Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show

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  • Link of Hoenn
    Link of Hoenn 18 hours ago

    Our image has been ruined by our moronic president and the only way to fix that is to have this moron out of office which could happen soon because of political unrest here.Money isn't worth anything if earth is gone we need to get that through this morons skull

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest 1 day ago

    And this agreement will force murrica to bomb Iraq again, congratulations.
    What? You didn't knew that murrica bomb only for sake of prices, that without bombing oil would cost 5$ per barrel? Because the world easily can dig WAY more oil than it's allowed to burn.

  • Ryan Shackleton
    Ryan Shackleton 1 day ago

    Remember when "comedians" were supposed to be funny?!?

  • Lazy2Bur K
    Lazy2Bur K 2 days ago

    Wasn't the earth supposed to end like 20 years ago?

  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker 3 days ago

    the fact he had to pause for every second word

  • Mad Drawer
    Mad Drawer 3 days ago

    I like trump. I mean he isn't perfect, but he is better than hillary. The media has twisted his image so much, it's disgisting. He has donated to multiple charities. Also the wall he wants to build? There already is one. He just wants to re-enforce it. Also people call him rascist, but he really isnt. Not even against mexicans. He is re-enforcing the wall to keep people from crossing ILLEGALLY on either side, and deporting the illegal immigrants back to thier homelands. He is already doing a lot to improve the government and how it runs, and he is diligently working on the economy.

  • Chanel Bresnick
    Chanel Bresnick 4 days ago

  • Vignesh Kumar
    Vignesh Kumar 5 days ago

    He doomed America

  • Mr.FinPC
    Mr.FinPC 5 days ago

    Your a gay salty nigger

  • Landon Calrissian
    Landon Calrissian 6 days ago

    Liberals should be skinned alive and have their hides deep fried for the poor as pork rinds. Science has not yet figured how to turn your innards into chitlins, but give it time. They'll figure out a way. To make cannibalism the fault of whites.

  • Ptxlover Arygirl
    Ptxlover Arygirl 7 days ago

    Other countries started laughing at us on January 20th, 2017.

  • Jose B Rios
    Jose B Rios 7 days ago

  • Michael Hujsak
    Michael Hujsak 8 days ago

    I love this show. But what jackass has to blast the end music to the point where it's painful? I listen with headphones, and if I let these clips get to the end they are cripplingly loud. Why? Were we not paying enough attention? Or am I just being punished because I like your show? Seriously, cut it out. We are past the era of blasting commercials loudly, aren't we? There are laws about this type if crap for cable and broadcast tv. If your point is worth hearing, volume shouldn't be an issue. Stop damaging my ears please.

  • Eclipsion Dark
    Eclipsion Dark 8 days ago

    That's actually pretty smart 🤓

  • Henry Simpson
    Henry Simpson 8 days ago

    I think Trump should be required to pull all furnaces out of his properties and install coal fired furnaces. They should be monitored daily and he should pay fines of $1 million a day for every one that fails to meet health standards.

  • Henry Simpson
    Henry Simpson 8 days ago

    The orange dummy doesn't realize that the US in in the agreement until 2020 no matter what he says.

    RHYTHMGAMEGAWD 9 days ago

    I fucking hate Donald Trump.

  • Jesper Vernout
    Jesper Vernout 9 days ago

    beyond biased

  • alex sanchez
    alex sanchez 9 days ago

    Fuckin libtards, here's a summary if every one's words and that unfunny fucktard Trevor Noah, unproven fear mongering followed by more fear mongering, fuck Trump supporters (well, fuck you too) they're a bunch uneducated hicks (I'm probably smarter than you'll ever be bitch), and everything in between. You know little next to nothing but that doesn't stop some of you retards from making fun of his skin color or comparing him to some black has been who accomplished nothing and now you face the horrible reality that you shitheads lost by insulting anyone with beliefs different from yours.

