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Author Johan Rhuiiz (2 years)
Como Haces Para Mantener El Bolante Estable Es En Computador ???

Author Ultimatepanzer (4 years)
he modded the gauges so it wouldn't show the speed aswell

Author Román Luna (5 years)
compa ernest xq el audio no esta como sincronizado con los apartatos de el
truck?pareciera como q es un audio montado en el video

Author Michi TheMistick (3 years)
where is link of sound :S i like sound

Author Eric Hernz (3 years)
FAKE !! this is from another video from a real truck, here is the probe:

Author Cinasso90 (5 years)
hahahahaha crazy xD

Author 1977F150408 (4 years)
@connorEN Just downshift period, dont really need to use your jake
brake...slow down in real-life

Author haulinMercedesActros (4 years)
@MsCrazyKid100 didnt you read the damn name of the video ? ist 18 Wheels of
steel Haulin :)

Author Дима Скульский (2 years)

Author Eric Hernz (3 years)
its fake, this sound is from another youtube video featuring a real truck

Author Mustang guy6501 (5 years)
sounds great

Author SEB3399 (5 years)
sounds alright but u were alittle too close to the center of the road

Author BigRiggerJ (4 years)
@Ultimatepanzer no, more like he broke the gauges.

Author Anderson de Almeida (2 years)
freightliner argosy jake brake.

Author Davaughn wiles (5 years)
sweet that sounds like music to my ears can u please help me get it please
i beg of u

Author Shkarupilo Gearhead (4 years)
fake !!! you can hear that in the sound he's chaging gears, and in the
video he's not and the 2-nd thing you can heat the wind which isn't in the
game :)

Author donburdick (5 years)
can some one `convert this to alh

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