How to Pick a Lock (Basics)

I show how pin-tumbler locks work and how they can be opened using lock picks. This is a fairly basic view about lock picking but I wanted to make it comprehensive to give people a good idea of the concepts. As well as a foundation for beginners in lock picking to get a better view of how a lock works and how it can be exploited. The pin-tumbler is a very common lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. Most locks around the home or office are simple pin-and-tumbler locks and can be relatively easy to open using a pick and a tension wrench.

While the process is simple and can be mastered with practice, picking such a lock requires a great deal of patience. It can be a hobby as well as a practical skill. Locksmiths define lock-picking as the manipulation of a lock's components to open a lock without a key. To understand lock picking you first have to know how locks and keys work. Most locks are based on fairly similar concepts but they do come in all shapes and sizes, with many design variations. As this is just to cover the basics I don’t go over security pins or more advanced techniques. This video is for educational purposes only.

How to make a Lock Pick:
How to Make a Simple Lock Shim:
How to Open Locked Suitcases/Baggage without a Key:
Lock Picking a Master Lock No.3 and No.21:

The lock picks that I use (The Tuxedo Set) plus some extra stuff:
1 x Best Buster Snake rake 0.025 Thick
2 x Triple Rake 0.025 Thick
1 x Small Half Diamond 0.025 Thick
1 x Offset Hybrid 0.025 Thick
1 x Short Hook 0.025 Thick
1 x City Rake 0.025 Thick
6 x Tension Wrenches
1 x Homemade Pry Bar
3 x Homemade Picks (Hook, Half Diamond, Snake Rake)

The diagrams and information on pin-tumbler locks:



Lock picking is the art of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. In addition, ideal lock picking should not damage the lock itself, allowing it to be rekeyed for later use, which is especially important with antique locks that would be impossible to replace if destructive entry methods were used. Although lock picking can be associated with criminal intent, it is an essential skill for a locksmith, and is often pursued by law abiding citizens as a useful skill to learn or simply a hobby. The move towards combination locks for high security items such as safes was intended to remove the weakest part of the lock: its keyhole.

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Padlock Reviews!Padlock Reviews! (2 hours ago)
Pick the lock? I BREAK THE LOCK! Lol joking.

tony archuletatony archuleta (21 hour ago)
hello I am a beginner picker and I wanted to see if u have any old locks or picks u don't use anymore that I would be able to get so I can use to practice than u for ur time

Nicholas MoNicholas Mo (5 days ago)
You are using the city rake wrong btw.

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (4 days ago)
I understand how it was designed to be used, but I've had more success using it my way so that's what I show.

Nicholas MoNicholas Mo (4 days ago)
no.. not really it was designed to used with a rocking technique

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (4 days ago)
It's not wrong if it works, there's more than one way to do something.

N¡nja•k¡††yN¡nja•k¡††y (5 days ago)
xD i knew nothing about nothing and boom take a rusty old crappy swiss knife and jimmy a lock open in just a few minutes

皓哥皓哥 (5 days ago)
(Where can I get the unlocking tool?)

Ahmet MeteAhmet Mete (10 days ago)
Lock Picking increased to 48

Nerd PlaysNerd Plays (13 days ago)
New Skill: Lockpicking!

Holo Wise Wolf MPPHolo Wise Wolf MPP (16 days ago)
thanks so much i got a fastest personal time of 2.23 seconds

Virtus. ThrowVirtus. Throw (18 days ago)
fuck shit, i don't have that kind of picks!

Sivert Nakken JdjjSivert Nakken Jdjj (22 days ago)
what music?

XMD SHD_XMD SHD_ (22 days ago)
This video really helped.. Thanks!

Fakten der WeltFakten der Welt (25 days ago)
I plan a new video with facts from the world. I would like for my next project some excerpts from the videos you can find on your channel. Is it ok for you if I can use sections of different videos? A link from your channel I will put into the description. Can I do this?

