Casey Neistat Studio Tour!

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat 3 months ago

    not gonna make too big of a deal of it but at 2:25 that is NOT a 2x4 that's a 7" x 3/4' pine plank. also, in a totally not biased-in-any-way kinda way, this is def the best video you've ever made.

    • Nichole Stucki
      Nichole Stucki 12 days ago

      CaseyNeistat You're the best YouTuber👍🏿👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    • Bubi Pro
      Bubi Pro 13 days ago

      CaseyNeistat I love this workshop

    • Drone1Media
      Drone1Media 13 days ago

      only Casey thanks for inspiring, both of you. now I need to work on one day having a studio like that

    • Super Bacon [Game]
      Super Bacon [Game] 24 days ago

      CaseyNeistat I

  • Nathnael Boy
    Nathnael Boy 4 hours ago

    The Studio of CaseyNeistat looks like Iss interior part

  • Rico Taguibao
    Rico Taguibao 8 hours ago

    " i never delete any footage"deletes the happiest blog

  • TechoBomb
    TechoBomb 11 hours ago

    6:06 thats completely astounding..!!!

  • Wasad Wasad
    Wasad Wasad 1 day ago

    Good video

  • yi shu
    yi shu 2 days ago

    really wonder what is the electrical cost of keeping this place running

  • Deepanshu Bisht
    Deepanshu Bisht 3 days ago

    sampled j cole.

  • Ramon Solorio
    Ramon Solorio 3 days ago


  • Anand Horo
    Anand Horo 4 days ago

    cool series of videos

  • Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II 6 days ago

    He comes across a phrase and uses it over and over and over again "Build over buy."

  • lahiru karunasiri
    lahiru karunasiri 6 days ago

    Finally some good use of space :D

  • Utsab Rocks
    Utsab Rocks 6 days ago


  • Blezy Augusto
    Blezy Augusto 6 days ago

    awwwww two of my fave youtubers!!!

  • Hugh Simpson
    Hugh Simpson 6 days ago

    is this guy paranoid about security? why so many security cameras?

  • JG
    JG 8 days ago

    How much he pay for the electricity

  • freakoutloud
    freakoutloud 8 days ago

    This vid was amazing.... need more

  • Jay Brax
    Jay Brax 9 days ago

    Wow great!

  • Michael_Keehl
    Michael_Keehl 9 days ago

    this studio is like adam savage cave but all about video

  • Ryan Caropino
    Ryan Caropino 9 days ago

    When are you going to do more of these Marques?

  • Halt
    Halt 11 days ago

    Mkbhd is not a final cut editor...

  • Duane Allen
    Duane Allen 11 days ago

    the bat cave

  • MyRealName
    MyRealName 12 days ago

    What's up with "propellars"?

  • Eric Vauwee
    Eric Vauwee 12 days ago

    whats the Thing with all the Video surveillance everywhere in this Studio ?
    is Casey paranoid as fuck?

  • Davidx
    Davidx 12 days ago

    Casey reminds me of Sean penn

  • samuel cheung
    samuel cheung 12 days ago

    Who is that other guy tho

  • samuel cheung
    samuel cheung 12 days ago

    I like how when Casey is talking Marques is just folding his hand and standing there lul

  • daniel ajibode
    daniel ajibode 12 days ago

    Holy shit! The only camera I have rn is my phone's

  • Rico Taguibao
    Rico Taguibao 12 days ago

    You go to caseys studio.then you can take home 1 piece of equipment with the accessory needed.ex drone camera boosted board etc.what would you take?

