11 Things You Do When You're Drunk

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  • Angela Ziegler
    Angela Ziegler 13 hours ago

    1:14 i love you and i miss you HUUUUUUUU xD

  • juann bieber
    juann bieber 2 days ago


  • juann bieber
    juann bieber 2 days ago

    im drunk now

  • Sinan Satøglu
    Sinan Satøglu 2 days ago

    watching this when i'm drunk :dddd

  • Marc Sancho
    Marc Sancho 6 days ago

    im drunk now

  • Caleb Search
    Caleb Search 10 days ago

    nice copyright infringement, lol reported

  • Mr Eight Ball
    Mr Eight Ball 11 days ago

    just came here drunk, before i start i really hope jerking off is on this list

  • I feel fantastic
    I feel fantastic 15 days ago

    Am I the only one whos never puked because of drinking ?

  • Layla Kim
    Layla Kim 19 days ago

    After tonight I'm done drinking, no more. i have to do 4. And I don't have a bf. I've done 10 about about to do 11.

  • Alice Devaniere
    Alice Devaniere 22 days ago

    When im drunk i just sit on the floor (literally even if im in a bar) and laugh like a hyena unmoving.

  • MartinJ
    MartinJ 1 month ago

    Only thing out of control is the boyfriends damn adams apple, fukin hel man

  • Anne
    Anne 1 month ago

    I always am super mean to my bf when I'm drunk

  • q8 Max
    q8 Max 1 month ago

    I drink too much and never pass out

  • Arno Truyens
    Arno Truyens 1 month ago

    I think the worst about being drunk is the hanger the next day

  • ZieDieNiek
    ZieDieNiek 1 month ago

    Like id ur drunk af

  • Bacon Dreamurr
    Bacon Dreamurr 1 month ago

    *starts throwing holy water*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 1 month ago

    LMAO "were over"

  • Randomfully Wonderful

    lol, Donald Trump, before he became the most powerful being on earth. Love the reference. :)

  • T.K. Rey
    T.K. Rey 1 month ago

    probably but i have no friends or real support system, so i'm going to keep drinking.

  • Chakustaajabisha TV
    Chakustaajabisha TV 1 month ago

    All true hehehehee 😂😂😂😂

  • Natasha !
    Natasha ! 2 months ago

    only noticed Andrew is narrating this at the end

  • john lewd
    john lewd 2 months ago

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  • Isabella Kofsky
    Isabella Kofsky 2 months ago

    " who are you Donald Trump" omg they didn't know that he would be president

  • Trigger Beatbox
    Trigger Beatbox 2 months ago

    Ive only had a couple I swear.

  • Breanna Louisa
    Breanna Louisa 2 months ago

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  • vespur
    vespur 2 months ago

    Just woke up from being passed out with a hospital band on my wrist! Greatt

  • albert7139
    albert7139 2 months ago

    I hate puking but puking while I'm drunk doesn't bother me at all, but for sure it's the morning after

  • odisy64
    odisy64 2 months ago

    non of these have ever happened to me while drunk, and i have blacked out and woke up on roofs

  • guwop guwopper
    guwop guwopper 2 months ago

    im broke and i will allways remember even when im drunk

  • Des
    Des 3 months ago

    never puke.. I just get alcohol poisoning or pass out 😒

  • Jewels. love
    Jewels. love 3 months ago

    im drunk atm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Oh yes Daddy
    Oh yes Daddy 3 months ago

    Your funny cause your stupid

  • Tyler Richardson
    Tyler Richardson 3 months ago


  • Melissa Strong
    Melissa Strong 3 months ago

    You watch videos of 11 things you do when your drunk

  • Brayan Garcia
    Brayan Garcia 3 months ago

    I hate this but I gave it a thumbs up

  • Julissa Munguía
    Julissa Munguía 3 months ago

    The worst thing is the hangover or being told everything you did and don't remember haha

  • mark moiser
    mark moiser 3 months ago

    to drunk to watch this video

  • fancy cracker
    fancy cracker 3 months ago

    none of these happen to me except drinking to much and puking

  • UnitedCrispMC 2017
    UnitedCrispMC 2017 3 months ago

    My mom drink to much and when she drinks again in my sisters b-day i will smash that bottle in the ground!

