How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

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  • Here's an easy to follow guide that covers exactly how to meditate for beginners. In this comprehensive guide we will cover exactly: where to meditate, how to meditate, what to do with your mind, how long to do it for, and even how long before you start seeing benefits.

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Comments: 835

  • Jetty_Amvs
    Jetty_Amvs 3 hours ago

    can you meditate while listening to music

  • psychovstheworld
    psychovstheworld 4 hours ago

    Hey! Sorry if this was already answered but i looked and couldnt find the answer to this question. What can i do to start meditating instead of the "focus on the breathing" exercise? I have asthma and because of "training" or whatever since i was little i cant breathe normally when i am aware of my breathing. It just makes me slow it down to a point where i need air and i gasp or i start heavy breathing. Is there another sort of "begginer's exercise" i could do? I have been trying this but eventually i cant breathe and i stop or get distracted.
    Regardless, great video!

  • Tyreese Smith
    Tyreese Smith 1 day ago

    Does it have to be ABSOLUTELY QUIET when trying to meditate?

  • Alex H
    Alex H 1 day ago

    Up next "10 reasons you should NEVER Meditate"...

  • Дмитрий Сидельников

    By the way, that would be interesting if you tell us about enlightenment according to modern science.
    what is it? is it real or not to acheve it? Thanks for so usefull information.

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 2 days ago

      science doesn't really know too much regarding enlightenment, they even admit it

  • dalveny lencastre
    dalveny lencastre 2 days ago

    I can't put my feet on top of eachother. What do I do?

    PHYCHOLOGICAL1337 2 days ago

    This channel is absolutely amazing. 2 videos and I'm just like damn.

  • Hyohun Noh
    Hyohun Noh 2 days ago

    nice video!!

  • Barbara Ariza
    Barbara Ariza 2 days ago

    So what time of the Day is best?

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 2 days ago

      i do it the moment i wake up and right before i go to sleep

  • Figo
    Figo 3 days ago

    A buddhist monk once said, to meditate try silencing your ego. But there is a catch. Your ego cannot be silenced. So how do you silence your ego, without actually silencing it? You give it a task. Count breath to be exact. And it doesn't matter if you count 100, 10 or even 1 breath. You can do it wherever you want, however you like, as long as you do it, you're on the right way if you do it at least once a day

  • Dawid Dawid
    Dawid Dawid 3 days ago

    Can I meditate with music?

  • Shalom Shalom
    Shalom Shalom 5 days ago

    I fell asleep just listening to his voice

  • Raed Hussein
    Raed Hussein 5 days ago

    Have you seen Muslims pray? If you did, then do you think it's similar to the recommended way of Meditation?

  • Eroid
    Eroid 5 days ago

    Does this make me smarter?

  • Dora T.
    Dora T. 5 days ago

    Imma start mediating and reading about these stuff

  • endlesswaltz29
    endlesswaltz29 6 days ago

    Im distracted by the noise around me like kids, dogs and cars. Can i play music while meditating?

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 6 days ago

    can I get VAC Banned for this?

  • Roei Avital
    Roei Avital 6 days ago

    Do you recommend to meditate with music or without music?

  • Rounak Chakraborty
    Rounak Chakraborty 7 days ago

    Does meditation defense us from illness?

  • Maria Vargas
    Maria Vargas 7 days ago

    What a GREAT video !

  • Josh
    Josh 7 days ago

    If I cannot breath through my nose, is mouth breathing a suitable alternative?

  • Naufal Syawal
    Naufal Syawal 7 days ago

    if i want to go study, i always need a good mood first, if i wanna change that should i do this meditation?

    thanks by the way

  • joesr31
    joesr31 7 days ago

    My feet gets numb in less than5 mins cross legged, what should i do

  • Jimmy Kubo
    Jimmy Kubo 8 days ago

    This was helpful! Many thanks

  • Slice
    Slice 8 days ago

    Can you be truly happy if you never allow yourself any pleasure?

