FULL: Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing - Opening Statements (DAY 1) FNN

Thirteen months after Justice Antonin Scalia's death created a vacancy on the high court, testimony gets underway for the highly credentialed conservative judge, Neil Gorsuch.
Senate Judiciary Committee begins their multi-day hearing on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Today's hearing will begin with opening statements by Committee Leadership Senators Grassley & Feinstein followed by other Committee Members making opening statements. This session should last between 2 & 2 1/2 hours & will be followed by a break. Then, the nominee will be introduced by home-state Senators Bennet & Gardener, the oath will be administered & Judge Gorsuch will offer his opening statement

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Author Liberty orDeath ( ago)
Please, do we really need to hear Diane Feinstink? Why not bring her lousey husband up too, Richard Blum, the real estate tycoon who buys from drought stricken farmers and sells to the Chinese. Man Made Drought too. Just ask Jerry Brown he should know, he shut off our, CA water at the source up north. SICK OF IT.

Author T R ( ago)
Politicians love to talk. This hearing could have been cut down to a quarter of the time it took. Seems to me these hearings are nothing more than an opportunity to insult and belittle others.

Author scott baker ( ago)
The first paragraphs of Feinstein's statement illustrate that she mis-perceives the judicial role, and did not retain a word of Chairman Grassley's opening (and she is a LAWMAKER).

Author California Gunner ( ago)
The rulings for Corporations bothers me. Corporations are not people and should never be given more rights. This sounds like his (so far) major fault.

Author workwithksmusselman ( ago)
I swear some of those Democrats are sitting there with earplugs in so they can't hear what the other side has to say. They are being so argumentative that they sound like children on the playground at recess!

Author Jomarshun ( ago)
Why the Comey snippet?

Author aporiac ( ago)
These hearings are instructive in showing that the judicial philosophy of Democrats is hatred of America. I hope Americans share my concern about this being a good thing.

Author AM GARCIA ( ago)
Republican judges change the law? Does he (Whitehouse) not mean Democrat federal judges who change the law?

Author Jomarshun ( ago)
"Hey! It's wrong to tell someone that taking another's life intentionally is wrong. It might give people ideas.
Now, let's talk about the most goodliness of gun control."

Author Jomarshun ( ago)
Feinstein's initial speech:

Author tech25t ( ago)
Mr. Whitehouse 5 v 4!!! 5 v 4!!!! PLEASE!

Author just grəg ( ago)
At 2:48:22 the vid switches from the Gorsuch confirmation hearing to that creepy FBI hack, then back again. Why

Author Michael Klein ( ago)
very happy with this appointment. Sad that the Supreme Court has become politically motivated. Once intended to rule on law in an unbiased setting, it now sets precedent based on the justices' political preference. #MakeSCOTUSGreatAgain

Author mikebigslick ( ago)
But in applying law of course your life experience and views tweak how you choose to apply and interpret that law.

Author Darth nataS ( ago)
Grassley hit that thing 120 times, and nobody paid any attention to him.

Author Darth nataS ( ago)
Feinstein so unhappy while Senator Sasse is speaking, lol.

Author Darth nataS ( ago)
Ms. Feinstein, where does it say in the Constitution that blacks should be slaves, or witches burned at the stake, or that we should or should not have the automobile or the internet? Where does it say in the Constitution that LGBGQT people, or women, do not have individual rights? Where in the Constitution does it say there may not be interracial marriage? Where does it say that a Senator may decide which weapons of what type, and how many we may keep and bear? Many rights of the people have been protected by AMENDING the Constitution, not by ignoring the clear language in it.

This "living document" philosophy that Feinstein believes in basically just means that she wants to be able to write any law she wants, with no regard whatsoever to the protections we have in the Constitution. Written words either mean what they say, or do not. If they don't, why should we pay any attention to the laws she writes? We can interpret them any way we want.

