Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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"We will be back with season 5.5 sooner than you think"

▼ CAST ▼
Lady Gaga: Nice Peter

John McCain: EpicLLOYD

Sarah Palin: Lisa Nova

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Beat Production by:
20 Dollar Beats

Written by:
Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD


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Runtime: 2:26
Comments: 129736

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Author Jack Jarrett ( ago)
Lady Gaga won indisputably. Feel free to dispute.

Author monkey feedz ( ago)
They were both bad

Author Kaley Easterling ( ago)
Did anyone else catch the queen reference

Author Tia Betiong ( ago)
Adam Sandler vs. Jack Black

Author Tia Betiong ( ago)
Sarah Palin won in my opinion

Author Tia Betiong ( ago)
Michael Phelps vs. Kate Ledecky?

Author 陳韜宇 ( ago)
I'm here to enjoy the John Mcain part

Author SAVAGE Beasts ( ago)
lady gaga

Author ken evans ( ago)
More intelligence when I fart

Author Hunter Fulmer ( ago)
the only poltics i saw on this was trump,oboma,palin and robney

Author Stefan Haken ( ago)
Gaga wins :D

Author Char Sladee ( ago)
dan vs phil needs to happen

Author Junayna Al-Ferdous ( ago)
Omg lmao nice peter was lady gaga 😂😂😂😂

Author Blood The red panda ( ago)
Sarah palin won

Author The Quad Squad ( ago)
As an alaskan i am offended WE DON'T LIVE IN IGLOOS WE'RE NOT A FUCKING

Author Laina The Gamer Girl ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Flowercrown Hamada ( ago)
The beat sounds like a BOTDF song.

Author Melissa Villegas ( ago)
lady gaga won

Author nicole bichsel ( ago)
I can't believe Sarah Palin's on Donald Trump's side. I wouldn't want HIM
to be President of the USA.

Author Desmond Hunter ( ago)
They have something against John McCain. second video in a row they
mentioned him

Author InfinityMoore One ( ago)
palin clearly won

Author Juile Brown ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author JR F ( ago)
Helen Keller vs clara Barton

Author MechanicalWWF ( ago)
Watching this in August because Gaga's music doesn't scare her - she's a
mother of five and oh Sara killed a moose with her bare hands before Gaga
was alive :D

Author The Illuminati ( ago)
"I sound more intelligent than you when I fart"

Erb is running out of good lines

Author GodlyBlessedLiibaan God is Good ( ago)
lady gaga is the winner imho

Author Goku Gamer ( ago)
WTF lady Gaga was acted by NicePeter

Author Bunny Lake ( ago)
Sarah Palin makes Alaskans look horrible.

Author RockSwagger86 ( ago)

Author Cabrea Vanity ( ago)
shara is next

Author Felicia ( ago)
This is the 3rd time they've dissed the Jackson 5 family lmao

Author H.L.A Solomonov ( ago)
I guess nice Peter much prettier than gaga

Author 1visualfxguy ( ago)
Do Seth McFarlane vs. Matt Groening!

Author Brownie topix King ( ago)
First ever erb with a guest

Author Maedella Ferris ( ago)
lady gaga flipped me off at 0:11

Author Jay Parikh ( ago)
sarans voice so annoying

Author DecorusLuize Luize ( ago)
Gaga won. Applause by Lady Gaga, buy on itunes

Author Glacier Ange1 ( ago)

Author HeyIt'sMicky ( ago)
Green Day vs Metallica

Author Markie W ( ago)
The AuzzieGamer vs John Oliver.

Author Official Euan9824 ( ago)
A couple years ago this was the first ever ERB video I watched and that's
when my addiction started....

Author pizza ruler boss ( ago)

Author Sir Comet ( ago)
the color of the title screen looks like shit

Author Keaton Link ( ago)

Author Nol Glemsel ( ago)
John McCain's finger won.

