What's inside a Metal Baseball Bat?

What's inside a Metal Baseball Bat? We cut one open to see this inside. One is a Rawlings Plasma 32 inch 28 ounce bat while they other is a kids bat, Easton 27 inches long. Before we cut them open we had some fun with them and hit some peaches rather than baseballs.

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Author Nolan Thomson ( ago)
Do a deamareany baseball bat

Author Patricia Delgado ( ago)
what's inside a figit spinner

Author Lathem Schumm ( ago)
you should try to cut a dummy

Author dog power ( ago)
when you guys are cutting stuff is that a hyper touch or is that a saw

Author Cole Douglas ( ago)
Now all bats are hollow

Author Tyler Simowitz ( ago)
whats inside a brain

Author Joel Albisurez ( ago)
That's why the bat clinks when you hit it, because it vibrates inside.

Author Daniel Isaiah Albidrez ( ago)
cut a composite baseball bat

Author Levi Watson ( ago)
What's inside a Loki baseball

Author Landen Calabrese ( ago)
do a fidget spinner video

Author john popson ( ago)
You should've cut open a composite bat

Author Ori nq ( ago)
You should've cut a mako

Author Hiplikemike Y.T ( ago)
My size for bats is 31 inches

Author Brandonthebeast 5810 ( ago)
The sad thing is that the bats are aluminum

Author ThatHourMusic ( ago)
nothing cause those are cheap bats

Author Matt L ( ago)
What is inside a wood baseball bat

Author bubbabasketball2 Dye ( ago)
you should cut open a baseball glove next

Author Matthew Fehling ( ago)
" I think we should invent a game called peach-ball instead of baseball. Sweet." That's a pun isn't it?

Author Gerardo Rodruiguez ( ago)
ima hit your wife's peach

Author Brayden Bonifas ( ago)
Cut open a CCM hockey stick.

Author Kelley Cody ( ago)
cut open a iPhone 7

Author Evan Miller ( ago)
That was a big barrel so it's holo inside

Author David Yekel ( ago)
You should do what's inside mako baseball batting

Author Eric Dyson ( ago)
It's not metal it's alloy

Author trickshot hood ( ago)
guess what maybe u should eat the peaches l

Author Calvin Krueger ( ago)
The "gooey stuff" helps to soften shock to the hands while hitting.

Author Content Supream ( ago)
hey guys where do you live

Author Anthony Carmona ( ago)
What's inside a baseball helmet

Author Anthony Carmona ( ago)
What's inside a baseball glove???

Author Seth Willoughby ( ago)
His socks are to high.

Author Hayden Moore ( ago)
Do what's inside a pogo stick

Author fr89k ( ago)
I would've expected it to be hollow. For the gooey stuff, I would imagine that it is to dampen it a little bit. If you ever missed a log with an ax and got the whole ax vibrating, you know that it feels as if your hands are ripped apart. I guess the same goes for baseball bats if you hit the ball hard enough. A damper could make this problem a lot less bad...

Author It's just Me ( ago)
Ha. When he said he thought it was gonna be pure metal all I was thinking was how heavy that thing would be

Author 510suckerfree ( ago)
How bout a z1000 bat

Author Duplex Playz ( ago)

Author Gaming Kid 101 ( ago)
Cut open a mako bat

Author Hayden Howard31 ( ago)
Whybwould it be like 25-30 ounces if it's not hollow

Author ThePoptard ( ago)
"I thought it would be metal the whole way through"

Author WolfaDOX ( ago)
What's inside my wrist ;-;

Author The Gaming Waffle ( ago)
I don't know if they realize how heavy a bat would be if it was solid all the way through, pure metal/aluminum

Author GandN Productions ( ago)
You and Lincoln should do a what's inside a iPhone

Author Isaac Gibson ( ago)
dad throws like an actual girl....

Author Caleb. Vlogs ( ago)
Do what's inside an atom

Author 64bitmad * ( ago)
I thought that scream was Lincoln at first

Author Dr. Maxis ( ago)

Author Zachary Bastas ( ago)
you should cut open pie face show down

Author TheUnfaithfulAssassin ( ago)
What about one with a BB core?

