Will a Levitating Gyroscope Spin Forever in a Vacuum Chamber?

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  • In this video I put a levitating gyroscope in the vacuum chamber to see if it will spin forever without any air resistance. This has been requested many times by my viewers, and I have always wondered what happens to a levitating spinning disk in a vacuum chamber. I show you how the levitation woks and I also give you some tips on how to do it if you get one of these levitating disks.

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  • The Action Lab
    The Action Lab 9 days ago

    Hi everyone! I wanted to mention a few things that I missed in the video. First, one of the main reasons it stops that I left out completely is called gyrsocopic precession. Meaning that gyroscopes will tip over due to gravity, but just very slowly. So, since the disk was not directly straight to begin with it eventually tips over. This could be the main reason that it stops so quickly and I didn't even mention it! Also, the magnetic friction I talk about in the video is not actually the base sliding, but more the magnetic domains shifting causing friction. And finally I didn't mention eddy currents because the shiny disk is actually plastic and the magnets are ceramic. But there are two metal washers on it that could have some eddy currents. This also adds in a damping factor. I always learn more than I knew to begin with from my own videos!

    • Othello Valenza
      Othello Valenza 1 day ago


    • johnny llooddte
      johnny llooddte 2 days ago

      well said nindjako.. there already is a force, besides gravity trying to tip it over. well noticed.. i think you are the FIRST to mention it...
      there are other objects that will always float above the magnets.. find one of those and see how long it spins. it will stop too.. maybe it will spin longer..
      now this is science.. trial ad error

    • Nindjako
      Nindjako 2 days ago

      I would like to add something - in the start of the video you pointed out that the gyro wants to tip over due to the magnets inside trying to align in the same direction (also gravity). Next you said that the gyro wants to keep it's rotational plane. The two forces counteract each other ( plus the starting angle ) making it wobble - this makes the gyro lose energy trying to stay stable, effectively slowing it down, the wobble increasing and finally tip over and fall

      Sorry if you or somebody else pointed that out already.
      Good job and have fun.

    • Peter Danielsson
      Peter Danielsson 2 days ago

      The Action Lab llL.

    • george gf
      george gf 2 days ago

      I believe that it would stop no matter what you try because all matter is composed of multiple atoms with not completely stable boned and there for from the spin itself they are pulled apart and together using energy from the spin.

  • WildPhotoShooter
    WildPhotoShooter 4 hours ago

    I think it will stop in a vacuum because there is magnetic "friction".

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte 6 hours ago

    riddle me this.. what do you call a mass that falls and accelerates as it falls...
    sounds like gravity eh..
    its everything in the universe fallling from the center in all directions,, accelerating to terminal velocities.. in all directions outward..
    toward something of greater gravity.. answers every physics problem of any and every kind for 10,00 years.. answers every version of wrong , and revised math and physics for 10,000 years..
    everything is falling towards the gravity mass of the hands of GOD

  • Trevor W.
    Trevor W. 18 hours ago

    I think it will spin forever

  • RavenLuni
    RavenLuni 18 hours ago

    Guess: It will undergo precession due to the field not being perfectly symmetrical and eventually a 'tipping point' will be reached

  • Christopher Durkin
    Christopher Durkin 21 hour ago

    It's also basically impossible to create a complete vacuum so there would still be slight air resistance. Even deep in space is not a full vacuum.

  • That_guy_ Hale
    That_guy_ Hale 1 day ago

    Stop there is still friction with the magnet, I think atleast

  • Nuker 9000
    Nuker 9000 1 day ago

    Quantum levitaton in a vacuum chamber?

  • awesampwnah blahblLAH

    in addition to your explanation, say the top is spinning in space, outside of orbit, and is not affected by the gravity of anything around it. it would still stop spinning due to friction, as it is impossible to get a perfect vacuum (even in space), only an extremely un-dense space, as no matter what, trace residues will always be floating around

  • minecraft vids
    minecraft vids 1 day ago

    If they would have used Bismuth it would have worked better because bismuth is opposite to both north and south magnetic poles so it hovers in mid air and doesn't flip.