Author Foxy lover ( ago)

Author Brandon Connel ( ago)

Author Khurshida Begum ( ago)
That is nice. :|

Author Coco 9 ( ago)
Madonna vs Ritaora

Author Bella77 Janke ( ago)
Lol Sara plain won but wth😂😂

Author Cool Dude ( ago)
Gaga's first line gave my chills that voice

Author Panda Girl ( ago)
I like lady gaga better but Sarah palin totally won.

Author Ludwig von toybonthoven ( ago)
john McCain vs Marilyn manson

Author Luke Kaiser ( ago)
I have those lady gaga glasses except yellow

Author Danica Sandoval ( ago)
I know this by heart

Author Joseph Hynes ( ago)
Sarah And Abe Lincoln started off the same with different words lol this
good though

Author ldb ( ago)
this sarah palin is HOT!

Author Mc Red fox ( ago)

Author RileyW2k ( ago)
Sarahs voice makes my ears bleed

Author Salim Ali ( ago)
MattyB vs lady gaga

Author taylor wolf ( ago)
sarah palin won!!

Author Riley D. ( ago)
lady gaga won

Author Bilbo Took ( ago)
That John McCain blow at the end just made Gaga win hands down

Author Jolie Smith ( ago)
they should have one with lady gaga and madonna

Author Saman Mahjoob ( ago)
OMG Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin...what ever happened to her !??

Author Kaylee Nguyen ( ago)
is that jeffree star

Author jason way ( ago)

Author tamom a ( ago)
sarah palin

Author Aislyn Clark ( ago)
"Tell me the dirtiest joke you know."
"Sarah Palin."
"God, I love you."

Author Milena D'Anzi ( ago)
Hulk vs. rocky

Author Grandmaster Dinner Roll ( ago)
Lady Gaga won, but no one agrees...

Author Rei Ikeda ( ago)
Lana Del Rey vs whoever it is
I just wanna watch Lana :p

Author That One Drummer ( ago)

Author ShellyAndKevin Christensen ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Namoth ( ago)
would love to watch someone secretly recording palins reaction watching
this..although i suppose its unlikely she even grasp 1/3 of whats said XD

Author Trixsepticeye ( ago)
"i sound more....intelligent....than you...when i fart" OHHHH!!

Author Reese Miller ( ago)

Author Nabanza Nabanza ( ago)
No mention of a certain parody involving broken down Russian Tank?

Author Fiberpoet ( ago)
I sound more intelligent than you when I fart -owned! And true!

Author Umer Ali ( ago)
You should've gotten Lisa Ann for Sarah Palin

Author DerpPigs FTW ( ago)
One of the best erb lines was, you may be gaga but you aint a lady at all.

Author H Pinecone125286 ( ago)
I wanted to die

Author Heather Williams ( ago)
I don't know Sarah, but she nailed it!

Author nurizeko ( ago)
Whoever wins, we all lose. So badly.

Author RT Moody ( ago)
Fitting that a man should be Gaga. I haven't been able to bring myself to
watch SNL again since I saw her set. It was perhaps the most mind-numbing
entertainment experience of my life. How do I get that time back? Wait, I

Author Mom's Spaghetti ( ago)
John McCain is the best part of this video

Author Lily-Marlène Tinnhoa ( ago)
ERB were so great back then...

Author Archie Tilson ( ago)
Obama vs Donald trump

Author Erica Slater ( ago)
Sarah Palin!!!!!

Author Weeping Dalek ( ago)
Palin's voice was torture, Gaga wins

Author Beastly ( ago)
Ouch, that first part of Sarah killed my ears XD

Author jenkzkh ( ago)
I still think sonny vs cher

Author TheRainbowMudkipGamer's ( ago)
It Was Palin

Author Amelia Fitchett ( ago)
Yas Gaga roasted

Author Superpilak7 ( ago)
Sarah is acting like she's a real native

Author ASDW ( ago)
I. NEED. MORE. . . .

Author Da Tube ( ago)
John McCain won

Author jjblaster ( ago)
just found out nice peter is gaga XD

Author Joshua_ WWE ( ago)
of the other lady one I do her name but she domimated. and she ja right "u
may be a gaga.... but u sure aint a lady" I am a fan of l"lady" gaga but
she lost and she sounded like a man when she was speaking

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