Another Uber Sexist Steps Down: The Daily Show

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  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty 10 hours ago

    No offense but if I heard Michelle's voice I would cut/ interrupt her too. Her voice is annoying

  • Mark S.
    Mark S. 11 hours ago

    Hello I'm here for a job in uber.
    YOU HAVE A CAR? yes.
    HAVE YOU OFFENDED ANYONE? Well not to be racist but...

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest 19 hours ago

    Very good advertisement.
    Also, Trump going second term because of you, congratulations.

  • Ariel Mckenzie
    Ariel Mckenzie 1 day ago

    😆✊🏾 Let us drive!

  • Erin Uchiha
    Erin Uchiha 1 day ago

    The female uber board member is lowkey hot...

  • Tbmx1234
    Tbmx1234 2 days ago

    Damn Michelle you look like you need some sleep

  • K D
    K D 2 days ago

    That wasn't that bad 😂

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens 2 days ago

    i dont like her. down vote.

  • Lesbian Horror Show

    Women are inferior to men.

  • Lesbian Horror Show

    This show will eat itself alive.

  • Daniel Jæger
    Daniel Jæger 2 days ago

    That man was funny. Women talk so much. So true.

  • Jiggly Puff
    Jiggly Puff 3 days ago

    All stereotypes originated from somewhere :D

  • Rahul Vaswani
    Rahul Vaswani 3 days ago

    Whoa wait did Trevor have Amy Schumer on his show? Because damn, those jokes were awful

  • The_Grand_Potato
    The_Grand_Potato 3 days ago

    Who is that and why is she the worst comedian ever?

  • Jake Arrogante
    Jake Arrogante 4 days ago

    dude I hate this woman she cringey as hell

  • thinkwhatsyourlife
    thinkwhatsyourlife 4 days ago

    I loooove the outro music and the outro:)

  • collet chuene
    collet chuene 4 days ago

    if u guys don't open ur minds to understand comedy shows parables languages,datz ur problem better deal with it...MICHEL IS SO HILARIOUS ND I LOVE HER SO MUCH with Trevor.

  • Austin Molitor
    Austin Molitor 4 days ago

    His sexist comment was funny.

  • Skorcher 200
    Skorcher 200 4 days ago

    sorry but i laughed pretty hard at that sexist joke :$

  • lil legend
    lil legend 4 days ago

    lol "STOF MEETING"

  • Chadwick Straughn
    Chadwick Straughn 4 days ago

    Who is elected, and who is in charge? Who has a voice and who doesn't? It appears pretty clear to me. #ItsWhomeverHasTheMoneyAndKnowsWhosPocketToPutItIn #UnitedStatesOfCitizens ruled by a #SelfmadeMonarchy of Assholes that would bleed you twice if they could #FuckTheSystemInAmericaIfItsNotaDemocracy #DemocraticIllusions #TheOriginalUnitedStatesWasBuiltOnTheBloodOfTheFirstNationsRevolutionariesMurderersAndSlaves 📖🐒💭 ✌😎

  • S0dap0pb0ttle
    S0dap0pb0ttle 4 days ago

    that woman is hilarious!

  • Lianet Chavez
    Lianet Chavez 4 days ago

    I have never found Trevor Noah so sexy

  • Tamby theGiant
    Tamby theGiant 4 days ago

    Lol all the sexist annoying voice comments when she does that squeaky high voice on purpose to  annotate the qualities sexist retards like you hate. You got baited and you are proving all of her points. You smile and pretend to be cool progressive guys but you're just hiding like cowards. Hating behind a smile like a pussy.

  • Kein Likiare
    Kein Likiare 4 days ago

    It's ironic since Trevor got cut off at the end there if you replay it.

  • IShallNotSubmit
    IShallNotSubmit 4 days ago

    His comment didn't seem sexist. Everyone knows women talk and blabber on and on. Men do it too, but women moreso.

  • BeastNation2009
    BeastNation2009 5 days ago

    Can Kamala Harris just be replaced with Braun Strowman (on the behalf of Harris)? Yeah, I just wanna hear him yell "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!!!!!" at a person of interest when another board member cuts him off. lol

  • Ninforadio Hebimetasan

    that michelle, complains about sexism with sexism.. way to go

  • KaMau Mau
    KaMau Mau 5 days ago

    How is that sexism when its a known fact that females talk to goddamn much?

  • Necronpharia
    Necronpharia 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't find that joke he made bad or anything? I mean come on it was a joke have a laugh sometimes dammit. This is the kind of behavior that led to the situation we're in right now where the left and the issue of sexism isn't taken seriously anymore. If everything is sexist, nothing is.

  • Rafa Rios
    Rafa Rios 5 days ago

    where is my sandwich

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 5 days ago

    I've worked in places where women are the bosses or owners of the company and let me tell you only on two ocassions has it been a pleasant job. Most times it was a mess. They bring their problems to work and have a thing for having puppets and helping their friends or co-workers they're fond of. On the other hand most men that I've worked with don't and typically are more focused but the those two women that were great bosses by far much better than most men. From my point of view I don't think it's a men problem I really do feel it's a women problem. I think you are the ones the be-little yourselves that why the world including other women down you.

