Jay Pharoah doing his Denzel Washington impression with Pusha T backstage at SNL

Virginia comedian and new Saturday Night Live cast member, Jay Pharaoh doing his Denzel Washington impression with Virginia rapper and new G.O.O.D. Music cast member, Pusha T backstage at SNL after his performance with Kanye West on October 3, 2010.

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Author jgk381 (3 years)
this saw this tonight on snl in the handbag skit, this new guy is the shit.
bout time that got someone actually and talented on snl. its been years
since this show was funny. the cast thats been there the last few years is
by far the worst in its history. idk whats more annoying the cast or all
the primates in the audience laughing at all their stupid sketches; they
shuold fire everyone and build a new cast around pharoah.

Author lifeisviewtiful (2 years)
@whutbrush +1 impresonations will only get you so far in comedy. That's all
good for SNL and Mad TV for a while but if you really want to break out on
your own you have to be more diverse. Like will ferrell, eddie murphy and
other powerhouses that came from the aforementioned shows.

Author cbizkit23 (3 years)
@JetScreamerJr its the writers not the cast. tina fey used to be head
writer and ever since she ledt the show has sucked. but most of the cast
now is really talented. Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Jason sedaikis and kenan
thompson are really good. This guy is gonna be the next eddie murphy though.

Author OnThaScene (3 years)
I've watched this video like 50 times! He has the mannerisms, facial
expressions and all down. This is funny as hell.

Author The Cricket Nerd (3 years)
having seen loads of his stuff on youtube, i've observed that he doesn't
have much comic material, he's just a standout impressionist. maybe even
the best. you won't see many original characters or sketches written by
him, but he's perfect in pre-recorded stuff and weekend update walk-ons.

Author birdjesus21 (2 years)

Author thedonofthesouth (3 years)
Jay killin it. Do ya thang homie

Author gtoutofthawrld (3 years)
@jabrightlefthook Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall
gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36...NOTHING

Author HipHop100 (1 year)
MadTV used to be way funnier than SNL....when MadTV ended I was
pissed,cause now I'm stuck with SNL.

Author Junide Louissaint (3 years)

Author Desmond Nunya (3 years)
Yo.. its one thing to sound like him.. but he got the facial expressions
down packed too.. good job.. lol

Author christyxrose (3 years)
He is so awesome!!!

Author OutcomeUnknown (2 years)
I love the way Jay does the face and body language of who he impersonates
makes it so much funnier. This man's the best impersonator i've ever seen.

Author spideyTB (3 years)
"Laugh, iknow you wanna laugh" ahahaha

Author azamoraaz20 (10 months)
"Exactly the way he was suppose to perform " my opinion was the best to
sounding like Washington I still give it up to aries spears

Author Robert Emanuel (3 years)
Shut your eyes and you will think it's Denzel.

Author mangoKush12 (2 years)
lmfao, the impression was on point

Author JetScreamerJr (3 years)
@jgk381 I totally agree. don't know how that show has stayed on this long.
i hope jay is asking for big bucks. he'll soon have his own show though. i
think the audience must be paid to laugh. most of those skits are just
stupid. i used to watch MAD tv instead of this crap.

Author BALLERSK (2 years)
pusha t could do a stevie wonder impression there

Author chrysillo (3 years)
wow this impression is soooo good

Author lebaneseameer (2 years)
@jgk381 Then you definitely never watched SNL between 94-96! I think 95 was
the worst year EVER! It was after the top guys left and before Will Ferrell
and the other guys came on board! Hmmmm.....what else? Don't forget the mid
80s....after Eddie Murphy left! I like how people try to act like the past
was awesome and the present ALL the time!

Author elderkiyuan (1 year)
This guy has DW to a T

Author gtoutofthawrld (3 years)
@jabrightlefthook imma P.M you.