  • The Hyper Cube
    The Hyper Cube 1 day ago


  • fenrar36
    fenrar36 2 days ago

    It'll still run out of spin and fall, the reason being that even in a vacuum it has drag to deal with - magnetic drag to be exact.

  • Max Ekeler
    Max Ekeler 2 days ago

    No it wont because magnetic power vanishes after time

  • Graeme Lastname
    Graeme Lastname 2 days ago

    It will stop. There are many reasons but perhaps the simplest is the vacuum is not perfect. PS I didn't cheat. :)

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato 2 days ago

    magnetic resitance

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 days ago

    It would stop because of the magnet is producing friction

  • Bartacomus Kidd
    Bartacomus Kidd 2 days ago

    whats with the goofy music?

  • John Titor
    John Titor 2 days ago

    It think it'll stop it's looking a little weak

  • sontosh goltekar
    sontosh goltekar 2 days ago

    Gravity is also one of cause........

  • Anki
    Anki 2 days ago

    It definitely won't spin forever, because the magnetic forces still cause friction. Just look at how unstable it actually is when spinning

  • Roarezzz
    Roarezzz 3 days ago

    obv not bcs the magnets cant be perfect and you dint spin it good enough

  • dannymaciejewski
    dannymaciejewski 3 days ago

    It wont be hours at a time, an hour, hour 45 no problem. Thatl give us enough time to find out where you live, go back to the see and get some more oxygen....

  • Lukas Kuhl
    Lukas Kuhl 3 days ago

    you didn´t mentinon eddi currents. thi musst be a stromg magnet

  • Fake Story
    Fake Story 3 days ago

    put meat in vacuum
    then cook it
    then taste it

  • Angry Gun Owner
    Angry Gun Owner 3 days ago

    use a drill to speed it up.

  • poofy pants
    poofy pants 3 days ago

    No gravity a perfect vacume and pitch blackness to make it spin forever

  • TheMiningTeam
    TheMiningTeam 3 days ago

    1700 hours of spin in vaccum.

  • Alex Hutchins
    Alex Hutchins 3 days ago

    the magnets will cause and insanely small abount of resistance. it will eventually stop

  • Lahking AyeSoul
    Lahking AyeSoul 3 days ago

    Flourescent lightbulbs

  • misium
    misium 3 days ago

    eddy currents for sure, no friction here at all

  • Antonio Fdez
    Antonio Fdez 3 days ago

    I dont think so because the spinning magnet is inducing a little electrical current inside the metal parts or electrical conductor materials built on the toy.

  • paulius urbonas
    paulius urbonas 3 days ago

    it will stop because it looses energy

  • EvilPlagueDoctor
    EvilPlagueDoctor 3 days ago

    it'll stop for 2 reasons, no perfect vacuum & cutting through magnetic flux takes energy (think of eddy currents when dropping a magnet through a copper tube)

  • Esra Erimez
    Esra Erimez 3 days ago

    This was so depressing.

  • lg3rm g
    lg3rm g 3 days ago

    Great Video! This is really nice.

  • DJ Smellow
    DJ Smellow 3 days ago

    Magnets degrade and the vacuum is not perfect but I guess that you could achieve a day of spinning or more with a more sophisticated setup

  • Kun Kodiik
    Kun Kodiik 3 days ago

    so if you could completely isolate something (no gravity or magnets or anything) it would spin forever.

  • Michiel Helvensteijn

    OK, I'll make a prediction having watched until 4:30. It will stop.

    First of all, I don't think air resistance was ever the main reason it would stop in the first place. It's a pretty aerodynamic design.

    Why will it stop? Well, it seems like a pretty unstable system. It's wobbling, and that will slow down a gyroscope.

    Would it stop in the theoretical scenario where the system was perfectly stable? I'm not sure. Eventually, I guess, by slow attrition of some kind or other.

