14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks!

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  • Matthew Gamer358
    Matthew Gamer358 2 hours ago

    I made scrabbled eggs with a microwave

  • مسلسلات و معلومات

    that is distracting

  • Renee0330
    Renee0330 4 days ago

    what an eggcellent video dude

  • Pusheen _cat
    Pusheen _cat 7 days ago

    Yeah when I tried to do the sunny side up trick I got food poisoning

  • Carter Shute
    Carter Shute 9 days ago

    You should make some cookbooks. :)

  • sojourn
    sojourn 10 days ago

    how do you tell if an egg is hard boiled or not?

  • DreadGamer127
    DreadGamer127 11 days ago

    1:54 I have the same exact bowl in my house

  • Maya Grace
    Maya Grace 12 days ago

    Me: I wasn't Hungary when I stared this video maybe I'll have eggs tomorrow morning
    Also me: I forgot I don't like eggs

  • Melanie Sartorius
    Melanie Sartorius 12 days ago

    i was egg-static when i saw this video

  • Sage H.
    Sage H. 12 days ago

    4:01 Puts egg from plate to pan????

  • Millenium Wrestling
    Millenium Wrestling 13 days ago

    You should have put 14 EGGscellent egg life hacks

  • Manjusha Shrivastava

    never recommend plastic bag for cooking

  • Leland Woods
    Leland Woods 14 days ago

    i love eggs

  • XCKVM 123
    XCKVM 123 14 days ago

    Poor egg never had a change to live #RipInPeaceEggs

  • KeksasLT
    KeksasLT 14 days ago

    how to cook eggs in 12 ways
    ... how is that incredible?

  • Kocainum
    Kocainum 15 days ago

    Don't put eggs in the oven, they end up smelling and tasting like literal shit after you peel them...

  • Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

    I should be studying for finals...

  • Sombra Rose
    Sombra Rose 15 days ago

    These are some eggselent tricks

  • Anonymouse 117 117
    Anonymouse 117 117 16 days ago

    The scrambled egg in the microwave works! I added a bit of onion and garlic powder, and they were delicious!

  • NJE Recordings
    NJE Recordings 16 days ago

    Break a big hole on the bottom of a boiled egg and a small hole on the top and blow as hard as you can into the small hole and the boiled egg will slide right out

  • Isabella A Rossellini

    This made me hungry for soft boiled eggs! ☺️

  • Isabella A Rossellini

    I find that if I add more than a 2 tablespoons of whole milk to 3 eggs they loose their flavor. I usually don't add milk at all.

  • Bovahlls ·BeamNG
    Bovahlls ·BeamNG 17 days ago

    Instructions unclear, my dick got stuck in a raw egg.

  • faisal al saleh
    faisal al saleh 18 days ago

    did you try to teach me how to get an egg

  • Rocco Guttillo
    Rocco Guttillo 19 days ago

    I always cook there are 6k comments

  • Gazza Schmo
    Gazza Schmo 20 days ago

    Baked Eggs? I must try.

  • LiamRelish
    LiamRelish 21 day ago

    yeah i just tried the second trick and my egg didn't explode in the microwave, but out of the microwave! Thanks now my grandma is gonna kill me...

  • godtrekYT Jason
    godtrekYT Jason 23 days ago

    Eggs at my preschool are made with milk. They are so good. But then you're forced to "doze off" on your own bed (I rarely sleep at that time which was about 10:00AM). I want to ask my mom or dad, but I'm scared that they'll give me a weird look.

  • StuffWithAimer
    StuffWithAimer 23 days ago

    The title should've been 14 EGGcellent EGGible Hacks!

  • LiteApex
    LiteApex 23 days ago

    Stop wasting eggs you ugly fuck.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 23 days ago


  • 아기용인미
    아기용인미 23 days ago

    just tried the poach egg microwave... taste really good

  • 아기용인미
    아기용인미 23 days ago

    just tried the poach egg microwave... taste really good

  • Harry CHEUNG
    Harry CHEUNG 24 days ago

    The 1st one is not edible

  • Ennard Nido
    Ennard Nido 24 days ago

    It's getting scrambled in here

  • YoshiNino49
    YoshiNino49 25 days ago

    Double egg yolk at 1:57! Siamese egg!

  • Mario Many
    Mario Many 25 days ago

    Eggstraordinary eggsperiments! Eggscellent!

  • MaskedFreakProductions

    You have me salmonella

  • Diana Medina
    Diana Medina 27 days ago

    Why am I watching this I'm allergic to eggs😂😂

  • kwang lee
    kwang lee 28 days ago

    I have watched most of these hack and gets annoying and boring but for some reason householdhacker makes it more entertaining

  • SavageStarlet
    SavageStarlet 29 days ago


  • Josh
    Josh 29 days ago

    21mil views!!!

  • Piet Thiesen
    Piet Thiesen 1 month ago


  • Chris Gaming
    Chris Gaming 1 month ago

    I got to get down to the yolk however my day was Sunnyside up and I wondered why I'm egging a question on how to make my home fried I'm getting boiled my brain scrambled after what I saw was I cracked something and the crack was white

  • champion643
    champion643 1 month ago

    I honestly don't get how people can hate the yolk

  • Hotdawg54
    Hotdawg54 1 month ago

    You should of named this video "14 EGGsalant Egg tricks"

  • LeftFalangie
    LeftFalangie 1 month ago

    "a convincing bowl of scrambled eggs"

  • soneelita
    soneelita 1 month ago


  • BroItzAki
    BroItzAki 1 month ago

    this is Eggtastic

  • TheDiamondHeart
    TheDiamondHeart 1 month ago

    I love you guys but too many puns

  • kljh hjkh
    kljh hjkh 1 month ago

    thought he said fruit in the beginning

    • kljh hjkh
      kljh hjkh 1 month ago

      wss bout to fucking say

  • night fury
    night fury 1 month ago

    I'm not going eat that egg boiled in plastic cover.😕🙁

  • Mystic Hero
    Mystic Hero 1 month ago

    just subscribed cause i like the channel

  • RealOprizeOfficialActuall_Oprize1337YTHD1080p

    I'm one of those people who dont like the egg whites, but absolutely LOVE the yolk

  • George gloria
    George gloria 1 month ago

    You could say that this video is EGGSellent

  • Bilbo Watkins
    Bilbo Watkins 1 month ago

    Here's one I came up with for if you're going to make a sandwich with an egg in it.

