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Author MrPlatinumepic (2 years)
6th comment

Author acidwaffle (2 years)
EE3 wont have the rending gale, it might also not have many other things
too, like red matter, dark matter and many power rings.

Author Lastgamer789 (2 years)
Combustion engine on wooden pipe? Thats what i call first world!

Author Kaylum (2 years)
OH BOY! How does I get one? Or three...

Author Silver Wolflow revilS (2 years)
Hey Joe! you might or might not be able to do this. if you want to have a
special ability, not saying what, look up in the not enough items:
Swiftwolfs rendering gale!!!

Author Gepang Mali (2 years)
Is railcraft in FTB?

Author pottmeister (2 years)
Might want to switch to redstone engines when it comes to pipes and pumps
:P Would save you some fuel

Author Dora DaDestroyer (2 years)
love these vids joe pls make more :D

Author Dora DaDestroyer (2 years)

Author smoeg98 (2 years)
you are the only one that play ftb i watch

Author TitanTV123 (2 years)
You should sell buckets of fuel

Author Mutabulis (2 years)
A couple things with this rig I hope they will see 1: the wooden WP pipe
they have coming out of the refinery requires very little energy to run,
use a redstone (wooden) engine for it, since redstone engines require no
fuel, a combustion on a wooden pipe is more than overkill. 2. you dont need
wooden pipes on pumps, the output strait to gold (or other) WP pipes. 3.
using pumps for cooling combustion engines is ok, but they can sometimes
dry up infinite water, try using an aqueous accumulator.

Author Dora DaDestroyer (2 years)

Author FlareBlades (2 years)
I wish it was 720p:-(

Author Patrick Crespo (2 years)
And some explosion!

Author Cat Kt (2 years)
I got Second!!!!!!

Author J.M. Guynn (2 years)
Joe the nanosaber can be turned on for extra damage

Author nevermind0 (2 years)
keep on with this kind of videos!!! Watching you playing FTB is awesome! GJ

Author andy hops (2 years)

Author JoeHillsTSD (2 years)
My video on Lappacks goes live in a few hours, and tomorrow, you'll get to
see me set out to build a new base! Celebrate Thanksgiving by watching me
settle a new land and maybe break a few things in the process!

Author 5argan (2 years)
joe you can make the recipe thing to the right in your inventory screen
(which is called NEI btw) go invisible by pressing o (same key to re-enable

Author Jorcooly (2 years)
Joe, if you press o when you're in your inventory as long as you don't have
the box at the bottom selected. Also, tell juicetra and avidya that they
should use a redstone engine to pull out of the refinery. Keep it u Joe!

Author TazzsDemon (2 years)
joe press o and it will get rid of the item grid

Author aanornd (2 years)
My favorite part is a whole combustion engine on a wooden pipe just to pump
the fuel out :) a bit of over kill. With a water set up like that you're
going to have a bad day.

Author Tim Ruhm (2 years)
Joe one pump can only cool 3 combustion engines!

Author Powell51 (2 years)
Hey when you are in the inventory screen you can hit the "o" key to hide
the items on the side from the Too Many Items addon rather then searching
for zzzz so you can see the tabs that are on the side of windows.

Author BlindMerchant7 (2 years)

Author hiimthenewguy (2 years)
when you build a quarry, it wont mine through lava, so if it runs into
some, there will be a big gap, so if you por some water in it will make it
minable becuase the laver will be obsidian

Author fjshockey (2 years)

Author 5argan (2 years)
should use a redstone engine instead ;)

Author BLOODisSYRUP (2 years)
you took the words right out of my mouth :o

Author Cat Kt (2 years)

Author Kc Wells (2 years)
joe you should set up a Reed farm with forestry change that into biogas
refine the gas and you get bio fuel out of it almost as efficient as fuel
(like 98% as efficient) but cheap and endless ;D

Author VIFMattiasVIF (2 years)
Joe, you told me in keralis 12h livestream that you loved the series
Flashforward. I just finnished watching it and I loved every second of it!
I'm really amazed. But Charlie looked like she was like 20 years old in her
new flashforward even though it was 2016, 6 years after the first blackout.
Do you know if Mark died or if you don't know, what do you think? I think
he lived but disappeared. And uhm yea... I like your videos :D

Author Lastgamer789 (2 years)
Joe, why u no want us to keep adventuring?

Author William Stinger (2 years)
yo Joe! there is a suit of armor called the Exo-suit. there also seems to
some upgrades to it but i haven't been able to figure out how to use it.
could you try it out in one of your videos? thanks for your time.

Author TheWOOFinator1337 (2 years)
I don't celebrate thanksgiving... What can I do by watching you settle a
new land and maybe break a few things in the process!?

Author LiamWarlord (2 years)
To many engines not enough water

Author druidofnecromancy (2 years)
Joe, I think you and the hermitcrafters should build an oil buissiness!
Call it "Joe Hills Oil and Backstops"

Author Kajkajn Lols (2 years)
Yay i love this series :DD

Author DefianceUnstable (2 years)
can you generate your own world that's always day for 1 and always night
for the other and build groves for your bees to flourish there?

Author Jonah Goldfine (2 years)

Author Mutabulis (2 years)

Author charcharmunr (2 years)
Not in FTB, man. EE3's not out yet in such a state that FTB'll use it.

Author Joel .Edgren (2 years)
I <3 joe t-shirts, now going on sale!!!

Author icewarm2 (2 years)
just make a 3x3 water source and put the pump in the middle. the pump will
take water and the water source blocks will regenerate. also, you don't
need combustion engine to power pumps or wooden pipes. use a redstone
engine for wooden pipe and 4 redstone engine per pump.

Author hiimthenewguy (2 years)
can you do some mystcraft? it looks really cool! mystcraft is the mod that
has the books and stuff

Author Jesse W (2 years)
I refresh my youtube like 30 times a hour so I never miss your vids :P

Author Nicholas Pihl (2 years)
U 2

Author Liltobig (2 years)
Joe! You're my favorite FTB BiffaTopmass.netCraft player :) I enjoy your
content very much :D

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