Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look

  • Added:  18 days ago
  • Seth takes a closer look at the latest fights President Trump has picked with the rest of the world as his approval ratings hit new lows.
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    Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 11:24
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Comments: 3 406

  • get buried
    get buried 1 day ago

    Funny until the biological warfare comes in. oh well, seems people need a wake up call or history will document what should have been a wake up call.

  • brad hagyard
    brad hagyard 1 day ago

    Its over. 4 and 0000, in special elections. Trumps approval rating 36%, yes and Killary is going to win the election in a landslide. Mainstream=LIARSTREAM. Give it up before you get lobotomized. Your a danger to yourself and all the rest of us.

  • Rachel Mileski
    Rachel Mileski 2 days ago

    Dear Trump, I live in Pittsburgh, I am currently unemployed but I know having a world to live in for generations to come is more important then these so called jobs I don't see being "created for us'. Every year the summers are getting hotter here and the winters shorter, you cant run a country like a business because you have to actually give a damn about what happens to everyone else's "business". I hope the next president can fix the nightmare that will be the next four years. Maybe when the first few floors of Trump Tower are underwater you will care.

  • axel bertrand
    axel bertrand 3 days ago

    Limited golf allegation away generation rear application mess great.

  • pro prototype savage

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  • Vee K.
    Vee K. 3 days ago

    Seth you are doing s super good job

  • Angela Bourne
    Angela Bourne 3 days ago


  • Chengfu Saechao
    Chengfu Saechao 4 days ago

    why is TRUMP the
    president?!! seriously,
    WTF!?? What kind of
    president spends his
    time TWEETING..USA has
    a MANCHILD..working as
    the PRESIDENT.

  • Nukes Away
    Nukes Away 6 days ago

    This is all funny now but the beginning of the end has already started and can't be undone.

  • Miriah Auth
    Miriah Auth 6 days ago

    so his twitter reaches 45 million people. There were approximately 321.4 million people in the US as of 2015 so he's obviously not reaching most of us through twitter

  • pauline yeats
    pauline yeats 6 days ago

    I watch Seth Myers all the time, he is so funny and brillant. Pauline/Ireland

  • Steve Plewka
    Steve Plewka 7 days ago

    Stop being establishment chattel. Liberals have destroyed this country. They've been in control for too long. they're losing control and are scared to death. they will stop at nothing to try and defame our president. throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks. they wouldn't do this to the actual criminals with actual evidence. the whole thing scares me to death. please wake up liberals

  • Dale Bergeron
    Dale Bergeron 7 days ago

    If someone would just get a bucket of water and get trumps hair/head wet. I would pay for seeing his fake scalp.

  • Seth Class
    Seth Class 8 days ago


  • Redlight Records
    Redlight Records 9 days ago

  • Winston Gates
    Winston Gates 9 days ago

    I miss Obama...

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 9 days ago

    I'm sorry...Did you not know that the golf course is where you find new applicants these days?...Well it is!

  • Jo smith
    Jo smith 10 days ago

    This gov. is so messed up! Sorry London we pray for you!

  • Dante DiGeronimo
    Dante DiGeronimo 10 days ago

    I was in the audience for this episode and it is awesome. He is super chill

  • vonnii1013
    vonnii1013 10 days ago

    this chic said he doesn't tweet but in an earlier interview she said he needs to continue to tweet..smh Covfefe bullshit with alternative facts lol lmao

  • sackdeezle
    sackdeezle 11 days ago

    what's up with your production crews volume skills?

  • Oz Ink
    Oz Ink 11 days ago

    Putin saying don't worry be happy is my aesthetic

  • ernest johnson
    ernest johnson 11 days ago

    This is an absolute pack of liberal lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---------------Ernest E. Johnson

  • Talia kooper
    Talia kooper 11 days ago

    The United states of Fox news 😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Neumeister
    Joe Neumeister 11 days ago

    Why is he still the President??!!!!!!!!

  • Theo Mathieu
    Theo Mathieu 11 days ago

    Space stare northwest brilliant medal multiple.

  • Marc Piechowicz
    Marc Piechowicz 11 days ago

    a monkey in orangutans hairpiece!

  • Kainos Teleos
    Kainos Teleos 11 days ago

    "United states of.... Fox news."
    hahaha, nice. That one was awesome. :-D :-D

  • Marc Piechowicz
    Marc Piechowicz 11 days ago

    muthafucka sank to a new low insulting the whole of the UK, our mayor of London and everything we believe. SAD.

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 12 days ago

    trump the coward draft dodger ran from service in Vietnam three,,,,,, times

  • CinciNasty!
    CinciNasty! 12 days ago

    That's weird my comments seem to have been deleted.

  • Sal Russo
    Sal Russo 12 days ago

    kelleyanne you have a family

  • Mighty Mouth
    Mighty Mouth 12 days ago

    "Extremists" its Muslims

    And the mayor is a Muslim and should be fired

    • James Morgan
      James Morgan 10 days ago

      Mighty Mouth he was elected democratically. He has less reason to be fired than your president

  • jesusedel7
    jesusedel7 13 days ago

    actually it's ironic that smoky the bear doesn't have a fire extinguisher

  • kiara woolfe
    kiara woolfe 13 days ago

    It was always two fingers, you guys just got lazy and dropped one

    It comes from the 100yrs war when the French issued a reward for the two bow-firing fingers of any of the legendary English archers. So when they went into battle, the Archers would hold up those two fingers in a taunt and then WRECK the enemy with their bows.