  • Husna K
    Husna K 9 days ago

    Happy Father's day! 😃

  • felinekj
    felinekj 9 days ago

    The whole world is already laughing at you Trump. That was happening as soon as the shock whore off. And us the poor people that live here are hanging our heads down in shame of how this whole thing happened. You could not get impeached fast enough! And when u go to jail I hope that someone helps u feel as "SCREWED" as the American people feel everyday, with every stupid and horrendous decision you make! And I want to know who the A$$H0l3s in the audience were that were clapping to this announcement. Who? Some dumb a$$ folks that don't believe in climate change or just the greedy friends of Trump that sure as hell don't want to spend money fixing their businesses as not to pollute our world every day. The greedy never seem to look past their own selfish gains above everything else. Even the state of the world for their grandchildren, and great grandchildren really does not matter to them. Its all about how much wealth and power they can have for themselves.

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach 10 days ago

    Global warming is a hoax.

  • Biggy S
    Biggy S 10 days ago

    "President Donald Trump". Seriously ? I think we need to take a look at the dna pool.

  • Reus 11
    Reus 11 11 days ago

    Trump is so retarded, he doesn't have no reasons for why he's doing that, #Thestupidestpresident

  • Ser Arris
    Ser Arris 11 days ago

    Elected my ass!

  • Molly Feighny
    Molly Feighny 12 days ago

    i love how he paused for the applaud

  • Froze Four
    Froze Four 12 days ago

    pfff it probably to late the world is about to end

  • Vinicius Ribeiro
    Vinicius Ribeiro 12 days ago

    fuck Trump

  • Marly -LovesAnythingYG-

    and someone's clapping?! hah!!!

  • Brian Briggs
    Brian Briggs 12 days ago

    Thank god he did!

  • antonio olvera
    antonio olvera 12 days ago

    Well the rest of the world is laughing at us because of this Dumn president

  • antonio olvera
    antonio olvera 12 days ago

    This president is a nightmare, getto as fuck omg earning money as a president just to be a clown, very sad for Americans

  • Ar Karr
    Ar Karr 13 days ago

    Such a shame... Trevor Noah was an amazing comedian before taking over the daily show. I'm loosing respect every single day with how sheepish he has become... He said he always wanted to be black, well guess who's upper class white?!

  • Sean Azzie
    Sean Azzie 13 days ago

    someone should tell Trump that everyone is already laughing at the USA

  • Perry Quandelacy
    Perry Quandelacy 13 days ago

    Chang your bull shit show title... John Stewart made this show

  • first name last name

    climate accord =more taxes more laws more expenses more poor people

  • amorn911
    amorn911 13 days ago

    Daily Show sucks!

  • Landon Calrissian
    Landon Calrissian 14 days ago

    How easily these arguments fall apart under the tiniest bit of scurtiny. You may demand some empiricism, for me to site sources. Look to this comment section. Look at the arguments of those sanctimonious enough to call themselves your ally. You silly, silly, liberal fuckwits. I honestly pity you.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 14 days ago

    your an idiot.

  • Jonas R
    Jonas R 14 days ago

    Trump is like the popular kid that no matter how much people admire him, he is so scared to lose his popularity that he always makes fake enemies of real innocent classmates for the rest of the class to hate... it's disgusting...

  • Dean Basilio
    Dean Basilio 14 days ago

    Potato Head do you have anything to talk about? I guess you have exhausted all your fucking jokes on how you became a comedian from Africa!!!

  • Samah Sparkfly
    Samah Sparkfly 14 days ago

    even if you don't believe in global warming , nature is exploited ,it's soooooo visable ! 😲😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵WTF !

  • Pacer
    Pacer 14 days ago

    This monkey is still alive

  • Vitor Matheus
    Vitor Matheus 14 days ago

    Wow the News here in Brazil don't tell us about all these things ... It is not going to affect only the USA, but the whole world .

  • JupiterMoon
    JupiterMoon 14 days ago

    Hate this sub-humanoid moron Trump so much. White trash, redneck Christians with low IQ put him there and now we all have to suffer.

  • Awkward Fangirl
    Awkward Fangirl 14 days ago

    Trump be like : why should i care about the earth? Im from America, not from Earth. Earth is where all the immigrants are from🙄

  • hosam mohamed
    hosam mohamed 15 days ago

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  • Joe Neumeister
    Joe Neumeister 15 days ago

    We as the people of this once great country, need to get an official petition going online to get this POS out of office..... NOW!!!!!!! So sick of the lies!!!! It's time for him to be fitted with a pair of cement shoes!!

