GTA SA Ghost Car Hunting


Ghost cars and other things in GTA SA

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Author RoGamingBros - Weird things and Commenter ( ago)
The only way to make the Ghost Cars move is by coming to the ghost cars in
midnight and then they will turn their headlights on, and chases you
without a driver.

Author chase hiltz ( ago)
What are the chances of these cars just spawning at 0:00? Perhaps they are
not being driven, but simply spawning on the hill and rolling down? They
seem to spawn in the same place everytime, and then stop when they get to a
less steep surface, or run into an obstacle. Also, the disappearing is
normal. When you get too far away from a vehicle it despawns. It is also
possible of mod use, since this is on PC.

Author BirdMasterB ( ago)

Author Carlo Laquian ( ago)
And stop being so mad, I hate it so I now call you DUMB!

Author Carlo Laquian ( ago)
You listening bro?

Author Carlo Laquian ( ago)
And by the way, whats the name of the song, it sounds nice!

Author Carlo Laquian ( ago)
Dude, they only move around 0:00 in midnight and they turn on their

Author Federico Manfredini ( ago)
can u make killer ghost cars with CLEO MODS 4 me are the best!

Author Qesh ( ago)

Author Qesh ( ago)
How do you explosion this then i was on the ufo station thing an right on
the other side there was a car destroying itself a car that looked like
that there was no hills it's was a flat platform and the most scary thing
when the when it was 5 am it drived away

Author SoccerProductions101 ( ago)
the "ghost cars" are caused when the cars spawn near the player on a hill.
(Glendales) When they spawn, the physics activate, the car rolls down the
hill on its own till it gets damaged near the player.

Author majid khan ( ago)
i saw a train thats moving then there is no driver i don't if that is

Author KnightoftheLord1 ( ago)
Anybody find the ghost tractor yet?

Author iHackSource ( ago)
That spawns the car on a hill

Author iHackSource ( ago)
The ghost car isn't real it's jus.a car spawned the

Author mike jackson ( ago)
needs to be at this time 12:00 midnight dur

Author Evo Exhaust ( ago)
i stole the atv too

Author Evo Exhaust ( ago)
that truck aint a ghost car its just a normal truck.i stole it and took it

Author BoltActionsNRT ( ago)

Author 11Denver22 ( ago)
they wemon at the end XD

Author 11Denver22 ( ago)

Author SteamGamesis ( ago)
They are ghost cars. But without a mod, they won't attack.

Author jr grim allen ( ago)
who was it who called

Author zekrom reshiram ( ago)
is car mod

Author kymagna ( ago)
is a mod! >:(

Author kymagna ( ago)
WOW! :-O

Author jack price ( ago)
i think when u made a road block the ghost cars wheel moved

Author RollSignB ( ago)
Really, Justin Timberlake - My Love smh

Author fnv_fan ( ago)
They're just playing DESTRUCTION DERBY

Author 746hogan ( ago)
hes proably on live

Author sirhclwood ( ago)
see what I mean, if it was a ghost car the lights would be on

Author sirhclwood ( ago)
This is a very interesting theory, but it is caused by the misplacement of
an old car by the creators of the game[rockstar games], therefore, it is
not a real ghost car.

Author WuffThatGames (223 years ago)
What's the song in the beginning?

Author Herp Derp (1810 years ago)
this isnt fake my friend n i were trying to find a ghost car. printed out a
map of all the cars. we found one n it was coming toward us n we were
trying 2 run then my friend got ran over then it completely stop it didnt
move at all. it was creepy but funny

Author darian isenberg ( ago)
you are rite i have seen it to then i hit it lol this is not fake

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@insanebanana1025 I hope you understand that in this video I try to show
you that there is no such thing as a ghost car in SanAndreas. Only mods can
activate such things. this is just a clen GTA. no mods, no scripts, no

Author jokingskull ( ago)
this stuf is crap BUT i've seen other myths in sanandres like leatherfaces
chair and bigfoot (although he was a tiny black shade on the top of a hill)

Author crazyshark8000 ( ago)
wach the background at 2:07

Author gbdb1997 ( ago)
I've been moved down by ghost cars, I've seen leatherfaces chair, and I've
seen bigfoot, this ain't bs

Author jemlesvideo ( ago)
Facebook, this is crap.

Author ShockzBloodBullet ( ago)
bigfott can be a rare spawn to

Author superburnout5000 ( ago)
almost all the ghost cars were a Glendale

Author Danny Hopkins ( ago)
side note -> there is a glitch that will activate invisible Angry Drivers;
there is also a nice mod that turns this glitch on all the time. If you
actually play the game you can find ghost drivers for tractors, mountain
bikes, and a truck.

Author Delusional Thomas ( ago)
I like that ur clothes :D thanks for new idea! =)

Author Ryu Aoki ( ago)
all you found is ghost car

Author Metal Gear Grif ( ago)
Ghost tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author WuffThatGames ( ago)
whats the first part song?

