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Author Gabriel Mercader (6 years)
Same leg, same hand lead (unless you're doing some koto ryu :)). Keep your
heart behind.

Author MOUNTAINOUS (5 years)
check my acct i have 65 ninja vids and i have done it off and on since 1991
and i made 65 ninja training vids this year alone so that is one out of 5
days almost and i train more than just making vids. look at my acct and
there is everything ninja you need almost

Author MOUNTAINOUS (4 years)
why write that foolishness?

Author Spelonker (5 years)
In the Bujinkan sword style, do you generally wear your sward with blade
facing up or down? I'm a member f the Genbukan and we wear it blade up
(it's bikenjutsu btw).

Author MOUNTAINOUS (5 years)
yes go to my page and look at my videos and the new one called jo staff 13
movements shows new and improved dojo and i am getting rid of couch for
more mats and also it shows my armor i built. also go to my vids and see my
newer vids called 400 sub and 500 sub and these are from this month and i
live on a mt and it shows me ride horse in armor and all the other new
outdoor vids are unique in many training weapons and ninjutusu and samurai

Author MOUNTAINOUS (5 years)
i am not in bujin now cause i moved to a place with no school but we wear
the sword up. there are draws where you turn it and do it the other way and
with armor it is blade down. but typically blade up

Author 1969jmac (7 months)
seiko fujita (the last Ninjisu practioner) from the Koga prefecture died in
1966 having no students and never having taught anyone...he even said that
ninjitsu will die with Fujita was the last Ninja at least from
the Koga line. The Iga line however is still questionable, the Togakure ryu
is still in contention because the lineage can not be verified....Hatsumi
is the only person alive today that has the documents of lineage. He wont
release them to anyone for authentication

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
thanks for watching and correcting. i know it is diajodan. but just like
wakasashi sword is also kodachi. differene names. and ichi kamea is right
to. but leg thing i am not sure. thanks i will look into it. peace brother

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
ya he is legit. but some senior bujin people still say he is kook. i am
opened minded and i have his early books. i liked him better when he was
shadows of iga society. but yes he is legit

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
hasso no can be done either ask your shidoshi and kasumi is not on knee i
am sorry you are wrong. good try, ask your shidoshi

Author Ninjutsu Oussama (2 years)
Need More Practicing

Author Rohoxuj (5 years)
what kju are ya in? thnks for posting this video, it helps me to get foward
in my own training greetings from switzerland

Author JHafichuk (6 years)
Wow we have to go so much lower with our stances...

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
most lean back but not all sorry you are wrong on that one thing. if you
read comments i know daijodan but i hear shidoshis say jodan too. i will
block you now mr slander. teach with love and watch choson ninja he will
teach with love. no need to slander or critisize martial arts unless kindly
and constructively. you are blocked!!!

Author MOUNTAINOUS (5 years)
i am not at 4th kyu. what gave you that idea. if you are going by the gold
star and patch you need to learn your ranks again. read my bio. on my page.
and why are you watching these old lame videos. i have came so far since
these videos and hold dan rank now in other arts. so i will send you one

Author efriedlander (6 years)
i ask because I have several of his books but was always a little skeptical
about him.

Author Anders Bjerre (6 years)
maybe its the way of bujinkan practise....but seigan no kamae is with the
wrong should be migi.......densho states its not called ichimonji
no kamae but ichi no kamae...and you are supposing to lean a little
back...its not called jodan no kamae but daidjodan no kamae

Author MOUNTAINOUS (3 years)
@MrJWDragon92 this is 5 year old footage. i am shodan now. go see this room
now in vid 150 and we both have samurai real armor on and i own them both.
vid 115 i am on horses in the mts in real samurai armor. this video is
ancient. i have come so far. only watch vids after 100. all vids outdoor on
mt peaks and glaciers and snow and rivers and waterfalls. in armor doing
archery in these locations. go see.

Author ChosonNinja (6 years)
Fantastic! Thank you for sharing Jason!

Author Spelonker (5 years)
Haha. Nice. You may as well set up you own school now.

