Stain Resistant T-Shirt put to the Test

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  • grantas ltu
    grantas ltu 9 hours ago

    The T-short looks all wet

  • s3attle206
    s3attle206 17 hours ago

    taking this to a wet tshirt contest

  • DM Zn
    DM Zn 1 day ago

    2:15 put that in slo mo😳😍😍

  • Adam
    Adam 1 day ago

    I wants thats shert

    • Adam
      Adam 1 day ago

      u r still the best

  • shital gm
    shital gm 1 day ago

    How to wash it ?? 😂😂

  • Wasabi
    Wasabi 1 day ago

    His nipples

  • Quirky Mender09
    Quirky Mender09 1 day ago

    1:30 - 1:39 nip slip!!!!

  • Jim Zix Here
    Jim Zix Here 1 day ago

    this is weird

  • yeej her
    yeej her 1 day ago

    wasted water whyyyyyy

  • AlantheOtaku 8
    AlantheOtaku 8 2 days ago

    shirt oops

  • AlantheOtaku 8
    AlantheOtaku 8 2 days ago

    if there's any stains wipe it off then what's the point of a stain resistant t sjirt

  • Gina Honoridez
    Gina Honoridez 2 days ago

    man why do u keep pouring any drink on your niples man

  • Gina Honoridez
    Gina Honoridez 2 days ago

    nice niplle man

  • Adidas savage
    Adidas savage 3 days ago

    have you ever seen a comment and wished you wrote it

  • Jessica Normal
    Jessica Normal 3 days ago

    You're ready for a wet t-shirt contest! Lol

  • zhuoli Yi
    zhuoli Yi 3 days ago

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  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 4 days ago

    why did he call the Coca Cola can a bottle

  • Serbia/Србија

    how to break the universe with this thing ENTER THE POOL

  • Taveion Blair
    Taveion Blair 5 days ago

    weird question but how would you wash that shirt

  • Jr Lemuel
    Jr Lemuel 5 days ago

    good for a prank. put it on your friend and pour liquid on it.

  • risma kristina
    risma kristina 6 days ago

    whatt?? no BOOM ??

  • Ariana
    Ariana 6 days ago

    Cool video🔥🤙🏻

    THE JOKER 7 days ago

    -"taras u are wearing it backwards"-

  • *Viktor Videos*
    *Viktor Videos* 7 days ago

    this was an amazing t-shirt Taras . I love your videos.

  • Eve Pig
    Eve Pig 7 days ago

    Put slime on it

  • Brooke Bray
    Brooke Bray 7 days ago

    His top was backwards🤔😂

    RiPCORD 8 days ago

    big nipples

  • Hardcore Destroyer
    Hardcore Destroyer 8 days ago

    Should have done red sauce!! Like if you agree

  • That one titan Everybody hates

    Man a T-shirt review video in 60fps

  • Steven Grayson
    Steven Grayson 8 days ago

    That Gatorade looks so good

  • Rj beast
    Rj beast 9 days ago


  • Jose Peixoto
    Jose Peixoto 9 days ago

    Same as a garbage bag,but in white; bag is also stain resistant ,and same material

  • Otter Girl
    Otter Girl 9 days ago

    =-O love it!

  • Incenix
    Incenix 9 days ago

    what would happen if you went in a pool with it?

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    hydrophobic polymer technology is oldschool bro

  • Malaka Mohamed
    Malaka Mohamed 9 days ago

    He looks like mr clean

  • king kelly23
    king kelly23 9 days ago

    I thursty and he wastin all these drinks

  • Klimadzu
    Klimadzu 9 days ago

    the nipple got me like... hmmmm

  • Nippleback
    Nippleback 9 days ago

    please father my children

  • Rafael Guterrez
    Rafael Guterrez 9 days ago

    that is so awsome

  • love you guys
    love you guys 10 days ago


  • Ermax
    Ermax 10 days ago

    The glass cola is better

  • Santiago Arraya
    Santiago Arraya 10 days ago

    Wow so now u only need 3 bottles of water and a bottle of Gatorade to get some mustard off u

  • Bugoy Hernaez
    Bugoy Hernaez 10 days ago

    he didnt said "BOOM" in this video.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 10 days ago

    did u try me. 😳😳

  • Ron Koch
    Ron Koch 10 days ago


  • akram yasin
    akram yasin 10 days ago

    Me: its dry
    Russian hacker: its drghghghyy

  • James Andrew P. Malibago


  • Camille Davis
    Camille Davis 11 days ago


  • Erick Tanady
    Erick Tanady 11 days ago

    how to wash it 😏😂😂😂

  • Lee Gaming
    Lee Gaming 11 days ago

    The way he says t-shirt. Is amazing

  • ShMaIMW
    ShMaIMW 11 days ago

    I loved this spring break video!