Author jgk381 (2 years)
@lebaneseameer I get what you say, there's always that period between when
the veteran cast leaves and the new cast is still building chemistry, that
usually sucks. But the last cast left like what 7 yrs ago? This new cast
still isnt funny, imo. idk why but I still get excited to watch every
saturday, then 10 min into the show I'm reminded how dumb it is now. Its
almost become like a parody of itself. I think a great host will be
different, but 1 host cant make up for a dozen unfunny actors.

Author Jurina Harris (2 years)
If I had a guy.....who can do the Denzel washington impersonation and nail
it like Jay Pharoah just did...I would marry him in a New York second....

Author coldstaind91 (2 years)
hahahaha perfect!...perfection!

Author tmarquis100 (2 years)

Author gtoutofthawrld (3 years)
@jabrightlefthook we all have a free will, thats why you can do and think
evil thoughts if you want to, If God made us act according to his will and
did not give us a choice than we would be robots, he gives us a choice &
consequence, If you kill somebody you will go to jail right? God has given
us a way out ,He has given us a saviour, Jesus, who if we accept Him we
will be FORGIVEN & saved. If you reject that, than that means YOU chose
your fate, NOT God. God sent Jesus to save us,bottom line.

Author NorfBoy55 (2 years)
kinda favors Marlow from The Wire

Author XIRTAMYLNOEHTMAI (6 months)
dam. This is first time hearing him. That is 100% him. If you listen to it
without lookin at it all you'll see is an image of denzel in your mind.

Author gtoutofthawrld (3 years)
@jabrightlefthook thats your choice, if you don't believe, so be it!...but
surely I tell you truth, there is a God, Jesus Christ is the truth. If you
seek Him you will find Him but if you chosse not to than so be it!

Author Khalil Gayles (1 year)

Author Hector Porras (2 years)
thumbs up if u were too lazy to read the 1st top comment..

Author MrBigkel15 (1 year)

Author Cosmos A (1 year)
all i can say is ON POINT ON POINT ON POINT!! mah niggah lol

Author William Elliott (9 months)
My nigga!!!!!!!!! lmao

Author gramel123 (3 years)
wow thats good!

Author OnThaScene (3 years)
Helllll Naaawww.

Author Gavin A Simmons (2 years)
@jgk381 Jay Pharoah is hilarious and a great addition to the cast, but I
have to say that SNL has been funny for a few years now. Ever since just
before dick in a box. The 90's are over and thank GOD

Author Archibald Doogan (2 years)
@birdjesus21 : I liked it, but your assertion of those who don't is
misguided. Some people find his work a little stale - like Frank Caliendo.
After awhile, you've seen it. Been there, laughed at that. Eventually, you
either want to see something new, or see them make a funny without the aid
of impersonations. Don't hate people who disagree with you. At any rate, I
find it hilarious.

Author gtoutofthawrld (3 years)
@jabrightlefthook God is good, he does not like EVIL or wickedness & he
puts in place concequnces for people who live in wickedness or evil, thats
not unjust. Jesus Christ is good & He is who God put in charge, Jesus
Christ is who saved us, Him & God r 1.You WILL not & can NOT find 1 word
that Jesus spoke that was wrong, unjust or abominable, If everyone followed
the words of Jesus this world would literally be PERFECT, yet you hate &
choose to reject the Goodness of God? Woe unto you my friend.

Author FrostyAbyss1 (3 years)
Jay Pharoah is such a beast

Author jgk381 (2 years)
@vikingswagg47 too lazy to read a paragraph? lol @ the twitter generation,
who only read in 140 characters at a time.

Author Trev WIlliams (2 years)
That's the Denzel

Author jralf0ns0 (11 months)
Lmao hahahahahaha

Author elduderino19 (3 years)
@jgk381 Agreed SNL is complete shit.

Author Alexander Vanden-Bulcke (3 years)
This kid is going to run SNL..

Author iAMcooooooool (3 years)

Author WhutThePhuq (2 years)

Author browbeater824 (2 years)
I find him racist

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