  • banuham abeed
    banuham abeed 15 days ago

    I understand how cool (and admittedly easy) it is to poke fun at Trump, but I am continually amazed at the complete lack of substance. The climate is certainly changing, who can argue with that? Its raining today - it wasn't raining yesterday. What evidence can you share that this is caused by human action? Further, what proof can you share that any actions taken by humans could possibly prevent the climate from changing? Finally, what specific section of the Paris agreement is going to prevent the climate catastrophe that hasn't even been defined? I eagerly await an intelligent response.

  • YX Lau
    YX Lau 16 days ago

    "But Trump doesn't live in the world, Trump lives in America." this is so true he's such a conceited and ignorant person

  • Silverfish _
    Silverfish _ 16 days ago

    i dont know what it is but this guys voice just pisses me off like bud what is your accent are you british,australian or squeaky toy i just dont have a clue and its bothering me

  • MegaRoFLL
    MegaRoFLL 16 days ago

    fuck trump
    fuck trump supporters
    fuck trump trollz
    furthermore tho, FUCK USA

  • NakedAvanger
    NakedAvanger 16 days ago

    Let the ignorant retards stay ignorant, *the climate is changing for the worse weather you believe in it or not*

  • BB
    BB 17 days ago

    Not a Trump fan but I am a comedy fan and Trevor Noah IS NOT FUNNY. Seriously, this guy just sucks.

  • Farhanking7862
    Farhanking7862 17 days ago

    the last joke was gold

  • Spicy Currey
    Spicy Currey 17 days ago


  • Skyler Summers
    Skyler Summers 17 days ago

    Did anybody even read the agreement? We were going to give billions away to other countries with no guarantee from them that they would even follow it and even when we did sign it under Obama, China and India both increased coal and other fossil fuel production. He signed it without the permission of the senate btw. And we need to focus on reducing pollution and greenhouse gasses but this agreement was not the way and it's not fair to poorer countries that can't afford to do it because renewable energy is more expensive. Hard to convince someone to worry about the climate when they're worried about feeding their own families every day.

  • Farah Tiffani
    Farah Tiffani 17 days ago

    Jeez, USA, your president's still drunk??? what's new?

  • libellaprincess
    libellaprincess 17 days ago

    Trevor. You are the best. It can't be explained better. Keep on giving us your shows.

  • Spicy Currey
    Spicy Currey 17 days ago

    Some people don't understand that its completely unfair for the us.. forced to foot the bill for china and other countries that are not even paying. Trump said if there was a more fair deal he would definitely be for it.

  • Jagwar Warrior
    Jagwar Warrior 17 days ago

    Earth : I cant keep doing this im going to die!
    Money : No its fine just a little bit more greenhouse gas and you will be fine.
    Earth : Ok.....if you say so.....

  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray 17 days ago

    such fools check the history of the planet it's been done to ice core samples on the Antarctica and the North Pole ozone's holes as been 180 times larger than it is at this point and they're still survived and that was due to catastrophe such as a volcanic eruptions our little imp is cleaned up and. Preserved by the Earth's natural process I say again natural reproduction and evolution so f*** off global warming fools

  • Aaron Staley
    Aaron Staley 18 days ago


  • Lee Kichang
    Lee Kichang 18 days ago

    This is the unspoken truth behind trump's decision; America produces more harmful gas than any other country because it has factories that manufacture more compared to the fore stated other countries. Trump made this decision to pull out of this agreement because it would severely limit our economy by limiting and restricting our factories. Also, there are the coal jobs, as stated in this video, that Trump is trying to bring back. However, we don't get to the fact that if the factories produce less, it makes less income, which means it lays off workers, which results in a weakened economy. Don't just hate Trump, he's a brilliant man with ambitious goals for the betterment of America; don't just foolishly listen to the media either.

    • Lee Kichang
      Lee Kichang 18 days ago

      there's more to this, that's not stated here in my little excerpt, so feel free to use common sense and to learn more about the currently debated subject.

