Gundam SEED Destiny - Fields of Hope [ English ]

Fields of Hope by Desiree Parker


Beneath the veil of starry sky,
As cold as winter's darkest night.
It's there you sleep, silent and deep,
You're all alone.

I sing the prayer's
Soft melody
Across the lonely silent fields
A little light began to shine,
It shines on and on

I watched you as you so peacefully dreamed,
You laughed like a child,
Happy and carefree
It's all familiar and yet so far,
That's the future's promise for you and me.

One day on a green and shiny morn',
One day we will finally make it through
Cause in this sky
So dark with winter,
We still have to believe it's true
Fields of hope.

A gentle touch
A loving brush
Those things I still search for
A prayer in
A melody
It goes on and on

I sing the prayer's
Soft melody
One vanishes, one dies
And all in all
It starts again
A never ending cycle

One day on a green and shining morn'
Through all the long nights we've been fighting for
There lies a place
Far from disgrace
Where we won't have to hide from the world again

Now there lies a deep love within my heart
A yearn to protect you and keep you warm
It's all familiar and yet so far,
It's made for the peace of mind
Fields of hope

Natsukashiku mada tooi
Yakusoku no nohara
Fields of hope
Fields of hope

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Author ukno918 (5 months)
Gundam Seed really divides people, those who believe that the world can
never change, and those who believe in the world itself. 

Author Leo Corbett (5 months)
This English Version Of Fields Of Hope By Desiree Parker Give Me Goose

Author Ave Jacutin (1 month)
I think if you added it a li'l echo it will be beautiful... although the
voice is good but add some echo to hear it beautifully..

Author rainer250 (2 months)
I cry each time I listen to this song, it's so beautiful. It reflects the
effects of war has on everyone, not just soldiers. The pain and suffering
at the lost of loved ones, coping with the pain and resolve to move forward
and rebuild. Desiree Parker did a superb job on this song. She should
pursue a career of singing anime openings and endings. This is just my

Author mikage rito (2 months)
gundam seed ending for me is too emotional for me because when kira is
looking in the stars and crying it really looks like is it the end of
everything or how did i even came to this part...just makes me feel sad

Author Tina Sun (2 months)
nice song

Author Fida Chan (3 months)
sometime we need to understand each other to avoid fight but sometime we
need to fight for what we believe and protect what we believe...i believe
every one hate a war include me..because its hurt and bad memory...but
sometime we cannot avoid war because we must protect what we believe...war
can't change world became better and can't bring a new world...what war can
change is the people in the world...either you can became a people that can
change a world as a better place for live in peace or destroy the world... 

Author Jacob Robinson (3 months)
god that part was hard to watch without crying. beautiful. 

Author Sgt.Snake (8 months)
“There are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for.”
Albert Camus

Author MIkeo LEa (3 months)
If this really happened... well were ****ed

Author Matthew Hall (10 months)
some one once said if you are to fight don't fight for your country only
fight for what you believe in.

Author Matthew Hall (10 months)
true peace can only be obtained through understanding and conflict for
there are things that are born through destruction no matter how much we
want peace we always turn around and fight. there is no good reason to
fight but we do it anyway

Author TransamJc (3 years)
@ghoststalkera26 i don't think your racist at all. every one is entitled
their own opinion i just think people are unwilling to try and make a
difference and change. I think we have the abilities so why not put them to
uses other then developing weapons and discrimination nonsense. Each person
has the chance to make a difference even you. That is all i am saying we
could debate this all day long for years and years if people really want to
change something they have to take action.

Author 1990animegirl1 (3 years)
i love this song, its so beautiful. i love Gundam Seed, it is my second
favorite anime, my first favorite is Inu-Yasha. i used to watch Gundam Seed
and Gundam Seed Destiny. i loved the comedy between Kira and Cagali. total
sister/brother humor! lol! i loved the episode when Kira goes to rescue
Cagali from her wedding, and he says "hey that's a pretty nice dress" and
she says "shut it" and he says "um, hold that thought". ha, love it!!!!

Author GalaxyGuard7 (1 year)
Awesome translation.

Author MIkeo LEa (1 year)
if the war spread every human will be dead then the earth will never have a
human again earth will be lifeless

Author Twinstrike (2 years)
History is like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace and
revolution continue on forever.

Author Matthew Hall (2 years)
Revenge is not the answer !!! all that revenge does is breed more hatred
till we cross the line and take it too far and are at the brink of war
..... Revenge solves nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author blackrockshooter yamato (1 year)
it really is

Author panther0606 (3 years)
WTF, i've searched everywhere for the complete version of this song, but
all i got was the japanese version, then it shows up on you-tube of lal
places and i still don't know how to get it -.-

Author KodeEgret (1 year)
Humans will always fight hence we will always need weapons. Anyone who
thinks otherwise is a naive fool. You can make all the fancy speech's you
wish. but in the end they are just empty words, The only way you can stop
fighting is by removing free will literally, that is the only way. Lacus
Clyne was more a dictator, the only peace she stood for wash her own and
her own ideals no one elses mattered period.

