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Author elchoya100 (1 month)
what a classy,beautiful ,gorgeous woman.she is sooooo cute too!

Author Alex McCaffery (11 months)
Holly and Janice are my favorites.

Author tirmyta (6 months)
Ahh ... Holly! The good ol' days. (sigh)

Author Michael Hambrook (1 year)
One of my favourite Holly moments was a showcase I saw one time where it
showed the dreams of "Baby Holly". It featured Janice driving a white car
out dressed as a ghost. It was funny. Anyone find that one?

Author carla thornell (1 year)
Holly was my favorite model on TPIR when I was growing up. I was sad when
she & Janice left. They were both beautiful & classy.

Author John L (1 year)
I keep coming back to this video. Thank you @hollyfanforever for making
this for everyone to view. It truly is exceptional. Holly will NEVER be
forgotten. Even though I have posted here before, I cannot help to again.
Wishing Holly a blessed life, she deserves it. 

Author voicetube (2 years)
My favorite BB Beauty growing up and an AMAZING piece of music you used!

Author burntcrispt (1 year)

Author John L (5 years)
Truly a model legend. Holly was the best!

Author bernese3 (5 years)
Thanks for putting this great video together. Holly was the best model in
TPIR history! She was beautiful and cute!

Author tavaquad (4 years)
I remember her from TPIR but never realized how truly beautiful she is
until I watched this vid. What a lady !

Author Navdan87 (2 years)
Beautiful lady :)

Author G$8605 (4 years)
@gatewayeast1609 Or at least as a model with Drew; the two of them would
hit it off great!

Author gatewayeast1609 (4 years)
@PsYcHoFaB Most definitely

Author Donald Godin (4 years)
She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen! She is gorgeous......Sooooo

Author Dave A (4 years)
very cute and sexy would never complain about coming home to
holly.....price WAS the gameshow with the best hotties.....but where did
they get those weird mics?

Author DetroitLove4U (3 years)
I understood that Holly Hallstrom was Russian and spoke it fluently???

Author gatewayeast1609 (4 years)
@kyokogodai Your comment is so true; You can't help but love Holly,
especially when she smiles in a way that makes you want to give her a big

Author Madamow (5 years)
It really would be a thing of beauty if Holly, or any of the other original
Barker's Beauties could make a guest appearance on the Price is Right one,
but especially Holly.

Author Hallstrom77 (5 years)
Love it!!!

Author escdelesp (4 years)
Wow! I was a Dian P. fan but I honestly believe Ive converted to Holly H.
Dam she is so hot!!!

Author kellyrrice (3 years)
A truly wonderful video, about a truly wonderful person, who hailed from
what I consider to be the golden age of television. We did not know what we
had during that period, and Yes, she was my favorite too. I believe you did
her justice. Thanks for the post.

Author netsurferx1 (5 years)
It's a bit of a shame she had to leave the show when (& how) she did...But
at least we still have out memories of her tenure on America's favorite
game show.

Author ChihuahuaboyDH (3 years)
When Janice, Holly, Dian & Kathleen comprised "Barker's Beauties" back in
the day, these four ladies were the hottest models of daytime television!
"The Price is Right" hasn't been the same game show since they left. Bravo,
Holly Hallstrom!

Author larrykool2007 (1 year)
Before my time, but she is one hot piece of ass.

Author bernie miller (3 years)
all I know is that holly had to sexy pantyhosed legs on that show holly i
love you and you sexy,sheer,nude pantyhosed legs ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Author MrBbear77 (4 years)
Holly was always my favorite Barker's Beauty!!! She seemed to have
something about her that the other didn't. Not saying the others weren't
beautiful cause they certaintly were (and still are I'm guessing), but
Holly always did it for me!!!

Author biggdawggnt (3 years)

Author DefLeppardVanHalen (4 years)
I started watching The Price Is Right back in 1988. My main Beauties were
Janice, Dian, Holly, and Kathleen. Those four really made the show
interesting. They were like the "Designing Women" of The Price Is Right. I
believed Bob Barker wrongfully forced them out. First Dian, then Holly, and
finally both Janice and Kathleen. To me, that was the beginning of the end.

Author RUDYNATACHA (5 years)
I liked Dian the best, but she is beautiful! I heard they made her wear a
dark wig because in her natural blonde she outshone the other two. Though
it would be hard to outshine Dian!

Author gatewayeast1609 (4 years)
@PsYcHoFaB I say Holly should have come back as the host of Price is Right
after Bob Barker retired.

Author aginggaijin (5 years)
Holly my dream girl, you warped me... No mortal woman could possibly

Author G$8605 (5 years)
Holly is so awesome! She was always the reason why I tuned in as a kid. My
mom would always wonder why I felt better after 11am. "Holly made me
better, Mommy!"

Author John L (4 years)
Cant get enough of this video. With all the changes happening to Price is
Right, its nice to come and "revisit" if you will, the best of times when
Holly graced the stage. She was always genuinely excited when contestants
won, and you could just tell from her presence she is a phenomenal woman

Author Sean Sudol (3 years)
Holly is the goddess now and forever. Has anyone ever been able to contact

Author kyokogodai (4 years)
@tealock2003 Too true!

Author DetroitLove4U (5 years)
If I recall correctly she was fluent in speaking Russian too!! Holly was my
favorite as a kid!!! She was the BEST!!!

Author ZackTheGopher (4 years)
I can't believe a little number like her never got married! She probably
had dozens if not hundreds of realistic candidates to choose from!

Author tremoloman (5 years)
Holly... the hottest and best beauty on the show ever... bar none! Janice
thought she was the cats meow, Dian was nice, but Holly was and still is so
down to Earth and fun loving. Perfection!

Author burntcrispt (1 year)
She didn't wear a wig

Author Count Wolfula (3 years)
Holly, Dian and Janice were they best models ever seen in game show
history. Just one more reason why the 1980's was the best decade ever!

Author kyokogodai (5 years)
Is there anything "not" to love about Holly? Not a thing :)!!!!

Author kyokogodai (4 years)
My elegant television beauty! Well, she wasn't mine, but she was "ours" to
watch. Miss her.

Author Dave A (4 years)
very cute and sexy price WAS the gameshow with the best hotties.....but
where did they get those weird mics?

Author Dennis Presson (3 years)
When Holly went, I went!

Author Shoknifeman (2 years)
The other girls looked like giant overinflated Barbie dolls (virtual clones
of each other)' Holly on the other hand was beautiful and classy; and
unlike the other girls was more than an automaton when she showed the
products, she actually let her sweet, goofy personality shine through; when
she left TPIR , so did I, and I haven't watched it since.

Author Goldengoat23 (5 years)
I like her at 1:29.

Author jakkfrostt (5 years)
Great video. It rekindled a 30 year old crush.

Author gatewayeast1609 (4 years)
One of the best clips from this montage is at 5:00-5:06, featuring Holly
turning up "tarot cards" in a robotic fashion

Author hermitcrabbot (2 years)
God Bless Sweden! ( and Holly )

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