  • Maiku Tsukino
    Maiku Tsukino 13 days ago

    My God this freak fest is just getting worse and worse. Oh waiter, check please..........

  • Vida y Campo Dirección


  • Venus Smurf
    Venus Smurf 13 days ago

    It's so sad that people have been attacked, and we're STILL focusing on Trump's idiocy. Forget the Paris agreement or Russian collusion...the real damage this man is doing is distracting us from what is actually important in the world.

  • firstName lastName
    firstName lastName 13 days ago

    liberals are excrement

  • Charles P
    Charles P 13 days ago

    why is this channels volume so low?

  • je t328i
    je t328i 13 days ago

    Like all the liberal media, Seth is an asshole. Period.

  • Dalia Hernandez
    Dalia Hernandez 13 days ago

    he is making the US look like a joke

  • PompiTube
    PompiTube 13 days ago

    What's wrong with your eyes? You look like a retarded cat.

  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 13 days ago

    Being from London and in fairness to Trump, we thought he was ridiculous way before these recent  tweets. Of course he’s being inappropriate, ignorant and condescending, so no change there. Trump keep kicking what was Great out of America, it's helping the UK economy. Ta.

  • Nonhlanhla M
    Nonhlanhla M 13 days ago

    Don't worry, be happy!!!!! LMAO that was too funny

  • Bauss
    Bauss 13 days ago

    so sad..but true.

  • Heather C
    Heather C 14 days ago

    I didn't vote Trump last election, but I'm definitely going to next election. Trump is a creation of Hollywood. Filling the world with disease has always been great entertainment.

  • Lord Buckethead
    Lord Buckethead 14 days ago

    If the approval ratings are really low, that must mean that all the trump commenters are just a vocal minority.

    One more reason to stay out of the comments then!

  • John McQue
    John McQue 14 days ago

    2 fingers mean pluck you, just like the trigger finger, it came from a bow and arrow, to pluck was to hit with an arrow to kill.

  • werqwe adcwer
    werqwe adcwer 14 days ago

    38.779 common sense vs 1.937 cats playing whith the computer's mouse so far

  • ronald fiscus
    ronald fiscus 14 days ago

    Hillary for prison

  • ronald fiscus
    ronald fiscus 14 days ago

    Trump yeah

  • ronald fiscus
    ronald fiscus 14 days ago

    Somebody is but hurt about the outcome of the election

  • Ethan Owens
    Ethan Owens 14 days ago

    Pc bro?

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson 14 days ago

    David Spade is getting much better the nightly news.

  • jmmacb03
    jmmacb03 14 days ago

    Loved when the President of France spoke in English to Trump saying it was all of our responsibility and,
    "Let's make the planet great again."

  • Kunegunda GoRyl
    Kunegunda GoRyl 14 days ago

    Pretty good, but I still prefer Colbert.

  • thehom eman
    thehom eman 14 days ago

    it's not just 2 fingers they also twist them.

  • El Pitirre
    El Pitirre 14 days ago

    The only lawyer to dare represent trump, told him, "you tweet, I quit"

  • DonaldJ jemberdon
    DonaldJ jemberdon 14 days ago

    Didn't mention how the US losses millions of jobs and is the main contributor. If it was about saving the environment the other nations would renegotiate, but they didn't! Sad leftist propaganda.

  • Captain Charmander
    Captain Charmander 14 days ago

    This makes my depressed/happy it's hard to make this funny almost

  • Tom Lec
    Tom Lec 14 days ago

    Mr President Trump,God bless You . We can't wait to see You in Poland next month. God bless America and real American people.. from Poland

  • hydro1957
    hydro1957 14 days ago

    Who is Seth Meyers?

  • 1crazm F
    1crazm F 14 days ago

    Just because people follow him on twitter. Doesn't mean they like him. A lot people follow him to leave negative comments. You know like watching a car accident.

  • Sam Farnsworth
    Sam Farnsworth 14 days ago

    I love how Myers uses videos of people showing them lying. There must be a grocery list of lies and incidents that justify impeaching Trump. It boggles my mind that Americans jumped all over Clinton for lying about something as irrelevant as his extra-marital affair, when Trump lies about foreign powers interfering with an American election, lies about being under surveillance; demands loyalty and fealty from people who are checks and balances to his office, so that he can be an autocrat. It is a farce, America. And the world is watching it unfold day after day. I hope you will understand now why people around the world see America as a corrupt yet rich banana-republic. When you chant U-S-A, it sounds to us like General Urko's soldiers chanting their assent to their gorilla leader.

  • Dale Peto
    Dale Peto 14 days ago

    The only question I have is. Where will the Repuglikan party place the tRump Statue.

  • Trevor Bordage
    Trevor Bordage 14 days ago

    In hindsight, i wish Fred Trump had of pulled out the night Donald was conceived.

