GODLY LASER SURFER! - C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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  • Chrome
    Chrome 17 hours ago

    5:51 Ben Dover
    Bend over

  • bad muchacho b
    bad muchacho b 2 days ago


  • TheNinjaBoy
    TheNinjaBoy 8 days ago

    Wth is that in the bottom right

  • Ian Leonard
    Ian Leonard 9 days ago

    you got power toolbox

  • Joey Schwinn
    Joey Schwinn 9 days ago

    I have a classic with 3 weapons and 2 bossters

  • Супер Андр MEN

    Привет всем Приветики

  • Hugolaz
    Hugolaz 11 days ago

    Try to learn the game before spending 10k € into it :)

  • pugpenguin j
    pugpenguin j 11 days ago


  • NoLimits4Me
    NoLimits4Me 14 days ago


  • Silver Diamond
    Silver Diamond 14 days ago


  • gaj gerkman
    gaj gerkman 15 days ago


  • lollipop playz
    lollipop playz 15 days ago

    thats because the laser is much slower thats why your losing bro

  • lollipop playz
    lollipop playz 15 days ago

    i love Cats game and i use chainsaw

  • lollipop playz
    lollipop playz 15 days ago

    hey bro i subscried a left a like can u do the same to thanks :)

  • Pierre Brondel
    Pierre Brondel 15 days ago

    I promise i will like this comment.You promise.Do it.

  • Bob
    Bob 16 days ago

    Porn is life

  • C1L1O - MTG
    C1L1O - MTG 16 days ago


  • Poisonous Gamer
    Poisonous Gamer 17 days ago


  • Erik Acost
    Erik Acost 18 days ago

    try titen 2 bosters 2 big foots and spinner wepen

  • Nico Steph
    Nico Steph 18 days ago

    14:02 Ben Dover, aka Bend Over

  • Andrew Guilford
    Andrew Guilford 19 days ago

    What's your best win streak

  • Ali Espiritu
    Ali Espiritu 19 days ago

    You should call your subs nakiakittens xD

  • Shot Dominance
    Shot Dominance 19 days ago

    1:33 what the.... hahahah look in the comments

  • AntPie
    AntPie 19 days ago

    Awesome videos as always keep up the good work

  • Lucavberg Von Berg
    Lucavberg Von Berg 19 days ago


  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones 19 days ago

    #360 noscope like if you saw in chat

  • Januar Gaming
    Januar Gaming 19 days ago

    PhoneCats(Cris) Can You Play Growtopia With Record Something plss

  • Thomas bjørnstad Meling

    15:31 I'm gonna cruel the world

  • Matisse Van den Brande

    Oh No my gold is low and I dont have gems than OW WE CAN SELL CRAP!!

  • zhekar sarkar
    zhekar sarkar 19 days ago

    @phonecats put your lasers at bet to make them much better

  • BearDrinkingBeer 81
    BearDrinkingBeer 81 19 days ago

    I Love this fucking Game. Yeahhh youre so cool. Hello from Germany

  • Crazy Legz
    Crazy Legz 19 days ago

    I'm think a Super Box has much more value than a Giant Super Box.  They both come with 24 parts.  All the parts in the Giant box are Super but any piece has the potential of being super by winning a bet.  So the fact the pieces are super isn't important.  The Giant does give you 2 legend parts but those part could be crap, like a Blade with 100% boost if on a Titan.  In the end you're paying an extra 450 gems to get 2 legend parts.   I think it's a better value to buy 4 Super Boxes instead.  All the unneeded parts can be sold or used to upgrade your important parts.  Agree?

  • Ali El Amrani
    Ali El Amrani 20 days ago

    Do you play World of Tanks Blitz

  • giorgos argyropoulos

    Sell stickers or I unsubscribe

  • Micha Boxler
    Micha Boxler 20 days ago


  • Arda Oyunda
    Arda Oyunda 20 days ago

    I love c.a.t.s

  • Shaikh Shoeb
    Shaikh Shoeb 20 days ago

    common phonecats u can do it.....we wanna se carbon parts❤🔥

  • M.n Tube
    M.n Tube 20 days ago

    i love your videos about c.a.t.s.