Author gilbb. sensation ( ago)
the flying tree is from harry potter

Author YaB0iJake ( ago)
ghost cars are real but ghosts dont drive them,i think leatherface is on

Author maxiguerra2006 ( ago)
There is also another place where are the ghost glendale have to go on the
road of Flint County to where there is low hill and found

Author WisconsinRebals2010 ( ago)
Xbox is what i would play this on and it was fun as hell, then we went to
look for the ghost cars found that it was easy could not find the killer
photographer for some reason, lol

Author MsM910 ( ago)
i can explayn why you seen they atack you in videos because they say
there's no mods but the lie to you

Author keven M ( ago)
i got the ghost car! But after it laged lol!

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@MediFasz Hey ! :) Yep i know ! But tnx for info :)

Author reaggacashtro801 ( ago)
@MCrider222 Im sorry i tought it was eddited because the time skipped

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@reaggacashtro801 no rly dude.... i didn't edit anything ! :P So you are
just showing how stupid you are to people who read/watch this ! :P

Author reaggacashtro801 ( ago)
@MCrider222 Hahahhaaha :D

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@reaggacashtro801 Ha ha ha !! Your such an idiot ! :D

Author reaggacashtro801 ( ago)
Lol you paused removed them dumb ass bitch.

Author kamisakea ( ago)
They can't get repaired because they are another car, i mean, every car has
it's own ID. The Glendale's Ghost Car has a different ID than the normal
Glendale car. Same happens to the pick up etc

Author wolfguy12345 ( ago)
that pickup truck is a ghost car

Author bumtaksi ( ago)
@MCrider222 ok dude maybe you are right :)...but i never seen it without
mode,maybe i wrong :P

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@victormorenoortega Oh god.......

Author victormorenoortega ( ago)
if this was real you would have did it in a ps2 or xbox

Author TheGeoray ( ago)
it isn`t a mod

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@bumtaksi SO you downloaded it ! Thats why cars chase you !!! Thats why i
show in this video that in ORIGINAL GTA SA there are no such thing as ghost
cars !

Author bumtaksi ( ago)
heheh,i download it and it just mod, i never seen it before without mod,and
chill out dude :)

Author bumtaksi ( ago)
@MCrider222 hehehe man you really want to make people belive in that :),but
i really think it just mod because i downloaded

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@bumtaksi Now you are showing the whole world just how retarded you are !
:) THIS IS NOT A MOD Dumbass ! In this video i show you that cars don't
hunt you ! Compare to other videos on youtube ! Or just get the fucking
game and see for you self IDIOT !

Author bumtaksi ( ago)
@MCrider222 hahahaa,you are retard ,you can tell that to stupid people,but
im not... i know that is just fucking mod,and you can suck my dick

Author Lovelessbug2468 ( ago)
WOW!!! you really know how to damage your car

Author MrScarface ( ago)
@bumtaksi he tellling the truth idot i have a video of it 2 and i have a
mod so it can chase u go try it out or are u too scare

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@bumtaksi This is not a mod you fucking RETARD !

Author bumtaksi ( ago)
it is just a mod,you suckers!!!!

Author Gijs571 ( ago)
and by that tree stands today a Solair, so that's a place where random
vehicles appears

Author Gijs571 ( ago)
6:23 by me has stand a Premier a time ago

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@legocrazyguy Totally right ! That's what I'm trying to say !

Author legocrazyguy ( ago)
i see a lot of videos with the red car aka ghost car its not a mod or rock
star scaring you its a glitch rock star relised that some players would
become stranded in the back o beyond forest so they put the glandales the
red one spawns on a hill somtimes when i spawns it fallles down the hill
when the player is near

Author disturbeddisc ( ago)
the road with the tractors is a death road. i took my fastes car there nd
tried crossing at full speed but i still got hit... nd i flipped over nd my
car caught on fire =(:

Author henry longwood ( ago)
Awsome dude those ghost cars were shit your pants scary

Author Patrick Rose ( ago)
lol the wierd thing with ghost cars is when you use repair cheat they still
stay damaged

Author RetroZombieee ( ago)
I love using the tractors to pick up other cars and randomly drive around
town like that xD

Author Tyson Passenier ( ago)
check out my vid retarted boy

Author Braindestructor ( ago)

Author Yonutzjo ( ago)
good it

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
@theolliproductions ohh.. I cant remember... and im too lazy to search for
it now xD I might be Justin Timberlake - My Love (remix) ?! :D

Author eMCEE86 ( ago)
What is song

Author superkahn2 ( ago)
coincidence,they say u can do stop the dk wad sent by big smoke on every
sat or wed

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
Nothing is edited here ! ;)

Author MrWwe1993 ( ago)

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
Yes ! Thats the truth !

Author NFSUnderCover88 ( ago)
i think the killer ghost car is a mod

Author igotbored44 ( ago)
nope, no mod. got it right out of wall mart, installed it, played it, and
got attacked by a ghost car.

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
It only can happen if you have a mod for it !

Author igotbored44 ( ago)
The glendales may attack you ive had it happen to me. I might make a video
of it.

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
NONE of the cars kill you ! Yes i have seen that one too !

Author igotbored44 ( ago)
I found 3 kinds of "Ghost Cars" I found the Glendale the Walton and the
Saddler But i think only the glendale kills you. Oh and once a plane fell
on my randomly.

Author Polcon Valencia ( ago)
i like that scene with mysterious mist

Author 2010mustang1 ( ago)
Those woods are full of ghost!

Author MCrider222 ( ago)
It's on PC !

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