How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

Here's an easy to follow guide that covers exactly how to meditate for beginners. In this comprehensive guide we will cover exactly: where to meditate, how to meditate, what to do with your mind, how long to do it for, and even how long before you start seeing benefits.

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Author Webb pool ( ago)
should you listen to music? if so what kind? help

Author 40ozTOFREEDOM ( ago)
you got that immortal technique voice

Author Hrishik Das ( ago)
really good and cool

Author preet trivedi ( ago)
Can i concentrate on betwwen the eyebrow with the closed eye

Author AMANY tabaja ( ago)
so coolll

Author Anu Chaudhary ( ago)

Author Panda Gamer ( ago)
I barley just started and I feel calm but I did it for 10 min

Author Eleonora B. ( ago)
Runny nose watchers rip

Author Kupres985 ( ago)
im drunk and i will start mwditate

Author Robert ( ago)
Is this okey if i meditate in a chair?

Author Amrita sss ( ago)
And yeah this is the most useful video...thank u so much +improvement pill

Author Amrita sss ( ago)
What if I listen and concentrate on any meditation music or alpha waves while meditating ?

Author Ratan Wasekar ( ago)
Also should we do it when we go to morning wlak or after that please tell me...

Author Ratan Wasekar ( ago)
can we meditate in the afternoon please tell me??

Author klytus42 ( ago)
What is "breaf"?

Author Trolling for life ( ago)
i need this,couse im overthinking soo much it annoys me alredy...

Author MAC KASH ( ago)
I find even the act of sitting and trying to meditate has its fair share of benefits.

Author redien47 ( ago)
Can i breath through my mouth instead of the nose? Or is that a problem?

Author david pedron ( ago)
Great video. I meditate every day and all this is spot on. Awesome

Author Zzid ( ago)
For beginners who struggle clearing their mind, I strongly suggest hypnosis capsules on youtube or other websites. It will help you understand what it is to be in trance. It helped me a lot. Hypnosis is also soooo enjoyable. Stay clear!

Author brodie clamp ( ago)
Dude I let my mind loose but keep my possession and not move my mind wanders it's almost like lucid dreaming but you don't have to wake up after five minutes time flies and hunger isn't there the only time o noticed was before I started enetering this state it started with it lasting 10-15 minutes then my mind would jolt but now I need to set alarms to get out of it I remember the first time I properly got into the state I only come out from the hunger pangs after doing it from 4 in the morning till 6 in the evening

Author Skinny Penus ( ago)
I've always wanted to know how to meditate
usually I just sat their thinking about food, games, and when its a good time to fap

Author shiva joshi ( ago)
hey buddy , iam doing meditation for a weak .one day I just hearing my heart beats but its my first time till then iam not Abel to hear that so can you recommend me to how I can hear it again

Author Nightcore KittyGirl ( ago)
I meditate like 2 hrs oml

Author Li Ming ( ago)
Is it okay to do this meditation laying down flat on a yoga mat with a pillow under your head?

Author rocky toombstone ( ago)
after a while is it normal to see things? without realising that you are meditating? kinda like dreaming only you aren't asleep, also why 5 minutes for beginners? it usually takes me 10-15 mins to get into a nice relaxed state.

Author rocky toombstone ( ago)
when you get itches, could it be good to notice and understand the itch just like you observe your breath?

Author Sri Vivek ( ago)
Man ! Somehow the way he writes and those perfect size of letters makes me calm and happy :)

Author Tim ( ago)
Excellent! Thank you.

Author Rayan Teixeira ( ago)
Great, thank you for share.

Author jack white ( ago)
does meditation helps control negative thoughts?

Author prasad rane ( ago)
thanks bro Namaste from Bombay.

Author Vangario 4 ( ago)
can I meditate in school?

