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  • Willvidz
    Willvidz 16 days ago

    What happened at 6:40 ?

  • Wyatt Burke
    Wyatt Burke 16 days ago

    u blocked me on insta

  • Mason Hausmann
    Mason Hausmann 17 days ago

    love your videos my dude :)

  • Brennen Howard
    Brennen Howard 18 days ago

    Good luck at nitro dude I think you can take the win have fun

  • Tom Lorenz
    Tom Lorenz 18 days ago

    Yo Jon Marco do you know devin also known at chocolate because I was riding with him today and check out my Instagram it is @smx.scooter.rider

  • Marco LaSalle
    Marco LaSalle 18 days ago

    can I have 1 of your scooters

  • רון קרן
    רון קרן 19 days ago

    8:48 thank me with a like

  • artem levchenko
    artem levchenko 19 days ago

    John my dream is to see you and ride like you I really hope you win nitro world games

  • Ray Scoots
    Ray Scoots 19 days ago

    Can you go to chino skatepark again like at 12

  • Truly Awkward
    Truly Awkward 19 days ago

    Close your mouth when you chew you fucking mongoloid

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith 19 days ago

    Jon you should have a game of scoot

  • Zach Ailey
    Zach Ailey 19 days ago

    sub to me for daily vids

  • C Smith
    C Smith 19 days ago

    hes like 15 and he is in the world games that is incredible

  • deadly dragon
    deadly dragon 19 days ago

    Yooo your awesome jon

  • Mikkel lux
    Mikkel lux 19 days ago

    No dislikes💪🏼💪🏼 wow

  • rhysdude
    rhysdude 19 days ago

    Who was that going for the quad inward!?

    • Kerry McMullen
      Kerry McMullen 19 days ago

      rhysdude hunter

    • rhysdude
      rhysdude 19 days ago

      Oh yeah, I know who he is but didn't realise it was him, cheers

    • MHVlogs
      MHVlogs 19 days ago

      rhysdude hunter scutzh (kota's brother)

  • William Toohey
    William Toohey 19 days ago

    I love your vids and you are my favorite YouTuber

  • Noah Sowinski
    Noah Sowinski 19 days ago

    Love the vids plz reply

  • Kamar Mcintosh
    Kamar Mcintosh 19 days ago

    Sick video jon

  • Harry Sheppard
    Harry Sheppard 19 days ago

    great video jon keep up the great work ❤️

  • Cparry _51
    Cparry _51 19 days ago

    Hi Jon

  • Cparry _51
    Cparry _51 19 days ago


  • Jack Doubleday
    Jack Doubleday 19 days ago


  • Cristian Galindez
    Cristian Galindez 19 days ago

    First comment

  • Calvin YT
    Calvin YT 19 days ago


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