Sarah Palin VS Lady Gaga - Epic Rap Battles of History 4

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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History.

Special thanks to the producers at, for their excellent beats.
you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at:

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▼ CAST ▼
NicePeter as Lady Gaga
vlog channel: |

Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: |

Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: |

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

thanks for watching homies,
see you soon.

-nice peter

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Author Ardra Wofford ( ago)
lady gaga after the fucking 5 thing lol

Author Celeste Elizabeth ( ago)
Lady gaga

Author Hack Yuto ( ago)
Reads the cast....

Wait, Peter was?...LADY GAGA? Well, now its confirmed she does have a

Author SeeNaRee ( ago)
Can't believe it was Nice Peter who played Lady Gaga. XD

Author trae5599 ( ago)
Why didn't you get Lisa to play Sarah Palin? :(

Author Charlotte Osgood ( ago)
1D versus NSync PLEASSSSE

Author MilkmanConspiracy ( ago)
I think a much more fun mash up would've been Lady Gaga vs. Madonna.

Author harmonize209 ( ago)
Sarah Palin is younger in this vidieo

Author Rizwana Jaffri ( ago)
Nick mania vs beyonce

Author Bruce Cyr ( ago)
Lady gaga can just sniff her own farts & die

Author ScaredyPear ( ago)
Sorry but Lady Gaga can't handle type sass of Sarah

Author Mike Beach ( ago)
This is the worst rap battle to date. Lady Gaga just spewed unintelligent
Bullshit. "Im more smarter than you when i fart" "you dont know how to
spell A-R-T"? Seriously? That sucked, and the only reason people are saying
Lady Gaga won, is because Sarah Palin is a Republican

Author Blessing Okauru ( ago)
Sarah won 

Author wolfy 6026 ( ago)
Lady gags ruled this round

Author Chicken and Waffles ( ago)
No Sarah Palin won

Author Allyson Slaton ( ago)
Nicki minaj vs zayn malik

Author Rebellious Girl ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Bill Yang ( ago)
Cookie Monster vs Patrick 

Author MIHaxer ( ago)
"Everything you do is just a rerun of Madonna, your fans are in a frenzy
like a bunch of gay piranha" That line gave Sarah the victory in my opinion

Author luka herron ( ago)
lady gaga won with the home school burn

Author Lacie Gould ( ago)
It looks like he doesn't know how to talk around the lip gloss. LOL I love

Author Lucas Rich ( ago)
Sarah palin

Author Ginny Cardone ( ago)
Just the beat is good

Author Raina Ratliff ( ago)
Is Lady Gaga a guy 

Author Robert Danielson ( ago)
You smell like poop on poop deck

Author Elijah Evans ( ago)
You guys are so horrible at just ever thing go fuc* your selves

Author Elijah Evans ( ago)
Boss hogg u can't can't say somebody won cause u want to sick something in
her u douchbag

Author Jake Wish ( ago)
Lady Gaga won!!

Author Robin Locantore ( ago)
sarah palin totally won :)

Author Robin Locantore ( ago)
tris vs katniss

Author ILove NiallHoran ( ago)
One direction vs 5 seconds of summer

Author methanial73 ( ago)
Lady Gaga destroyed her!!

Author Diamond Dragon ( ago)
Definitely Sarah won

Author Koriyona Holloway ( ago)
"Governor of Alaska? That's like the principal of a home school."

I died 

Author Lee Whitworth ( ago)
Sarah won. I hate Lady GaGa, she's a freaking animal.

Author Braxton Fannin ( ago)
lets do an epic rap battle of history with john mccain vs bill o reily

Author Rainbow Dash ( ago)
"I would rather elect a smurf then vote for u" 70%win
"goveoner of alska? that's like the principal of a home school (srry for
bad grammar sticky keys)" 90% win
"with the most desfunctional family since the Jackson f***ing 5"
100% win
"I sound more intelgint when I fart!" 100000% WON!

Author Zach Stewart (rebel forever36) ( ago)
Its been so long since I watched these and they still as funny as the first

Author Aaliyah Peyton ( ago)

Author Abbriel Green ( ago)
lol Sarah won clearly when she said she killed a moose with her bare hands.

Author Taylor Philbrook ( ago)

Author SCURGE ( ago)
i hope the real sarah pailin dies in my lifetime so i can throw a party and
take a trip to her grave so i may proceed to piss and shit on it

Author Lam Fan ( ago)
Sarah won this, dispite being annoying in this

Author Skyla39 (933 years ago)
sarah palin

Author Morgan Edwards ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Samuelito (517 years ago)
God, Sarah Palin's voice in this is sooo annoying.