Author Shad0wWarrior (5 years)
I am working to bring some different sword skills toward my hand to hand
combat training. This gave me some ideas, thnx. BTW I take Kenpo. So when
it comes 2 ninjitsu I know squat soooo. Kudos on the presentation.

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
i learned the most in bujikan about taihen taijustsu and kuden and intense
combat. but i have also lately followed choson ninja dtg deticated to god
karate. and i have learned more about being a good man and martial artist
from him. his students never slander we only praise and try to help each
other. i may make formal video and remove bujinkan patch and stop because
beginner bujin students are high and mighty.

Author Danilo Dark (2 years)
I would like to know what is the maguetsu no kamae... does someone have a
picture or an video with this stance?

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
cool at least you arent slandering me. i have seen same stances in other
bujin and even has slight different name like jodan is dai jodan and
several others. i went of notes and printout from my teacher 9th dan in

Author MOUNTAINOUS (2 years)
@darkmacgaren i did some searching and i spent 6 years in the bujinkan.
this is old shitty vids. my new vids are hd. real samurai armors on
horseback and me fighting in real samurai armors. etc. in the mts. all
ninja vids are numbered in the title. any under 98 are so so so so old and
not good editing or camera etc. see new stuff. 150 you can see real armors.
my vid 150. but i never heard that name. i may have seen the kamae back in
the day but i dont know it by name. sorry. google it

Author SpyForceTeam (6 years)
yep i've learned something, when you post a instruction video always check
the spelling of the words for example KAMEA ? ? KAMAE would be better and
Hasso no Kamae ? , check your manual again for the right posture

Author Psytrauma Corax (6 years)
Hasso no kamae is with both hands grapping the sword and not one below it.
The tsuba should be near your right hear. Kasumi no kamae is knealing on
your right knie, toes to the ground (ready to stand up), arms should be
extended to the upper right side and the sword should be pointing 45
degrees down to the left side protecting the head.

Author Theokondak (6 years)
In my humble opinion,you are fine.Maybe there are some small diferences in
some stances as i ve been teached,but maybe i am wrong since i am new to

Author Semont Mentos (4 years)
A couple of the stances are pretty similar to European sword stances.

Author Spelonker (5 years)
Oh shame. Do you still practice at home?

Author MOUNTAINOUS (2 years)
@99999ninja why are you watching 5 year old vids. my new vids are hd. i
have progressed so much and now dan rank on artofcombatdotcom site. i have
3 real yoroi. samurai armor. i am the only guy in usa on youtube in real
armor from japan riding horses in the mts. doing archery in armor. water
stealth in lakes on volcanoes in full ninja shinobi shozoku. i have over
ten vids on each weapon. most vids in the mts. see number in the title. you
seen vid 4. any before 98 are ancient. see me now bro

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
thanks for correcting me.. i was typing fast.. thats what i was taught. i
think its right and i have printout from shidoshi spangler in illinois.
make video and show me where i am wrong i would appreciate it .. thank you

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
i am sorry to block you know but i am having to much fun enjoying and
sharing any martial arts experience i have. i learned sia on my own and i
know bujin dont use but they do use jutte. 9 out of 10 love my vids and
want me to post more. and alot are in bujikan

Author efriedlander (6 years)
Do you guys think that Stephen Hayes is legit?

Author MOUNTAINOUS (6 years)
i will continue, you have that right to say that. i have that book and
hatsumis history and traditions and stick fighting and grandmasters book
and some of hayes other books. what dan are you can i ask. i might stop
bujikan vids because everyone in bujikan now thinks they know all and are
so high and mighty

Author MOUNTAINOUS (3 years)
@weloveyoudimebag go see new vids. i do kukishin specific bojutsu vids. on
rokushaku bo. this is a million years old. go see bojutsu vids in front of
waterfalls. etc..

Author John Salinas (3 years)
Thanks for posting, looking to train very hard and hopefully memorize these
new sword kamae. Would you happen to have 8th and 7th kyu techniques?

Author Giovanni Gabrielli (5 years)
you shoud practice more, and actually its kamae, not kamea, but i
appreciate your devotion to martial arts, you got the spirit. rei

Author Crim15 (4 years)
What books are you reading?

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