    1. Cut off the crust without breaking the square shape
    2. Use it as a mold for the egg to fall into and not get everywhere

    If you do that, then the egg won't be hanging out, just the crust will be, but you can just tear off the crust easily

  • Banana Swiss roll videos

    See when it says edible (food item) you know it's not

  • Ian142bronze
    Ian142bronze 1 month ago

    "maybe you just hate egg yolk"
    Well then you have ReddiEgg

  • uri loya
    uri loya 1 month ago

    0:33 ?copy from howtobasic huh?

  • Everardo Cancino
    Everardo Cancino 1 month ago

    Cannot believe ive not know about most of these hacks all my damn life!

  • Truth Hurtz
    Truth Hurtz 1 month ago

    Eggcellent video !

  • superwproawesome
    superwproawesome 1 month ago

    this is a "eggcellent" video :D

  • JuniorASMR
    JuniorASMR 1 month ago


  • C Beeston
    C Beeston 1 month ago

    That was an eggselent video

    No cracking pun intended

  • David Famed
    David Famed 1 month ago


  • Grungereaper citruschris

    I once ate 50 eggs.
    I am more than a man.

  • Коля Минин
    Коля Минин 1 month ago

    Primitive baking technology Egg - #CookEgg

  • Ali Salman
    Ali Salman 1 month ago


  • Tippedleader 830
    Tippedleader 830 1 month ago

    This is like the 25th time I've seen this

  • CringeWorthyGaming
    CringeWorthyGaming 1 month ago

    0:39 Does this really work!?

  • Sam Ashton
    Sam Ashton 1 month ago

    Wtaf is that shite he keeps calling butter‽

  • Lucien Blondel
    Lucien Blondel 1 month ago

    these egg puns man, they're killing me

  • tiggetty
    tiggetty 1 month ago

    Why in the balls would you add vegetable oil to the water for a soft boiled egg. A large egg that you want soft boiled, for ramen or something like that, takes around 5 minutes... this is not a secret, and the oil does nothing at all.

  • tiggetty
    tiggetty 1 month ago

    You NEVER put milk in eggs that are cooked on high heat.... ever... high heat scorching and milk do not mix. You can do it with low heat from the get go but not high then low... unless you like the taste of carbon.

  • tiggetty
    tiggetty 1 month ago

    Your instructions for quick sunny side up egg takes longer than it takes to cook one conventionally.

  • Eat em n Smile
    Eat em n Smile 1 month ago

    is this my brain on drugs

  • Latias Latios
    Latias Latios 1 month ago

    All people know how to make scrambled eggs 🍳

    RON TOM 1 month ago

    please dont waste anything

  • Betty Gezahegn
    Betty Gezahegn 1 month ago

    Ok thx

  • Dabbing Charmander
    Dabbing Charmander 1 month ago

    I don't know why he used incredible he should have used eggcelent

  • TheCardNerd
    TheCardNerd 1 month ago

    Me want egg whites

  • Dream Maker
    Dream Maker 1 month ago

    Very Nice

  • Karthik M
    Karthik M 1 month ago

    it's awesome

  • Super LuckyMe
    Super LuckyMe 1 month ago

    I Love my Eggs.

  • treestump flyer
    treestump flyer 1 month ago

    what does a bad egg do in water?

  • Tim Seijas Romay
    Tim Seijas Romay 1 month ago

    You could say this tricks are egg-cellent

  • Hunor's Music Channel

    I love eggs so thanks for this video :)

  • joycelyn barrera
    joycelyn barrera 1 month ago

    what bottle do you use for the egg white hack? I tired Dasani bottles and it did not work

    GUY WITH A SWORD 1 month ago

    I'm allergic

  • Katie Dancy
    Katie Dancy 1 month ago

    My breakfast ever morning is scrambled eggs in a mug.

  • Mittens the meme
    Mittens the meme 1 month ago


  • Ramanpreet Singh
    Ramanpreet Singh 1 month ago

    amazing man....

  • Ryan
    Ryan 1 month ago

    you do know not everyone has a microwave, right?

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris 1 month ago

    all these are examples look horrible, maybe its the american style of cooking but nothing looked good here. and who doesn't have time to cook an egg on the hob, it probably takes less time than faffing around with your microwave.

  • ChaCha Charlie
    ChaCha Charlie 1 month ago

    why would you put oil and water together in a hot pan? you know hot oil and water together can cause fires right?

  • TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long

    Pun count: 3

  • Miles Farmer Youtube

    4:02 he is removing the egg from the plate to the pan.

  • Rachel Wong
    Rachel Wong 2 months ago

    Incr-egg-dible ?

  • GenderLess Fart
    GenderLess Fart 2 months ago

    I would make a egg pun. But my pun are so *ROTTEN* Eh..eh??? Okay no they really suck... I go home now.

  • lucas valadao
    lucas valadao 2 months ago


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