Author Srinivas Patnaik ( ago)
Awesome sir

Author Koteswara Rao Chadalavada ( ago)
Air enters thro nostrils, gets into lungs and then comes out. At which POINT should we need to concentrate to observe the breath. At the entry in to nostrils, at the bridge of the nose, at the throat level or at the base of lungs ?. pl

Author Lord Lumpus ( ago)
This also helps for astral projections!

Author Wicaksono Ismail ( ago)
Hi, your videos are great!! i do enjoy your videos. i wanna ask you something, i think this could be good topics for your video. Okay here it is, "how can i think creatively if i'm not good at imagine??" i hope you could make it Thank you, i'm waiting your new videos!!!

Author Hottest Susage ( ago)
I tried this first and after 15 minutes I realized I'm meditating..... :)

Author downtherabbithole ( ago)
i think you lost me... what are the benefits?

Author Lúcio ( ago)
When meditating, is the goal to relax and clear your mind?

Author TheYellowBrickRoadTV ( ago)
Thanks bruh!

Author nextgengaming ! ( ago)
thats gay

Author Joseph Burnine ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm going to start applying some of these techniques into my daily routine!

Author Purnok Das ( ago)
what benefits did u get #improvement_pill

Author LearnEnglishESL ( ago)
"once the sun shineth upon a concave mirror, or on a lens that is convex, all its heat will be concentrated on a single point and that one point will burn the hottest. Thus" "focus one’s thinking on a single point so that it will become an effective force." - Abdu’l-Bahá

Author Rishit Vinu ( ago)
I meditate 15 mins in morning and evening

Author OrionTSD - TheOrionStarDiamond ( ago)
Thx, This helped alot

Author Salem Alfalasi ( ago)
when i was meditating i realized that it was a bit harder to breathe why?

Author juiceb2411 ( ago)
I feel a sensation in my chest when I meditate does anyone know what that means?

Author Spiner 906 ( ago)
should I clear my brain instead of focusing on my breath

Author Vibes ( ago)
Thank you!

Author Jay Prakash ( ago)
All i can say is *Thank you* your video has helped me a lot

Author Arpit Mohan ( ago)
i am a youtuber i was making videos after a long time and i satrted lagging in speaking i cant say hello.....i jus say it and a pause how do i come over name TECH TV 24 videos not from this id so dont visit it..........PLEASE ANSWER

Author Psychotic Kate ( ago)
And I still don't like meditation...

Author Kadian Banton ( ago)
Am really trying .thank u this helped

Author AniMV ( ago)
i am doing it already for 2 months in a row 11 minutes a day. still not feeling anything new... someone can tell me why?

Author fuck everything ( ago)
you guys I'm 12years old and I meditate and it works it makes me feel relaxed

Author Diya Teresa ( ago)
hi. im 14. and im a spirituall person . seeing dis video i really wana meditate n take da negative vibes away. i was wondering if we can mediate wth meditate music on? llike im obsesed wth music it hellps me rellax . so ... i was wondering about it. pls hellp

Author Ajinkya Borade ( ago)
damn you are awesome than Sadhguru

Author Erandi Rodriguez ( ago)
music or no music ?

