This Girl Thinks The Earth Is Flat

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  • In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to a girl who believes the earth is not spherical but instead it is a flat object and there is no such thing as gravity.

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  • pro clashers
    pro clashers 57 minutes ago

    i saw her channel

  • Ballora
    Ballora 2 hours ago

    Just gonna say,
    I'm a pilot, my planes have never fallen off edge of the Earth, wanna know why?


  • Tessa Powell
    Tessa Powell 3 hours ago

    Wow... sarcasm sure is great

  • fox 101
    fox 101 7 hours ago


  • Progamer killer56
    Progamer killer56 8 hours ago

    one time I though the earth is 2D not 3D. Then I realized I'm fucken retarded

  • Ashyy Pie
    Ashyy Pie 9 hours ago

    the earth is round people think it's flat because everything is strait but actually it is curved because explain sunrise and sunset and different time zones

  • Unkown Person
    Unkown Person 9 hours ago

    Dumbest girl in the world

  • Fabián Jopia Troncoso

    this guy thinks she was serious? really? what a smart guy

  • vonda wog
    vonda wog 12 hours ago

    the earth is round but some ppl don't know that and thats ok it is kinda funny though

  • Franlovescats
    Franlovescats 13 hours ago

    poor confused girl...

  • Unicornia Gamer
    Unicornia Gamer 13 hours ago

    Oh. Wow. So, people who believe the earth is round don't belive in God? How does that make sense? I KNOW the Earth is round and I follow God.

    • Unicornia Gamer
      Unicornia Gamer 13 hours ago

      Sorry I'm not hating but I felt a major blow to my beliefs. I felt offended

  • Kashlee Lamberth
    Kashlee Lamberth 13 hours ago

    we dont THINK the Earth is round, we KNOW

  • Phoenixzzz
    Phoenixzzz 16 hours ago

    This feels like so long ago,😂😂 he look so young😭😭

  • anne-lise Costeux
    anne-lise Costeux 16 hours ago

    She is half right

  • Bella Msp
    Bella Msp 19 hours ago

    4:15 •raises hand•

  • вӀօօժաօɾƘ
    вӀօօժաօɾƘ 19 hours ago

    roses are red
    violetts are blue
    I thought i am stupid
    Then i met her

  • lpsgirl callahan
    lpsgirl callahan 19 hours ago

    I just looked at that video the channel is are 3rd life

  • Jayson Netemeyer
    Jayson Netemeyer 20 hours ago

    I nominate her to fall off the edge

  • Ellen Oneill
    Ellen Oneill 21 hour ago

    She is stupid

  • Barry Corney
    Barry Corney 21 hour ago

    You're a wee fanny....

  • Braelyn Nobles
    Braelyn Nobles 21 hour ago

    that means mitlel finger

  • Emerlad Greeves
    Emerlad Greeves 22 hours ago

    I was walking down the street and someone vandalized a wall and it said 'the earth is flat' do you think it was her?

  • Anthony Guzman
    Anthony Guzman 1 day ago

    I lost about 50% of my brain listening to her talk 🌎🌍🌏 hey stupid girl look 🌍🌍

  • Fernanda Rodriguez

    I mean look 🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍🌎🌍🌍🌎🌎🌍🌏🌍🌎🌍 dis girl stupid look closely with ur eye balls

  • Fernanda Rodriguez

    and earth isn't flat loo

  • Fernanda Rodriguez

    dis girl is so stupid planes don't fall we have gravity she doesn't have a brain

  • Lůvennå's Őwnęr Quenbý

    If the earth is flat then the sun and moon are also flat. Barely imaginable.

  • Eren Gaming
    Eren Gaming 1 day ago

    A F-+-+-

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 1 day ago

    this girl needs to call NASA to get some answers

  • Stasia Shpungin
    Stasia Shpungin 1 day ago

    Schmitty you need help

  • Zz Smart
    Zz Smart 1 day ago


  • Autus
    Autus 1 day ago

    She trolled every single one of you.