  • rookie test123
    rookie test123 5 days ago

    Damn, that uber exec just strait up slapped that high strung ho.

  • Darian Kenney
    Darian Kenney 5 days ago

    I give that episode 2 thumbs up i need a Buber 🚖 job so i can meet the presiden

  • bruceleeroy69
    bruceleeroy69 5 days ago

    Here's the thing, men and women. Listen to a good idea. Have good quality discussions, without domination. Come to a quality conclusion. I have worked with both sexes, you have to control the 'loud mouths ' on both sides to get things done. We got rid nonteam players, very easily.

  • nicu3661
    nicu3661 5 days ago

    yah sure talking about how terrible sexism is and then blaming all the men for interrupting, financial crisis, wars etc...

  • Deniz O.
    Deniz O. 5 days ago

    She's just horrible.

  • aleph null
    aleph null 6 days ago

    So guys, the head of Uber is leaving because his Mom died, not over the sexual harassment stuff. Feel bad.

  • anse001
    anse001 6 days ago

    i someone interrupted me like that, I'd make sure he understood that I wasn't fucking done and that I'm not taking his crap

  • Der kleine General
    Der kleine General 6 days ago

    Is she drunk?

  • Babyboi6769
    Babyboi6769 6 days ago

    old racist white men dont belong on earth. fight me

  • Starry7827
    Starry7827 6 days ago

    So many sexist comments, a lot of people apparently did not get this video.

  • MsZephyra
    MsZephyra 6 days ago

    I love her. That is all.

  • CodyTV
    CodyTV 6 days ago

    Speaking of not funny... Oh look, Michelle Wolf.

  • Carlos Eduardo Saldanha

    This Michelle must have been slippin' in some of Cosby's stash...
    Also, not funny and an auto-exit from the video everytime she appears.

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh 6 days ago

    Bill Cosby in an innocent man, stop with the demonization if black men!

  • mi4ami
    mi4ami 6 days ago

    Im not really sure about this but it´s statistically proved that in general women talk more then men. About 13.000 words more every day. But it might be different at work.

  • Youtubeguy
    Youtubeguy 6 days ago

    her voice -_-

  • mas mas
    mas mas 6 days ago

    Not mean to be sexist, but Michelle Wolf just needs to be interrupted, god she is annoying, like a sloth with a very high pitch voice that refuses to shut the fck up

  • Andrew Bueno
    Andrew Bueno 6 days ago

    HEY!! HEY!! HEY!!

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 6 days ago

    when did the fact that women talk more become sexist, this is bullshit

  • CooksFSH
    CooksFSH 6 days ago


  • thirdpowerful1
    thirdpowerful1 6 days ago

    So the joke about women talking too much IS played out, but the joke about men finishing before women have a chance to orgasm IS NOT played out. Got it.

  • An C
    An C 6 days ago

    ...forgot to mention that uber is a scam

  • Bryan Cotto
    Bryan Cotto 6 days ago

    I wouldn't let Michelle Wolf drive a car.
    Not because of sexist reasons.
    Because she looks like she's simultaneously on crack, weed, alcohol, and some kind of sleep agent.

  • Robert Munsinger
    Robert Munsinger 6 days ago

    what the fuck am i watching

  • Gabriel Starling
    Gabriel Starling 6 days ago

    Sooo... They are picking the a new member for the uber board not because of capabilities/competence but solely because of that person's sex? I guess we solved sexism there, uh?

  • Lee Gidley
    Lee Gidley 6 days ago

    Damn. MW. So smart, funny and really easy to look at. I hope she gets tons ow work.

  • Jose De Nova
    Jose De Nova 6 days ago

    Fuck you you social comunist black piece of shit, uber will stille one the greatest companies America has ever created

  • Pork fried rice
    Pork fried rice 6 days ago

    oh please.. it's a joke. Get real

  • Chomuggaacapri
    Chomuggaacapri 7 days ago

    Was she Jackie from the Incredibles?

  • Nero Dom
    Nero Dom 7 days ago

    I find it slightly frustrating how she gets angry at a negative stereotype about women but then shares a negative stereotype about men. Not trying to say that that makes the situation better.

  • aon10003
    aon10003 7 days ago

    You had created two Corporation in USA the last ten years. And you go after one of them.

  • Raven 21
    Raven 21 7 days ago

    women have nothing of value to say, only gossip about other people.

    RHINO ALCANTAR 7 days ago

    God I hate this bitch! she's so fuckin boring yo!

  • simon mohamadi
    simon mohamadi 7 days ago

    really not news. like well done captain obvious no duh women talk less in meetings on a number of factors including the fact tht there are less women in those meetings. but yah in general women talk more then men.

    i just peronally dnt like ppl who ramble on so u talk too much i'v already lost intrest in wht you sayn.
    but i aint a politician so its not a problem 😂😂

  • austin haney
    austin haney 7 days ago

    Well... some studies claim that women do speak more than women, I mean... it's still in its infancy, but alot of stereotypes ARE based in fact so....