  • Elena Aguila
    Elena Aguila 18 days ago

    hey, my country did not win the chance to see free episode... I am talking about Chile... "sorry 'bout that. This video is not available from your location" ...

  • Jeremy Bolt
    Jeremy Bolt 18 days ago

    (sees all the libtard comments)

    OR you could fix the real issue with pollution, which is China and I believe India, the major causes of this so called global warming.

    Or i guess you can cry, and blame trump for not wasting recourses on a skechy deal that would of in no way of actually done ANYTHING AT ALL, nor do we know if that money was ACTUALLY gonna be used for that goal at all.

    but I suppose thinking logically is beyond people.

  • Vicki Haking
    Vicki Haking 18 days ago

    All the money that Trump may have won't save your's & your family from dying when our planet goes down from climate change! Unless you have enough money to send your family out of this planet! But don't worry because you & all your family $ cabinet will all be impeached for working with Putin & Russia

  • xcops420
    xcops420 18 days ago

    You liberals are some of the most brainwashed idiots I've ever spoken with. I bet 99% of you can't name one single term of the Paris Climate Accord. You are feeble minded fools led by you noses by the biased media in this nation. You get your politics off facebook. You are simple minded morons. Trump 2020. The paris deal was TERRIBLE for America. If you don't realize that, you are a low information dummy. MAGA

  • xcops420
    xcops420 18 days ago

    Trevor Noah, please die. Trevor Noah is a fucking racist piece of shit. Eat shit and die motherfucker. Who the fuck is this guy anyway? It's like Samantha Bee? Who the fuck is that? Oh yea, another idiot who has a whole career based on hating Trump. Hey Trevor NOah, I hate you scumbag.

  • Sandeep kn
    Sandeep kn 18 days ago

    USA releasing more carbon to atmosphere means... more burden on developing countries... its like carbon taxing other nations..

  • Assassin JRS
    Assassin JRS 18 days ago

    Also if you think the world is going to become a fire ball that is uninhabitable to us because of climate change your an idiot. Okay I'm done

  • Assassin JRS
    Assassin JRS 18 days ago

    You all do realize that 85 million years ago the air was 700 parts per million of CO and there were dinosaurs like the tyrannosaurus rex that were alive at that time (alive as in thriving alive. Also today it's at 400 parts per million) You people are ignorant and stupid maybe you should stop listening to social media sources and start doing your own damn research on climate change. Maybe you'll realize it's a natural phenomenon that has an expansive history which shows you the earths climate has done this in constant rhythmic pattern over the past 3.5 billion years that life has existed on this planet. Also maybe you'll realize that the earth is a self correcting system that has faced far worse things then mankind in it's history. Now we should take care of our planet of course but please lets not be stupid and hysterical about it like making a money wasting deal that didn't do anything for us and maybe we can put that money toward research and development on technologies like thermonuclear fusion reactors. Just an idea from a well informed citizen that knows things because he actually took the time to look into this shit. I leave it to you people now to remain blind and ignored to this or actually get off your ass and make your own opinion instead of letting Trevor Noah make your opinions for you.

  • CazzoPORTICO Scimmie

    Allow me to make a minor correction. President Trump told you lying money-grubbing frauds "F**k You".

  • ROG Music Africa
    ROG Music Africa 18 days ago

    trump is a crazy mannn

  • Rockinghorse Winner
    Rockinghorse Winner 18 days ago

    So this is where the Left in this country gets it's news: 2 or 3 TV Comedians. Oh, great. lol

  • Kenny Smith
    Kenny Smith 18 days ago

    Trevor Noah, Don Lemon and Barak Obama all have one thing in common, they are all freakin stupid as hell , you thought I was going somewhere else with this weren't you. Great minds think alike. They are all idiots.

  • Stegiean
    Stegiean 18 days ago

    China and Russia please destroy this man, and honestly why isn't this dude assassinated yet?

  • Lanie V
    Lanie V 18 days ago

    He didn't just pull out of it though???