  • guido7095
    guido7095 3 months ago

    im watching this drunk :D

  • Joseph Of Drakekeep
    Joseph Of Drakekeep 4 months ago

    Eevn while drunk this is a horrible video. Accuracy.

  • Nero Daime
    Nero Daime 4 months ago

    DUDE IM DRUNK RIGHT NOWA AND IM no9t edoinfg any6 pof tyhose :nottt true!@!!

  • you
    you 4 months ago

    you forgot about the horny phase or is it just me ?

  • CloverGirl213
    CloverGirl213 4 months ago

    She's terrible at this

  • Enkh-Orchlon Gantaivan

    my grandpa is drunk

  • Cowboy Hank
    Cowboy Hank 5 months ago

    The night is fine, the morning after is the worst xD

  • Hank Jones
    Hank Jones 5 months ago


  • DannyThe Grizzly
    DannyThe Grizzly 5 months ago

    NOPE. The wost is the next morning after drinking...

  • Luli Segovia
    Luli Segovia 5 months ago

    1, 3, 5, 6, trueee

  • Yeo Wool
    Yeo Wool 5 months ago

    lol I'm Mormon why am I watching this? 😂😂😂

  • carl fu
    carl fu 5 months ago

    that one chuuya fic

  • C F
    C F 5 months ago

    Her shot glass was empty 😒

  • Juan Johnson
    Juan Johnson 5 months ago

    wow this girl is great. she's hilarious.

  • KongYang Games
    KongYang Games 5 months ago

    When I was washing the dishes while..my dad and sister went to pick up my brother when he came home my brother was drunk then he stared puking and more! And now I'm scared.And I watched this when my brother just came from home while drunk but my brother was at his freind house.😨

  • The Mushroom of Death
    The Mushroom of Death 5 months ago

    12. Hangover *shudders*

  • Mariposa Butterfly
    Mariposa Butterfly 5 months ago

    I did none of this 😂😂

  • sillyfluffybunny kadera

    what about hangover

  • Ugly Casanova
    Ugly Casanova 5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure not remember yesterday is the worst. "Blackout?" doesn't cover it. That is very racist. When someone asks if you remember owing them money or something, then you know you're drunk.

  • Shannon Briggs
    Shannon Briggs 5 months ago

    , I, lierLlth drunk whlws now no jolker

  • Jamee Toussaint
    Jamee Toussaint 5 months ago

    Anyone else watching this drunk

  • Jorge Eltit
    Jorge Eltit 6 months ago

    12.- Watch Buzzfeed

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy 6 months ago

    Naw when you get robbed when you knock out is the worst thing not the morning after anky.

  • Taxtro
    Taxtro 6 months ago

    When you black out and everyone only reports the negative things about the night. Tell it more positively, you fools!

  • Jelly Penguin
    Jelly Penguin 6 months ago

    This is why I don't drink. I don't wanna risk telling all my dark secrets. And there like REALLY secret.

    • Jarrett Cody
      Jarrett Cody 5 months ago

      Jelly Penguin you're drunk on secrets.

  • The Volkihar Clan
    The Volkihar Clan 6 months ago

    I drink and im 1

  • Kayla Levine
    Kayla Levine 6 months ago

    Her boyfriend saying "Babe, you're out of control." erks me.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 7 months ago

    donald trump 🙄 he is the president now 😷😥

  • Alex Stanley
    Alex Stanley 7 months ago

    When I'm drunk, I'm basically still me but times ten.

  • Renée
    Renée 7 months ago

    that one girl looks like jasmine matters

  • Jonas Bay
    Jonas Bay 7 months ago

    who watched this while being drunk ??

  • Charlotte Wagner
    Charlotte Wagner 7 months ago

    My phone fell in my Pool the last time I was drunk fml

  • angelina kuznetsova
    angelina kuznetsova 7 months ago

    This is litraallllllyyyyyy all me 😂

  • Rayashino
    Rayashino 7 months ago

    1. hah if im drunk im alone anyways so yeah 3. i just once told about how i would kms if life gets worse. 4. i dont have nice things to eat at home. 5. supressing emotions has its downsides. 6. i prefer to not speak anyways. 7. do not have a girlfriend. 8. never had a girlfriend either. 10. i mean its not that bad tbh 11. finally

  • Joseph Stephen
    Joseph Stephen 8 months ago

    Bestt vido too watch druunk!!! Fiev Staers all thee waayyy! $!!