  • Олег Бобр
    Олег Бобр 7 days ago

    Pals buck Does anybody hear one's better this version

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN 7 days ago

    They use too much tanning spray on her, s she looks like trump, white streaks everywhere

    SOMESH VALANKE 7 days ago

    What! Women talks so much than man i saw everywhere around me🤔it's not sexism its fact. If you can't understand it i can't understand you?

  • Lukas De Smet
    Lukas De Smet 7 days ago

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  • Ancap2112
    Ancap2112 7 days ago

    Arianna Huffington is on Uber's board?? Jesus no wonder they are coming up with all this bs "sexism" that doesnt exist anywhere, this woman is cancer.

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar 7 days ago

    I will never ever take a fucking Uber cab. Hail the real taxis! I hate that organisation and its disgusting CEO with all the fires to burn down their company.

  • DontCare
    DontCare 7 days ago

    Everyone use my code! I'm hella poor

  • Vinícius Queiroz
    Vinícius Queiroz 7 days ago

    Where did you find this Michelle? Her delivery on jokes is absolutely terrible. In a scenario with so many extremely funny female comedians, to use this one astonishes me. The message, thumbs up, the messager, well they say not to shoot this one, but come on.

  • Drake Amilee
    Drake Amilee 7 days ago

    why do the guest look directly in the camera, like why cant they make it more natural

  • Aidan Keohane
    Aidan Keohane 7 days ago

    I would hate this dude if I didn't hate Arianna Huffington with all my heart

  • Rick Ever
    Rick Ever 8 days ago

    Let the women drive? Giving women control is a stupid idea that will lead to less sex and more wars. Google it. The more sexually active a country is, the less likely they are to be involved in a war. It makes sense because because when you're fucking, ain't nobody got time for that.

  • lizardwalkerj
    lizardwalkerj 8 days ago

    Her voice is so annoying jeez

  • Dean William
    Dean William 8 days ago

    Womens lib has had its fame. it's time to return to the 60's.

  • Chad Fikkert
    Chad Fikkert 8 days ago

    Nice to finally have a non trump show...

  • Ederson Augusto
    Ederson Augusto 8 days ago

    ENJOY with the things of others in bankruptcy the poor wants to walk for free, buy a car

  • Sinucon
    Sinucon 8 days ago

    While she is talking, nothing else on her face moves except her mouth.

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 8 days ago

    this girl could be funny, I just hate her delivery. Since jokes themselves are written for them, and its the only thing going for her, I think she sucks

  • Guillermo Errasti Morales

    You can just sense all the liberal elitism here...... They're calling Trump a sexist because of a comment he did 11 years ago when a "friend" of his was recording him secretely while they were talking.

    People, humour is OVER, apparently, if someone feels offended by a joke, it can no longer be funny to ANYONE in the world.

  • Guillermo Errasti Morales

    Anyone else was like "Roasted!!!!" in minute 1:25?

  • Loco Moco
    Loco Moco 8 days ago are treated unfair. we get fucked over in court. this is our country not yours noha gtfo.

  • Rick Monder
    Rick Monder 8 days ago

    Michelle is so damn funny lmao

  • LetUsSee001
    LetUsSee001 8 days ago

    Everything they talked about is something I read in the Wall Street Journal. Now, I'm going to read the Wall Street Journal everyday lol

  • mick
    mick 8 days ago

    what qualifies Huffington to be on the board of Uber?

  • King Abshier
    King Abshier 8 days ago

    lol this is so funny Cosby walks out of the courtroom and mimics fat Albert so funny 😂

  • WhoFuxWho
    WhoFuxWho 8 days ago

    to me the reporter looks like the girl from American Pie who spread rumors for Finch

  • BigBollocks
    BigBollocks 8 days ago

    We do not like when the annoying woman on this show talks.

  • stella kasiti
    stella kasiti 9 days ago

    Sexism is just you trying to confront your short comings... Some bitches be crazy

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar 9 days ago

    I don't like this presenter. She is stiff as hell and her delivery is horrible. She has NO sense of comedic timing and seriously needs a new job.

  • Cuda Danger Baird
    Cuda Danger Baird 9 days ago

    is she just perpetually exhausted

  • Jan-Willem de Bruin

    I'm with her: Let women drive society!

  • MrAerohank
    MrAerohank 9 days ago

    This is why I don't socialize with female coworkers. One bad joke and your career is over.

  • Diane Green
    Diane Green 9 days ago

    Detective Trevor!!

  • Diana Pizarro
    Diana Pizarro 9 days ago

    As a Hispanic of color yellow cabs in #nyc will pass me by. They think nothing of crossing 2 lanes to pick up a white person. As long as UBER exists I will be using them...

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