Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History.

Special thanks to the producers at, for their excellent beats.
you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at:

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▼ CAST ▼
NicePeter as Lady Gaga
vlog channel: |

Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: |

Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: |

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

thanks for watching homies,
see you soon.

-nice peter

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Author Good Mystery Morning ( ago)
Rhett and Link vs nice Peter and epic Loid

Author WhiteNova2378 ( ago)
Aggggghhhhhhh! Sarah's voice feels like a drill bit in my ear!

Author Aydan Chagnon ( ago)
This one goes to the president of Alaska or whatever her name

Author Cindy karim ( ago)
Stupid as heck

Author Mario T (MarioTime7) ( ago)
Anybody find it strange that Nice Peter portrayed Lady Gaga?

Author jenny vega ( ago)
kick sarah Palin bitch ass, lady gaga

Author Badtothebones100 ( ago)
Fuck you baby gaga. Sarah Palin wins.

Author Kayla Lucas (99 years ago)
sorry to say but I personally think that it is a tie

Author Mya Donovan (1869 years ago)
tie you guys rule

Author Purpleemonkey33 (1613 years ago)

Author Chris Oliva ( ago)
Please?! Tv show vs tv show?

Author Chris Oliva ( ago)
Can you guys do American horror story vs Scream queens

Author william Delarge ( ago)
Palin !

Author Alex Gio (1749 years ago)
I think they both lost

Author Natasha Hall ( ago)

Author Khuletthe Noquiera-Rivera ( ago)
Sarah palin should win cause I don't like lady gaga and plus in the
Philippines "gaga" is bad word

Author Mikey Black ( ago)
with the most disfuctional family since the Jackson fucking five

Author Melissa Boyer ( ago)
Gaga won

Author Brittany Lawson ( ago)
I vote for Lady gaga, fuck Sarah Palin I hate her so much and she is a
bully. So fuck Sarah Palin and Donald Trump!!!! Go Lady gaga she nailed it
si hard on Sarah Palin hahahah!!!!

Author Brittany Lawson ( ago)
I vote for Lady gaga, fuck Sarah Palin I hate her so much and she is a
bully. So fuck Sarah Palin and Donald Trump!!!! Go Lady gaga she nailed it
si hard on Sarah Palin hahahah!!!!

Author Jacob W ( ago)
Madonna vs Kim kardashian

Author Herobrine The Greifer ( ago)
does anyone notice the fake skin "lady gaga" has on O.o plain has normal
lady gaga has fake skin so thats a little odd

Author rah gaming ( ago)
palin won

Author Shalisa Bethea ( ago)
Lady Gaga


Author Jordyn White ( ago)
lady Gaga

Author Daniel Tachiki ( ago)
Sarah palin

Author Leo Dattadeen ( ago)
i can see why str8 ppl like this, low key

Author Thadeus Crimson ( ago)
"Governor of Alaska?/ That's like the principal of a home school."
Well, fuck you Alaska.

Author 805SLICK1 ( ago)
I seen all these when they came out still watch them haha

Author 805SLICK1 ( ago)
hate Sarah
her voice is a hell no

Author johanna minn ( ago)
gotta go with sara

Author Slade Xiong ( ago)
the gay cross dresser guy who did lady gaga won i liked his rap better

Author Grace Queen ( ago)
You should try and do Marilyn Manson vs. Charles Manson

Author Macy Wissig ( ago)
Why does "Lady GaGa" sound like a guy?

Author Kayema Eloi ( ago)
2016 anyone?

Author 11jhurley ( ago)
This is the least that Sarah Palin has stuttered in a public forum.

Author DanAppeared ( ago)
"You're voice sounds likea rooster having sex with a frog"Sarah, your voice
sounds awful

Author Nico Coto ( ago)
Right wingin' bitter clingin' proud clingers of our state!!!

Author Izabel Taylor ( ago)
super girl vs bat girl

Author Alesiah Manhoo ( ago)
5 years, Palin's voice is still annoying. (And she likes Tronald Dump)

Author King Willow ( ago)
The lady who played Palin is Hot and Sexy

Author dance 4 life together ( ago)
why don't you do you tuber vs you tuber

Author Proud Daddy ( ago)
Palin Wins

Author badgas ( ago)
when lady Gaga destroys sarah Palin there is something wrong with that.
governor of Alaska getting beat by a weird ass singer

Author Weeaboo Does Things ( ago)
I was supposed to be asleep 30 minutes ago

Author Tim Davis ( ago)
Clinton vs Trump

Author Gamesman01 ( ago)
Lady Gaga won and is more of a Lady than Sarah Palin.

