Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History.

Special thanks to the producers at, for their excellent beats.
you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at:

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▼ CAST ▼
NicePeter as Lady Gaga
vlog channel: |

Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: |

Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: |

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

thanks for watching homies,
see you soon.

-nice peter

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Author barry goonai ( ago)
Sarah Palin won this rap

Author Manny leon guerrero ( ago)
Sarah didn't rap she sang and Lady Gaga is the bomb. Sarah sucks

Author Blorah Bowens (763 years ago)
Is that a man playing gaga? Any way gaga won!!👏👏

Author Carly Brooks (832 years ago)
Lady gags sounds like Vivian cupcake from bill bye the science guy

Author RainAndAshes ( ago)
Ezio Auditore de Firenze (Assassin's Creed) vs. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Author Elizabeth Alvarez ( ago)
BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

let's do....


Author Holleigh Dunn ( ago)
Jennifer Lopez vs Beonce

Author Kamora Speer ( ago)
Superwoman vs. Miranda sings

Author Christine Palmer ( ago)
Sarah won most of all

Author Andras kaló ( ago)
miss book s e vs crafte carl

Author Jonathon Ray ( ago)

Author Jonathon Ray ( ago)

Author Ben'sUmboxingShow's ( ago)
Christopher Columbus vs John cena

Author Samantha Allen ( ago)
wait she killed moose... dean is going to kill her

Author Sophia Boehmer ( ago)
Sarah won!

Author Zachary Fultz ( ago)
" Everything you do is just a rerun of Madonna. Your fans are in a frenzy
like a bunch of gay piranha. "

Author Johanna Nyberg ( ago)
lady gaga is amazing one vote for her

Author Jennifer Guajardo ( ago)
Sarah definitely won this round! ^-^ Pretty voice too

Author Chihiro Takaya ( ago)
aw this was short i was enjoying it. i think i choose lady gaga for this

Author Allana Younger ( ago)

Author Chris Hagberg ( ago)
Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker. make it happen

Author Iann Green ( ago)
John McCain won obviously

Author dais Traylor ( ago)

Author Pikachu_x ( ago)
Gaga won.

Author BryantJoelle Arguello ( ago)
lol this is funny

Author Shontyse Gaither ( ago)

Author Kayla Gnisse ( ago)
Sarah won with her awful sounding voice

Author guerrerostate ( ago)
J.K. Rowling vs Stephanie Meyer

Author Justin Guerra ( ago)
sarah palin did a cheesey good job

Author smokeblower70 ( ago)
they knocked it out of the park with Sarah Palin

Author Ingrid Alvarez ( ago)
oh I now Donald Trump vs bush

Author Gabriel Lynn ( ago)
No one even if fake has a right to add a fxxxxxx curse word to Jackson
Five, so screw em both

Author brandon nazario ( ago)
lol I love how Peter played lady gaga, thank you so much ERB ;)

Author Horsey Content ( ago)
Haha, love Sarah's voice ;D

Author Horror Fan ( ago)
i live in alaska this offfends me so yeah thanks

Author masondeathblade ( ago)
lmao palin won

Author Dannie Jensen ( ago)
Do not pause the video at 1:02 ... just not worth it.

Author Angeliyna Padilla ( ago)
"I sound more intelligent than you when I FART!" I CANT FUCKING BREATH!!!

Author JESSICA SUE ( ago)
Lady Gaga Win

Author MindBlock ( ago)
"Governor of Alaska? That's like the principal of a home-school!" xD So
fcking true.....

Author Mech Bostick ( ago)

Author Will McGarr (1433 years ago)
Rebecca black VS fred

Author MCCAM beats ( ago)
lady gaga is played by a man

Author AndroidRoo ! ( ago)
For some reason I'm attracted to Sarah's voice

Author Taylor Davis ( ago)

Author Taylor Davis ( ago)

Author casey hermansen ( ago)
lady gaga had far better flow but if you have ever argued with an idiot
where you just cant win.. thats what happenes to palin here because gagas
lines sucked so palin wina

Author Yumiiya ( ago)
I cant be the only one who isn't a huge lady gaga fan but still thinks gaga
won this one?