  • Jake Marcoux
    Jake Marcoux 13 days ago

    one day I will have a studio as great as his

  • Ryz 3D
    Ryz 3D 13 days ago

    4:09 ouhhh do i see a pineapple sticker on the right? :D

  • Jonas Cebul
    Jonas Cebul 14 days ago

    so its MTV cribes

  • HaziqNizarVlog
    HaziqNizarVlog 16 days ago

    his studio is more organized than mu life

  • Shnebs301
    Shnebs301 16 days ago

    Casey's studio looks so lit

  • Kalindu Dissanayake
    Kalindu Dissanayake 17 days ago

    liked for Godfather

  • Anay Makan
    Anay Makan 17 days ago

    MKBHD quality of Casey VS himself videoing. Such a difference

  • Mia Comas
    Mia Comas 17 days ago

    when will the next episode be?

  • GameAndElse
    GameAndElse 17 days ago

    It would be a shame.. if someone just burn all this shit ..

  • GameAndElse
    GameAndElse 17 days ago

    NSA loves this amount of cams in a home/office

  • darkdancerman
    darkdancerman 18 days ago

    Someone put a price on all that equipment. Holy damn.

  • Proj ines
    Proj ines 18 days ago

    he is so rich ..wish i could get one of his camera ..i wish i could make video likw he doo ..poor life

  • Joe Quinonez
    Joe Quinonez 18 days ago

    buys  a 65 inch tv says its the cheapest tv he can buy....boi

  • Hugo Graça
    Hugo Graça 18 days ago

    How do you manage to clean all that stuff, you pass all your life doing that?

  • techno mania
    techno mania 20 days ago

    casey is just overrated

  • Juan Pena
    Juan Pena 21 day ago

    Coolest office ever? yup...

  • Ker Plunk
    Ker Plunk 21 day ago

    Sometimes I wonder why certain people enjoy certain people then I realize 99.99 % of people are retarded

  • the dreamers
    the dreamers 21 day ago


  • Neo
    Neo 21 day ago

    Both of you are so admirable.

  • Edward Newgate
    Edward Newgate 22 days ago

    This is not a studio . this is a fckin zombieproof bunker .

  • Ajay Sharma
    Ajay Sharma 22 days ago

    You own supreme backpack lol

  • Sebastian Rosenbach
    Sebastian Rosenbach 23 days ago

    please up vote so Casey sees this!
    The shots of you from MKBHDs Red camera look soo much more amazing than what im used to seing on Caseys Channel. Please do consider switching to red for your stationary setup Casey! Its whole nother level!

  • 1337
    1337 24 days ago

    Anyone wanna plan a heist with me?

  • Darshan Dhande
    Darshan Dhande 24 days ago

    Lol. Says the MacPro is too slow to edit on and then uses a 2016 MacBook Pro.

  • Sanchit Agrawal
    Sanchit Agrawal 24 days ago

    what if an earthquake comes?

  • Rahul Nair
    Rahul Nair 24 days ago

    Well, Next thing you know when Casey has to move... He looks at the studio and says......... I'm just gonna stay here

  • Smitty
    Smitty 24 days ago

    Do one of these with Madeon and Porter Robinson

  • Noor Boiten
    Noor Boiten 25 days ago

    this guy's electrical bill must be off the charts

  • Omri Cohen
    Omri Cohen 26 days ago

    When is the next episode coming???

  • ryan bawls
    ryan bawls 26 days ago

    What a great way to start the series.. but youre not topping this..

  • Sam Hudgins Music
    Sam Hudgins Music 27 days ago

    pls do more videos like this!

  • Airwane Visual
    Airwane Visual 27 days ago

    I see fire hazard. hope he got stuff planned for that just on case. but nice studio tho

  • Thamal Liyanage
    Thamal Liyanage 28 days ago

    How much is Casey's electricity bill?

  • quangman le
    quangman le 28 days ago

    Imagine his electricity bill

  • Abel Van Grevenhof
    Abel Van Grevenhof 29 days ago

    hello can somebody tell which agenda app he is using in the beginning of the video

  • Wilson David
    Wilson David 29 days ago

    omg +CaseyNeistat please giveaway one of those cool ass cameras!!

