Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History.

Special thanks to the producers at, for their excellent beats.
you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at:

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▼ CAST ▼
NicePeter as Lady Gaga
vlog channel: |

Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: |

Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: |

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

thanks for watching homies,
see you soon.

-nice peter

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Author Leon du Feu ( ago)
Sarah Palin won

Author Deborah O Ramajama ( ago)
Gaga won it! Love that shes a he. And Pain couldn't even fathom the
comebacks she gave, so its not realistic, LOL!

Author Jack Lindsay ( ago)
Sarah Conner vs Ellen Ripley

Author Ford Knievel ( ago)
Everything you do is just a rerun of Madonna


Author Sarah Shimoda ( ago)
hsuahsuashausasuhsausuahsausuahsausua credo hsuahsuaushauhsaushaush a roupa
da lady gaga socorrr

Author Ira Osborne ( ago)
lady gaga won

Author Jack Kheing ( ago)
Pallin won

Author Danielle-Yzrael Warren ( ago)
That's a boy

Author gabi babatunde ( ago)
brian griffen vs quag

Author Tyler Plummer ( ago)
Nice Peter is Gaga

Author Breana Williams ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author honda197056 ( ago)
Sarah's got this one.

Author Neela Lugo ( ago)
Best line from gaga: "you don't belong in politics you belong in a hockey
Best line from palin: "..."

Author XxfabulasxX ( ago)
lady gaga won lol in my opinion

Author Magdalena Yordanova ( ago)
umm is it me or is lady gaga peter(nice peter)

Author Angel Grace ( ago)
Shane Mcman vs Vince Mcman

Author theFizzyNator ( ago)
Fun Fact: Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga is the only Epic Rap Battle of History
with a beat in the major key.

Author HeraPie ( ago)
Sarah Palin.. In real life, she's crazy as fuck.. I can see why she's
supporting Trump.

Author Austin Anderson ( ago)
sarah big time

Author scott laidlaw ( ago)
Sarah killed it with that opening line

Author Karrisa Renee ( ago)

Author NightAssassin ( ago)
Sarah palin

Author gabi babatunde ( ago)
Lady gaga

Author Aprilcot TheGalacticNothing ( ago)
Dan vs Phil.... Jk I'd die if that happened XD

Author cameltoejoe69 ( ago)
The girl who plays Sarah Palin's pretty hot.

Author Police 159 ( ago)
Who the fuck is lady gaga

Author Aeric Bailey ( ago)
'most dysfunctional family since the jackson fucking five'

Author Aeric Bailey ( ago)
damn gaga

Author Teh Awesome gamers ( ago)

Author Presaya Morales ( ago)
I don't know

Author Willy O'Halloran ( ago)
Is it just me or does Nice Peter look more like Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka
than Lady Gaga in this?

Author Erin Welcenbach ( ago)

Author Shhhelbi Elizabeth ( ago)
Lady GaGa

Author Amy Van ( ago)
You knocked her dead Sarah.

Author Amy Van ( ago)
Sarah is from Alaska. I live in Alaska. And home school is cool becomes you
can take a mouth long vacation in April.

Author Monie Abdelmaseh ( ago)
Adele vs Taylor Swift

Author Ryan Hayman ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Fred Burger ( ago)
Palin won

Author Rachel Adjei ( ago)

Author Rachel Adjei ( ago)
Sarah Palin

Author Brynn Vogel ( ago)
I hate to say it. But Sarah Palin.. She won.

Author The Mavtastic Dudes Channel ( ago)
I feel like this is a tie but in gonna go with Lady Gaga

Author Biscuit0100 ( ago)
"History will regret you like John McCain" OOOOOOOOOH!!! 😂🔥

Author Joshua Makay ( ago)
Throw back to when they still posted ERB on nice peters Channel

Author ShellBell Hill ( ago)
Lady Gaga won I think

Author Teenie Kratzer ( ago)
Sarah Houghton v.s. Hannah Houghton

Author Jadin Shelley ( ago)
God my ears are bleeding after watching this.