UltraGaivalasUltraGaivalas (29 days ago)
lock-picking is fun

Knox BikesKnox Bikes (1 month ago)
Ha I have the see through lock

rayyan nugraharayyan nugraha (1 month ago)
i came here because of splinter cell , anyone have a same reason ?

Peter GeggPeter Gegg (1 month ago)
sorry for my bad english i hope you can understand what i mean anyway. Do you have to put every "bolt" up and it stays there and you do the next or do you have to make everyone at the same time because they would go down again

YOLO TVYOLO TV (1 month ago)
Next video please tell us how to break prison cells

xNx DudexNx Dude (1 month ago)
lol from the game thief xD

Battal GaziBattal Gazi (1 month ago)
I was searching for post apocalytic games, so watched videos of Fallout 4, then landed here. I love the internet

Flaviusworld LFlaviusworld L (1 month ago)
awesome video

Oloruntola DeedOloruntola Deed (1 month ago)
im about to rob me a nigga..just joking

terry7893terry7893 (2 months ago)
Good Lord, every negro in town will want to watch a video like this. I just came here to see if I could fix my lock, but negroes want to break in your home to steal all your stuff.

Oloruntola DeedOloruntola Deed (1 month ago)
u racist shit head.. white people do crime too.and there is more white people population than black people population so white do most crime.

Erick SeverianoErick Severiano (2 months ago)
I have a quick question about lock picking, if I pick a lock, will the lock still work after

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (2 months ago)
Yes, lock picking is meant as a non-destructive method to open locks and they should work the same as before.

Teddy BearTeddy Bear (2 months ago)
hey guys i am not a criminal or nothing but can you rocomend a good but cheaper set of lock picks maybe on amazon .

kevo598kevo598 (2 months ago)
I wouldn't recommend any pick set off amazon tbh, the metal they are made from is cheap and will break after a while. If the lockpicking hobby is something you think you'll really get into then I'd recommend the Dangerfield PRAXIS Dual-Gauge 21 Piece Complete Lock Pick Set from it works out at €43.45 which might seem a bit steep but trust me, for the quality of this kit it's an absolute steal.

Ken Of BtdKen Of Btd (2 months ago)
Thx bro I got a new house

brandon vierabrandon viera (2 months ago)
Thanks for my *NEW* tv :DDD

Rock BooRock Boo (2 months ago)
a manual for thieving! very nice!!

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My neighbors are on vacation

Gryphon GamerGryphon Gamer (2 months ago)

SOLID MARIO ソリッドマリオSOLID MARIO ソリッドマリオ (2 months ago)
Lost Karma for picklocking a toy safe

Illuminati confirmedIlluminati confirmed (2 months ago)
thanks now my lockpicking increased to 16

Sergey ShchelkunovSergey Shchelkunov (2 months ago)
For the 3rd method... can you attach your lock-pick to some sort of push-pull that vibrates ? - essentially, you will have a gadget that actuates your lock -pick back and forth, - the same you do with your hand. A turning wrench can be a part of the gadget. The gadget can be battery-powered. You insert it into a lock, let it vibrate (to exercise the method #3), and the only thing for you to do is to apply slight pressure to the "wrench". Hey, with modern computers (micro-chips) you can even record the amplitude and frequency of oscillations that helped to lock-pick a given lock, associate it with an input that characterizes the lock (by maker and model number), and the next time when you see the same lock, you simply revoke the most-fastest-to-lock-pick regime from the gadget memory. This lock-pick can be apart of your iPhone (e.g. a USB driven plug-in gadget), that is equipped with some app, that memorizes the lock-picking regime (for each lock model you opened).

A LA L (2 months ago)
What kind of door opens turning the key to the right?

Dhaniel ChristovamDhaniel Christovam (1 month ago)
A L uk

Paul CheynePaul Cheyne (2 months ago)
bought a set from Amazon and have become brilliant with the one with the pins you can see, however I'm trying it with a normal lock it's really hard, how do you know what you're hitting ? I use the same thinking but I've had little success. I did unlock a decent lock which my work used to lock up laptops, not a cheap one but I did it by accident when I was passing it to a friend to try. I have preferred the single pin method, but raking does look like a quicker method. Good video mate, I'll keep trying..