  • Cindy Delgado
    Cindy Delgado 1 day ago

    I think she should go off the edge and she should go kill herself

  • Cindy Delgado
    Cindy Delgado 1 day ago

    no she gets an f she's so stupid

  • Terri Westenberger

    i nominate her

  • Jake Foley-Luskin

    look at live streams from space.the world is spherical

    BOOPER DOOPER 1 day ago


  • eagle dude
    eagle dude 1 day ago

    i dont Think this Girl is for real

  • lola Sullivan
    lola Sullivan 1 day ago

    no hate but if there was no gravity we would be floating and BTW the earth is round

  • Kai Bryant
    Kai Bryant 1 day ago

    "Gravity isn't a thing"
    Everyone just.. take a moment to just clap slowly...

  • Heishiro Tad-y
    Heishiro Tad-y 1 day ago

    she play to much minecraft hahahaha =)

  • A.B.C.Gaming
    A.B.C.Gaming 1 day ago

    Z- is so so so so so bad

  • A.B.C.Gaming
    A.B.C.Gaming 1 day ago

    I would give her a z-in science and a A in fiction

  • Bluey Chewey
    Bluey Chewey 1 day ago


  • Jumana Mahmoud
    Jumana Mahmoud 1 day ago

    By the end of the video he said "love you" I think that is why she started her "dating" story.

  • eDemon00 Trolling

    I'm finally learning something XD

  • CintheryAJ AJ
    CintheryAJ AJ 1 day ago


  • Drogen X
    Drogen X 2 days ago

    My IQ before this vid-i don't know...i know it's pretty normal
    My IQ after this vid- 0 nothing more, very less

  • Renn Meows
    Renn Meows 2 days ago

    this is what started it all...

  • Amos Clark
    Amos Clark 2 days ago

    go mgtow

  • Gabriele Zukiene
    Gabriele Zukiene 2 days ago

    Girl: There is no such thing as gravity
    Me:Then why when your on earth and qhen you jump you don't fly into the sky?

  • CaptainGamer
    CaptainGamer 2 days ago

    The smaller the planet, the heavier the gravity. So if it were flat, we would be on the ground not being able to lift our bodies

  • Babysarah132 S
    Babysarah132 S 2 days ago


  • Ismael Tovar
    Ismael Tovar 2 days ago

    Kids stay in school📝

  • Malik BoyZz
    Malik BoyZz 2 days ago

    I know right a dumb girl

  • Mason Tafoya
    Mason Tafoya 2 days ago

    This girl is retarded

  • sonic foster
    sonic foster 2 days ago

    she should drop and go to pre-k

  • ilovepugs27 Porterie

    When she said gravity isn't a thing I just left and came back an hour later still fussing about what she said!!!!!!

  • ilovepugs27 Porterie

    Someone needs to kidnap this girl and take her to outer space

  • Charlotte Beierl
    Charlotte Beierl 2 days ago

    Are you floating no ok gravity is a thing

  • Isaac Southwell
    Isaac Southwell 2 days ago

    wtf no gravity wut then Isaac Newton must not be anything

  • Tina Reyes
    Tina Reyes 2 days ago

    she needs to go school...

  • wolfina the wolf
    wolfina the wolf 2 days ago

    who else blow there brain or your brain cells ??

  • NexSause 935
    NexSause 935 2 days ago

    No, all of you are wrong, the shape of the earth is a hypercube

  • Duck Mama
    Duck Mama 2 days ago

    my astronomy and geography teachers are crying right now

  • maya beasley
    maya beasley 2 days ago

    That girl is stupid no she gets a F

  • Fredy Gomez
    Fredy Gomez 2 days ago

    sorry I already gave her a hate comment because like she I watched her but I watch one of her videos and like you already know because like it's on the bottom of this so you can read it and you can bike she's dumb I just wanted to say that she's done like first of all she's saying that the Earth is flat it's not if the Earth was flat there wouldn't be a lot of states so if there wasn't a lot of states some of us wouldn't be here so why is she saying the Earth is flat it's not I just have proof

  • Fredy Gomez
    Fredy Gomez 2 days ago

    I'm in second grade and I just roasted her because I just saw her video because she's she thought she had proof that the world is flat still she thinks the world is still flat and I know for a fact it's not because if it if the world wasn't flat everything would fall the planes and she said that when you leave Google Maps you can see that the world is not flat that is not proof so she's an idiot I just wanted to tell you that but she's she's an idiot I just wanted to say that

  • Jgriffovertime YT
    Jgriffovertime YT 2 days ago

    I nominate!!!!