  • Slice
    Slice 8 days ago

    Boring as hell

  • Pranav Kohli
    Pranav Kohli 8 days ago

    I m a Hindu ,Love n peace be upon all :)

  • Jack Scott
    Jack Scott 9 days ago

    I have a forest behind my house. I used to meditate a lot. I don't anymore and this is y. I decided to go out to the forest to chill straight Buddha style. After my alarm went off, I opened my eyes and there was a fucking raccoon standing right I front of my dick. I got startled and the fucker bit on the base of my shaft and wouldn't fuckin let go.

  • Shaka 'Kai
    Shaka 'Kai 9 days ago

    The first time I watched this video, an ad about meditating came up... And the second time I watched it, it happened again.

  • krist troopr
    krist troopr 10 days ago

    which type of meditation can help me to understand and observe patterns in nature and mathematics better??..

  • MotivateThroughExample

    Love your Channel man! Just posted a video on my experience after 25 Hours of Meditation (20min/day). Such a crazy difference in my life because of you <3 Much love

  • Andrew Dylan
    Andrew Dylan 10 days ago

    I have allergies and can't breathe through my nose, very unfortunate for me I can't meditate all year round even if I wanted to

  • Panda Chaos
    Panda Chaos 10 days ago

    Use smiling mind, it's free and has been very helpful for the stressed teen I am :)

  • Deutsches Kaiserreich

    Helped me in life

  • Mathias Emil
    Mathias Emil 11 days ago

    I don't know if this is meditation but i like to lay down or sit and listen to wellness music,(eyes closed) let my mind take me where ever it decides. sometimes its memories or thoughts(imagination) or nothing at all. it makes me so calm.sometimes i get very emotional. is it a kind of meditation? and is it good?

  • Arnold N. Bayog
    Arnold N. Bayog 11 days ago

    where to enhale to the nose,and exhale to mouth?

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 11 days ago

      you can do that or inhale/exhale through the nose. either is fine

  • nikhil chauhan
    nikhil chauhan 12 days ago

    should I medidat under shower ?

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 11 days ago

      technically you can meditate anywhere. but i'd suggest you do it without water flying down on you (easier to focus)

  • shreyansh jain
    shreyansh jain 12 days ago

    when should we meditate?
    in the morning?or at night? is there any apt time to do it?

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 11 days ago

      as long as you're doing it every day. i do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night

  • Last Gaurdian
    Last Gaurdian 12 days ago

    I feet fall asleep

  • Wilfredo Chalas
    Wilfredo Chalas 12 days ago

    I tried this but I just feel like smoking.

  • Sctiv Feconic
    Sctiv Feconic 13 days ago

    Plot twist:
    It's just a giant placebo

  • Schatten2712
    Schatten2712 13 days ago

    but... but the virchow's triad D: ... :(

  • Riliey Butler
    Riliey Butler 13 days ago

    What about listening to music while doing it?

  • Natalie Kwong
    Natalie Kwong 14 days ago

    I tried using the breathing technique you mentioned in the video, I can feel my body is going off balance and tipping to different directions even though I was fully awake
    That sensation makes me feel anxious
    Is it normal? How do I avoid the tip over feeling?

  • Maria Eduarda Cortina Bartolomey

    I did that for the first time and at a point, after like 1 min, I stopped thinking about my breath and started to think about nothing, when the alarm rang I was like "already?". I used to do reiki, but never meditation (only if you count the hours in the bus looking at the window without thinking about anything as meditation)

  • TheDohnutDollar
    TheDohnutDollar 14 days ago

    2:54 I have the flu...

  • Burgar Horatiu
    Burgar Horatiu 15 days ago

    this is wrong and it requires no rules whatsoever. It makes the idea seem fancy. This video right here is why meditation is seen as a special thing only some do it. Gosh golly people. Just relax.

    • Burgar Horatiu
      Burgar Horatiu 14 days ago

      Improvement Pill meditation is just a fancy word which gained total and unrealistic, nonsensical meaning, which somehow now is linked to Buddhist monks an caves and all that nonsense. I am not saying everyone sees it that way, but prezenting it to the mass in this way enforces the dogma.