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown 11 days ago

    so that's where the 2.1% of water we have left in the world is going🤔

  • BANI singh
    BANI singh 11 days ago

    hey, we can try it putting on holi

  • PEW D
    PEW D 11 days ago

    what happens if you go in pool whit it??

  • fir boulala
    fir boulala 11 days ago

    How to water ur nipples

  • Martin Lorenzo Oconer Yuzon

    When you wanna look sexy with a shirt, pour water all over

  • Wolfamainia Hi guys
    Wolfamainia Hi guys 11 days ago

    He's wasting so much good drinks

  • HoakT
    HoakT 11 days ago

    just shake it off

  • MotoDude
    MotoDude 11 days ago

    Boi ur wearing ur shirt backwards

  • Colin Shur
    Colin Shur 11 days ago

    2:18 He says "the whole bottle" as he pours a can.

  • GhostTL
    GhostTL 11 days ago

    road to diamond play button comrades!

  • Victoria Elaine
    Victoria Elaine 12 days ago


  • roberto robert
    roberto robert 12 days ago

    im thirsty now. well vack to the liqour store for me

  • Just A Simple Bean
    Just A Simple Bean 12 days ago

    I thought the title said 'Russian t-shirt'

  • Sambuddha Sanyal
    Sambuddha Sanyal 12 days ago

    mustard was looking like shit💩💩💩

  • PataDeLoah o_O
    PataDeLoah o_O 12 days ago

    0:51 taras flex his chest

  • Levi
    Levi 12 days ago

    ʞɔıp ʎɯ ʞɔns

  • Flippy Fish
    Flippy Fish 12 days ago

    "I am so amazed"

    This guy is the best youtuber

  • Matthew Baca
    Matthew Baca 12 days ago


  • the boss
    the boss 12 days ago

    3:17 crazy russian hotdog

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    And there you go! That's how stainless it is compared to a normal shirt!

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    -pours everything on the normal shirt

  • Nemesis UR
    Nemesis UR 12 days ago

    now look at your bottom

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    then compares it to a normal shirt

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    -pours everything all on his shirt

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    -gets a pack of Gatorade, mustard, water bottles, and Coca Cola

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    people: sure let's see

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    Just got a stain resistance shirt! Wanna see it and try it on?

  • Max prime
    Max prime 12 days ago

    Hey guys!

  • Alexander Marritt
    Alexander Marritt 12 days ago

    should've tried red wine as well

  • Muhammad Sultan
    Muhammad Sultan 13 days ago

    anti wash

  • Kiernan O'Toole
    Kiernan O'Toole 13 days ago

    Love your vids taras

  • Danijel Nikolic
    Danijel Nikolic 13 days ago

    This guy is so funny !!!

  • Neeja 665.9
    Neeja 665.9 13 days ago

    "If I just kep putin water on it..."

  • Lionstriker 05
    Lionstriker 05 13 days ago

    Save water

  • Romel Abayon
    Romel Abayon 13 days ago

    Hey Chris you should hacker in and your mama they included you and your voice and your look

  • Brayden Goehring
    Brayden Goehring 13 days ago

    want about oil and grease?

  • OmegaOmar99
    OmegaOmar99 14 days ago

    How would you wash it in the Washing machine? I mean with fabric softener and stuff

  • spook show
    spook show 14 days ago


  • Vojtěch Salami
    Vojtěch Salami 14 days ago

    And Now Imagine what happens when you sweat....

  • Ram Ebedy
    Ram Ebedy 14 days ago


  • Giamani Gunter
    Giamani Gunter 14 days ago

    *Does something on camera* "Wow 😱 did you see that?" 😂

  • Mostwanted884
    Mostwanted884 14 days ago

    He'd lose a wet tshirt contest

  • bay huy
    bay huy 14 days ago

    I change my keyboards every week because of the beer I spill over... Nid samtin lak yor tishor

  • L I M
    L I M 14 days ago


  • benpogiful09
    benpogiful09 14 days ago


  • Fremy Speeddraw
    Fremy Speeddraw 14 days ago


  • 101DERPFace
    101DERPFace 14 days ago

    We all see his nipples... Me:😐😐😐

  • QueEsDeTuVida
    QueEsDeTuVida 15 days ago

    Try it whit ink please!!

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