GTA SA Ghost Car Hunting


Ghost cars and other things in GTA SA

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Author kamisakea (3 years)
They can't get repaired because they are another car, i mean, every car has
it's own ID. The Glendale's Ghost Car has a different ID than the normal
Glendale car. Same happens to the pick up etc

Author Herp Derp (2 years)
this isnt fake my friend n i were trying to find a ghost car. printed out a
map of all the cars. we found one n it was coming toward us n we were
trying 2 run then my friend got ran over then it completely stop it didnt
move at all. it was creepy but funny

Author alkhars11 (4 years)
at 4:30 that car was following you at the final mission of los antoss when
the cops got you and moved you to the old country.

Author sanandreaslover201 (3 years)
whats the first part song?

Author MsM910 (3 years)
i can explayn why you seen they atack you in videos because they say
there's no mods but the lie to you

Author James Cornish (5 years)
is this pc

Author druidelf123 (4 years)
ROFL this game is HILLARIOUS!

Author MCrider222 (3 years)
@bumtaksi Now you are showing the whole world just how retarded you are !
:) THIS IS NOT A MOD Dumbass ! In this video i show you that cars don't
hunt you ! Compare to other videos on youtube ! Or just get the fucking
game and see for you self IDIOT !

Author Polcon Valencia (4 years)
i like that scene with mysterious mist

Author MCrider222 (4 years)
I answered no because i didn't need what he said !

Author jack price (1 year)
i think when u made a road block the ghost cars wheel moved

Author Metal Gear Grif (3 years)
Ghost tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Denver Sessoms (1 year)

Author MCrider222 (4 years)
Yes ! That's why he calls !

Author MCrider222 (4 years)
LOL ! It's called a combine ! :D Tractor thing !?! ROFL

Author igotbored44 (4 years)
The glendales may attack you ive had it happen to me. I might make a video
of it.

Author Patrick Rose (3 years)
lol the wierd thing with ghost cars is when you use repair cheat they still
stay damaged

Author killzithe (4 years)
uh. dude, i've got a mod to spawn cars, i've found a ghost car on it, there
just cars that go down a hill, they are damaged and you can't repair them
because they were created like that.

Author MCrider222 (3 years)
@bumtaksi SO you downloaded it ! Thats why cars chase you !!! Thats why i
show in this video that in ORIGINAL GTA SA there are no such thing as ghost
cars !

Author MarcomasterV (4 years)
awesome 10/5

Author MCrider222 (5 years)
Yes ! It is on PC !

Author DIOcide4255 (1 year)
see what I mean, if it was a ghost car the lights would be on

Author Edvinoske (4 years)
Now i serch a ghost car i wanna see it

Author MCrider222 (3 years)
@reaggacashtro801 no rly dude.... i didn't edit anything ! :P So you are
just showing how stupid you are to people who read/watch this ! :P

Author MCrider222 (3 years)
@victormorenoortega Oh god.......

Author Gijs Dekkers (3 years)
and by that tree stands today a Solair, so that's a place where random
vehicles appears

Author reaggacashtro801 (3 years)
@MCrider222 Hahahhaaha :D

Author MCrider222 (3 years)
@MediFasz Hey ! :) Yep i know ! But tnx for info :)

Author FuriousDeath (4 years)
I saw... that he follows you in a vid

Author 4000ijs (4 years)
this is fake the car is gone but he responed on the mauntain and he rolls
down to the other cars it is not a ghost car owned

Author majid khan (11 months)
i saw a train thats moving then there is no driver i don't if that is

Author NEVER2BAD (5 years)
nope uits not fake i even got proof i was chased by a car when i was flying
and im ps2

Author GirlsAloud4Ever9 (4 years)

Author Daantjee1000 (4 years)
and maybe cuz CJ killed him, they say the 'ghost cars' attack you. maybe
Big Smoke wants you dead cuz CJ killed him...

Author SolarSunou (4 years)
whats the second song?

Author HilbillyKid99 (10 months)
dude theirs a ghost I done it myself theres aghost car.

Author MCrider222 (3 years)
@legocrazyguy Totally right ! That's what I'm trying to say !

Author RockstarFan700 (1 year)
Creepy Dude!

Author FuriousDeath (4 years)
it is a ghost car guys, in other vids the a-hole follows you

Author darian isenberg (2 years)
you are rite i have seen it to then i hit it lol this is not fake

Author Braindestructor (4 years)

Author reaggacashtro801 (3 years)
@MCrider222 Im sorry i tought it was eddited because the time skipped

Author bumtaksi (3 years)
@MCrider222 ok dude maybe you are right :)...but i never seen it without
mode,maybe i wrong :P

Author RollSignB (1 year)
Really, Justin Timberlake - My Love smh

Author Drayy_cp (1 year)
The ghost car isn't real it's jus.a car spawned the

Author MCrider222 (4 years)
It's on PC !

Author kymagna (1 year)
WOW! :-O

Author NFSUnderCover88 (4 years)
i think the killer ghost car is a mod

Author bumtaksi (3 years)
heheh,i download it and it just mod, i never seen it before without mod,and
chill out dude :)

Author djholmes86 (4 years)
You must be on Xbox cuz thats glitchy as hell!!

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