Author Inuzak (3 years)
There is much to cherish about this planet, It would be saddening to see it
all go to waste. ^_^

Author TransamJc (3 years)
@TransamJc "those who lack the will never see things through"

Author TransamJc (3 years)
What is different between what is going on in gundam seed and what is going
on in the real world? not a whole lot if you ask me this is probably the
most practicle gundam series.

Author ellnats (1 year)
so long as one good person lives in this world of despair, there will
always be hope for a better world

Author klime13 (2 years)
i'm going to make a version for this song ^- ^

Author david leca (1 year)
need is a wrong word, if u ever have seen the result of after a small
skirmish or battle the only thing that goes through ur mind is why, what
the hell did that achieve so dont bullshit u know absolutly fuk all

Author EpyonV3 (2 years)
@NautilusAegis Reformation? You forget one thing, Redemtion is only the 2nd
phase of reformation, first one must reminisce to get a clear vision of
what needs to be corrected, then they correct it, in other words--> they
redeem it by making it better via correcting the original mistake they
made, then that mistake is still there but knowledge of it is still there),
then in a sense... the corrected thing ir person is "Reborn" in a way.

Author Ashraf Elgallab (2 years)
The sad truth is it wont

Author 小向井 大樹 (1 year)

Author blackfiresprout (1 year)
Oh.I see.

Author brylle deuda (3 years)
i dont know but this song is pointed my heart

Author F22 RaptorRCX (3 years)
@DeathWrath14 Gundam seed destiny

Author Icemarsoc (1 year)
i like both... when helps you understand the meaning through words. (thats
the english version) The other helps you feel it through the heart. (Jap.

Author EpyonV3 (2 years)
@EpyonV3 <-- continued from previous only when Humanity realizes their
mistakes, reformation can then begin to fully occur. (only one step at a
time). but Fighting only breeds more Fighting, Only through understanding
and reasoning can Peace be attained. (still thinks it's weird that a
student can think of revolutionary theories...)

Author starflameburnsbright (1 year)
this song is so gorgeous and the english version is just as good as as the
jap though I do second what IceMarsoc77 says about the english helping you
understand whats being said and the jap version hitting you right in the

Author ellnats (1 year)
but it can be learned from and we can all try to make it so it never
happens again

Author TheRichman42 (3 years)
even know how to get it...guess i never will....well atleast i'll sleep
soundly now...but I still want this song, this is one of the first animes i
saw, has emotional feeling to it, y'know? anyways, thx for the upload.

Author MrSlaide (1 year)
I'm surprised. No faggot weeaboo's making comments about the Japanese track
being better on the first page.

Author TransamJc (1 year)
people dislike GS and GSD

Author mechivett (3 years)
is it possible to regret when there is so much to cherish even in the
hardest of times.

Author ellnats (2 years)
no mater how beautiful the flower people always crush it but even if the
flowers of peace are destroyed we can just re-plant the seeds of love in a
new field of hope

Author xSkye629x (1 year)
Episode 7, the Remaster version of it was released this week actually so go
watch it :) This is one of the few good things SEED had over other gundam
series imo, the music (the vocal tracks)

Author xXcherikaXx (2 years)
Taking revenge make things even worst...

Author ghoststalkera26 (3 years)
@noahfire2008 i agree, we do need to wake up as a species on this planet,
but at the same time, some of us will never be able to awaken. war may be
ugly, but it is the one thing in our evolution as a species that has
progressed us further towards the future is war. it is a NECESSARY evil on
this planet. all we can strive for is as few innocent deaths as possible.
but without war, much of todays technology would never have existed.

Author YulieZte Jaim (1 year)
this movie isn't??

Author Dan Bowen (3 years)
i luv this song, the girl singing has a beautiful singing voice

Author Riku006 (2 years)
"The very fact that humans have intelligence causes misunderstandings over
the slightest of things. This leads to deceit, and then discrimination
against others. We become unable to understand each other. People just
don’t realise what keeps them apart. That’s why it’s up to us to show them,
to show them how simple the world really is." "Peace cannot be kept by
force. It can only be achieved by understanding." Quotes from the Gundam OO

Author bbfc8 (3 years)
@ghoststalkera26 i dont know about your opinions that war is necessary,
because i think we dont need war to progress as a species, what we need is
an understanding of each other, supporting each other and completely
erasing the thing that we called "discrimination, racism, corruption and
obviously violence." it also stands for the technologies, we dont need war
to improve our technologies, scientists and researchers would probably been
better of if there are no war, because they can improve more

Author Inuzak (3 years)
@ghoststalkera26 We should have outgrown these emotions called greed and
selfishness. We should have replaced these emotions with empathy and
kindness, yet those who are powerful do not care who they step on, and feed
off of those less fortunate have failed to realize is that one can never
truly be happy when others lives have been ruined by their hand. What
scares me the most is that some people simply do not care, and continue to
pursue wealth like there are no consequences.

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