la burra gosadora del rio lia

potro v/s burra gosadora

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Author IHDDD (4 years)
pinchi caballo puto joto echenle un n burro

Author Myreia Rocha (3 years)
que video mais besta!!!!!!!

Author Susukeyup5555555 (4 years)
He's fixed

Author Jones ferreira boechat (4 years)
maldita inclusâo digital coloca alguma coisa q preste seu comedia

Author antonio77423 (4 years)
o que eles estavam fazendow

Author maria eugenia Nieto (3 years)
que risa mas lenda tiene el que filma

Author ehlertr23 (5 years)
It IS saying it's a stallion that's neutered. A gelding is a stallion that
had his balls cut off. If you castrate a stallion young enough, he won't
respond to a mare in heat at all. Whereas, the longer you wait to castrate
him, the more he will still act like a stallion, even after he's castrated.
Not all the time, but most.

Author Susukeyup5555555 (5 years)
I'd say its a gelding...

Author 2213perla (4 years)

Author sheppak . (5 years)
@phillyhippie a neutered male horse.

Author beanz1244 (5 years)
There going to make a mule!

Author Elsapo334 (4 years)
jaja que jotos

Author marvel4891 (5 years)
zo paté ni ayin a fè

Author Sharon Black (5 years)
she is being tied up ..unable to move..and listen to the jeers in the back
ground...yea, that's really cool...barffffff

Author alejandro gomez (4 years)
nvjsdvmc mv bjsdv dfvsd fvsdvcksdnvlhdfjvndfjvnjfdnvjvmcn j

Author lily butters (4 years)
aiiii tadinha!

Author 123Brailee321 (4 years)
Hmm wonder why he wouldnt do it?! Cause you dont breed a fuckin horse with
a donkey.

Author Muiz Ali (4 years)

Author Sharon Black (5 years)
there is something about the cackling in the background, that really turns
my stomach...go home and jerk off Mexies

Author Sharon Black (5 years)
nice wanna be play, shakesphere...minis 10 stars..

Author Vailith (4 years)
What you're doing it wrong and cruel. The donkey is too small to be bearing
a foal from a horse. If you want a mule it's the other way around. Male
donkey, female horse. Getting a donkey pregnant by a horse is dangerous,
the foal could become too large and kill the donkey...Don't do this again,
it's cruel.

Author phillyhippie (5 years)
whats a gelding?

Author coromande (5 years)
y is there a horse and donkey breeeding?

Author Susukeyup5555555 (5 years)
To phillyhippie: A gelding is a almost like saying a stallion is neutered.
Meaning his breeding capabilities are taken to make him calmer. Meaning, he
cannot get it up to breed to the in heat female, despite how much he might
want to. Its just like getting a male dog fixed except a horse is a hundred
times bigger.

Author 2Simple2Blink (4 years)
@ConceptionalHatred *sigh* an equine, that goes for donkeys too will only
have a baby as big as their body will allow any real growth is done after
the foal is born. its normal and happens all the time with PROFESSIONAL
breeders who breed 17 hand horses to 15 hand mares and so on. these two are
nearly the same size. its likely the donkey just wasn't in heat.

Author ponycrazzy (6 years)

Author Alexander Izquierdo (5 years)
Que video tan Mk

Author ProfessorxVile (5 years)
Muslim courtship at its finest, praise be to Allah!

Author thumperjim007 (5 years)

Author REXROTH61 (5 years)
nahhh, maybe some other time : )

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