Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History.

Special thanks to the producers at, for their excellent beats.
you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at:

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▼ CAST ▼
NicePeter as Lady Gaga
vlog channel: |

Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: |

Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: |

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

thanks for watching homies,
see you soon.

-nice peter

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Author Alan Polly ( ago)
Sarahs voice is so damn annoying.....

Author Wei Cao ( ago)
lol horrable acting

Author Temi Agunlejika ( ago)
Beyoncé Vs Katy Perry

Author Niah Webster ( ago)
sarah palin won...lady gaga is a loser

Author Joshua Cantu ( ago)
Is this a Bitch fight or a witch fight. If anything Gaga won this one Cause
Palin is Annoying asfu

Author Seong Hong ( ago)
Sarah Palin's voice is not screetchy enough.

Author Nerdkitty 300 ( ago)
uh governor of alaska thats like a principal of a home school? not really
but yeah sarah palin won

Author FutureSlacker917 ( ago)
0:38 Our thoughts on Donald Trump.

Author dasia Moss ( ago)
that was great but Edward Cullen vs Dracula

Author Ballpython0208 ( ago)
Lady gaga I like her music

Author Antonius ZeProGamer ( ago)
"Your voice is like a rooster having sex with a dog".


Author Leigh Owen ( ago)
WHo's John MCcain?

Author The Mighty Dominator ( ago)
who's watching in 2015

Author Sandy Spicer ( ago)
Lady gaga

Author Katherine Redouane ( ago)
Sara should go against Justin beber

Author Annabella Rivera ( ago)
I have no words😮

Author B Flat ( ago)
Sarah Palin swapped first letter is parah salin. Parasailing. Haha.

Author Luka Chorman ( ago)
they should do miranda sings vs ryan higa

Author sagerator05 ( ago)
I live ten miles from Sarah she lives in Alaska off a lake

Author Mya Robinson ( ago)
do taylor swift vs selena gomez

Author Corey Sierchio ( ago)
This is the most coherent I've heard Sarah Palin.

Author Abi Folkes ( ago)
Sarah Palin x

Author Arjan Chadha ( ago)

Author Brynn Serif ( ago)

Author Fabian I.D.K ( ago)
Eminem - We Made You

Author Arryanna's designs ( ago)
1. WHO THE FUCK IS SARAH PALIN!!!??? 2.who else thinks Lady Gaga sounds
like a guy in this vid?!

Author Surakan Sumpaokeaw ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Kayley Cummings ( ago)
Sarah Palin, doesn't even compare.

Author Alan Polly ( ago)
I have honestly have to say Gaga won this one (yess i know this is from
2011 but who cares?)

Author Ballpython0208 ( ago)
I like lady gaga

Author Elysia Abair (847 years ago)
lady gaga vs. madonna

Author TheCrossHare ( ago)
Palin cuz im in alaska Woot!

Author rightwired ( ago)
Lol, I remember back when Hillary Clinton was relevant x)v

Author Electrus Boom (990 years ago)
Wait.... Sarah Palin told Lady Gaga to put some pants on.... But Sarah
Palin wasn't wearing pants either... L00m1n4t1 CNFRMD

Author End Gaming (endgame5123) ( ago)

Author Katriel Chartrand (373 years ago)
I have no idea who to choose.

Justin treadeau vs Steven Harper

Author Gilbert Ponce ( ago)
ha gottee

Author Gilbert Ponce ( ago)
ds nuts

Author Gilbert Ponce ( ago)
she sucks

Author Gilbert Ponce ( ago)
she sucks

Author Gilbert Ponce ( ago)
sarah palin forget lady gaga

Author wimpykidfan37 ( ago)
"You maybe Gaga, but you ain't a lady at all. I've seen those outfits
you've been wearing! That takes big balls!!!" Palin won.

Author Luciana Rios ( ago)

Author Shelly Rosa ( ago)
I totally things that Lady Gaga one mostly because of her outfits and her
rap and stuff

Author Mr. Dapper ( ago)
sarah palin won, because she isn't nice peter in drag.

Author JediFat ( ago)
The Crow Vs The Punisher. Now.

Author Luna Moonstar ( ago)
Lady gaga won lol becuz ur voice ISN"T AS ANNOYING.

