Condoleezza Rice on North Korea: It's a dangerous situation

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  • Eidann63
    Eidann63 1 month ago

    She isn't back in the game and high profilin' it without an M.O. Way too much corruption, lies and manipulations went on in the "W" years, and the past 8; and (now) she's a patriot, coming out of her retirement, and very "concerned?" Yeah, I don't think so.

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 1 month ago

    Condollezza Rice is a class act. Well educated, accomplished Pianist, great speaker, cabinet member of Bush 43, educator, pretty. All of this and her ambition now is to head up the NFL. She's got my vote. You go girl! Bob Harris - Houston

  • Scamp Man
    Scamp Man 1 month ago

    Welcome Back!,

    SUN FLOWER 1 month ago

    dangerous coz, invasion of other nation

  • The Sleuth's Report
    The Sleuth's Report 1 month ago

    That's right Condaleeza, keep your face straight whilst lying your arse off!

  • The Sleuth's Report
    The Sleuth's Report 1 month ago

    North Korea is a billion times better off as they are than they would be after another US led 'liberation.'

  • Fr Louie Goad
    Fr Louie Goad 1 month ago

    Stay out of North Korea.

  • Kim Jong-Un
    Kim Jong-Un 1 month ago

    Rice is pretty nasty...disgusting really!

  • Taekwon Yoo
    Taekwon Yoo 1 month ago

    Rice gave hints her wrongdoings about NK in her security advisor and state department role in the past

  • madmanjshum
    madmanjshum 1 month ago

    Rice, didn't you say the Iraq WMB was a dangerous situation?  You and fox news should tie the knot.

  • Robert M
    Robert M 1 month ago

    China use to own Korea before Japan took it the Russia and USA divided it.

  • MissB_ 53
    MissB_ 53 1 month ago

    I like her.

  • Peaceforallman kind
    Peaceforallman kind 1 month ago

    Is that fact or fake news that the Chinese sent 175,000 troops to the border?

  • max k
    max k 1 month ago

    Kim No Dong has a bigger pen#$ than Hillary.

  • A Raf
    A Raf 1 month ago

    what the hell. lol i didnt know this bitch was still alive

  • Jeff Strange
    Jeff Strange 1 month ago

    Hey Condi, did ya ever find that yellow cake Saddam was looking for ? Besides, we never could imagine terrorist would hijack a jet and slam it into a building ?

  • Ming Kim
    Ming Kim 1 month ago

    Go pick cotton you imperialist wretched witch. Leave socialist Korea alone, or you will pay the price.

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 1 month ago

    wow.. "a dangerous situation".. and she got paid a lot of money for that kind of thinking.. and now she wants to sell us a book, no doubt full of pearls of wisdom like that..
    just go away you idiot Rice and take Clinton with you..

  • christopher martin
    christopher martin 1 month ago

    the problem with north korea is a dangerous for the scoop

  • Minimax
    Minimax 1 month ago

    Send her to Nürnberg - the original Courtroom still exists.

  • downstreamTV
    downstreamTV 1 month ago

    Haha...these yanks are finished.

  • 411American
    411American 1 month ago

    Give him Rice !

  • SRV. 123
    SRV. 123 1 month ago

    Bullshit. This is all about Genie Oil Company. Golan Heights strike bigger than Saudi Arabia oil reserves. Big war coming. Started by US false flag attacks on it's own people. Again.

    DALTON PRIDDY 1 month ago

    This from the same NSA Chief that gave us 15 years of war with Islamic terrorists they trained and armed. I mean, seriously???

  • George Blisson
    George Blisson 1 month ago

    What a woman, Muslims hate her, that means your doing something right when that happens, LOL

  • Ron Ziegler
    Ron Ziegler 1 month ago

    education and all full of pride

  • Ron Ziegler
    Ron Ziegler 1 month ago

    she looks like James Brown's grandmother

  • Ron Ziegler
    Ron Ziegler 1 month ago

    scare the enemy

  • Ron Ziegler
    Ron Ziegler 1 month ago

    give her a gun and put her on the front line

  • Ron Ziegler
    Ron Ziegler 1 month ago

    gap teeth in her mouth,

  • tony reivor
    tony reivor 1 month ago

    Condoleezza Rice is a Great American you cannot find fault with her on anything

  • Ernest Choy
    Ernest Choy 1 month ago

    American isolationism is contradictary and stupid. Shit. You know this is the best time for Russia and China, with America like that

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 1 month ago

    The current estimate is one million will die in the first hour alone. North Korea has over 30 thousand missiles aimed at South Korea and Japan. If only 10% [3k] of their missiles hit their intended target you will have Biological, Chemical and Radiological materials that will continue to kill millions more.

