10 Things Overthinking People Must Stop To Be Happy

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Author Clay ( ago)
I love the way you drag out the "s."

Author TRE III ( ago)

Author JwlHddnInLts ( ago)
Ahahaha, I always asked myself a question "Why a cat? You should make a vide about cat down the road." Than I've realized it is overthinking))

Author Crystal Ferguson ( ago)
Stop controlling everything and give it to God. He knows all to well what you need, even before you ask. How sweet He is to know us so well... Forgive on impact no matter what. Treat onto others as you want to be treated. Plain and simple. I was taught that over and over growing up found out later that it was a verse in the Bible. Love your enemies as you love yourself. Let go and Let God. Be you, and Never carry a grudge. Forgive so you can have that release for you.
I love your videos! Btw, my little lady is left-handed, as well. It only means you guys are intelligent. :-D

Author TowelieHIGH zZ ( ago)
is meditation classes a thing because i really need to take it ASAP i cant do it on my own and my mind is just thinking of thoughts 24/7 i feel very tortured and keep thinking to myself of not wanting to live life anymore😑 HELP PLEASE

Author eric lynn ( ago)
Love you bro

Author ForeverDOPE P.O.C. ( ago)
these ads bra!!

Author Dewayne Edwards ( ago)
you are such great energy I rise up right away like a really good friend that just knows what to say thanks Ralph.

Author Angelo Large ( ago)
Thank You Ralph. ❤

Author Radio259 Show ( ago)
We should avoid thinking a thing to death... Instead Just do it:)

Author Fizz0rZ ( ago)
you saved my sleep dude love you

Author Waschbraun Müller ( ago)
Ralph how do you think about telikinesis? It is all about controlling your mind and find your inner peace

Author Samara Robinson ( ago)
JUST CALLED ME OUT ON EVERYTHING ?! (p.s. leftie here 2)

Author MonicaLeePaige ( ago)
I'm overthinking about overthinking...try thinking about not thinking!

Author Leticia Delgaes ( ago)
Thank you soo much! I love you dude 💕

Author The Cat down the road ( ago)
Jesus Christ, enough with the "Grapes!" :)

Author Adrian Bernal ( ago)
thank you

Author Just Me ( ago)
Lots of love to u too

Author Inside Tract Fiber ( ago)
This helps!I play Yoga music / Chants/ Meditations to keep overthinking at bay:)Without it I "free-style" and end up frustrated & confused:/

Author smiley face unicorn ( ago)
I over think about my bout tipping over in the see

Author Drejer's Gaming ( ago)
eating my Breakfast while Enjoying you video :)

Author misphotod ( ago)
"I overthink about squirrels" lol! ♡

Author Bob Stevens ( ago)

Author Melissa Berry ( ago)
I'm hanging out with the cat down the road 😀

Author Jaana Viit ( ago)
Connecting with your uplifting vibration of love Ralph! Blessings! Peace xxxxx

Author Ehawee ( ago)
Once again, perfect timing, Ralph! <3 I am a chronic overthinker and I admit, I have not made the progress I needed nor have I been in a happy place. But each time I see a video from you, I stop, and breath in that beautiful ass prana.

Author simi k ( ago)
Thank you

Author Bijay yadav ( ago)

Author Jessica Hill ( ago) it!!

Author Music Maven Publishing ( ago)
I'm horrible at chewing my food...and I am always telling my dogs to slow down while eating and true...:)

Author Music Maven Publishing ( ago)
thank you Ralph...good advice...I also need to stay clear of people or remove myself from situations where people intentionally attempt to put doubts in my head or place limits on me for their own protection & benefit...i.e. manipulation...believe in yourself not those who try to tell you differently. 💜

Author Nishad Karnad ( ago)
Thank you! You really brighten up my day :)

Author joyStar ( ago)
Amazing amazing amazing Thank You, Ralph!
1. Stop trying to be in Control of everything
2. Stop holding onto a grudge (negative energy) - Don't treat people as Bad as they are, treat them as Good as You are. Stop allowing people to steal your happiness (letting them take you out of your element)
3. Find out who people truly are, do not make assumptions. Allow people to reveal themselves to you.
4. It makes you play out fake scenarios in your head
5. Focus on what is in front of you, practice being mindful & focusing in on the present moment
6. Stop letting overthinking take over your time (Ruminating)
7. Overthinking can keep you in the past, stop letting overthinking drag you into the past *The Present Moment Hold the Most Power*
8. Overthinking can also keep you in the Future: Man makes plans the Universe Disposes
9. STOP Keeping yourself in the Waiting Room! -get up and do it, There is no perfect moment there is only Now! 10. Overthinking will tell you that You are Not Good Enough!- we are all good enough!

