99999+ RPM Fidget Spinner Toy //Cause I Can

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  • Giaco Whatever
    Giaco Whatever 4 months ago

    On my Instagram I post stuff that don't make it to video. Like the spinner in water and stuff...

  • Casey Underwood
    Casey Underwood 1 hour ago

    When you ram the center drill into the workpiece 😂😂 My favorite part

  • Bruno Gomes
    Bruno Gomes 2 hours ago

    esse cara é meio duente mental

    TEK _MERK 5 hours ago

    where is the sonic boom?

  • Michelle Marcelline
    Michelle Marcelline 6 hours ago

    can  I have a flying fidget

  • Megumin Is Waifu
    Megumin Is Waifu 6 hours ago


  • Levi Birdway
    Levi Birdway 7 hours ago

    ... Now make a beyblade.

  • Yuri Alves Basílio
    Yuri Alves Basílio 9 hours ago

    quem entende minha linguagem curte!

  • Logadc
    Logadc 10 hours ago

    3:42 kids playing to ring doorbells like

  • D Shah
    D Shah 11 hours ago

    Sounded like a supercar engine

  • Song Ji Hyo Moments
    Song Ji Hyo Moments 12 hours ago

    good spinner

  • Сергей Иванов


  • Asyraf Ayyad
    Asyraf Ayyad 16 hours ago

    macam mana buat spinner.

  • Asyraf Ayyad
    Asyraf Ayyad 16 hours ago

    macam mana buat spinner.

  • carguy3504
    carguy3504 16 hours ago

    wait when that bearing cage comes apart and ride up his finger and cuts it off that will make for a live leak video lol.......... believe me it will happen iv seen it

  • Gunpei GT
    Gunpei GT 17 hours ago

    these can cut you fingers off

  • jumento Sobrenome
    jumento Sobrenome 18 hours ago

    1:57 lembro do dentista ai

  • Calvin Dk
    Calvin Dk 21 hour ago

    kentut weeebbbbuuuuu

  • DuhAverageJoe
    DuhAverageJoe 1 day ago

    Should've given it wings too lol

  • edwardpirate kenway

    This guy should craft the ultimate beyblade

  • Matias Navarro
    Matias Navarro 1 day ago

    con el ruleman clavado en vez de estar pegado podes obtener mayor agarre y velocidad. la herramienta de interior no es la mejor opción. soy vendedor técnico de herramientas pulvi rosi

  • Praveer singh
    Praveer singh 1 day ago

    2:03 hahahahhahahahaha

  • Syardanabila Azzara

    keren banget ya gais

  • Никита Кузнецов

    I hoped you will accelerate it until it explodes...

  • xFreezer Te pasea entero


  • Javier Marin
    Javier Marin 1 day ago


  • Дима Морозов

    хайпанем немножечко))

  • Vijey Pravin
    Vijey Pravin 1 day ago

    can i get a fidget spinner like the one showed in the video???? pleaseeee

  • AlternateMusicAddict

    ur stuff is super wobbly

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 1 day ago

    Was any one else waiting to see it explode in pieces from the speed? lol

  • arif anwari
    arif anwari 1 day ago

    press fit bearing would have been nice

  • TheReck
    TheReck 1 day ago

    I'd be terrified to hold that thing

  • Clash BR
    Clash BR 1 day ago

    aprenda a brinca e para rodar no dedo e não com esse negócio

  • Raymond Eliorda
    Raymond Eliorda 2 days ago

    Amazing vids so I guess I'll just sub

  • Andgela Komarova
    Andgela Komarova 2 days ago



    Slice something with that fidget speed

  • Yagesh Shah
    Yagesh Shah 2 days ago

    i like this

  • Toxic Shooter
    Toxic Shooter 2 days ago

    any one got bleach

  • Rento
    Rento 2 days ago

    Spins about forever?! -_- As a math lover I cannot just ignore that statement.

  • ElMagoWhiskas
    ElMagoWhiskas 2 days ago

    1:16 sounds like a helicopter to me

    CLASH WITH ROCK 2 days ago


  • Ayush
    Ayush 2 days ago

    spin it this fast and leave it on straight road to see how far it can reach

  • Neeraj Duggal
    Neeraj Duggal 2 days ago

    i want this

  • ibrahim theodor mustafa alexander lewinski IV

    i just got a 20€ fidget spinner that spinned for 4.30 seconds but my sister broke it and it cant be repaired😩

  • Gaming Pro Master
    Gaming Pro Master 2 days ago

    Wo so dangerous FIDGET SPINNER!

  • Paras Joshi
    Paras Joshi 2 days ago

    That's prity fast

  • Deep Gosalia
    Deep Gosalia 2 days ago

    so satisfying

  • manish chaudhary
    manish chaudhary 2 days ago

    how to buy 9999 rpm hand spinners

  • Németh János
    Németh János 2 days ago


  • Sydneycity Sydneycity

    Б Е З Д Е Л У Ш К А

  • Monty Holladay
    Monty Holladay 3 days ago

    Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • war warbots wwr22
    war warbots wwr22 3 days ago


  • DeathlyHall0w
    DeathlyHall0w 3 days ago

    Turbochargers spin even faster

  • Martin Novák
    Martin Novák 3 days ago

    This spinner just proved, that engines don't need to lubricate XD

  • Luke Yonts
    Luke Yonts 3 days ago


  • gamedalfd
    gamedalfd 3 days ago

    3:11 no matter what you do, it wont stop spinning.

