Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History.

Special thanks to the producers at, for their excellent beats.
you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at:

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▼ CAST ▼
NicePeter as Lady Gaga
vlog channel: |

Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: |

Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: |

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

thanks for watching homies,
see you soon.

-nice peter

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Author Johnnie Brookwood ( ago)
John McCain flipping us all off at the end = best

Author Ben Spencer ( ago)
Sarah Palin

Author S. Feather ( ago)
Trump vs Hillary klinton (can't spell her name lol!)

Author Jaiden Gray ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Charlene Scism ( ago)
Sarah Palin definitely won

Author Jonathan Gill ( ago)
Sarah Palin won

Author Helena Goss ( ago)
lady gogo

Author theladykt ( ago)

Author Gamer Na Área ( ago)
Sarah Palin wins

Author nicholas gonzales ( ago)
Sarah has a high voice

Author Giulia Neves ( ago)
Obama vs. Donald Trump

Author EpicCookie Gaming (GameplayOtter) ( ago)
0:20 she's insulting gagas voice yet she sounds like a cat in a washing
machine XD

Author Marieta Ivanova ( ago)
Five fucking years and just now I get the "Big balls'' line...

Author Science 2020 ( ago)
Sarah Palin was the first woman in Politics. Eat a dick Hillary.

Author FZERO20 ( ago)
Quicksilver vs The Flash

Author sidewinder3000 ( ago)
Lady Gaga beat Sarah Palin in a landslide!

Author He Man ( ago)
sarahs voice is so annoying but some of her lines were good. lady gaga was
eh but the governor of alaska was really a burn

Author Ryan Provonsha ( ago)
Still a shockingly-good Sarah Palin impression. It's like they just brought
the real thing into the studio for this.

Author Oliver Kurek ( ago)
the weeknd vs jason derulo

Author Ashley Ryan ( ago)
Sarah won :D

Author Keith Norwood ( ago)
Sarah's dancing was (: and I was like 😂😂😂😂

Author Wade Ecelston ( ago)
that idiot just make fun of Alaska? the place where you can actually go
enjoy nature for once?

Author ice wolf ( ago)
Sarah palin vs Ellen

Author The M.K.M. ( ago)
was this the last public sighting of LisaNova?

Author Electrocat ( ago)
laddy gaga sounds like a man

Author daimyoyo ( ago)
Seems funny that Sarah keeps bashing Lady Gaga for being a
transvestite--and a dude played her.

Author Olivia Tales ( ago)
yes yes yes yes danisnotonfire vs amazingphil

Author Ian Lockwood ( ago)
How did you get the actual Sarah Palin to be in this video

Author Jamie FoxWood ( ago)
When Sarah said your music doesn't scare me she sounded like
A little kid

Author sophia adventures ( ago)

Author peridot madden ( ago)
why does the fucking Canadian sound like a little gurl

Author SansTheDork :3 ( ago)
It's funny that Gaga is played by a man in this one, and ya know Sarah's
first verse thing is talking about her looking like a man.

Author Qtea The Swag ( ago)
i don't endorse palin but damn she got rhymes

Author Lacking Reality ( ago)
yeah no the jackson 5 is just no just no

Author hayden avidon ( ago)
lady gaga wins

Author niamh fennell ( ago)
danisnotonfire vs amazingphil PLEASE WE NEED THIS

Author Starwarsguy19 ( ago)
Sarah Palin, well no one can lose to- Lady Gaga.... wow this is tough

Author JayHawk Nation ( ago)
Lady Gaga has clearly never been to Alaska.

Author Carson Corndog ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Ivan Jovanovic ( ago)
Lady Gaga beat the meat before it was cool

Author Dil Howlter ( ago)
lady gaagoo

Author Emily Boehnke ( ago)
Donald Trump vs Taylor Swift

Author EmilyEmergency911 ( ago)
ERB Sarah Palin made too much sense to be anything like the real Sarah

Author Chase the Case ( ago)
Sarah Palins daughter goes to my school and I gotta be honest, she's a

Author The101pup030 ( ago)
Lady Gaga was played by Peter!

Author Mika Leminen ( ago)
Gaga owned it

Author Celia Rachel Kelsch ( ago)
Lady Gaga because YAAAAAS!!!!