Author Sheila Borges ( ago)
Ralph, I have a question for you. It's awkward. Why do I make guys lose stiffness? They want to be with me, but sex doesn't work they lose erection. I don't understant this. Is it about energy? Maybe our energy is just too different?? A fortuneteller told me once that men would all lose their erection with me, if they were not "strong enough". I didn't understand that very well and she didn't give me further explanations... I laughed about it, but eventually realised that she was right. It happens often. They feel awful and I don't know what to do.

Author daniel fox ( ago)
Wish I could meet you. All your videos help me greatly. I'm still a mess but slowly improving most negatives in my life.

Author Hugo Oliveira ( ago)
Ralph, maybe this can be useful for your future videos: in Portuguese the word "mind" and "lie" are the same ("mente", from the verb "mentir"). Thanks for your hours and hours of positive energy disseminated :)

Author M R ( ago)
Meow :) umm is it bad that sometimes i overthink and image a good moment (a different scenario) over a bad thing ?.. It's still overthinking and it's mixing reality with imagination, i'm an idiot haha

Author agl54 ( ago)
U should reduce the amount of adds

Author Mitsuki Hinata ( ago)
I have anxiety im 12

Author PriestKikyo ( ago)
OMG PERFECT VIDEO!!! Thank you one again Ralph, can I get a HEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOO THERE?!?!?

Author continueprisoner ( ago)
March 5 Pisces here. Your videos have helped me. All of them help me to not let my thoughts drain my energy and time. Thankyou Ralph.

Author Gordon Jones ( ago)
I need clarification. If the Tenth thing overthinkers (myself) should stop doing is to stop thinking that I'm not good enough. How? When I've done the opposite my entire depressing life? how do I live in the present without excluding alot of probability? How can I believe Im good enough when I know I can always do better?

Author sunny sim ( ago)
I skip forward on the ' Can I get a hello there', and slow motion bit, otherwise I find these videos interesting and helpful. Sorry, but those slow motion bits and other, are very irritating, and that's not how it's meant to be is it.
The future: sometimes we have to have a plan for the future; a vision- especially if you are having to uproot to start a new life. And there's nothing wrong having ambition, and how you would like your future to be.

Author Lawrence Jacobs ( ago)
I luv your videos they help me out so much! keep up the great work!

Author Walt Masters ( ago)
Very good! I'm thankful for your work!

Author Pisces Charisma ( ago)
Pisces Here! March 4TH!~ OMG.. we always give people the BOTD...smh!

Author Amelia Myers ( ago)
Gotta stop overthinking why I'm watching this video.

Author Purnita Roy ( ago)
Thank you very much! :)

Author J H ( ago)
350 £ for 1 hour skype ?? are u insane ?? try to help those in need, not rich self-absorbed beings !!!

Author Alissa Anderson ( ago)
How fitting...

Author the coolness ( ago)
DO you swear

Author Brianna ( ago)
What are your credentials sir?

Author Tune Kahuna ( ago)
My big brother ralph listens to drake..when he said mind full of it all when your mindfull of it all

Author T Bag ( ago)
This video came at the perfect time for me. I only recently subscribed but this really helped me.

Author Bejoy Joseph ( ago)
i loved this video.. being true..

Author Patrizio Di Nicola ( ago)
My brother Ralph..
Thank you for your great divinity you do... You're funny too! Slowmotion now: Tthhaaaaaaaannkkkyooouuuu! 😁 Have a blessed day my friend.. 🍀

Author Russell cowger ( ago)
I over think about the fact that I am at work and wasting all this time on things I dont care about just to have money to afford the stuff I do.