  • marshall9doom
    marshall9doom 8 months ago

    "Ye lads, yer shud staph drinkin', cuz itz bad fer' ye", said the drunken man who's actually southeast asian but is currently speaking in an Irish tongue.

  • Gabby Komlosy
    Gabby Komlosy 8 months ago


  • Mahbub Rabbani
    Mahbub Rabbani 8 months ago

    god save from drunk

  • UnearthlyZodiac
    UnearthlyZodiac 8 months ago

    Kill your self buzzfeed. I'm DRUNKKKKKK

  • Ben Is The best
    Ben Is The best 8 months ago

    im literally watching this at 5am whilst being drunk

  • Awkward Potato
    Awkward Potato 8 months ago


  • seppo1321
    seppo1321 8 months ago

    Every time I drink I watch videos like this. I a m nor drunk btw.

  • Mario G
    Mario G 8 months ago

    i dont agree with this. when im drunk i feel like im the better me, not shy and always the center of attention. i can literally do anything social anxiety me wouldn't do sober. lol just me i guess

  • Jayamila Persson
    Jayamila Persson 8 months ago

    Lol this has literly never happen to me because I have never had more then one drink on same night YEAH, I just dont like alcohol that much, I would rather have a soda.

  • Braces Buddies
    Braces Buddies 8 months ago

    she just passed out on her puke...

  • Maya R.
    Maya R. 8 months ago

    The worst is for sure the morning after especially when you're 13 like me and live with your parents

  • Candi Grams
    Candi Grams 8 months ago

    Unfortunately I am the 'aware' drunk and other than feeling sluggish have no major personality changes. So most of the time I spend the end of the night drunkingly chasing after my friends like I'm herding cats while the DD holds them down.

  • 7Neon Imagination7
    7Neon Imagination7 8 months ago

    but I'm drunk right now

  • Kage.Akuma
    Kage.Akuma 8 months ago

    Im Drunk Watching This

  • Cat Tramonte
    Cat Tramonte 8 months ago


  • iProjecter
    iProjecter 8 months ago

    im never gonna dribk imagab oh my god un gobba puke fml

  • Dellexer
    Dellexer 8 months ago

    I think passing out is the best one of all 11 because then you can't do anything stupid xD

    Cause u passed out and stuff...

  • grant myers
    grant myers 8 months ago

    I'm an angry drunk like if I overhear something about politics or something  I have to interject and give my opinion that's when I know things get bad my own family can't stand me now I just drink alone I have no friends

  • trianglewithan eye
    trianglewithan eye 9 months ago

    im ´not dunk

  • Anna Kiwi
    Anna Kiwi 9 months ago

    i never ever cryed when i was drunk

  • #Free KEKISTAN
    #Free KEKISTAN 9 months ago

    when people in the comments are saying they are drunk... yeah okay... bet it's people who have never been drunk

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  • Bill
    Bill 9 months ago

    Watching this made me sooooooo glad that I started the Stay Sober 4 ever program - freely available on YouTube to anyone with a drink problem

  • Ultima Studios
    Ultima Studios 9 months ago

    I was wasted while watching this and I donmt know wheat the fu k is going on right now and im just rolling around like a fuckung duckilimg

    • Guilmon470
      Guilmon470 4 months ago

      I'm drunk too. =D Live long and party hard... But definitely stop if you have a problem. XD

    • Jarrett Cody
      Jarrett Cody 5 months ago

      Ultima Studios lucky, I wish I was blitzd right now.

    • Joseph Stephen
      Joseph Stephen 5 months ago

      Hey again I'm drunk again and watching again hahs by add d ad ss!!!

    • VanillaDanila
      VanillaDanila 5 months ago

      Dave Smith me

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 5 months ago

      who else was trying to like this but missed

  • Lyle Sargent
    Lyle Sargent 9 months ago

    i don't really eat or cry when i m drunk but i open up a lot aha. not that great when i have things i don't want to tell people aha... just so you know I'm typing this while drunk as thats the type of video I've searched for on youtube

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