Author Sonny Cannon ( ago)
Bottom line folks,,,  the liberal left-overs are selfish bastards! Sorry to say this, but it's absolutely true!   The liberals love to call the declaration of independence and bill of rights, "LIVING & BREATHING" documents!   LOLOL!  I say yes to that,,  but I see it as those documents are STILL ALIVE, IN THEIR ORIGINAL UNDOCTORED MEANING!!!!   The democraps want to kill those documents!   They want to "Frankenstein" both documents, "chop off this rule,, and sew on that rule"!!  I just can't accept abortion!!!!  No matter what!!!   It's factually the deliberate killing of a LIVING HUMAN BEING, EITHER MALE, OR, FEMALE,, IN GESTATION!!!!  Normal people would NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT KILLING A BABY WHILE DEVELOPING IN THE SANCTUARY THAT WE CALL, THE WOMB!  Liberals are becoming evil, cretins!  SERIOUSLY!!!!

Author Steven Liszkai ( ago)
All I wanna know is: If he gets this gig, then who'll be the next host of America's Funniest Videos? This is troubling.

Author Therese Helmy ( ago)
What a great, respectful man.

Author common sense ( ago)
Why are they not showing the damn judge

Author Muriel Ellis ( ago)
Is Feinstein a clone of Warren or the other way around?

Author Charles M Rinehart ( ago)
Nice to have Republicans in charge instead of the frauds called Democrats.

Author Sherry Yarger ( ago)
He's right about Roe v. Wade. The killing of a child is not healthcare. Nothing in the Constitution guarantees the right to take a life!

Author 511TBone ( ago)
It is disconcerting how so many want the Constitution to be something that it is not.

Author Mr. Clark ( ago)
Pat Leahy seems senile. During parts of his statements he can barely string sentences together.

Author Chris ( ago)
3:45:00 Sens. Cruz and Lee are playing against each other on their phones. What game are they playing? ;)

Author Dr. Disaster ( ago)
The Supreme Court should declare this hearing illegal since Congress did not fullfill it's duty as written in the constitution regarding Judge Garland.

Author FLsheepdog1 ( ago)
They cry so much we may have to build an Ark! wa wa wah !

Author Dianne Foster ( ago)
This is about a Supreme Court Justice and whether or not he will uphold the constitution. These democrats are a danger to our democratic republic. Allowing entitled arrogant democratic fools into office allowed Obama to economically destroy America while they sat by and allowed Obama to issue EO to make unconstitutional laws and to steal our constitutional rights. I have no faith in any of the democrats that they will make a decision (any decision) to help the people of this country. They have already demonstrated that they want to take us to the NWO without our permission. Democrats are not aristocracy. They are not entitled to line their pockets while in Congress and allow administrators to break our constitutional laws and to consider themselves above the law. We told you on Nov. 8th, 2016 that we the people had had enough and we gave Trump the Senate, Congress, State governors, and legislatures to help him take our US back from the globalists. We did it not elect Republican because we wanted Republicans we did so because we wanted Trump to have every chance to give us the changes that we want. We are not just deplorables, or right wing, or working class. We are the silent majority standing up to the globalists in the guise of Democratic establishment. You have so corrupted this country that you all need to be cleaned out and next election we will finish you off in the voting booth. We are former democrats, republicans, independents, progressives that have had enough of you corruption. A party that has the nerve to anoint a candidate that was both a liar and a criminal and then seditiously tries to undermine the choice of the US Citizens. We choose the democratic republic not the NWO. We choose to restore our country and repair the damage that the globalists have done.

Author Chris ( ago)
My father was a truck driver for 35+ years, first in the Marine Corps and then private. He has NEVER done or seen such an asshat truck driver to drive until the gauge was below E. This was neglect as the driver should have planned his entire route out, like my father, before even leaving. If my father was alive today, he'd call the driver an asshat. Just like Sgt Bergdahl, this driver abandoned his responsibility but only after lack of proper planning. After researching this subject, I agree with Judge Gorsuch. It would have been a different story had the driver stopped at a non-authorized TransAm refueling station prior or continued as directed.