  • Bunnyshooter 223
    Bunnyshooter 223 18 days ago

    The Paris agreement: complete bullcrap.
    If trump pulled put, he obviously knows more than you. The deal stunk.
    Other nations trying to look good, trump is trying to make America good. Forget the other nations on this, there are better ways to preserve the earth.
    Stop putting words into other peopkes' mouths.
    Trump never said he did not care for earth. The paris agreement just is not a good deal.

  • Lon Prete
    Lon Prete 18 days ago

    You guys are a bunch of loosers especially the news jerk.  Get a life pal. There is no, I repeat no change in the climate. It's a complete waste of time and money. This moron thinks he's funny.Trevor noah you are a looser

  • Bow Hunter
    Bow Hunter 18 days ago

    The Daily Show......another pack of paid by the Left bullshit artists. Liberals rape children.

  • ? ?
    ? ? 18 days ago

    People still watch this hack? Once Stewart left - The show died and turned into this propaganda machine for the left

  • G. Gayle
    G. Gayle 18 days ago

    Are we really going to let this douche bag destroy us all.....oh ok.

  • Master Key
    Master Key 18 days ago

    Global Warming/"Climate Change" is a joke like the sheep liberals that believe it...

  • Patrick Lenihan
    Patrick Lenihan 18 days ago

    Mars anyone?

  • khaglun
    khaglun 18 days ago

    Because ClimaChange are a big fat flopp and lie, and it just proove that it IS true. They cut down on things that don't really matter.

  • putrus andilious
    putrus andilious 18 days ago

    Actually trump told the Daily show to Fuck itself and also this phony science that's being peddled

  • TheAlmightyPiplup
    TheAlmightyPiplup 18 days ago

    This is stupid and disgraceful, but what's even sadder is that so much of the country believes *just the same.* Just like Trump, they don't believe in science. Or facts. Or cooperating with allies. They just care about loyalty to Dear Leader Trump and pissing off liberals. How can we save the planet if we aren't all on the same page? We can't save it if we have people that refuse to want to help save and deny facts and live in their own reality.

    • TheAlmightyPiplup
      TheAlmightyPiplup 18 days ago


    • Marcellino Sananto
      Marcellino Sananto 18 days ago

      they would rather Putin run the country than a Democrat. . They would rather have the earth become uninhabitable for humans than admit they're wrong on climate change. fuckin shitbirds

  • Milano Jurotech
    Milano Jurotech 19 days ago

    We would rather invest our money in real businesses, like Tessa, Europe likes to invest in the UN and big government.. Good Luck Paris.

  • trogghugger
    trogghugger 19 days ago

    Meanwhile, earth tells Trevor to go fuck himself.

  • redshirtcasualty
    redshirtcasualty 19 days ago


  • Tim Farthing
    Tim Farthing 19 days ago

    I have a solution, why don't you dumb fucks who believe this shit get together and give up your jobs and send them your money and then you can rest easy.

  • Esmee van Oord
    Esmee van Oord 19 days ago

    i just dont understand why America gives so much power to just one person. i dont get there political system.

  • Rob Michaels
    Rob Michaels 19 days ago

    This dude wouldn't be half as popular if Trump didn't get elected. His job is basically to rip on Trump. Pretty lame when all your jokes revolve around the president.

  • naimo ali
    naimo ali 19 days ago

    omg wat are we going to do

  • brewski2554
    brewski2554 19 days ago

    I back up my president. Go fukk yourself lefty losers.

  • brewski2554
    brewski2554 19 days ago

    hahaha! you're all gonna die. So afraid. As comey stated today, "dead wrong" about msm and reports about russia and THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Donald J. Trump. Keep listening to msm, losers. MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans Zarkov 19 days ago

    'global warming' turned out to be such a scam they had to change the name to 'climate change'. i live on the coast and my city was supposed to be 'under water' by now yet we have seen no sea rise. our summers are getting shorter and shorter. our winters colder and colder. your 'carbon footprint' is just another tool the elites of the world hope to use to gain complete control over you. control over what you eat, where you go, and how you live your life. if they get what they want you won't be able to eat more than the minimum subsistence calories per day. you won't be able to go anywhere, and you won't be able to warm yourself in the winter. it's all a joke and the joke is on you. europe has been a cesspool of depravity and violence for untold generations. america is right not to take its marching orders from europe

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