  • Ghost Nathan
    Ghost Nathan 14 days ago

    Hey don't you think you had better get back to impeaching the new president? It's not like your unamerican or anything.

  • Mekk Mirr
    Mekk Mirr 14 days ago

    Notice he's only trying to undo everything Obama did in his term.

  • Melvin G
    Melvin G 14 days ago

    Putin is a bond villain...

  • Pcheruka
    Pcheruka 14 days ago

    He sounded surprised when he said Pittsburgh

  • Pcheruka
    Pcheruka 14 days ago

    Sith Maiars.

  • mario ramroop
    mario ramroop 14 days ago

    trump is a sleeper RUSSIAN agent

  • Con Styles
    Con Styles 14 days ago

    ' I was elected to represent the citizens of' ........hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha luv ittttt

  • warcrys777
    warcrys777 14 days ago

    well, most of us don't listen to the people that said trump was the most unpopular candidate the US has ever seen, especially with women. remember that.... the irony is that there ratings , and i mean all of them the tonight shows, the news, there rating go up when they talk about him. i mean really? after yesterday, with whole world found out that all the Democrats and news knew he wasn't under any investigations, but pretended that he was. you people have all but Crucified him on the wold stage, and turns out he was telling the Truth (again)......all propaganda networks, and the Democrats have no credibility..i mean ( None ) in other words you are fucked......feel no pitty for what i think he is about to do to them......

  • Vegasweddings
    Vegasweddings 14 days ago

    I'm all against violence towards women but Kellyanne Conway needs to be punched in the face multiple times with a barb-wired baseball bat till the bat breaks

  • Nico Encee
    Nico Encee 15 days ago

    Seth sucks that's why he is a late nite looser

  • avalokitha
    avalokitha 15 days ago

    ugh just ugh.

  • Fahlman Computing
    Fahlman Computing 15 days ago

    " gets old" , hilarious!!!!

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 15 days ago

    Evil Moron Trump is looking for any and every excuse to ramp up arms sales worldwide.

  • 楊浩
    楊浩 15 days ago

    Fake president

  • un mog
    un mog 15 days ago

    Surprised Seth didnt mention that the citizens of Pitsburg didnt like being put on the spot, and they promised to keep with the Paris Agreement~

  • TheEuphony69
    TheEuphony69 15 days ago

    United states of Faux news !!!!!

  • DJW 1
    DJW 1 15 days ago

    If you voted for Trump and don't regret it, you a fucking fool

  • Christopher Hitchens

    Wow, you are beyond retarded. You do realise who's travel ban that actually was. Well i'll give you a clue he looks like a monkey and his first name starts with O. Ringing any bells? Keep mocking Trump he will never bow to any media circus. He is also the POTUS, so i'd be careful as to how much idiotic regurgitation you send his way.

  • ah072965
    ah072965 15 days ago

    That accent was on point

  • Nagoor Gani Abdul Kamal

    Trump will receive Nobel price of peace very soon as his tricky to divide muslim countries

  • George Cawthon
    George Cawthon 15 days ago

    I Support Trump

  • Old Tin Box
    Old Tin Box 15 days ago

    it's funny how smokey the bear actually has a shovel the ads were more for forest fires and putting out your campfires correctly so yeah smokey doesn't have a fire extinguisher

  • Rhiannon DeLuna
    Rhiannon DeLuna 15 days ago

    My college is in Pittsburgh, and I can verify that the only people who voted for Trump are the ones who spend hours arguing and spewing racist remarks at minorities over the price of barbecue chips at Walmart.

  • Ruthlessnoodle
    Ruthlessnoodle 15 days ago

    Ahhhhhh Trump is 100% right. The mooslim mayor is a Islam sympathizer. He is the ENEMY.

  • Gary Jeffers
    Gary Jeffers 15 days ago

    Although I get unbelievably pissed off at times and fearful for our future, mostly what I do is shake my head cuz, Drumpf!

  • Darius B
    Darius B 15 days ago

    Most of DT followers are bots/fakes same for his loser daughter. they get like 30k likesper post.. hmm with millions of followers?? yeah right, it does not add up.... The most hated family in the history of the USA.

  • Thessarabian
    Thessarabian 15 days ago

    Seth Myer's Putin sounds like Gru.

  • brutallyhonest123
    brutallyhonest123 15 days ago

    is Hillary president yet? Cry harder people! You still have a chance!

  • Brittany Smolinsky
    Brittany Smolinsky 15 days ago

    Your impression of Putin went more towards Gru from Despicable Me XD

  • ConnecticutEmporium
    ConnecticutEmporium 15 days ago

    1:38 why not let us actually hear what he said...? "Don't believe what Trump said he said, believe what I said he said as I voice over a video of him saying what he said."

  • falcon Eddy
    falcon Eddy 15 days ago

    I wish Trump would get just one unemployed coal miner to work.

  • Scott Blackburn
    Scott Blackburn 15 days ago

    Seth, please look into how Trump's administration is systematically removing the video of him saying "If I were to run, I'd run as a republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They love anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.". I saw this video personally now republicans say its a hoax!

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