  • Sunny Wu
    Sunny Wu 3 days ago

    I bought the same exact toy when I visited China in 2008. Sadly airport security said I couldn't have such a strong magnet in my luggage as it would disrupt airplane equipment. :(

  • Michael Farley
    Michael Farley 3 days ago

    is that a Dharma Initiative sign in the blue magnetic thing?

  • Dissident Undead
    Dissident Undead 4 days ago

    eddy currents therefore heat loss.....

  • Bastiaan Leenheer
    Bastiaan Leenheer 4 days ago

    The toy is designed to have air between the spinner and the plate with magnets.

  • Koulatko
    Koulatko 4 days ago

    i have a spare big magnet lying around! so i can build a floating disk out of it? awesome!

  • eggrollsoup
    eggrollsoup 4 days ago

    Idiot even the magnet gives friction and it is impossible to get completely no air

  • Grumpymalisc faf
    Grumpymalisc faf 4 days ago

    It's going to stop, because it's not air resistance that stops it but magnetic resistance, it may go a little longer but since it is already sleek and aerodynamic air isn't much of a factor.

  • mysock351C
    mysock351C 4 days ago

    Actually circulating eddy currents in the weights inside will eventually stop it.

  • Nasser Alkaabi
    Nasser Alkaabi 4 days ago

    It will stop because the kinetic energy in is transferring in to heat so it's slowly losing speed

  • ME ME
    ME ME 4 days ago

    It'll stop because magnets wear out

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 4 days ago

    of course it will stop spinning eventually.

  • Hi Turner
    Hi Turner 4 days ago

    Propetual motion is impossible

  • Hi Turner
    Hi Turner 4 days ago


  • luts J
    luts J 4 days ago

    test it on CNN and it will spin forever.

  • MCboy 04
    MCboy 04 4 days ago

    it cant spinn forever because the magnets will demagnetise

  • therealnightwriter
    therealnightwriter 4 days ago

    All so-called modern science is provably wrong. Stars are realtime. They can not be seen in space as you can not see primary light, it has to hit something first (or everything would be a fog, a very bright fog. Nothing moves, only consciousness - the Chinese knew this 5000 years ago. On and on, the real answers are out there, and make sense. Cool video by the way. If you spin the top in the right direction the spiral of incoming magnetism might keep it going by the way.

  • therealnightwriter
    therealnightwriter 4 days ago

    Gravity waves? What's that? They do not exist. You are right about the interconnectedness of everything. Here is what gravity is. There are exactly *2* people on youtube that will tell you this, a person ruder than me, and me. Just like the difference in light between a light bulb and a laser, gravity is the external magnetic push of the universe in the form of incoherent magnetism. (Incandescent bulb analogy) and a magnet is coherent magnetism, such as a laser is coherent light. The push of gravity is obviously blocked (not created) by mass, as the blocking effect of the moon means less pressure on the ocean beneath, high tide. Again, not a pull from the moon, but a blocking of the existing pull. So, the Sun blocks that push also, which since it radiates from a single source/point has the effect of blocking Earth with a slight wedge shape through the Earth. If something is spinning already, this will have the effect of keeping it going, but if not fast enough it will slow and lock, like the moon.

    • The Action Lab
      The Action Lab 4 days ago

      I don't know why I respond to people like you...There is no problem proposing theories that oppose the current scientific consensus. In fact the goal of all real scientists wanting a break through is to prove the current theories to be incorrect. This is how science progresses. However, when new theories are proposed they have to agree with experimentation and other proven theories. The problem with everything you just said is that we can easily prove that it is false. We can show that all mass has gravity in a lab (this was done way back in the 1790s-Cavendish experiment), there are about 1,000 other experiments and just pure observation that easily show what you just said is complete nonsense. And the only comeback people like you usually give is that there is a massive conspiracy, that includes anybody that does an experiment that proves you wrong.

  • Natash Choudhry
    Natash Choudhry 4 days ago

    Gravitational pull

  • insidetrip101
    insidetrip101 4 days ago

    I'm not sure I would describe it as friction. It seems to me that there are three forces in this system: gravity; electromagnetism; and the initial kinetic energy required to make it spin. Gravity and electromagnetism are both two forces that are variable (i.e. their force applied on the object is dependent upon a variable, "t" for instance); however the kinetic energy is only applied at the initial spin and is therefore constant throughout.