Author Sweet girl2016 Anderson ( ago)
There palin goes again embarresing herself again

Author TheBurningDiamond ( ago)
Palin won because lady gaga was played by Nice Peter

Author Alex M ( ago)
Sarah Palin has seriously great legs here. 

Author Kc Gamer2.0 ( ago)
They both lose

Author LT 101 airborne ( ago)
alesia accected

Author Joe Rogers ( ago)

Author Loga Nator ( ago)
What the fuck is up with ERB and John Mcain.

Author Xiomara Merkley ( ago)

Author Lucy Bowman ( ago)
I like how when Sarah said the the thing about how she isn't a lady, I
realized that Gaga was played by a dude named Peter

Author Lindsey Mollett ( ago)
lady gaga

Author Nonna Busnez ( ago)
Sarah owned it!

Author The Debaucherous Dweeb ( ago)
Peter is such a good Lady Gaga. If I weren't already bi, I'd be very
sexually confused right now...

Author addy kay ( ago)
gaga won

Author Jacob Hamberger ( ago)
Sarah palin

Author Beats Littlewood ( ago)
Demi lovato vs Simon cowell

Author Dylan Ledoux ( ago)
This is the worst of them all I gotta say or at least one of them

Author Miranda Andersen ( ago)
Palin. Definitely. Her insults were better. And she just sounded better.

Author miko watanabe ( ago)

Author TheLProductions1 ( ago)
Palin won

Author agnes ramirez ( ago)
Mike Tyson vs Leonardo di caprio

Author Padmja Sopori ( ago)
whatever happened to Lisa Nova?

Author Lewis Edwards ( ago)
Lol, I don't think one pregnant teen daughter comes even close to the
dysfunctional train wreck that was the Jacksons.

Author OsanaNajimi ( ago)

Author Ispell2 ( ago)
I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin, but... She won.

Author Kira Moore ( ago)
lady gaga

Author Deverey1 ( ago)
History will regret you like joh-joh-joh-john McCain.

Author Thomas Jenkins ( ago)
they both lose.

Author Z Man of the African Plains ( ago)

Author ForeverOfTheStars ( ago)
That Jackson 5 line killed it

Author suzanne johnston ( ago)
Katy perry vs Taylor swift

Author Dinu Breu ( ago)
HOLY SHIT I just now realized Lady Gaga is Nice Peter

Author TheEASZone ( ago)
Palin won

Author The Artist ( ago)
Sara Palin won

Author Dylan Brackett (The Next Generation) ( ago)
Fred vs Lucas Cruikshank

Author Braixen Boy Adventures ( ago)

Author Rachel m ( ago)
This is the one I remember all the words to hahaha Sarah one in my opinion

Author tomrulz444 ( ago)

Author Sam K ( ago)
Palin got rekt

Author mark rodriguez ( ago)
lady gaga won ; she's the best

Author Kimberly Gonzalez ( ago)
go serah

Author Kay Strickland ( ago)
what's up with lady Gaga s voice?

Author Miss Methven ( ago)
It should have been Sarah Pallin v.s. Donald Trump

Author Dana Sperry ( ago)
Elsa vs Anna

Author Darude Landstorm ( ago)
Trump vs Clinton

Author Kawtton Kandii ( ago)
Pewdiepie vs markiplier

Author smug cat ( ago)
sarah palin won

Author sabastian nicholson ( ago)
forest gump vs forest boyent (lawless)

Author Sandra C ( ago)
Lady Gaga, Julius Caesar, Freddie Mercury, Vladimir Putin, Micheal Jackson,
Mr. Rogers - is there anyone Nice Peter can't portray?

Author Lucius Lawrence ( ago)
Sarah Palin!

Author magno123Hc ( ago)
Yo lady gaga fucking roasted

Author Everything Is Awesome ( ago)
"im more intelligent than you even when i fart". gaga wins instantly.

Author John Doe ( ago)
Let's go for a super edgy battle... Jihadi John vs. Osama Bin Laden!

Author Everything Is Awesome ( ago)
markiplier vs jackscepticeye

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