Author Amanda Rebrovich ( ago)
do what's inside a softball

Author kIDS are aMAZING ( ago)
cut open a fish

Author RaftTic ( ago)
Not metal Aluminum

Author miller armstrong ( ago)
u r dumb

Author BryanOutdoors ( ago)
that bat was hallow, just like that kids head

Author Honey Badge ( ago)
I don't know who is dumber here

Author mushkamushko ( ago)
Cut open a baseball cleat

Author Lobsta Comics ( ago)
What's inside my son's backpack, *pulls out pistol

Author Jeff Behn ( ago)
Shouldn't it be "Basepeach" instead of "peachball?"

Author Martin Saugsted ( ago)
Yfi I haven't even watched the video, it's hollow.

Author Kylie Boylan ( ago)
It's not metal it's illuminam sorry for the spelling only 11

Author TF2 Axel ( ago)
Painfull watching those peaches get wasted

Author Baseball 101 ( ago)
Those are good bats

Author DynamiteDylan ( ago)
What's inside a what's inside video

Author Dan Smith ( ago)
Kids in Africa could have eaten the peaches

Author Nasser Altwajer ( ago)
Ipad pro or iphone 7

Author Jake Vernnon ( ago)
It bigger bc it's a drop 3

Author Ice Tripp ( ago)
Like : if you found the deferent Thing 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😉😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

Author Owen Rawsom-ward ( ago)
Cut open a chainsaw

Author Grady Lucas ( ago)
Peach pits are deadly

Author gary ybc ( ago)
What's inside your son's head

Author Sheldon DeSalvo ( ago)
what's inside hillary Clinton. let's cut her open

Author A Kirsch ( ago)
There's no such thing as a metal baseball bat there aluminum

Author Chiefjordan102 ( ago)
gee I wonder what's inside a "METAL" baseball bat😂

Author Logan Cannon ( ago)
For your next vid you should cut open a alarm clock

Author Owen Price ( ago)
You guys should cut open golden beats wireless headphones

Author Snazified Rebel ( ago)
I was at that wedding for my. Cousin amberlees weddibg x3

Author Owen Rawsom-ward ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Owen Rawsom-ward ( ago)
What's inside stretch arm strong

Author friction less ( ago)
you should open a 1980's car

Author cool things creator the greater good of the channel ( ago)
What's inside a slap bracelet

Author Thomas Cecutti ( ago)
He has abs of steel

Author Mr baseball ( ago)
That's a homer in peach league

Author Khalid24 Hsg ( ago)
mini fan

Author TheTacoBros ( ago)

Author TheTacoBros ( ago)
I'm gonna play baseball in the 2017 summer

Author Clarice Loray ( ago)
we can you have a lot of this is not the other than that I have the new year and then we are you can you have the new year and I can you can you can be a bit of a few months ago but I can get a I am so that I can get a I i hdj sky rodeo drive back to see you can get a lot of a few weeks months ago but I can you get it is not sure you can get be a lot to the way to see you can get a lot of a bit of a few days i

Author The Random Zone ( ago)
they just ruin stuff

Author Dragonborn ( ago)
V for Ven"bat"ta

Author Josh Padilla ( ago)
The gooey stuff inside of the Rawlings bat is the BBCOR. It's a high school certified BBCOR bat. That's why Lincoln's bat didn't have it

Author Anthony Velasquez ( ago)
Cut open a bunkbed

Author Braydon Krueger ( ago)
now you know what's inside a peach!

Author vlogger5678 noah ( ago)
Lincoln is left handed

Author rainbow micraphone ( ago)
ooh it's raining peaches me:(singing)it's raining peaches from out of the sky

Author Mary A ( ago)
I am amazed 😇🐼

Author John Thomas Gingles ( ago)
the gooey stuff in the handle of the bat absorbs the shock when you hit the ball

Author Ashlee Wenn ( ago)
You don't need to cut open a metal baseball bat to determine its hollow, when you hit a ball with it listen to the sound

Author Nick Lloyd ( ago)
London is a lefty

Author Ibrahim Alsamach ( ago)
2:42 wtfu*ck

Author TTallDoesEpic Vlogs ( ago)
Do what's inside an iPhone 7

Author Lottie Wantue ( ago)
I subscribe

Author magic man RP ( ago)
Can you oping a nerf gun

Author Jordan Tufano ( ago)
It goes hollow to goo because they don't want you to get James every time. So the two different material are different parts

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