    Now The issue here is that the constant force of the kinetic energy is worn away since the angular momentum of the gyroscope's spin is the true source of counteracting the gravitational force; i.e. the gyroscope "wants" to fall over because its in an unstable state being upright like that, but the angular momentum is fighting against gravity. Once gravity "wears away" at the angular momentum (each wobble decreases the momentum by a small bit) then the unstable upright position of the gyroscope collapses and it is no longer aligned with the magnetic force which gives its apparent levitation.

  • hello world
    hello world 5 days ago

    it will stop cuz physics

  • Momma O
    Momma O 5 days ago

    oh wow way cool. loved it!

  • Tyler Bell
    Tyler Bell 5 days ago

    You really need to do something about your lips. Every so often they stick together, and when they separate they create this TERRIBLE noise that's just so damn distracting. Especially between your transitions when you've not been talking for much, it's really loud and unpleasant.

  • bob smith
    bob smith 5 days ago

    No it won't spin 'forever', since the magnets will not last "forever" why?
    just a tip... getting rid of air does not get rid of gravity.

    Nothing in Physics is free.

  • Charles-A Rovira
    Charles-A Rovira 5 days ago

    It won't spin forever as the magnetic fields themselves cause drag. It's much less than atmospheric drag but it's still drag,

  • SaltyOwl
    SaltyOwl 5 days ago

    It's gonna stop due to the magnetic resistance trying to tip it over. since its spinning it can stay up but it loses energy to keeping itself stable

  • tunawithmayo
    tunawithmayo 5 days ago

    Could induction be one of the ways energy leaves the gyro? Physics Captain please?

  • Ørjan Solli
    Ørjan Solli 5 days ago

    I think it will stop due to magnetic friction. I've heard that the moon is slowing down due to gravitational friction, so thats where my guess is coming from. Hope I'm right :)

  • guiguiski
    guiguiski 5 days ago

    It isn't air which stop a spinner

  • taz069
    taz069 5 days ago

    It will always stops because of the magnetic flux....

  • ggooaa100
    ggooaa100 5 days ago

    Stops, because of eddy current

  • idontcareforaname
    idontcareforaname 5 days ago

    Your voice is annoying as hell, is there anyway you can just shut up?

  • TwistedChains
    TwistedChains 6 days ago

    There is no space, and the earth is flat and doesn't move. Look at the little plastic thing you tried to spin on: there is a yin-yang on it, and that is the symbol of the sun and moon circling around the magnet of the flat earth. Funny the answer was literally right under your nose, and you didn't even notice...

  • Crazy Dave
    Crazy Dave 6 days ago

    umm did u know that magnets lose there charge after a lot of time?

  • NoloSun
    NoloSun 6 days ago

    1,17 they can't be opposite dude

  • Satan's Wifi History

    fidget spinner.

  • adan blinblin
    adan blinblin 6 days ago

    The earth 🌏 has been spinning? 😂 Since when?😐

  • Angus Hall
    Angus Hall 6 days ago

    You would need a perfect spin because the wobble would build up over time.

  • Noah Wilder
    Noah Wilder 6 days ago

    Do ferrofluid in a vacuum chamber

  • Justin Chan
    Justin Chan 6 days ago

    i have exactly the same toy

  • dcobbism
    dcobbism 6 days ago

    Interesting vid! Curious, have you ever tried spinning the the top on just the thin platform itself, then picking that up and slowly lowering it onto the Magnet base? Basically taking the magnet base out of the equation at first. Also I'm wondering instead of that thin platform if you could find a cheap convex spin station to get a really stable spin before releasing it on the magnet. Obviously that defeats the purpose of the $5 toy, but still curious if that would help make it last longer

    Again cool vid!