  • Stefan Umschlag
    Stefan Umschlag 29 days ago

    Hi Marques. I really would like to see more collaboration between Casey and you. Peace ✌️

  • tech myth
    tech myth 1 month ago

    What would be the electricity bill of his studio😂 #typicalindan question

  • Pimp Daddy TV
    Pimp Daddy TV 1 month ago

    Go check out my YouTube guys Al and Angiee talk show

  • Devashish Sharma
    Devashish Sharma 1 month ago

    Good use of space !!

  • SimonHoule
    SimonHoule 1 month ago

    Who else would do anything to just set foot in such an amazing establishment? LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  • Super Joe Pardo
    Super Joe Pardo 1 month ago

    This video has changed my life. It opened me up to the world of Casey and took my content creation from just podcasting to the world of video. Thank you Marques!

  • SamVengance
    SamVengance 1 month ago

    Almost like UrAvgConsumer......if you ever get robbed.....

  • haroimdonard
    haroimdonard 1 month ago

    it's heaven

  • pratham temkar
    pratham temkar 1 month ago

    how rich are you Casey?😂

    INKILU 1 month ago

    Time to rob Casey

  • nickmenorigin
    nickmenorigin 1 month ago

    such a good video. greetings from Colombia.

  • Vania
    Vania 1 month ago

    I don't understand why to store all that garbage (broken items). Seem that accumulation illness.

  • gatorade
    gatorade 1 month ago

    what is the name of his watch?? does anyone know?

  • Greeky Tech
    Greeky Tech 1 month ago

    Can you tell me which review video camera and softwares for these videos are you using?

  • Eddie Gil
    Eddie Gil 1 month ago

    what happened to this series? its pretty cool

  • Eric Chaves
    Eric Chaves 1 month ago

    Props man. Great video!!

  • BoostedJay Austria
    BoostedJay Austria 1 month ago


  • Mukul Misra
    Mukul Misra 1 month ago

    awesome vid

  • Mataytay Ahmed
    Mataytay Ahmed 1 month ago

    Wait, this is like Sara Dietschy's creative spaces tv

  • The Young Vlogger
    The Young Vlogger 1 month ago

    Who has more savalince monitors casey neistat or the police

  • TheMegaphone77
    TheMegaphone77 1 month ago

    has a wall of monitors and a freakishly large, detailed monitor......edits on a 15 in laptop screen with the sun in his eyes......wat......cmon Casey

  • Bojan Devic
    Bojan Devic 1 month ago

    Deadmau5 studio tour next time? :)

  • aryan kumar
    aryan kumar 1 month ago

    Casey how egoistic

  • Apaantuh? ID
    Apaantuh? ID 1 month ago

    dope af

  • YunYulay
    YunYulay 1 month ago

    mooving is gonna suck

  • Nicholas Turner
    Nicholas Turner 1 month ago

    All this work and he misspells propeller multiple times

  • DrawZilla//MemezillA

    "Tool construction workshop area"

    Not hating btw

  • hey my name is dog
    hey my name is dog 1 month ago

    what a hoarder

  • Kapish Kalra
    Kapish Kalra 1 month ago

    I hate infinite warfare,,,

  • Matthew Ducote
    Matthew Ducote 1 month ago

    Bro, you're videos always make me smile. That's no small thing.

  • barnaby de la billiere

    wonder what his electric bill is

  • Abhimanyu Salunke
    Abhimanyu Salunke 1 month ago

    You Guys r awesome...

  • Aden ,
    Aden , 1 month ago

    whats the song name for the instrumental???

  • William Marcelino
    William Marcelino 1 month ago

    stop abusing plss

  • Carson Wolfskill
    Carson Wolfskill 1 month ago

    what is behind the door where is body armor is?

  • Jake Hennett
    Jake Hennett 1 month ago

    I would love to be more of a build-over-buy type of guy. I don't have the engineering smarts or hardware to do it, but I would love to become more practical and handy.

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