Author Kronickillness Nikolaos ( ago)
Well if its so powerful then doesn't the lotus position not matter especially if ones unable to be flexible physically enough to do so? Cuz man i can no longer do what this monk its doing with the feet my knees in my 20s went out now my 30s no way that's happening. have several forms of severe psoariatic and rhuematoid and a few other but these2 are the most painful2 ttpes one can be afflicted with. any way yeah I'm in that category of always falling asleep when i tried but can't assume the proper position. but most of my times spent in bed anyway so I've got insomnia & take a lot of medication for the pain. but there's times that makes me drowsy where i used to think (maybe it still does help open the channels etc idk much about it but it just felt like it would be more beneficial at that time under the influence of say opiods n not feel the pains that always takes me out of concentration! an ache a pain etc. so i wait now till i wake up in the am &just lay in bed an hr or2 before getting up&just try to manifest the changes i want to see&funny thing is I'm seeing those things which i meditated briefly on&only remembered i did so when i began to meditate again & go down the list i was reminded &saw what id already begun to reap. interesting ik there's something to it cuzeven the bible says to do so but on HisWord but that is from a possibly tainted version He may have in fact plausibly told us & it was changed or seen as Gnosticism to the catholics what wrote in short todays modern bibles ergo it may not be wrong to meditate on what we want out of life&on the Word of God & to ask His will. as isnt meditation just another form of prayer albiet maybe most pure &powerful or a more powerful than a simple saying of grace before a meal or praying when distracted etc.but lets digress)
so now i wait till I'm wide awake or even sick WD makes concentration hard! Cuz my mind races have anxiety as well which makes it difficult at times especially when i have racing thoughts but i also find that when i don't have this going on i can easily clear all Mt thoughts for a good 10 seconds which they say is the hardest thing when starting. but after that everything comes pooring back in like a flood.
I've heard techniques say think of going deep into the earth with an anchor and visualize that u tie it off why? Would this not be like putting training wheels on? or are they afraid their souls gonna leave n not come back? Get lost etc? lol cuz well idk i like to think i cab skip that part since in the interest of time I'll just use the word that most closely reps my belief systems but i dont like as it didnt exist till after ya guessed it Catholicism! ( they really did a number on spirituality everything even in the bible that allows man to reach ANYTHING DIVINE! *yet ITS ALREADY INSIDE OF US! WE JUST NEED ACCEPT BELIEVE & ALLOW HIM IN HE KNOCKS QUIET&SUBTLE WHILE THE OTHER SIDE AKA EVIL SCREAMS YELLS ACTS OUT FOR ATTENTION AND EVEN COMES AS AN "ANGEL OF LOVE& LIGHT" but who are these men Catholicism to say what God did and did not want in His Word?! They took what THEY DEEMED AS TABOO OR MAGIC WITCH CRAFT ETC AND BANNED IT REMOVED SEVERAL BOOKS FROM THE BIBLE! this was all the book burnings stuff even as early as ww2.but lets digress some more shall we) well i guess I've made my points tho. and this is already a lot to digest

Author Pepa Happypepik ( ago)
I meditated for the first time for 6 minutes. It was like a complete restart of my day. Felt awesome!

Author Mike B ( ago)
what ate the benefits of meditation

Author kat christo ( ago)

Author Nate Madden ( ago)
Hey man your videos are dope! You should do one on lucid dreaming!

Author Ashbringer36 ( ago)
Hey guys, I'm a bit confused about how this medidtation thing, I'm giving it a shot, started just a few days ago but this mindfullness thing, I might be overthinking it.
What kind of words should i be hearing in my head in the form of my thoughts, "Breath in, breath out" just preaching that in my head as I went was the one that kept me best on task,

Is my head supposed to be lacking in thought words or am I overthinking things?

Author Anonymous ( ago)
You can meditate in any position you sit or lie in my friend. Meditation in Lotus flower position can be painfull for many people. Plus it can generate back problems. Just learned this from a Tibetan master... And above all, out of experience, LOGICAL wise there is no correct physical position to sit or lie in to manage the brainflow.  Meditation can be done driving the car, while cooking,... Anywhere you can meditate! If you are falling asleep it is a sign that you are tired or simply not have the energy to focus. Yes... meditation asks for some kind of mental energy. If you are always tired and stressed that you have to do this or that, it could be you have to question the climate you live in! Work, kids, housekeeping,... Meditation is often thought to be a solution for 'modern' daily life while if you see the monks in Tibet, they do not work many hours with a full-on tempo. The monks do not have to drive cars in rush hours. They don't have to get the kids from school, bringing them to the sportclub, go to the fitness themselves, cook shitty food, pass the garage to fix the car, pickup the new iphone 20,... Interestingly I remember people getting more stress hormones from meditating! Meditation became task number 148 of the day.

Author Jason Loke ( ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing.  Great, concise and accurate, I think.  Thanks!!