Author Heather Reece ( ago)
lady gaga because she did amazing in american horror story and because
sarah thinks its okay to slaughter wolves

Author Stephanie loveCandiceDelong ( ago)
I think i'd rather elect a smurf than vote for you.LOL

Author Christian Gaskins ( ago)
Nice peter no homo you look hot like that lol

Author Ryan Hillock ( ago)
Right wingin, bitter clingin, proud clingers

Author Brynn Vogel ( ago)
I see 2011 and think, "oh, 2 years ago." And then i realize that it was 5

Author Evol Xotic ( ago)
wtf is this ? it should've been gaga vs madonna instead

Author Jen Knowsgaming ( ago)
Sarah Palin so #won #sarahpalinwon

Author Anthony Nunez ( ago)
Elton John VS David Bowie

Author Kasandra Wood ( ago)
sarah palin

Author aida Ruiz (927 years ago)
lady gaga won

Author Freddie Littlechild (177 years ago)
Sarah palin won

Author Me and My Cat ( ago)
Sarah Palin won

Author YuQing (288 years ago)
if lady gaga vs madonna will me way more better

Author jangnative ( ago)
진짜 여자가 레이디 가가 역할을 했으면 더 보기 좋았을 텐데.

Author Jack Freddy ( ago)
the girl how plays Palin is hot man

Author Kyler Ross (1427 years ago)
i hate Sarah palin and she needs to stop pretending that anyone still
thinks that she is even remotely relevant but whoever played her did an
incredibly good job.

Author james svagerko (744 years ago)
if you kill a moose with you bare hands then you should receive the rap
battle winner title

Author Research circumcision ( ago)
She just endorsed trump

Author Gendo3s2k ( ago)
lol is that a dude playing GAGA?

Author Joshua Makay ( ago)
Fuck these memories

Author Anjelica Williams ( ago)

Author 3sunniix ( ago)
I also sound more intelligent than Palin when I fart!

Author David Marquez ( ago)
Not cool that they used a guy... Try again

Author Kenzie Loomer ( ago)
Little does Sarah know that Gaga was on American Horror Story. o_o

Author Matthew Capozio ( ago)
Your voice isn't any better, Sarah.

Author E Ryuu ( ago)
Palin won.

Author Jonny Miller ( ago)
gaga won

Author Dave B ( ago)
LisaNova as Sarah Palin vs Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Author rivanianx ( ago)
NicePeter as Lady Gaga is perfection. :D

Author Op Mobb3r ( ago)
Palin won

Author SkiPlaysCOD ( ago)
not lady gaga man gaga

Author Junor Heranadez ( ago)
Sarah's won

Author lastprism5 ( ago)
Palin Won COZ "I Kill moose with my bare hands before you were alive" thats

Author EunJae Won ( ago)
Palin's voice SO annoying

Author John Wolfersteig ( ago)

Author Usuário Do Google ( ago)
Sarah Palin wins

Author Izabella Wilas ( ago)
Gaga won this for me.

Author Andre Segarra ( ago)
"Your music doesn't scare me, I'm a mother of five!"

Palin won the whole thing with that line right there.

Author Marija Pavlovic ( ago)
superman vs Sam from iCarly

Author polofiend ( ago)
Sarah Palin won. Fact.

Author Влад Макаренко ( ago)

Author Alexis Gannan ( ago)

Author dixie cox ( ago)

Author ChaoticLaughterInc ( ago)
It's a tie because they're both retarded bitches that the world could do
without! NEXT!

Author Haylee Hoffman ( ago)
sarah palin

Author James Levison ( ago)
The lady gaga voice scares me

Author João Sequeira (1920 years ago)
Nero vs Átila

Author Jahzay Pugh ( ago)

Author Cory Guyton ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Meghan Butler ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Ataraxy Edits ( ago)
Lady gaga won. Her verses were so much better

Author Lucy Haines ( ago)
(when you sing it sounds like a roosted having sex with a frog) Lol lost it

Author Kaytlyn Lambrecht ( ago)
Sarah palin

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