Author Chip Zayas-Marquette ( ago)
Sarah Palin won that rap battle.

Author DeadOverTrouble ( ago)
lady gaga

Author Yassmin A. ( ago)
You mean history will regret you like Donald Trump.

Author Jessica Rodriguez ( ago)
do harley vs batman

Author Jessica Rodriguez ( ago)
lady gaga wins

Author FromRussiaWithLove ( ago)
"Just trust me, your fifteen minutes of fame came and went." Oh the irony,
that line coming from Lady Gaga...who is no longer relevant in any way...

Author funny gamer ( ago)
Sarah Palin won

Author Trishelle Cramer ( ago)
Sara won big time

Author im with stewpid ( ago)
even tho the they used a guy for lady gaga i still vote lady gaga sarah's
voice is annoying

Author Yudith Torres ( ago)

Author cierra huard ( ago)
Sarah Palin won

Author Olivia Bliss Aj ( ago)
yeah Sarah Palin won that

Author Lauren DeStefano ( ago)
that palin was dead on

Author Kagome Higurashi ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Akaydia Gladue ( ago)

Author Jacquelyn Palmer ( ago)

Author Mitsuki Tashi ( ago)
let Nicky minaj and iggi compet

Author Nancy Gonzalez ( ago)
Please agree with me ok Momofuku

Author Nancy Gonzalez ( ago)
lady gaga won because she said that she more funnier than Sarah because she
says the word fart haha that was funny

Author behbeh34 ( ago)
this is the most underrated erb.. john mccain at the end had me loling

Author bi unicorn TV ( ago)

Author Mutimedia&Fiction Physics ( ago)
Me before the video: Who the hell is Sarah Palin?Me after the video:Who the
hell is Sarah Palin?

Author Simran Arjun1507 ( ago)
sarah palin

Author Kayla KitKat™ ( ago)
1:14 "I sound more intelligent than you when I fart!" I died. XDDD

Author Madi Ajar ( ago)
Palin won this

Author Christine Brooks ( ago)
Sarah palin won lady slut is a bitch

Author Nikki Burns ( ago)
mustafa vs scar

Author Crystal Folstad ( ago)
lady gaga

Author Zoey Awesome ( ago)
Sarah Palin

Author Nsproductions ( ago)
Next taylor swift Vs black widow

Author Gracie Helms ( ago)
Sarah Palin wins

Author Joi Williams ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Roshonna Tyrrell ( ago)
I would say lady gaga sounds like a man\horror

Author lj45551 ( ago)
Gaga forever

Author Miyu Sawai ( ago)
Nostalgia Chick vs Nostalgiia Critic, Jesuotaku vs Marzgurl, Obscurus Lupa
vs Maven of the Eventide, Obscurus Lupa vs Nostalgia Chick

Author Miyu Sawai ( ago)
Brizzy Voices vs Georgia Merry vs Laina

Author angie lopez ( ago)
at first i thought she was singing an 80's song

Author Samone Elk ( ago)
lady gaga sounds like a boy

Author Tomás Rosa ( ago)
my mom is a mother of 5

Author Kaveen Devanand ( ago)
I thought Lady Gaga's voice would be annoying...................

Author Cruelimposter the Awesome ( ago)
mccain won...

Author Anne Hearts ( ago)
omg I love this, one and sarah palin your voice sounds like a frog I THINK

Author Jack Mead ( ago)
John McCain won

Author Beastz Slayerz ( ago)
palin talking about someone elses voice?

Author Brandon night ( ago)
They both did amazing I can't decide but palin did slightly better then

Author Air Thief36 ( ago)
i think we all lose.

Author SomeoneWhoBlends ( ago)
That was SICK! Gaga won

Author Shafiah Marcano ( ago)
I want to see epic rap battle in history Dominic Torreto (fast and furious)
VS the Transporter

Author Shafiah Marcano ( ago)
I want to see epic rap battle in history Dominic Torreto (fast and furious)
VS the Transporter

Author Gabriel/Music ( ago)

Author Sonya Hernandez ( ago)
lady gaga sounds like a man and who the hell is sarah palin

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