Author Katie B ( ago)
Should I play some meditation music during the meditation session?

Author eXileF ( ago)
When I was younger I used to play a lot of Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. While I played an endurance race or a longer race I got in a hyper sleep or something and I felt like asleep but was still braking and cornering and setting laps. I now realise that I was meditating while playing a game! lol.
Although I've stopped gaming since it's less fun and stuff soo yeah...

Author Ain't so Cool ( ago)
Thanks a ton for such a awesome videos.. really liked it

Author Patrick Jankowski ( ago)
instructions not clear. got my balls stuck in an electric fence...

Author SClearS ( ago)
Great video. I can't wait for the next one about meditation for "experts" ;)

Author alsogooraa ( ago)
Thank you Improvement Pill for this great video.
I live in a very cold place and there is no good place for me to meditate. I am also a college student and I live in a crowded apartment, so please tell me where are the best places to meditate for my case?

Author Prateek Tiwari ( ago)
I like your video much, you explained everything in very easy manner, but I got a problem when I starts meditating it's good for 2-3 days but it's gets tougher day by day to focus that's why I quit. Is it natural??

Author Vegan Life Change ( ago)
This video and it's exploration are absolutely fantastic. Thank you! Sending this to family.

Author CalebOnThe 33 ( ago)
I find it really difficult to meditate when I'm sick. Is there away to solve this problem?

Author Atanas Iliev ( ago)
is it okey to meditate in my lunch break ?

Author Shrillwhip ( ago)
Can you listen to music while meditating?

Author Andrea Farough ( ago)
what about sound? should we keep it silent in the room or put quiet relaxing music or? any suggestions?

Author Monterey Paranormal Investigators ( ago)
Does it heal? can it help with withdrawals with drug addicts?

Author Klein Fletchers ( ago)
but I have colds... huhuhu

Author TheBanana Bros ( ago)
I hope this works if not then I'm going to kill myself

Author lingraj mahanand ( ago)
Thank you for the priceless tip on meditation. I daily woke up at 5 am and do my exercise. Do you recommend doing the meditation right after the exercise or before? Hoping to get your reply :-)

Author jovi voi ( ago)
well done a very helpful presentation for beginners thank you

Author hmran yo ( ago)
I dance sometimes and focus in controll moving..poppin style what i do i listen to music and focus in some movement and change is this some mediation or different??..thanks

Author Smurfing hard ( ago)
why focus on your breath? why not focus on the aspects of your mind you want to improve?....really asking...

Author ahmed ( ago)
I'll put results after 7 months

Author Orlando Obeso Angulo ( ago)
Tried breathing through my nose and snot came out. 😐

Author Heavenpad ( ago)
Problem: It hurts for me to "sit like a pretzel" because of my scoliosis... is there any other still good way to sit? (It hurts to cross my legs like that)

Author PlanetaryRogue ( ago)
What if you can't breathe through your nose?

Author The upsetchair ( ago)
can i meditate without touching my thumbs and just put my hand over my kneecap and can i listen to binaural beats

Author Miss Mix ( ago)
i'm gonna try this

Author Terraria Master17 and EpicMan2007 ( ago)

Author Walter M ( ago)
My legs fall asleep when they're crossed (I did have shoes on, I'll try again without shoes) is it okay for me to sit with my legs out straight?

Author Nevo Krien ( ago)
breathing med is good for fouces and judgment oder kinds are good for oder things and for some targets are match better like anti anger med

Author Shubham Sharma ( ago)
Hey I like all your videos, the way you present them...could you please make a video about "keeping a journal"....I searched so much but couldn't get good points
please tell us benefits of diary and how to start....

Author Lorena Molina ( ago)
Sorry but focusing on breath alone sounds pretty boring for those "positive" benefits

Author Funny Reading Alien ( ago)

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
Omg! After 5 minutes i feel AMAZING! I feel like i only have a nose not a mouth :D

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