10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

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Narrated by: Darren Marlar
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Facts Verse

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Author korbin Sorensen ( ago)

Author Terry Fredrick ( ago)
Why was a San Francisco garter snake shown for the Night snake. Thats funny cause the San Francisco garter is endangered itself. lol

Author Mohamedamin John ( ago)

Author The Dude ( ago)
These are examples of false extinction. they never died out we're just dumb humans

Author bob dobbs ( ago)
Facts Verse can't be bothered to look up actual facts

Author Creepy Untold Stories ( ago)
last one is a pokemon?

Author every time movies ( ago)
nmbr 9 you are wrong

Author Sc Pranks ( ago)
Basically animals we thought were extinct

Author Richard Dion-Lecompte ( ago)
I need a Monito Del Monte

Author Alex Miles ( ago)
Reencarnation proved in this video?

Author Goodguy chris ( ago)
2:14 thats a garter snake....

Author Mollie Corn ( ago)
Cool video 😯😯

Author Saitoubosh ( ago)
... or never went extinct in the first place.

That monito is cute. :D

Author ed hondo ( ago)
now do a video on what the word extinct means .

Author Cambodia Fishing Youtube ( ago)
Amazing Animals

Author Raffael Hermanses ( ago)
Dude! the animal's didn't extinct we just think they did that's bullshit!

Author Haider Boss ( ago)
please like if I trolled you !!!

read more

Author Wendy Gulley ( ago)
They don't go extinct they just go into inner earth, where they are loved and cared for.

Author Alexander Weisberg ( ago)
Yeah I bet these animals are clones

Author Arieanah Goebel ( ago)
I mean extaint

Author Arieanah Goebel ( ago)
I wish Donald trump would go extant

Author Linn Gubala ( ago)
we didn't evolve from no fuqin fish! that's buullssshiiitt!!!!

Author biraj dai ( ago)
dinosaur came back..

Author Bear 113 ( ago)
Dumb titles and dumb narrating should be made extinct. You don't come, "back" from extinction, you either are or your not. Science one day might clone a species but for now a Tyradackdal will never fly again, as all well as all the other thousands of creatures that have swum, crawled, walked and flown into the darkness of the past.

Author Amylynn Okpeaha ( ago)
they were never extinct

Author Lilac Lizard ( ago)
Can't believe you left out the Mainland Tammar wallaby! It genuinely went extinct from Australia in the 1920's but then in 2003 New Zealand started pest eradication programs on Kawau Island & asked Australian conservationists if they wanted to check for endangered Australian animals first before they killed everything & they found a few critically endangered species like the Brush tailed rock wallaby, but also found the "extinct" Tammars there!

In the 1860's a South Australian Governor had transported them there to make his own private zoo! 75 animals were trapped & returned to Australia & the animal removed from the "extinct" list (and the island converted into an "ark" for New Zealand wildlife that had been endangered by the introduction of Australian pest species like Kangaroos & possums)

Author dimpledesouza ( ago)
OMG that snake is so beautiful ...........

Author serpentscientist ( ago)
They should change the name Takahe to Jabberwocky.

Author American Airsoft ( ago)
Bothers me that someone who self-professes to be all about facts can't even be accurate about definitions.

If you can come back from extinction then it wasn't extinction.

Author GirlzWho Drawz ( ago)
Hmm... What to wear?
Hmm...Its Picture day
Hmm..I will wear something nice
I blinked
Sigh,I will wait till next year ( Whats the point?)

Author Andrew Scoggins ( ago)
Nothing comes back from extinctions. This is a oxymoron from a moron.

Author Mr Honthy ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author curry jan ( ago)
wow ang ganda ng mga animals na yan nakaka bilib??

Author Mr Menthr ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author joseph choco ( ago)
cuban selenodon .-. fck I actually saw one and and accidentally stepped on it .-. and it actually looked like a weird rat to me so yeah just left it alone

Author Eleonore Meunier ( ago)
disappointed finding conviction milk nearby sculpture in maximum nominee.

Author Kylie Adams ( ago)
A tahki is a chip. Not a horse. It's a przewalski's horse. Learn some before you go making a video about it.

Author Mr Nicks ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author my name is Borrjd ( ago)
hahahaha facts reverse....

Author Sol Nocturno ( ago)
i want that snake!

Author Curiosity Fever ( ago)
Great video!

Author Mathys Beeslaar ( ago)
1:05 What river in South Africa????? hahahaha......... no such river in SA!!!!

Author ECS XIV ( ago)
i cringed everytime he says come back to extinction.. 😕😕

Author Mr Fmoth ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author Mr Sleep ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author pforce9 ( ago)
Reminds me of Dennis Nedry throwing a stick and when the Dilophosaurus does not chase the stick, he shrugs and says, "no wonder you're extinct!".

