Nigeria: 82 Chibok girls freed by Boko Haram

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  • Tony ALADE
    Tony ALADE 14 days ago

    some Nigeria are not mumu. there's noting like CHIBOK GIRL. Well.

    IKECHUKWU AKUBUILO 17 days ago

    zoological republic of Nigeria the animal kingdom sponsoring bokoharam chibok girls Buhari and colleagues political strategy ideology

  • mrpetersonandsnappyturtle

    the irony is isis does not acknowledge book haram because they are black!

  • Omoregie Fidelis
    Omoregie Fidelis 19 days ago

    Nigeria government buhari is going at of the country again hmmmmmm another surprise chibok girls realize 82 well thank God apc story for Nigerian no to talk stop deceiving Nigerians...

  • Manab Das
    Manab Das 19 days ago

    Filthy muzzies

  • collins dion
    collins dion 19 days ago

    Nigerian government are more terrorist than bokoharam.

  • tjan Elke
    tjan Elke 20 days ago

    fake fraud nigeria british news

    ANTHONY JOHNSON 20 days ago

    you won't see the United States helping out

  • iliot khraPof rothchild

    This is a lie, Al jazeera is an islamic channel funded by terrorist countries

    • Nero Piroman
      Nero Piroman 19 days ago

      iliot khraPof rothchild. Then dont watch it

  • Ezechinyere Zeblon
    Ezechinyere Zeblon 20 days ago

    Propaganda by northern Nigerian Governors and David Cameron,Obama,Francois.

  • mohamoud Abdiweli
    mohamoud Abdiweli 20 days ago

    Boko Haram, Alshabaab, ISIS and Other Terrorists are not represent Muslims Around The WORLD.

    • TSB
      TSB 19 days ago

      mohamoud Abdiweli yes they do

    • Sherrinford Hull
      Sherrinford Hull 20 days ago

      mohamoud Abdiweli No, but a gigantic amount of them, in fact a majority, are in support of Sharia Law, believe that women are lesser, think gays should be killed, and more. This has all been proven by pew research. Look it up.

    • Agent York Foxtrot 12
      Agent York Foxtrot 12 20 days ago

      +Krypto The Holy Book

    • Krypto
      Krypto 20 days ago

      +yourjoking Right proof?

    • yourjoking Right
      yourjoking Right 20 days ago

      mohamoud Abdiweli Bullshit. Your own HOLY book proves otherwise.

  • pedrito passe
    pedrito passe 20 days ago

    Jesus can do one thing for this generation...

    CHUKWU EBUKA 20 days ago

    Fake news sponsored by Northern government of Nigeria

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