  • CaptainAKG
    CaptainAKG 20 days ago

    I ever gotten a 2 weapons classic. Well... in beta... :(

  • Gnar
    Gnar 20 days ago

    I use a boulder + repluse + chainsaw
    It's kinda works

  • El Padrino
    El Padrino 20 days ago

    Use my build. Made a video of it just for you Pcats. I don't have Twitter to link you the video. Also gamble your parts to reach a 60% bonus to them. Not too costly to recover them.

  • Book Marker
    Book Marker 20 days ago

    YES! Thanks so much! You actually helped me get into stage 17 with this car!

  • Jake Tilburn
    Jake Tilburn 20 days ago

    Don't moan so much

  • its OffaBoffa
    its OffaBoffa 20 days ago


  • its OffaBoffa
    its OffaBoffa 20 days ago


  • CarLOs10
    CarLOs10 20 days ago

    Can you play Growtopia again!Please

  • Kieferbruch 187
    Kieferbruch 187 20 days ago

    i'm using chainsaw because it does 1358 Damage and i'm in stage 12 in tze Championship (Sorry for Grammar i'm German)

  • Muhammad RafiAdhipramana

    huh im stage 5 is bruh

  • Sylvanius
    Sylvanius 20 days ago

    Phonecats , I was the one who brought up the anomaly with the 360 No-Scope build in C.A.T.S. and I have been testing to see if I could find a correlation between Building, Weapon(s), Wheel(s), and Accessory(s). To sum it up, I found no correlation between that, and the Sneaky landing the wrong way. Even testing if number of weapons, accessories, and wheels had an effect, nothin'. The only thing I got out of it was that it happens ~37.5% of the players I battled against. I then later tested it again, and 95% of the players I faced, my Sneaky landed the wrong way. Hope this enlightened you a little, keep up the hard work! Thanks!

    • Haze
      Haze 17 days ago

      Sylvanius smart boy

  • Caden Fish
    Caden Fish 20 days ago

    1:27 in the chat😂 wtf

  • Horry Friz
    Horry Friz 20 days ago

    Where's pvz??

  • iJasyn
    iJasyn 20 days ago

    "hey man" DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER??????

  • Kriss Valle
    Kriss Valle 20 days ago

    cats.. you can sell all your stingers and drills cause there just not worth it

  • laxmi dhakal
    laxmi dhakal 20 days ago

    Do the Titan strat

  • BaneLoki
    BaneLoki 20 days ago

    When upgrading, sell low star items for coin and use high star items for upgrades. You'll save a ton

  • Nathan Menard
    Nathan Menard 20 days ago

    switch the wheels !!!

  • jetpaul Apolinario
    jetpaul Apolinario 20 days ago

    where do you stream?

  • Yung TedBounty
    Yung TedBounty 20 days ago

    love how you have 30 health kits and don't used them on this beast

  • Kinect
    Kinect 20 days ago

    11:25 the amount of your money Is a palindrome 😂

  • wewler
    wewler 20 days ago

    bellyflop titan

    MN GAMIN 20 days ago

    Top 💯

  • Eric Ramos
    Eric Ramos 20 days ago


  • ConnorSinclairCavin
    ConnorSinclairCavin 20 days ago

    Actually i have a classic with 3 weapons

    • ๖ۣۜ136 ༻
      ๖ۣۜ136 ༻ 18 days ago

      Be quiet, its impossible. Zeptolab nerfed the classic... Just shut up.

    • ConnorSinclairCavin
      ConnorSinclairCavin 19 days ago

      it must just be a super duper duper rare chance

    • ConnorSinclairCavin
      ConnorSinclairCavin 19 days ago

      *sigh* i really am not, i wish i could trade it to phonecatss so y'all could see

    • ๖ۣۜ136 ༻
      ๖ۣۜ136 ༻ 19 days ago

      ConnorSinclairCavin Why you always lyin... Why the fuck you lyin...

      Shame shame shame shame shame

    • ConnorSinclairCavin
      ConnorSinclairCavin 19 days ago

      if you mean you think im lying im not, 2 at the front (one super the tip, one near the... elbow bend? but back about 1 knob's worth) and one kind 2/3 the way up the back edge, about 1 blade head deep, the wheels are slightly off the body on both ends, the power sucked though, only 6 power to start

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 20 days ago

    Watch when he prestige(restart). He's gonna be soooooooo mad

  • Corey Miller
    Corey Miller 20 days ago

    miss your longer videos...