Author Mr Fenuth ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author Mr Horntk ( ago)
10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Author ( ago)

Author Supernatural Fandom ( ago)
Almost all of these I never knew existed.

Author derpy plays ( ago)
You can't come back from extinction means gone for ever

Author DYNAMIC Flight ( ago)
Hey Fact Verse: Would you please click the link and watch my fantastic videos and help me grow my channel and please add comments on each of my video please and I would like to subscribe and add comments to you.
I only wanted some subscribers and grow my channel thank you.

Author Nathan Warford ( ago)
The tarsier is a primate, not a marsupial at all.

Author Josiah Vallorani ( ago)
They can’t come back from extinction if they never were extincted.

Author SuperOxideDimutase ( ago)
This channel has the best click bait. Thank you, sir!

Author aquadragon1 ( ago)
The strangest of them all, Homo Sapiens. Our DNA shows that once we were on the brink.

Author Milan Tholen ( ago)
I have an crested Gekko

Author Milan Tholen ( ago)

Author Milan Tholen ( ago)
Facts Verse extinct the animale due to huis bad content😊

Author SnailSpeedsTV ( ago)
so much lying in this video

Author Retsam Ecar ( ago)
Comeback? or we just thought they are all extinct in the first place

Author Reoavo Onel ( ago)
I live in Bermuda🇧🇲🇧🇲🇧🇲🇧🇲🇧🇲

Author Doggy Lover213 ( ago)
im disapointed

Author Thomas Roberts ( ago)
Takahē not Takahe
Ayy not e

Author Mарко Новембарски ( ago)
Monito del Monte... It sounds like a person's name.

Author Crazy Knex ( ago)
Which one is rarer?

Author Roobee ( ago)
Pygmy Tarsier is already found in Bohol, Philippines long before 2008

Author Hector Camacho ( ago)
can a t rex come back to eat neros arcade

Author Michael Gala ( ago)
someone needs to figure out things can't come back from extinction.

Author george maggard ( ago)
Could it be that the theories are wrong? Of course not, most scientists agree they are not wrong.

Author ABLD9ine ( ago)
They obviously weren't extinct if they reappeared again

Just to correct this damn story.... Tarsier is a native animal commonly found here in the Philippines... Yes they are extinct along with Tamaraws.... which consider as the smallest type of carabao... You can find Tarsier somewhere in the province of Bohol... and Tamaraws in the province of Oriental Mindoro.!!

Author Patrick Starr ( ago)
I guess they don't know that tarsier is existing in Philippines until now

Author Brandon StGermain ( ago)
these Animals didn't come back from Exstiction, they just were tried of People. and took a Break.

Author The Channel of Lego & More ( ago)
What about the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect?

Author John Hill ( ago)
That is one of the most wonder full snakes I have ever seen Welcome back. Those mice & field rats better look out!

Author Bathrezz1 ( ago)
*Loss of greasing land

Author Hector Rivera Rosado ( ago)
mira mi amigi me dijo que lo escribistes mal so bruto

Author LRB 04 ( ago)
hey guys, I have a pet Dodo living in my garden
The dodo was believed to be extinct, until 2017 when humans actually were smart enough to bring silly-named animals back from extinction!! ;)

Author Johnny Sambrano ( ago)
Ok who's going around the world and using max revives on these pokemans

Author jai chand ( ago)
monthly 5k to 10k without investment https: // goo. gl / QHrONH

Author Wheelman Josh ( ago)
I knew someone that found his trouser snake after losing weight, thinking it went extinct after he became fat.

Author THE Diamond Gaming HD ( ago)
i watched this just because the rainbow gay snake

Author Ryanski Akira Saotome ( ago)
@ 0:45 That fish is a silly cunt...

Author Stuart Hollingsead ( ago)
do you mean "NEAR" extinction?
you forgot humans... cough cough NOAH'S ARK

Author Savage Gaming ( ago)
The guy should change it to "10 animals that came back from near extinction "

Author Matisse Elliott ( ago)

Author Dan Swan ( ago)
You should look hard words up first before you use them  :/ My little girl know what it means... derp!

Author Mat Amy ( ago)
I swear I have seen a huge Dodo once opps no that was Donald Trump !

Author Aidan Sullivan ( ago)
This is the best video ever

Author The Jugger Punisher ( ago)
Where the fuck are Donald Trump and Harambe

Author Kendall Fernandez ( ago)
tarsiers are in the Philippines you dumbass. Look for Bohol. There are tons of them

Author Bettina Smith ( ago)
so you mean they wornt extinct after all

Author Malik Imran ( ago)
All fake

Author Devil Breaker ( ago)
11th: My Ex

Author Shirley Laubach ( ago)

Author AIDEN ATKIN ( ago)
wow,thats crazy

Author MAX MARTEN ( ago)
yes, i agree they were never extinct

Author Maxmud Xareed ( ago)
coelacanth delt a blow to the evolution hoax

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