  • I Like Potatoes
    I Like Potatoes 3 days ago

    If it's 99999 rpm that would mean it's about 900+ Miles per sec

    That speed is enough to break the sound barrier

    And what happens when u break the sound barrier?


    A sonic boom would make anyone within a 5 km radius' eardrum Explode

    What I'm saying is it's impossible to make a fidget spinner to go 99999 rpm.
    Sure it can water skip,but not make people's eardrum go pop

  • Manisha Gaonkar
    Manisha Gaonkar 3 days ago

    its 99.999

  • Farhan Ishrak Ahmed

    ah! that spark!! RAW POWER!

  • Otaku Da Bad
    Otaku Da Bad 3 days ago

    Sabe Nem Brincar

  • Andreas Görke
    Andreas Görke 3 days ago

    WOW..... NICE :)

  • Flain Fan
    Flain Fan 3 days ago

    It's over nine thousand!!!

  • Allen Walang
    Allen Walang 4 days ago


  • Droid_YT 123
    Droid_YT 123 4 days ago

    if i had that fighet spinner I would easily cut my finger

    MONSTER BE 4 days ago

    ال عربي لالالايك 😉

  • OnideusMadHatter
    OnideusMadHatter 4 days ago

    You're also damn lucky you didn't lose a finger because super glue is NOT that strong... at least not when you're applying THAT much force and pressure into it.

  • OnideusMadHatter
    OnideusMadHatter 4 days ago

    Dude, if yer cuttin metal you should wear gloves, metal splinters hurt like a bitch and you don't want tiny little micro-bits of metal getting into your body.

  • Rahma Novrianti
    Rahma Novrianti 4 days ago

    g jelas

  • Avtomate
    Avtomate 4 days ago

    "99999+ RPM"
    The fastest one I've seen was like 2-7 MPH.

  • Dark Panter
    Dark Panter 4 days ago

    Beyblade 2.0

  • vivek dalvi
    vivek dalvi 4 days ago

    c'mon tell me dimension plsss

  • vivek dalvi
    vivek dalvi 4 days ago

    but what are the dimensions man

  • Sanu Maharjan
    Sanu Maharjan 4 days ago

    can you give it to me please and sent to Nepal lalitpur

  • Lyndon Britain
    Lyndon Britain 4 days ago

    i make a giant capten America. figet spinner why cause i can

  • José Luiz Silva Terra

    que rolamento é este

  • batata ambulante
    batata ambulante 4 days ago

    pensei q o bagulho ia viajar no tempo

  • MIGUEL _0750
    MIGUEL _0750 4 days ago


  • Amine Serrar
    Amine Serrar 4 days ago

    99999 RPM=km/h ?????

  • L.w Ho
    L.w Ho 5 days ago

    is it hot in your hand?

  • Carnage Galassi
    Carnage Galassi 5 days ago

    wow think of what could of happen if that cut you're hand when you were holding it!. Blood everywhere chopped of finger :(

  • Beatbox with Miggy
    Beatbox with Miggy 5 days ago


  • koolkitty8989
    koolkitty8989 5 days ago

    Nice radial turbine disc you got there.

  • NukeBomba
    NukeBomba 5 days ago

    Autism at its best!

  • pyrophobia133
    pyrophobia133 5 days ago

    jet engine spinner

  • Charles Farrell
    Charles Farrell 5 days ago

    Should have stopped it with your finger mate.

  • Сонце TV
    Сонце TV 5 days ago

    тут есть 1 руский

  • Guybrush Threepwood

    Drop that thing to the floor when it reaches max RPM

  • Notchcrafter
    Notchcrafter 5 days ago


  • lilpismire
    lilpismire 5 days ago

    would you willing to make one of these and sell them?

    SHADOW AMVS 5 days ago

    if only my hard drive was that fast

  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash 6 days ago

    I had a bearing attached to a "Beyblade" style metal ring years ago (still have it) I used to spin it like all these fidget things ;p Or put a ball bearing ball on the bearing and make it spin on a surface using electric motor to spin it up

  • Adam Omara
    Adam Omara 6 days ago

    any mistake and ull have finger Spinning

  • Black River
    Black River 6 days ago

    So was that click bait? 99.999rpm OR 99,999rpm?

    • Giaco Whatever
      Giaco Whatever 5 days ago

      +Black River depends on where you live...
      99999 it's everywhere...

  • Um mendigo Original

    Algum BR nessa porra?

  • victor gabriel
    victor gabriel 6 days ago

    You send me one for brasil?

  • Rianzinho PH
    Rianzinho PH 6 days ago

    the find spinner o gos

    KING AKSHAT!!!! 6 days ago

    punjabis would start bhangra at 3:30 .........................................lol

  • hellspawn scorpion
    hellspawn scorpion 6 days ago

    with what do you spin it

  • William Van Timmeren

    It sounds like a jet engine starting up

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