here is the direct link:

Author ParkourStormer ( ago)
1 Question,why is this on youtube?It's simple and it's working +it's
LEGIT.Great job man not many vids like this one are left around youtube.

Author Manesan Pillay ( ago)
Wow thanks dude i did almost everything u said and my speed almost doubled

Author Atif Awan ( ago)
Thanks A lot Brother it,s Worked for ME :) MAY GOD BLess You...

Author Gozaline Tomberlin ( ago)
Hello, I downloaded your file but nothing is happening, probably fake. Take
the internet speed-up program from RELOADED instead. They are a very
popular hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Author Snehz Shawn ( ago)
can u say how to speed up utorrent in 100mbps comp

Author ryann chelz ( ago)
Thanks so much ....thank you ..

Author Laura Maule ( ago)
Again one of these fake methods. Take the internet speed-up program from
RELOADED instead. They are a very popular hacking group. You can get it
here for free:

Author saad khan ( ago)
dunzy06 can u tell me how much time it will take it to speed upp

Author xSolutioNx ( ago)
I copyed you and my download speed has stayed same if you have skype
contact me on my account djole938

Author simen roen ( ago)
it works i got from 200 kb to 1 mb thats a lot

Author xXAjmPlaysMCXx ( ago)

Author Bovee Versace ( ago)
Downloaded it but it is not working… Take the internet speed-up program
from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular hacking group. You can get
it here for free:

Author Spiros Karakalidis ( ago)
this sucks from 300kb/ps i go to 0.3kb/ps ty ass...

Author mayank lodha ( ago)
me 2 coz of tata photon + fuck

Author mayank lodha ( ago)
it asks password dude not so easy

Author Andriod Windows ( ago)
does it works

Author HydroFTW ( ago)
I Got at least 2 mb Thanks!

Author afaq nabi ( ago)
Wow thanks for 2kb/s asshole

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