  • pom coben
    pom coben 1 month ago

    Wow such an interesting society, i will go there on a vacation!

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 1 month ago

    Hannity has zero credibility. Even CNN rolls its eyes when they have to mention him.

    • Judi Dipillo
      Judi Dipillo 1 month ago

      Kerkopes hannity rolls his eyes if he has to mention msnbc, cbs, abc, etc. so we're even. i roll my eyes at all the lib stations too. so does at least half the country.

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space 1 month ago

    rice is such a ugly N#$GA

  • scott mclaughlin
    scott mclaughlin 1 month ago

    Rice-What a deep thinker! The Chinese are important! It's a dangerous situation! Syria was a strong signal! Wow!! Can someone please tell me why anyone should listen to this person? What has she accomplished for this country?

  • rayneoftera
    rayneoftera 1 month ago

    Colin Powell, Cunninglingus Rice, she sounds like a Mexican dish, maybe we should send her over to Mexico, so they can eat her!

    White Power!

    • rayneoftera
      rayneoftera 1 month ago


    • Kenneth Davis
      Kenneth Davis 1 month ago

      rayneoftera I was scrolling through the comments looking for this exact joke.

  • abraham lincoln
    abraham lincoln 1 month ago

    Rice is a undercover radical idiot who should have been locked up before Benghazi if not afyer for sure.Why is she still talking?Why would anyone listen after all the Benghazi lies she was caught video then a protest,how about y'all sent our soldiers to get slaughtered you dumbass bitch.

  • Mario
    Mario 1 month ago

    RICE/HALEY 2024

  • Free Independent
    Free Independent 1 month ago

    Condoleezza Rice lost credibility with me when I found out she was a torture advocate.

  • Vevencio Mastilero
    Vevencio Mastilero 1 month ago

    President Trump is a better builder than Bush. If he wins against Kim Jong Un, he is going to rebuild Pyongyang North Korea into a better metropolis. The North Koreans will be happy about it as long as they don't fight the Americans. His success on North Korea will help him in his ultimate goal to Make America Great Again. This will not be the same as the ruins of Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc so long as the North Korean military surrenders without bloody conflict. This is going to be a win-win situation. Commerce will thrive in that region just like South Korea. North Koreans will become peace loving citizens.

  • Phil
    Phil 1 month ago

    Condoleezza Rice has been "given away by blacks."

  • Mikey T
    Mikey T 1 month ago

    I would love some Condoleezza Rice with my red beans.

  • happy cats
    happy cats 1 month ago

    wow, I'm glad she told us.

  • yandy castillo
    yandy castillo 1 month ago

    Of course bring this known liar and war mongerer to try and sell us yet another war...

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 1 month ago

    Every time her lips move a child dies.
    She is an evil dispicable woman.

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor 1 month ago

    Sometimes Simple is Better.. Take out the fucker..

    • neithealebor
      neithealebor 1 month ago

      Fat boy kim and korean people.. They treat him like a god.. If you could make God bleed... people will cease to believe in Him..

  • David Bires
    David Bires 1 month ago

    I hear NO new thinking from Ms Rice. None. Same old talking points. Very safe, for her, and as boring as hell. If she represents herself as a politically astute insider, I am not impressed. Thinking inside the box with safe politically correct word phrasing. God, get these people away from policy makers.

  • Swat Kats
    Swat Kats 1 month ago

    This shitbag again.. Get some whiskey for this bitch with extra WMD!!

  • timkiwi
    timkiwi 1 month ago

    when you travel around the world you see the appalling carnage the US has coursed with its industrial military complex and there endless war and economic sanctions. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos ect ect. killing so many poor children in the 3rd world. innocent little kids like your own. To young to have ever had a bad thought in there life. So my question is! If there really is such a think as god. where was he when those kids died in pain. why didn't he help. And if there is such a thing as Karma, what will happen to all those people who have invested in the Industrial military complex. Shares, trust funds and there children education funds. Will Karma punish them.

  • QueefJuiceOverflow
    QueefJuiceOverflow 1 month ago

    CONDOLEEZZA RICE sounds like a cheese covered delicious mexican dish

  • SilverMenace100
    SilverMenace100 1 month ago

    Kim Jong Il actually had an active WMD program.  Yet this disgraceful bitch dragged the country into a bloody, unnecessary war with Iraq which had no WMD's.  She has no credibility.