SheSocratesSheSocrates (2 months ago)
Why can't they make see-through locks? They are so beautiful. Great vid! Really enjoyed it.

AAproductionsAAproductions (2 months ago)
New car here I come!

Bruno HenriqueBruno Henrique (2 months ago)
Pretty coolio

Christina PhillipsChristina Phillips (2 months ago)
thank you so much, I got one of those practice locks and tools like you (from if anyone wants one) i spent roughly 45 min after watching you, now can nearly get it everytime! :-D

Paul JonesPaul Jones (3 months ago)
I play gta5 better now 🍕👍

Alex MerrittAlex Merritt (3 months ago)
I think the video would be more effective if, instead of overlaying the information you want as text, to instead have a voice-over and talk about what it is you're doing :)

how to be full savagehow to be full savage (3 months ago)
yall active with the use of picking locks. like i just saw a comment that said they have a ps4 from this video

Grubbdown 1783Grubbdown 1783 (3 months ago)
I bought a little kit online that came with the same lock. Very helpful

thomas nottellingyouthomas nottellingyou (3 months ago)
i know it says raking but i read it as raping

ramazan kayaramazan kaya (3 months ago)
If you subscribe me I will subscribe you really:)(for everybody who see this)

The Stoned Videogame NerdThe Stoned Videogame Nerd (3 months ago)
Well realy anyone can open a "Bullkeys" Lock like you used here,the clear can shove into the Keyway what you want,tension it,it opens...Its a horrible horrible training lock.
Even when you try to spp it you most times end up raking it open by accident ,)
Its a ridiculous unsafe bad lock
Get yourself a Abus Discus...i needed like 2 Hours before i had it open for the first time...4 Pins,2 are can rake the whole Day and it wont open ;)

Ethan MyersEthan Myers (3 months ago)
with these upgrades you never stood a chance

Haiku MasterHaiku Master (3 months ago)
Nice :)

Kenny SunKenny Sun (3 months ago)
player.additem bobbypin 100

Niño ValiumNiño Valium (3 months ago)
5M views LOL. I'm setting traps at my house asap

liang longlongliang longlong (3 months ago)
i dont understand why in the americas they use locks like that.... in the nordics we have much more complicated lock mechanism on our door locks....

J.D. SalingerJ.D. Salinger (2 months ago)
What are they called if they have a name?

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (3 months ago)
It's probably easier and cheaper to mass produce these simpler locks.

Ratu OseRatu Ose (3 months ago)
Thank you veery much ! I often misplace my keys and end up hacksawing & buying another new lock. This has definite saved me time and money as it allows me time to look for my lost keys after getting into my house.Very educational, bro. Bless ya !

sandsideapachesandsideapache (3 months ago)
Nope , still none the wiser . Can we have one on ' throwing a brick through a kitchen window ' ?

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Good job

VextroizVextroiz (3 months ago)
Thank you.I got a new bike.....!

yug0yug0 (3 months ago)
Anyone get inspiration from "Mr. Robot"?

Noah HessNoah Hess (3 months ago)
lockpick skill increased!

Steven BelferSteven Belfer (3 months ago)
Thank you sir! This worked well.

Myron InthavongMyron Inthavong (4 months ago)
welp time to go use this for evil xD

Dimitar MitevDimitar Mitev (4 months ago)
music ????

MonkeyMonkey (4 months ago)
I have to be Lvl 37 Lockpicking to open this lock in skyrim :(

benedikt jungbenedikt jung (4 months ago)
way attack nose gsipid opportunity horizon coastal fund homeless refer.

fluofirefluofire (4 months ago)
... yeah 😈

Marie HermansMarie Hermans (4 months ago)
departure majority infection yet client inevitable lost.

KingmaxKingmax (4 months ago)
boys this video teach you how to pick a lock when zombie outbreak happen so make sure you remember

Pandu WibowoPandu Wibowo (3 months ago)
ill remember

zablacena_ponozkazablacena_ponozka (4 months ago)
First song name pls

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lo bueno que los Brayan, el Kevin y compañía no saben inglés jaja

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Level up!