Author harak salazar ( ago)
I hate Palin but she barely won.
Mean and stupid bitch.

Author kirby lynch ( ago)

Author Buddy Dean ( ago)
Gaga sounds like a man on here

Author Johan TheIdiot ( ago)
I love how she says ''I killed moose with my bare hands before you were
alive'' whilst she punches a deer. Fucking Gr8 b8, m8.

Author Franchesca Romero ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Evanh32 Lol! ( ago)
Please do flash vs. robin or aqualad

Author Mark Warden ( ago)

Author TheOriginalFayari ( ago)
Hate to say it, but Palin won this by such a large margin.

Author Vaporwave King ( ago)

Author Phan Pham ( ago)
Who did the voice for Sarah, Onision?

Author Izheya West ( ago)
sarah won

Author Clayton Brock ( ago)
They lost me when Gaga dissed homeschooling

Author Ruby Rojas ( ago)
can you do justin bieber vs. salina gomez

Author Kam kat9856 ( ago)
" I sound more intelligent then you when I FART..."

Author Ariana Dominguez ( ago)
lady gaga won

Author Renn_KuranMC ( ago)
gaga won

Author Sara Fruhling ( ago)
Palin's dancing at the end xD loooool

Author Fennekin Fox (SpiritfeatherOfSpiritclan) ( ago)
I find this a bit offensive since I play hockey.

Author Abigail Regan ( ago)
John McCain won XD

Author Rotten Potatoes99 ( ago)
when she said u belong in a hockey game I was offended bcuz hockey is meh

Author AriTheAmazing ( ago)
i like lady gaga and i am a gay piranha so idk

Author J. L. Malarkey ( ago)
What's the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and her vagina?
Only one thing that came out of her vagina was retarded.

Author video gamer ( ago)
Sara won my 🎧 are dead

Author TahlingaTalents1023 ( ago)
Peter as Lady Gaga 😹 holy shit I can't RN

Author Eliana Nagel ( ago)
do Taylor swift vs Katy perry

Author Misho Ďurica ( ago)
I love erb ♥ . But this is the worst battle of all :DDDD

Author PK the Player Gaming (Pina Koala) ( ago)
Gaga won

Author Potato Head ( ago)
back when people thought lady gaga was a dude.... good times..

Author GolderFash ( ago)

Author Boboysrock 223344 ( ago)
One direction vs the beatles

Author LSSReviews ( ago)
Winner: Lady Gaga

Author Iwcecweam transforfantage ( ago)
that body suit doe.

Author Kostis pou ta kazia ( ago)
Dan Quayle vs Dick Cheney

Author Eat My Poop ( ago)
JFK vs Donaldtrump

Author #1 Gamer ( ago)
uuuhhh??? I don't know who Won.

Author KebaTheWeirdo ( ago)
lady gaga won

Author Robert Kuntzman ( ago)
I didn't even know this rap existed, like I had never seen it before

Author Meagan Menor ( ago)
who's bangin Pailin.

Author Chili ( ago)
Poor moose

Author jolene yearian ( ago)
Lady Gaga won

Author Galaxy Xwolf ( ago)
lady gaga sounds like a man

Author Allen Exclamador ( ago)
Sarah palin's favorite outdoor activity is parah salin

Author I Hate Undertale ( ago)
This is practically my mom vs. Lady Gaga.

Author TeamMachine ( ago)
Holy outdated

Author Viser Alpha ( ago)
sarah startoff fucking up

Author pro recon alpha bravo ( ago)
pause at 0:11 and im like: "did she just 'flip the bird'?

Author SUPER SAMURAI202 ( ago)
Well it's to dumbass bitchs

Author Caroline Paul ( ago)
Sarah Pailin won for sure and you should make Harry Belafonte vs Bob Marley

Author Smol bean protection program ( ago)
The fact that she said transvestite makes me hate her even more.

Author MegaWolf X64 ( ago)
The Lady Won...

Author Panic! At Dan Phillout Boy ( ago)

Author Ross Brennan ( ago)
This is probably the worst one in the entire series. Only one ive ever
thought was bad.

Author FrostFire454 ( ago)

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