Jason Derulo - "Swalla" | Choreography by Tricia Miranda x Ashanti Ledon

Choreography by: TRICIA MIRANDA & Ashanti Ledon
Filmed and Edited by: TYPO
Artist - Jason Derulo ft. Ty Dolla Sign Nicki Minaj
Song - Swalla




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Runtime: 7:9
Comments: 1548

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Author TheXrizz ( ago)
Do they speed their videos up? The movement's seem to choppy to be regular speed.

Author Taylor ( ago)
I wish Kaelynn Harris was there... she would've killed this choreo

Author Kayray531 ( ago)
jade was beast for me in this. when a song has beats like this one does, i want to see choreographers use it. it makes it so much better. whenever they do choreos that are too smooth when the beats hit hard, it just falls flat. jade made that really come through for me out of everyone in this video. she was BEAST

Author Moonlight Quartz ( ago)
How many seizures are in this video.

Author Ashley Chilton ( ago)
Sorry I know this has thousands of comments and this has probably already been answered at this point BUT who is the guy in the middle of the last group? That back tuck just...

Author Ja'Kyra Otto-Wright ( ago)
Kaycee is in the back for the first time I saw her wow I'm surprised

Author Slay-Z ( ago)
OMG the girl with the red top at 3.48 was so damn hot whats her name tho ?

Author Jessie Sandoval ( ago)
I'm in love with the second and last group of boys😍😍

Author Em S ( ago)
Gabe damn that boy so smooth not used to it

Author Thomas Dukes ( ago)
The first girl can dance. She's not a one hit wonder.

Author نفسك متع ( ago)
The first one she killed it ❤️👍🏾

Author jennifer morais ( ago)
caralhoooooo que coreografia foda!!

Author heydebee ( ago)
How is Jade in all classes? dayuummm but i ain't complaining

Author Tiana Santiago ( ago)
the kids slayed 😭😭😭

Author Rurukins ( ago)
1st girl dances amazingly well but I don't like to see her dance.. She has manly facial expressions and that throws me off..

Author MaernaK ( ago)
Best routine on YouTube for this song by far. I love how they choreographed the chorus instead of Nicki Minaj's verse unlike other routines. I've watched this like 100 times

Author Talia ruiz villegas ( ago)
los tios q bailan son gays?

Author Lisa ( ago)
Jade so fine I had to check if the video was on normal speed

Author Nathali Rodrigues ( ago)
Será que sou a única Brasileira que assisti vídeo desse tipo ?????

Author Shawaun Spant ( ago)
Damn dude in the grey hat put some stank on it!! Dope as hell!!

Author Keila Medina Miller ( ago)
The little Asian boy is good but he seems to be off with group

Author Dora Garcia ( ago)
I love this song I sing it evry day

Author med4u1 ( ago)
Girl in orange so hot!

Author zimsistress ( ago)
the last guy in the middle........dead

Author Tamera Malone ( ago)
The first girl was the best to me

Author Malena Sueiro ( ago)
la nena de SYTYCD ♥♥

Author Taiara Silva ( ago)
será que sou a única BR vendo essa sarrada? 🤔

Author Romion Juliet ( ago)
so awesome+

Author Erica Spaeth ( ago)
first time i've been disappointed by your group ugh

Author moya dunkley ( ago)
love the heels group😍😍😍

Author Jay Bear ( ago)
OMG! Shan! 😍😍😭

Author Mannie Giegler ( ago)
what type of dance is this ?

Author Leda v ( ago)
jade no me gusta como baila

Author Geovana Marques ( ago)

Author Stacy Ann ( ago)
where do I find this studio?

Author vithuyan siva ( ago)
Who was the girl in orange?

Author Dominique Restor ( ago)
i had to rewatch the video because people say they trippin about Jade's part. She did pretty awesome doing her own style so what's wrong? Everyone did amazing!

Author Dayanara Vigo ( ago)
The fist girl was fabulous👌

Author naima mahmud ( ago)
wow nice song and dancn well

Author Kalya Aileen ( ago)
Jade is a great dancer but after watching the last group i now know what people meant by that she is not so smooth.

Author Shaun F ( ago)
FUCK! SWILLED over here.