Author Desiree Aversa (1413 years ago)
Sarah's voice kind of annoyed me. . .

Author Gray Buckley (farore3) ( ago)
And now neither of these people matter

Author hidefanlovely ( ago)
Obviously in my opinion Sarah did. Great rap lines.

Author Theodor Andersen ( ago)
kim jong un vs barak obama!

Author cogamer “cogamer2010” Douglas ( ago)
Lady Gaga

Author Gegiù Cristo ( ago)
Nice Peter is a trans?

Author Jellyfish Doodles ( ago)
6666 dislikes...

Author Darnell Williams ( ago)
I think that Sarah won because she is very pretty I want to be her

Author TheTeeheeGuy ( ago)
Fake. Sarah Palin can't string sentences together.

Author Jordann Taylor ( ago)
Lady gaga: I sound more intelligent then you when I fart!

Me: yea when you fart it also sounds like your singing!! Haha
Probs gonna get a lot of hate for this but I don't care

Author Beatrice Mestas ( ago)
You should make ponponponpon vs Lady Gaga

Author Tyler Cody ( ago)

Author Mike Putt ( ago)
Lady gaga

Author Emmalee Luke ( ago)
Lady gaga

Author Janna Coyote ( ago)
Lady Ga Ga nailed it. But, once again, I'm way late. Oh, well. 'Twas still
fun! 😁

Author Knowing Mage ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Susanna McNichol ( ago)
Sarah Palin totally won that

Author Angela Zapata ( ago)
Sarah Palin won that one big time 

Author Crackin 2015! ( ago)
Sarah Palin definitely won! Because #1 Kids watch these! And #2 Lady Gaga
is to sexual for kids!

Author nicole palmer ( ago)
beyonce vs. rihanna

Author nicole palmer ( ago)
megan trainor vs. taylor swift

Author euphonious “Quiet” Melody ( ago)
Was lady gaga player by a guy

Author lalaforeverxxx ( ago)
Lady gaga

Author Grand Theft Beast ( ago)
Ariana grande vs mariah carrey

Author Mariczahernandez11 Hernandez ( ago)
Sahra Palin rocks🎶🎸🎤🎵🎵

Author Jose Andino ( ago)
Birth to five kids, The pullout game was weak.

Author Zack Bullock ( ago)
Hard to believe.. Four years..

Author inner beauty ( ago)
pause at 1:12

Author Vickie Dawkins ( ago)

Author HobbaTheHut ( ago)
xD Lady Gaga sound like a man

Author mia miller ( ago)
Sarah won 

Author shiro1sora ( ago)
Lady Gaga won.

Author myron Davidson ( ago)
Sarah won by 100%

Author Jay Contreras ( ago)
Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj should do a rap battle next 

Author Alexander Greyling ( ago)
Have any of you have the intelectual delight of listening to Palin speak?
man, the USA votes for people like that and then act hurt when they are
called "stupid" *facepalm*

Author thucydides Neo ( ago)
I think the girl that plays Palin is kind of cute.

Author Beauteous AF ( ago)
"I sound more intelligent than you even when I fart" OMFG

Author jamera ferrell ( ago)
Nicki vs Beyoncé 

Author Car Nut ( ago)
Sarah won

Author Bethany Fleck ( ago)

Author Bethany Fleck ( ago)
Sarah plain

Author BooUrns ( ago)
Dammit a retard like Sarah Palin was allowed to win *sigh*

Author Virgin Cougar ( ago)
"History will regret you like John McCain!" LOL! Gaga wins!

That's really sad when History regrets you being in its past!!!

Author Julie Bonetti (172 years ago)

Author Zoey hazelip ( ago)
Harley quen vr. joker

Author Marquisha Clark ( ago)
Lady gaga vs modonna

Author Marquisha Clark ( ago)

Author Maja Skagerberg ( ago)

Author AcroBat ( ago)
Last line was just wow xD. ill have to give it to gaga for that.

Author Angel Boyd (AshPrior12) (1082 years ago)
Sara Won

Author Allison Penland ( ago)
I think sarah plian won

Author Bambiluvsyou ( ago)
0:52 Guess Sarah Palin didnt take Gaga's advice

Author Giuseppe Grossi ( ago)
Lady gaga wins everything she says just owns Sarah 

Author Madeline ranalla ( ago)
Lady gaga won no doubt 

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