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 14 days ago

      relaxing does not equal meditation. they are two different things.

  • Valentino Peppelman
    Valentino Peppelman 15 days ago

    Does it matter for your routine that you meditate around the same time of the day everytime you do it? For example you said that you meditate 10 minutes after you've woken up, I like to meditate as a sort of cool down from my fitness sessions but since these can be spread throughout the day I find myself meditating at relatively random times. Does this effect the overal speed of gaining the advantages or not? kind regards, Valentino

    • Valentino Peppelman
      Valentino Peppelman 13 days ago

      okay thank you ^-^

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 14 days ago

      meditating at a certain time or after a certain activity is definitely a great way to incorporate mediation as a routine in your life. As long as your meditating daily you'll still see the benefits. the time doesn't matter

  • Mohammed Games
    Mohammed Games 17 days ago

    I meditated for the first time today, and it kind of hurt my brain, and it kind of felt like I was asleep the whole time but I could think

    • Mohammed Games
      Mohammed Games 16 days ago

      Improvement Pill Altight, thank you for everything!

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 17 days ago

      the first time is usually a mess. stick with the routine and you'll see clearer benefits

  • robin punia
    robin punia 17 days ago

    Love the presentation of your videos!

  • Chris Walsh
    Chris Walsh 17 days ago

    It's Forward not Foward 1:28

  • Gilanas
    Gilanas 17 days ago

    So, can I meditate before going sleep?

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 17 days ago

      yes. i do it in the morning and right before i sleep

  • MultiOrton123
    MultiOrton123 17 days ago

    Came here from Practical Psychology

  • Marco P.
    Marco P. 17 days ago

    R.I.P. Multitasking

  • Bernard Rednix
    Bernard Rednix 17 days ago

    I heard that meditation strengthens your will,is that true?

  • gopikrishna c
    gopikrishna c 18 days ago

    what is the best time to meditate

  • abhay mehta
    abhay mehta 18 days ago

    for the beginners they should do deep inhale and exhale breathing practice before doing meditation it will help them to concentrate on there breathing while meditating

  • Sathvika test
    Sathvika test 19 days ago

    THANKS for this video... very helpful... but had a request...
    Can you make a video telling about good eating habits?

  • Peter Ratz
    Peter Ratz 19 days ago

    Best video on this subject!

  • John Ross Dela Pena

    Can you listen to music while meditating?

  • Jakob Rolík
    Jakob Rolík 22 days ago

    Yeah time flies fast... I'd set the timer for 10 mins but forgot to allow ringtone. And after 25 mins I was like "2 more mins and I'll look at my phone, I can't even last 10mins..." XD

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens 23 days ago

    every fucking time i try i cant stop yawning but as soon as i give up the yawning stops

  • Jenny S
    Jenny S 24 days ago

    this is great to relax.

  • Marysol Danzinger
    Marysol Danzinger 25 days ago

    I've been meditating for about a month daily. 10 minutes. sometimes twice a day. it took me two weeks to begin to notice results.

  • Sanjay Kundu
    Sanjay Kundu 25 days ago

    should I only focus my thoughts only on breathing? or something else in which I can focus my mind during meditation? please suggest!

  • BradsonMan
    BradsonMan 27 days ago

    Arent meditators all like retards that do drugs and live on the street of new york. Oh yeah lol

  • MR.GAMER22550
    MR.GAMER22550 28 days ago

    Is meditating with Eurobeat, alright?

  • fluffy masters
    fluffy masters 29 days ago

    I tried to do it outside but got paranoid... gosh these outside creature noises👎

  • Cracker Gamer
    Cracker Gamer 29 days ago

    can i meditate while doing non-intensive exercise i think it would be a good idea

  • Krishna Dhamala
    Krishna Dhamala 29 days ago

    can we used meditation music while we do meditate?