  • shadowslayer552
    shadowslayer552 6 days ago

    didnt even do the experiment. voice was irritating as hell. gtfo

  • Šir Pheønix
    Šir Pheønix 6 days ago

    it's not friction

    • Šir Pheønix
      Šir Pheønix 6 days ago

      friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27 6 days ago

    The protons in light have resistance

    • TheLegend 27
      TheLegend 27 6 days ago

      +The Action Lab thank you for that correction, keep up the awesome vid's 👍

    • The Action Lab
      The Action Lab 6 days ago

      +TheLegend 27 -*photons :)

  • yunonametaken
    yunonametaken 6 days ago

    Just FYI, an object with rotational symmetry spinning about it's axis does not give off gravitational waves. Nice video though! Also for an object spinning in space, I *think* that photons from the cosmic microwave background will exchange momentum asymmetrically depending on which side of the spinning object they hit. This would gradually slow it down, so even though gravitational waves won't do the trick, you're still right to say that it won't spin forever.

    • yunonametaken
      yunonametaken 5 days ago

      fair enough!

    • The Action Lab
      The Action Lab 6 days ago

      +yunonametaken yes a lot of people have said this but any real object is not perfectly symmetrical and thus gives off gravity waves when spinning. For example neutron stars are pretty symmetrical but still give off gravity waves.

  • Andrew Kimmey
    Andrew Kimmey 6 days ago

    I know this is late, but I think it will stop because gyroscopic procession will slowly rob the top of inertia.

  • Rizki Hadiaturrasyid

    Why don't you spin it on the cover without magnet underneath first, once it's spinning then put it over the magnet?

  • xclimatexcoldxx
    xclimatexcoldxx 6 days ago

    I don't believe it. I bet once you are so far away that you can't see a single star and get lost in space forever, there will be nothing and spinning forever is possible.

  • Lumumba B.
    Lumumba B. 6 days ago

    not forever

  • T Khosh
    T Khosh 6 days ago

    it will eventually stop still because that's not 100% no air it's just very low so it will just spin for a while

  • micha0001
    micha0001 6 days ago

    I bet there was no absolute vacuum

  • Daniel Kezar
    Daniel Kezar 6 days ago

    i think you got the reason why it stopped in the vacuum way wrong.... there is still air in the chamber because it is impossible to create a perfect vacuum. the air friction and gyroscopic flipping sciency stuff is why it fell over.

  • Lagger Onesixfour
    Lagger Onesixfour 6 days ago


  • chata lecheminant
    chata lecheminant 6 days ago

    plus even with zero atoms in the space, the top will inevitably stop spinning because it is experiencing magnetic resistance which causes wasted energy and the top will stop spinning. (follow the laws of thermodynamics)

  • chata lecheminant
    chata lecheminant 6 days ago

    the only way to acheive a full vacuum is in a locatoin inter galaxy where there is 1 atom per cubic meter. and in a vacuum on earth, it only reaches about 10-100 atoms per cubic centimeter. so obviously it will stop spinning, it will just take longer to stop.

  • chata lecheminant
    chata lecheminant 6 days ago

    dharma initiative lol

  • YodaWhat
    YodaWhat 6 days ago

    Short answer: No. Not even close to forever, even if done in intergalactic space.

  • vic365
    vic365 6 days ago

    Not going to spin forever. If nothing else, the rotation will induce electric current, which will counteract the rotation and eventually slow it down.

  • Bruce Poindexter
    Bruce Poindexter 6 days ago

    It seems your top may not be balanced perfectly. I've seen finely machined and balanced tops spin for nearly and hour in air, let alone a vacuum. Great video and thanks for showing us these scientific principles!

    • The Action Lab
      The Action Lab 6 days ago

      Yeah, this was a cheap Chinese-made one. I'm sure it wan't balanced well!

  • Kevin Mathewson
    Kevin Mathewson 6 days ago

    it will stop because the interaction with the base magnet saps energy from the spin

  • Un0morphosia
    Un0morphosia 6 days ago

    It will stop because it is not possible to remove all the air.

  • Jeroen Heijmans
    Jeroen Heijmans 6 days ago

    No it will not

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