Author Dianne Foster ( ago)
It is not a judges job to comment on how politicians speak. It is a judges job not to advise, set policy, or make a political decision, but to decide if a law was broken or a law is constitutional. There should only be one question here: as a supreme court justice will you apply the laws as written and whether a law or decision is constitutional.

Author The Piper Report ( ago)
Wow... Mr. Whitehouse is an idiot. What a biased POS... He said normally Gursuch would get a fair hearing but since Justice Roberts didn't do what they wanted they can no longer believe what Gorsuch says? I wonder if he even read his speech that one of his cronies wrote for him..

Author Dianne Foster ( ago)
The Democrat that voted to delay the vote will be duly noted and I hope voted out of office in the next election. These democrat globalists have no respect for the American People or our Constitution as they went about letting Obama set about destroying our constitution and economy for the last 8 years. I see Feinstein and i hope she is being investigated for all her corruption. These democratic globalists do not represent the people of this country but themselves and their goals to be the elite in their NWO.
In the recent months we have low level federal judges right now misusing their powers and trying to stop the President's executive orders. They seem to think that they can make the laws. Obama's administration was an overreach along with his democratic congress trying to take us to the NWO for their own benefit and not the benefit of the citizens.

Author Chris ( ago)
Sadly, Graham here is another reason why Conservatives are among the most open minded and fighting a losing battle against STUBBORN ass Liberals. Sad.

Author Chris ( ago)
No Supreme Court nominations in an election year - 1992 Joe Biden

Author bct110 ( ago)
Sen. Feinstein does not understand "originalism."  The Constitution IS a document that can change with the times... but not like she thinks.  If you want to change it, the founding fathers built a way for us to do that.  Unfortunately, there are too many Americans who disagree with Sen. Feinstein, and her ilk, to change what she wants to change... so she prefers to short circuit the legislative/constitutional process and just have the judges make the changes she wants.  The constitution wasn't written that way.  Look it up.  You know who gave the Supreme Court the power the determine a law "unconstitutional"?  Hint: It wasn't the constitution.  It was the Supreme Court that gave ITSELF that power in Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803).  We need more judges who evaluate the law and not twist the law to get the outcome they desire.  If the law is bad, then it is up to CONGRESS to change the law... not 9 unelected, and unaccountable, judges.

Author Bruce Schnur ( ago)
AL Franken is the biggest joke there, a stand up comedian is his background not a lawyer

Author Celtic Phoenix ( ago)
I see (((communists)))

Author M Hook ( ago)
Paid to sleep through a hearing? Really!!

Author Molly Dalton ( ago)
Blumethal has done bad things such a lying ass. He is a clinton puppet.

Author Molly Dalton ( ago)
Klobuchar needs to grow up - emotions colour judgment. Its unprofessional.

Author Dan Hale ( ago)
facts are not changed by feelings

Author Robert Cole ( ago)
It's a shame that Feinstein's mother didn't have the same view that she did.  What a crack pot!

Author Robert Cole ( ago)
Why is Feinstein even on this committee?  She, by her own words, condemns the constitution and what it stands for.  She, seriously, needs a psychological evaluation.  Brining up mindless drama and banter that matters not.  And we sit here and scratch our heads trying to figure out why our country is where it is today.

Author Molly Dalton ( ago)
OMGODNESS The constitutuion is not a living document that needs to evolve. Feinstein is batshit crazy.

Author The Piper Report ( ago)
I so want to punch Diane Feinstein in the face. I don't care that she's a hermaphrodite and it could be a hate crime. I really, really want to punch her

Author Faith, And Freedom ( ago)
Old hag Feinstein, needs to step aside! Hypocrite!

Author The Piper Report ( ago)
Wow the papparazi swarmed him when he sat down lol

Author frank whaley ( ago)
There should only be 1 question----will you make your rullings based on the constitutional law as written or by touchy-goody fellings as to what you think they should be.

Author frank whaley ( ago)
Stop all the grand standing and get down to asking questions, let him answer then vote.

Author RightAway87 ( ago)
The partisanship on display here is huge.

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