    YESHUA FAN 1 month ago

    cunnalingus rice
    sounds like a mexican dish should send her down to mexico so the mexicans can eat her "Dave Chappelle 2003"

  • ValhalaFiveSix
    ValhalaFiveSix 1 month ago

    This woman is incompetence and a war criminal and a liar.

  • Mike Fournier
    Mike Fournier 1 month ago


  • KYS Twice
    KYS Twice 1 month ago

    Why is that neocon cunt back in the news? Are they slithering out of the woodwork to start another war for fun and profit?

    • scott mclaughlin
      scott mclaughlin 1 month ago

      Book sell- to people like her it's all about "ME" and not us......ask 5,000 dead soldiers.......

    • mcconn746
      mcconn746 1 month ago

      Yeah. All they need to do is get Obama to draw a red line and Un will stop what he is doing. What a joke.

  • Bladesmith
    Bladesmith 1 month ago

    So we now just address you as "Con".... fitting I think !

  • infosec4u
    infosec4u 1 month ago

    I am a very strong conservative/Constitutionalist. I proudly served my country which started under President Reagan. I seen this nation get dismantled from the inside out while Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama were in office. Ms. Rice was and still is a large player in this deep state machine. Not in a good way. Let's just say that she is not an idiot and as blood drunk as Hillary is. If you have truly done your deep dive research on Ms. Rice/deep state ties, the correlation of the events would have given you knockout uppercut right up the middle. Ms. Rice is no shill... she still is a big player. A couple of you needed a swift kick in the pants... you will thank me later for it.

    I hope everyone that reads this has a blessed and wonderful year with YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS. If you have wronged someone ESPECIALLY FAMILY/FRIENDS, make it right ASAP! If someone hurt and wronged you, forgive them and LET THEM KNOW YOU FORGIVE THEM. MY GOD... Life is WAY TOO SHORT to be bickering over stupid things. Be in the NOW in Your Life. Get AWAY from ALL ELECTRONICS while you are spending time with your family/friends. It will make them feel like they are first and on second to your phone.

  • Goober Fries
    Goober Fries 1 month ago

    Thanks for the support Condeleeza Rice.🇺🇸

  • Anthony Barton
    Anthony Barton 1 month ago

    Start deportation of all the illegal aliens in the USA all 50 states have major issues

  • worddunlap
    worddunlap 1 month ago

    Lets not forget what a treacherous skank this woman is. A broken clock can be correct twice a day.

  • Lilly Day
    Lilly Day 1 month ago

    Condoleezza Rice is an awesome and very intelligent person.

    • Free Independent
      Free Independent 1 month ago

      Yes, an awesome, intelligent torture advocate!

    • CS_FL
      CS_FL 1 month ago

      But she is a self declared globalist supporting several destructive issues.

  • Dylan Walsh
    Dylan Walsh 1 month ago

    Anyone else have a hard time believing North Korea would be wrecked without the regime ? I kinda figured south would take over and they'd just be Korea again Ppl within North Korea themselves would be grateful ?

    • Colleen Jensen
      Colleen Jensen 1 month ago

      Dylan Walsh or not.. I thought about that. they may b brainwashed to hate

  • tiggergolah
    tiggergolah 1 month ago

    Dr. Rice is classy. She is no one's shill.

    • madmanjshum
      madmanjshum 1 month ago

      @tiggergolah; She is as classy as the inset you used.

    • SRV. 123
      SRV. 123 1 month ago

      This is all about Genie Oil Company. Golan Heights strike bigger than Saudi Arabia oil reserves. Big war coming. Started by US false flag attacks on it's own people. Again. She is still working for Cheney. Check out vids on Genie Oil and their big strike of oil. Bigger than Saudi Arabia. It's in the occupied Golan Heights part of Syria. Explains everything that is going on.

    • scott mclaughlin
      scott mclaughlin 1 month ago

      What accomplishments? Advising Bush to lie to the American people and send 5,000 to their needless deaths?

    • Mario
      Mario 1 month ago

      tiggergolah agreed, she is very classy and I hope she gets back into government. It's a shame feminists refuse to acknowledge her accomplishments.

    • Free Independent
      Free Independent 1 month ago

      Yeah, Dr. Rice is a classy torture advocate. That's class alright!

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