  • Starla Hughes
    Starla Hughes 2 days ago


    ARTISAN WASSON 2 days ago

    "the illuminati is trying to make us believe the earth is round" ok, 1 its scientifically proven the earth is round and 2, she treats her opinion and are opinion like there conspiracy theorys man get that out of here and 3, badabababa" I'm loving it, like for real her eyebrows look like McDonald's M and last but not least 4 sorry to break the news but I hope she knows no one is gonna join your little want to be Illuminati group because the Earth isn't flat it's round so get you're knock off McDonalds logo out of here and start going to science class girl I'm sure theres classes for Buck teeth beavers to.! (drops mic)

  • Brieanna Zarate
    Brieanna Zarate 2 days ago


  • MaryAnn Conrad
    MaryAnn Conrad 2 days ago

    the earth is round lol

  • Robloxian Galaxy Slimes

    she's dumb cuz if the iluminati is a triangle so is the earth !!!!!

    ( Im JK ) xD im not dumb

  • Devin Sligh
    Devin Sligh 2 days ago

    we have satalights 4 crying out loud

  • TheTalking Duck
    TheTalking Duck 2 days ago

    The earth doesn't have an edge "you would fall off he edge" *cough* fall off he edge of a spherical object *cough*

  • Chloe Siao
    Chloe Siao 2 days ago

    She needs to go to sience 😏😜😛

  • Ella Carlock
    Ella Carlock 2 days ago

    Maybe she should look at a globe it isn't flat

  • Wrenflight22
    Wrenflight22 2 days ago

    The birth of Schmitty

  • Elizabeth smith
    Elizabeth smith 2 days ago


  • Nika Borovic Granjas

    I think to my self : Wow,she's a stupid fricking potato!!!!

  • Nika Borovic Granjas

    I comented on her video:,,Iluminati confirmed:HER!"
    P.S. Hello from croatia

  • Carla Gray
    Carla Gray 2 days ago

    ok but really it looked like the mds simbol

  • Turska aka Codfish
    Turska aka Codfish 2 days ago

    You can tell already after watching few seconds how damaged this girls mind is. In other words she is dumb.

  • Silver Damon
    Silver Damon 2 days ago

    This guy lol everytime he says "i'm just kidding guys" omg

  • Leslie Valdez
    Leslie Valdez 2 days ago

    has she ever been on an airplane??! !?!?!??!?!??

  • The Jamminturtle
    The Jamminturtle 2 days ago

    If there is ice all around then let's hope global warming dose not contain

  • Chad Fulton
    Chad Fulton 2 days ago

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think this girl needs an asylum

  • Cool Layla
    Cool Layla 2 days ago

    Tal do you love her

  • kittycat kombo
    kittycat kombo 2 days ago


  • Snow Queen
    Snow Queen 3 days ago

    Does she know that gravity is what's holding us and everything else on the planet down? With out gravity, we'd all be trapped floating in the sky....and what does the illuminati have to do with the shape of the earth? I'm so dead rn😂😂😂

  • Random _ Item
    Random _ Item 3 days ago

    Can I blow her up with a tank (The tiger (a German tank in World War Two)

  • Tania Hernandez
    Tania Hernandez 3 days ago

    ok = )

  • Fat Cupcake
    Fat Cupcake 3 days ago

    No she was being salty🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • nereida garza
    nereida garza 3 days ago


  • nereida garza
    nereida garza 3 days ago

    sorry for my manners my perents didint teach me like this ,DID SHE EVEN GO TO SCHOOL ?????????? I AM SO TRIGGERD 😨😨😨😨

    • nereida garza
      nereida garza 3 days ago


  • nereida garza
    nereida garza 3 days ago

    Maybe she is the only one in the flat earth club

  • Jahlia Flemming
    Jahlia Flemming 3 days ago

    Her eyebrows look like the batsman symbol 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • ThePokemonBro IsCool

    she should go to space and look at the earth

  • Gisel Velasco
    Gisel Velasco 3 days ago

    Why would the plane go off the edge of the earth if it was round?? I thought gravity wasn't a thing!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA naw, I know she's acting, all's cool! ;D

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