  • Dank Doggo
    Dank Doggo 1 month ago

    when I was like 7 I looked at corners for like a minutes and everything turns white for blue ,then it gets dark, once I moved my eye but a micrometer it stoped

  • poppy flowers420
    poppy flowers420 1 month ago

    arnold nibba

  • TkevTV
    TkevTV 1 month ago

    Arnold meditates.... thats all I need to know

  • Webb pool
    Webb pool 1 month ago

    should you listen to music? if so what kind? help

    40ozTOFREEDOM 1 month ago

    you got that immortal technique voice

  • Hrishik Das
    Hrishik Das 1 month ago

    really good and cool

  • preet trivedi
    preet trivedi 1 month ago

    Can i concentrate on betwwen the eyebrow with the closed eye

  • AMANY tabaja
    AMANY tabaja 1 month ago

    so coolll

  • Anu Chaudhary
    Anu Chaudhary 1 month ago


  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer 1 month ago

    I barley just started and I feel calm but I did it for 10 min

  • Eleonora B.
    Eleonora B. 1 month ago

    Runny nose watchers rip

  • Kupres985
    Kupres985 1 month ago

    im drunk and i will start mwditate

    • poppy flowers420
      poppy flowers420 1 month ago

      jesus save me...i will fuk my high on subotex

    • Kupres985
      Kupres985 1 month ago

      aaaaand my wife caught me masturbating

  • Robert
    Robert 1 month ago

    Is this okey if i meditate in a chair?

  • Amrita sss
    Amrita sss 1 month ago

    And yeah this is the most useful video...thank u so much +improvement pill

  • Amrita sss
    Amrita sss 1 month ago

    What if I listen and concentrate on any meditation music or alpha waves while meditating ?

  • Ratan Wasekar
    Ratan Wasekar 1 month ago

    Also should we do it when we go to morning wlak or after that please tell me...

  • Ratan Wasekar
    Ratan Wasekar 1 month ago

    can we meditate in the afternoon please tell me??

  • klytus42
    klytus42 1 month ago

    What is "breaf"?

  • Trolling for life
    Trolling for life 1 month ago

    i need this,couse im overthinking soo much it annoys me alredy...

    MAC KASH 1 month ago

    I find even the act of sitting and trying to meditate has its fair share of benefits.

  • redien47
    redien47 1 month ago

    Can i breath through my mouth instead of the nose? Or is that a problem?

  • david pedron
    david pedron 1 month ago

    Great video. I meditate every day and all this is spot on. Awesome

  • Zzid
    Zzid 1 month ago

    For beginners who struggle clearing their mind, I strongly suggest hypnosis capsules on youtube or other websites. It will help you understand what it is to be in trance. It helped me a lot. Hypnosis is also soooo enjoyable. Stay clear!

  • brodie clamp
    brodie clamp 1 month ago

    Dude I let my mind loose but keep my possession and not move my mind wanders it's almost like lucid dreaming but you don't have to wake up after five minutes time flies and hunger isn't there the only time o noticed was before I started enetering this state it started with it lasting 10-15 minutes then my mind would jolt but now I need to set alarms to get out of it I remember the first time I properly got into the state I only come out from the hunger pangs after doing it from 4 in the morning till 6 in the evening

  • Skinny Penus
    Skinny Penus 1 month ago

    I've always wanted to know how to meditate
    usually I just sat their thinking about food, games, and when its a good time to fap

  • shiva joshi
    shiva joshi 1 month ago

    hey buddy , iam doing meditation for a weak .one day I just hearing my heart beats but its my first time till then iam not Abel to hear that so can you recommend me to how I can hear it again

  • Nightcore KittyGirl
    Nightcore KittyGirl 1 month ago

    I meditate like 2 hrs oml

  • Li Ming
    Li Ming 1 month ago

    Is it okay to do this meditation laying down flat on a yoga mat with a pillow under your head?

  • rocky toombstone
    rocky toombstone 1 month ago

    after a while is it normal to see things? without realising that you are meditating? kinda like dreaming only you aren't asleep, also why 5 minutes for beginners? it usually takes me 10-15 mins to get into a nice relaxed state.

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