    • Nonisesi Wantiwanti
      Nonisesi Wantiwanti 10 days ago

      Get your free gems and coins here https://twitter.com/PokemonDLTips/status/864385767400984576

    • Naghty Pig Mario
      Naghty Pig Mario 20 days ago

      Corey Miller miss your hero videos

    • Ma Boi Dash
      Ma Boi Dash 20 days ago

      Ray Aghassi yeah:-)

    • Ray Aghassi
      Ray Aghassi 20 days ago

      if 22 minutes isnt long enough just go watch the twitch VODs

  • Lamp.
    Lamp. 20 days ago

    Do Sneaky with booster, drill in front and rockets, ez quick fight wins

  • Leandro Kazuya
    Leandro Kazuya 20 days ago

    love u pcats

  • Nakikinuod Lang
    Nakikinuod Lang 20 days ago

    he should do bets to even add the bonus percentage of his parts. Max is 60%

    • Yung TedBounty
      Yung TedBounty 20 days ago

      Nakikinuod Lang yeah true it drives me insane he can get so much good better items if he bet them

  • CoolGuyTdog Overwatch

    Lets freaking go! 36th comment WOO

  • Emmanuel Wells
    Emmanuel Wells 20 days ago


  • The Wizard
    The Wizard 20 days ago

    what how do you chat inthe video?

    NENTWIG 20 days ago

    whoever has the most damage shoots their laser first

  • Marcus Salisbury
    Marcus Salisbury 20 days ago

    There's upside down Pyramids?!?!?

    • Drew Does stuff
      Drew Does stuff 15 days ago

      Marcus Salisbury diamonds yes

    • Will Tennant
      Will Tennant 20 days ago

      +BryanTheKing the whale is a really good car for rockets it is not the upside down pyramid just fight number 1 on the leaderboards

    • BryanTheKing
      BryanTheKing 20 days ago

      Marcus Salisbury yea it is after prestige because if you go to the skills at prestige one it mentions a machine named "whale"

    • Pedro Spegiorin
      Pedro Spegiorin 20 days ago

      Marcus Salisbury yeah u may win this after u be prestige 1

    • Marcus Salisbury
      Marcus Salisbury 20 days ago

      Lamp. I've been seeing some wacky shaped cars recently. Maybe we get more after the prestige.

  • Teo Feru
    Teo Feru 20 days ago

    I see a classic with two weapon for real man i am prestige 1

  • pmd299
    pmd299 20 days ago

    how much damage, level, HP and Prestige do these fat cars have that end the game when it's taking too long 0_0

  • lsedanolg
    lsedanolg 20 days ago

    ... I think I should get this game, hack, and then quit

    • lsedanolg
      lsedanolg 20 days ago

      I'm not going for in app purchases

    • myle nweton
      myle nweton 20 days ago

      lsedanolg how should you hack? It all online. Meaning you couldn't get IAP for free

  • Detective Science
    Detective Science 20 days ago


  • K3YS Electric
    K3YS Electric 20 days ago

    I have been watching for a while and I love your videos so much!! +1 Sub!!

  • Ashton Janney
    Ashton Janney 20 days ago


  • Nima Javan
    Nima Javan 20 days ago

    I'm too early

  • Skeletøn Clique
    Skeletøn Clique 20 days ago

    Last time i was this early
    pcats still played Growtopia...

  • Sheep12399
    Sheep12399 20 days ago


  • tyson larmond
    tyson larmond 20 days ago

    I love this game

  • José Luis Iñiguez
    José Luis Iñiguez 20 days ago


  • Aleksa Arsic
    Aleksa Arsic 20 days ago

    wow this early

  • Sam Roby
    Sam Roby 20 days ago

    Great vids when do you normally play C.A.T.S on stream I don't really like CR

  • Sam Roby
    Sam Roby 20 days ago


  • Mrs. G
    Mrs. G 20 days ago

    I use cainsaw dude and im on stage 14 with 5k Attack and4k hp

  • Emmanuel Wells
    Emmanuel Wells 20 days ago


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  • [ GeenieThan ]
    [ GeenieThan ] 20 days ago


  • [ GeenieThan ]
    [ GeenieThan ] 20 days ago


  • jose fazvear
    jose fazvear 20 days ago


  • Gabriela Gutiérrez
    Gabriela Gutiérrez 20 days ago


  • James
    James 20 days ago


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