Author Alicia Abesamis ( ago)
shadow vs dark king

Author ThatsSoAmira YepThatsMe ( ago)
Lady gaga's spit was harder

Author Kittytiger LPS ( ago)
lady gaga

Author Daniela Kanes ( ago)
Lady gaga is Bad-Ass and she's calm about her rap

Author Даша Голубова ( ago)

Author cwjalexx ( ago)
the girl who played palin was pretty cute but not as hot as the girl that
played lady gaga

Author Jai Greengrass ( ago)
It's 2 in the morning what am I doing how did I get here

Author Hannah Banana ( ago)
Lady Gaga sooooo won that

Author thepersonwhohasnovideos ( ago)
I think Sarah Palin...
She leads a better life than Gaga is all I can say :/

Author Meghan Scanlon ( ago)
palin sounds like a hysterical child , dumb and desperate. Lady gaga all
the way.

Author WolfvineGaming ( ago)
They mustve been desperate for someone to play Lady Gaga if they had a guy
play as Lady Gaga

Author Emma A ( ago)
Sarah plain won and I love her voice in this

Author zack haro ( ago)
Do Donald trump and a Mexican gardener LOL!!!!!

Author Jordin Cowherd ( ago)
Definitely goes to Lady Gaga

Author yogeidi melo ( ago)
Her voice is so annoying but I still like her part 

Author brycepitts01 ( ago)
I think the president of the United States will be not happy about this
video look I'm just going to be honest here it will happen.

Author panduhbear21 ( ago)
Did anyone notice that Nice Peter was Lady GaGa? O_O That is messed up!

Author Jessica Beukemann ( ago)
of course sarah palin won

Author Савва Самарин ( ago)
Lady Gaga man?

Author filipinordabest ( ago)
Is it true that waterboarding is the American way of baptizing terrorists?

Author Julia Fang ( ago)
doesn't Lady Gaga sorta sound like a boy?

Author July Stacy Bargas ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Ignorance Isbliss ( ago)
Palin's not in Gaga's league. The lady is smart...Palin's a fuckin ignorant

Author Arnathain Sherman ( ago)
Jason and slender man

Author Meringue Cake ( ago)
Is that nice Peter 😂

Author DigitalDomain123 ( ago)
Anyone else thought Lisa Nova sounded like Amanda from The Amanda Show?

Author Lanch Lady ( ago)
i remember when lady gaga was actually talked about but after she made
aplause it kinda screwed her

Author Kamarie Johnsin ( ago)
harry potter v harry styles. PLEASE

Author Moonchild _dbk ( ago)
Rocky vs. Scarface

Author Moonchild _dbk ( ago)
Curt Cobain Vs. Elton

Author Crystal Williams ( ago)
hate to say it but Gaga

Author barbara higgins ( ago)
lady ga ga

Author lps rainbow hippo ( ago)
Nikki vs lil Kim
Or Nikki vs Kim
Or Beyoncé vs Kim k

Author Maiki Villarreal ( ago)
why does lady gaga sound like a guy?

Author Ana Jordan ( ago)
cats vs dogs!!!!

Author michelle shumpert ( ago)
michelle obama versus barack obama

Author Mary Anne Thomas ( ago)
why does she need to say jackson fucking five

Author TheCPonder7 ( ago)
Both of them dropped some seriously dope lines in this

Author soprano turner ( ago)
Lady gaga one .... And I like her better so...

Author Martin Walker ( ago)
Sarah palin's a lot hotter than I realised ;)

Author Devon Ruhl ( ago)
Kim Kardashian v Nicki Minaj +KawaiiKiwi mentioned this good one.

Author Timothy Reid ( ago)
Liam Neeson vs denzel Washington

Author Katie McGee ( ago)
A guy was lady gaga!!!!

Author Montueweds ( ago)
This is the weirdest rap battle I have ever seen...

Author Nathans Plays ( ago)
First of all Sarah plains like the girl version of Donald trump so I vote
for lady gaga

Author Shadowman Spamus ( ago)
Holy shit I've seen this video like a billion times and just now realized
that lady gaga is nice peter

Author Bubblelaure 24 ( ago)
I sound more intelligent than you when I fart

Author Basic Bitch ( ago)

Author Ziyi Liu ( ago)
Did Sarah Palin call Lady Gaga's fans gay piranha?

Author jon strang ( ago)
super trooper vs police academy

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