Author Courtney Fanara ( ago)
girls are better to watch than the men. Tbh, kind of slacking

Author Courtney Fanara ( ago)
who's that girl with Marley shirt

Author Manuel Díaz ( ago)
jajajajaj like a rangatang

Author Melanated Shardia ( ago)
lit 😍

Author Lynn32 ( ago)
*Jade casually chewing gum*

Author Katie R ( ago)
That girl group in heels tho... YES

Author angel shterev ( ago)
Who is the girl on right side? /3.50 min. With a white vest and black jeans. She is amazing dancer!!!!!!!!

Author עפרי שקד ( ago)
tutoriallll pleass😨😨😨

Author Badri-addine Laribi ( ago)
FRANCHEMENT E je préfère les enfants , les autres font juste les putes XD

Author iluvsharks100 ( ago)
Kaycee dances this song three times and kills it every single time. Now I really wanna see her dance the whole song 😂😂😂

Author Mandy Koh ( ago)
It's so cool to see the same people dancing in different classes¡¡

Author AiryTheGemini Gaming ( ago)
The little girl with curly hair. Wasn't she on so You Think You Can dance and she threw up on Paula Abdul?

Author Corrin D'Alessio ( ago)
I love Jade so much.

Author Jaimie Pierre ( ago)
i wish i could be in your dance class best dance ever

Author Janie Lopez ( ago)

Author Chelsea Knight ( ago)
omg the guy in the white shoes, all black and white top is such a good dancer!!!! 😍😍

Author Nataly 13 ( ago)

Author Bianka Molnár ( ago)
The two black guys at the end was so 🔥

Author Tanya Khatun ( ago)
Jade had me hypnotised

Author Krhodes02 ( ago)
The dude in the vest in the beginning was so good!!

Author mon B. ( ago)
Gabe should've had a solo lmao he transitioned to each step smoothly!! Right amount of chill and aggression

Author msveeip ( ago)
Where is the group with KK, GABE, AND WILL????

Author Alaina Anderson ( ago)
The first girl was really good

Author Shannick Whimper ( ago)
WHo is the boy in the 3rd set by himself?

Author bubblegum effect ( ago)
Aidan Prince is a blessing

Author Kayti Clayton ( ago)
Who is the guy at 2 minutes??

Author Vinnie Osborne ( ago)

Author bieberbizzz ___ ( ago)
they should've had darrion in here he would've killed it like omggggg i can just see it

Author bieberbizzz ___ ( ago)
that third kid thoooo omgggg i can't even process

Author bieberbizzz ___ ( ago)
i needed to pause the video after jade cause i was literally SHOOK

Author elletangere ( ago)
The white T-shirt guy from the last group was wow! He's hot. Kept looking at him.

Author Meagan tito ( ago)
do a K-pop dance

Author Nando Huarcaya ( ago)

Author Lilou Low ( ago)
Fuck jade wtf😕😂😂😂for a second I though she's having a electric shock🙈🙈🙈

Author Amber_Knolpower ( ago)
Swalla swalla!

Author Becky Nankabirwa ( ago)
Gym uploading

Author Becky Nankabirwa ( ago)
The girl in orange sneakers woah

Author trendy mashups ( ago)

Author N Rozay ( ago)
Y'all should all stop putting Jade at the beginning. That gives me no incentive to watch after the first 45 seconds.

Author Richard GVF ( ago)
aden price

Author A Kac ( ago)
the second group killed it

Author Hunter Blake ( ago)
omg the children slayed that!

Author Abbie Harrop ( ago)
Shit that first girl was SLAY!!😍😍

Author mhmthassright ( ago)
this song is so much better cause of this choreo...tutorial?!?!

Author Sweet Wafa ( ago)
The first girl is 👌

Author Sebastian Chuelan ( ago)

Author Celia H. ( ago)
Jade slays everything. She makes it look easy but it's definitely not.

Author Kiki Tove ( ago)
sleight trailer

Author Anjali rawat ( ago)
i want jade to dance once on matt steffanina's choreography

Author Suzanne M. ( ago)
this is so good omf

Author Diane tt ( ago)
jade is srly amazing - cant believe her part only lasted 30s theres so much happening

Author Kayti Clayton ( ago)
Who's the guy in the beanie??? Killing it

Author SEE path 2016 ( ago)
The girl in the back with the black jeans and high hills killed it.....I was afraid she was gonna trip but girl was on point.....girl got skills

Author Priyanka Waman ( ago)

Author Inlovemakeup ( ago)
Je men lasse pas. Je suis en extase et en admiration totale

Author Emmy and Diane Productions ( ago)
For the first one. The leggings would have taken me 1million years to put on

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