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (4 months ago)
*50% greater chance of finding special treasure*

Zakass Of MericaZakass Of Merica (4 months ago)
What level do I need to be so I can pick master locks?

Zakass Of MericaZakass Of Merica (4 months ago)

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (4 months ago)
Lockpicking 80, Expert Locks.

Dub MonsterDub Monster (4 months ago)
useful if i sometime will forgot keys or something

icedink87icedink87 (4 months ago)
I feel like a actually speaking would have been helpful, with this being a video and all. Kind of hard to watch what you're doing and read at the same time. Just randomly came across this video anyway

Super GrandpaSuper Grandpa (4 months ago)
There was that cage door leading to the attic of my 9 floor apartment house. I was too lazy to lockpick the padlock, so I just climbed above the door.

THOMAS03THOMAS03 (4 months ago)
this video was really helpful. Thanks :]

Père Nestor M'BilouPère Nestor M'Bilou (4 months ago)
I linked your video to the police ;)

Richard MurkinsRichard Murkins (4 months ago)

Marea NeagrăMarea Neagră (4 months ago)

vincentgc1vincentgc1 (4 months ago)
Let's see if that master lock will now unlock

Darth VaderDarth Vader (4 months ago)
Finally, i can get into uncle owen's house and burn it!

Recon PDW-1Recon PDW-1 (4 months ago)
This guy must have his Lockpicking skill at rank 4.  That means that his perception is at least 4 and level 41 or above in real life!  All we need to see is him doing this with a single bobby pin.

Leks FistricLeks Fistric (4 months ago)
Thanks that really helped me 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Luka MennoLuka Menno (4 months ago)
Where can I buy kit to learn?

Blaze IodocusBlaze Iodocus (4 months ago)
I bought padlock with tools here goo. gl/AGRpAE

brendan leebrendan lee (4 months ago)
why are there different types of tension wrenches? like some have bends in the middle of it but some are straight

WyomingWyoming (4 months ago)
for comfort

Lord NafaryusLord Nafaryus (4 months ago)
this is easy on skyrim

Artem MarvinArtem Marvin (4 months ago)

You TubeYou Tube (4 months ago)
In order to fix something, you must know how it works....

that my friend goes to EVERYTHING.... that is not rocket science

Laser BeanLaser Bean (4 months ago)
But some people just prefer to memorize the steps, which i think is not so efficient.

Bruno Cardoso assisBruno Cardoso assis (4 months ago)
Damn this is way harder than it looks like in PAYDAY 2

raditya oktavianoraditya oktaviano (4 months ago)
are you burglar lord?

enzland 245enzland 245 (5 months ago)
oooł crayzy

Ben DixonBen Dixon (5 months ago)

Pinguin GamerPinguin Gamer (5 months ago)
4 milion views? why that much people wanna know how to Pick a lock?

Akashi FuzaiAkashi Fuzai (4 months ago)
Because of human curiosity.

Vincent VillasVincent Villas (5 months ago)
well i usually open locked doors with a c4 but this'll work too

Pandu WibowoPandu Wibowo (3 months ago)
c4 dude

King FreakKing Freak (5 months ago)
now i'm a pro thief

Sean WhelanSean Whelan (5 months ago)
niceee thanks

Mostafa Δ BaghdadMostafa Δ Baghdad (5 months ago)
خوش تعلوم للحرامية 😎😎 ...

Tomi-Matti KangasTomi-Matti Kangas (5 months ago)
No vey Abloy...

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (4 months ago)
Its about basics, Abloy locks are high security. Might show them in another video.

KorpenKorpen (5 months ago)
This sounds like a fun little hobby actually. Is there any recomendations or links for ckear locks and starting tools?

Von MalegowskiVon Malegowski (4 months ago)
Clear locks are not necessary to learn and the pick set I use is The Tuxedo Set by Sparrows Lock Picks.

Erlend RisvikErlend Risvik (4 months ago)
Bosnanbill's youtube channel

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