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Author Mariam Black (2 months)
Bart baker jokes, comment response: god bitch
ERB jokes, comment response: hHahaha!

Author Mad Hatter (5 months)
Did they use a guy to play Lady Gaga? I swear...

Author somelifeonaplanet (7 months)
"Your voice sounds like a rooster having sex with a frog" -Sarah Palin,
whos voice in this rap battle gave me cancer.

Author Smelliermouse13 (3 months)
John McCain is now the Head of Custodians? And he didn't destroy it?!

Author Khylli Fuentes (3 months)
Do black Annie vs white annie

Author Kai Zendejas (2 months)
Lady Gaga won right after she said " I sound more intelligent than you even
when I fart!"

Author Taylor Smith (1 month)
Tris from Divergent VS Katniss from The Hunger Games

Author Cinestar Productions (1 month)
Only girls named Lisa can play Sarah Palin. If you get the reference... I
hope you're over 18.

Author Adora Freeman (2 months)
Who is Sarah Palin?

Author Marija Pudaric (3 months)
You took the Lady Gaga has a thing joke a bit too far

Author Zach Peysakhovich (1 month)
anybody else notice peter played lady gaga

Author Wumbo123 (4 months)
Did nice peter play lady gaga?

Author Stephen Cebula (3 months)
I think Lady Gaga won this one. This was kind of hard to listen to because
the girl who plays Sarah Palin has an EXTREMELY annoying voice. God damn
her voice is like nails on a chalk board. Bleh!

Author mrbrockpeters (6 days)
Are the makers of the video implicitly dissing Lady Gaga by using a guy to
play her and thus perpetuating the accusation that she's a dude underneath
or that she looks like a guy?

Or is that just coincidence that she's being played by a dude.

If it's the former it's a weird choice given that the makers are supposed
to appear impartial.

Author Caldorian (12 days)
Sarah Palin kicked the 'lady' out of Gaga.. lol

Author tnsvictory (2 months)
Sara still makes headlines, Gaga is dead isn't she?

Author bella luck (3 months)
Lady gaga look like a boy plsyed her

Author Tony Montana (5 months)
Who the fuck is sarah palin? Do people that people know for fucking sake.

Author Azteca Hernandez (2 days)

Author kp1flush (6 days)
Harriet Tubman vs. Rhianna! 

Author Rick Rouse (3 months)
Sarah Palin is a woman and a mother a real human being that contributes to
the life cycle of humanity and it's progress. Lady Gaga is a freak whore
unfit to breed and her kind degenerates humanity.

Author EvilWizard (12 days)
Note: 20 seconds in

Lady Gaga is NicePeter. Am I right?

Author Tabias Moye (9 days)
George Bush vs Bill Clinton 

Author Alyssia Davika (16 days)
nicki manaj vs iggy azalia

Author KupKate215 (19 hours)
"Governor of Alaska? That's like Principal of a homeschool" was the best
line, I think. As for who won, IDK and IDC.

Author RoseFlowerCp12 (10 days)
Sarah Palin said Gaga sounds like a rooster having sex with a frog. LOOK

Author roflman87 (8 days)
sarah got a voice like somebody is choking a cat..

Author Minerva Pickachu (23 days)
I vote for Sarah Palin
Honestly if someone bully's a person like her they have no heart because
its like bullying someone with a disorder Sarah Palin may have some issue
where she says not so smart words but she trying her best so whoever is
being mean to her is being mean to every child with a disorder so think
about it 

Author Allyssa Crist (12 days)
sarah cant talk about what voices sound like

Author Samantha Smith (4 days)
Niki Manaji versus Beyonce!!!!

Author Alexandra Luther (17 days)

Author Learn Something On Weekdays (9 days)
Black Annie vs White Annie!!

Author Paulina Corral (2 days)
Gaga won

Author 08redmonkeykid (7 days)
Im sorry but i dont like this one 

Author Minerva Guzman (8 days)
Make more era :-)

Author Michaela Hicks (16 days)
lady gaga!!

Author Elizia Chisolm (9 days)
Lady gaga vs. Nicky Minaj

Author Graham W H Jones (17 days)
Sera won

Author Crimsonfuckr youtube (17 hours)
Dear woman who played Sarah Palin in this video,

You look sexy af dancing at 1:30

Author David Waters (5 days)
J.R.R Tolkien vs J.K Rowling

Author Sabinne Flores (2 days)
I love lady Gaga, but I have to say Sarah Palin won this one (even though
her voice was a bit annoying)

Author Clara Kristanda (2 months)
'I sound more intelligent than you when I fart'

Get rekt Sarah

Gaga won that one lol


CR7 V Messi

Anime v Cartoon

Simpsons v family guy

Author aidangame (4 months)
Could someone explain to me what the Jackson five is

Author Beckie Lichtl (3 days)
Lyrics :
Epic Rap Battles of History!
Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga!
Begin !

Oh boy
look what we have here
A transvestite with a keyboard
Trying to be freak of the year
Your voice sounds like a rooster
having sex with a frog
They put a lot of lipstick on you
But you still look like a dog
Put down that teacup honey
Go put on some pants and
stop letting little monsters
teach you how to dance and
You may be Gaga
(Clap clap )
but you ain't a lady at all
I've seen those outfits you've been wearing
That takes big balls

I think I'd rather elect a smurf than vote for you
Governor of Alaska?
That's like the principal of a home school
You are the sum
Of everything I despise
With the most dysfunctional family
Since the Jackson fucking five
Just trust me
Your fifteen minutes of fame came and went
Go back to your igloo
Spend some time with your kids
before they're pregnant
Your frigid little body
couldn't even handle what I do
I think the truth is, Sarah
my music just scares you

Palin :
Your music doesn't scare me
I'm a mother of five
I killed moose with my bare hands
Before you were alive
Everything you do is just a rerun or Madonna
Your fans are in a frenzy
like a bunch of gay piranha
Gaga :
I sound more intelligent than you when I fart
I wonder if you even know
how to spell the word art
You don't belong in politics
You belong in a hockey game
History will regret you like
J -J-J-J-John McCain

Who won?
Who's next?
You decide!
Rap Battles of History! 

Author Kit kat Tramell (7 days)
I think sarah palin won

Author iDazzle (17 days)
Sara palin 

Author Joseph Hernandez (15 days)
Lisa nova is so cute 

Author Cliff Graves (3 days)
Edward vs. Jacob haha!

Author Eilyn Pereira (17 days)
Gaga won for sure

Author BillyBob 2.0 (10 days)
I Think Sarah Palin won cuz of of the good words she used there

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