Author Isbel's closet ( ago)
omg yesssssssssssssss

Author Jessie Go ( ago)
'Overthink causes you to sink'

Author Kiddie Kart ( ago)
I overthink and slip into a comatose state.

Author TheBClone596 ( ago)
I really like that quote, "Thinking doesn't change things, only action does." Really great video!

Author Amber H-B ( ago)
I'm confused. Why do you do the slow motions? I'm new to this channel...

Author Abhijeet Bhawsar ( ago)
can i get helllooow thereeee....

Author What Ever ( ago)
great video dude

Author Yannie Geerdink ( ago)
real good lecture, thank. Besides the bird here began to sing together with yours on the video, was 15.47 here in europe. No matter is only synchronicity. LOL

Author Alina Mcleod ( ago)
This was beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!

Author Vladimir Corrales ( ago)
thank you ralph you are pure inspiration, what you are doing is change the world , the universe loves you ! and we do to

Author Nadera suleiman ( ago)
I love you Ralph! i laughed so hard hehe <3

Author Шалтай Болтай ( ago)
Thank you so much, sir. Made my day.

Author Randeep Singh ( ago)
Suffering from sexual intrusive thoughts my mind revolves around 24/7 around arousal which is reality is not What to do man please help me😖😖😖😖😖

Author maybug88 ( ago)
Watching your videos has helped me become a calmer person, and I stopped overthinking about my mistakes. How did you know I was going to message you about overthinking about a person who has done me wrong and has my whole friend circle to her side because she is manipulative? :) Do you speak out (and spread negative energy) or let karma do her thing?

Author Angel Aura ( ago)
im also left handed ✋❤

Author Angel Aura ( ago)
i just keep telling myself im in control i am natrual i am perfect.. tada! i feel better...also a self head massage helps 😍

Author Ashley Esch ( ago)
thank you

Author Scott Faulkner ( ago)
why am I not roommates with Ralph?

Author bhalithan ( ago)
awareness of the present moment as it is

Author Annelise Richards ( ago)
You legit turned my day around.

Author B. Empson ( ago)
Are you saying "Breathing in that good ass chronic, prawn-ah?...." Can someone with better hearing tell me what he is saying...and we haven't even had breakfast yet.

Author OurLucidDream ( ago)
How do you not overthink chemtrails when you see them every day and they keep getting worse by the year. Thanks

Author Strong Man ( ago)
Great information Ralph. Thx.💨💨💨👊💥💥💥

Author Jordan Russo ( ago)
Ever since I began watching you I've wondered what your views on music are. It would be cool if you could make a video on that. Love your videos man they have seriously changed my life

Author Steffi Maier ( ago)
I'm the 1,111th person that liked this video with 11 dislikes. O.o

Author X Baka Sempai X ( ago)
can you do a video on claravoyense like how to tell the difference between a vision or a daydream

Author Nova Elyse ( ago)
Did he say he was a Pisces ? Yeeess me too 😂.

Author onewithjaya ( ago)
this is great : )

Author Patsy Renee Whitebear1 ( ago)
what to do about people that lie a lot and you know they do

Author Dhhfhfdh Hdhdhdhd ( ago)
I don't have the guts to forgive him.

Author Dhhfhfdh Hdhdhdhd ( ago)
my dad is a big word I can't say...
he would rather get high and screw his FAM. over...
cause he walk out on me and my mom for drugs

Author Praveen Nepal ( ago)
I overthink about the beggars but they only bring me negative energy because of the difference in richness. Can someone help me by giving some solution?

Author Dhhfhfdh Hdhdhdhd ( ago)
I always complain about my dad being gone/in prison

Author Dhhfhfdh Hdhdhdhd ( ago)
I over think about my biological dad....

Author Simon Ashton ( ago)

Author Jp Dubois ( ago)
Needed this, thanks.

Author Melí Angeli ( ago)
Amazing chat Ralph!!!

Author Logan House ( ago)
came in right when i needed it

Author Emerald M ( ago)
This is so needed.~ as always, you're always on time 😬

Author jukijunk ( ago)
Dont think, feeeeeel!!!

Author 432 ( ago)
This is my main problem! I sometimes end up unable to sleep because of overthinking, and sleeping too much because I go into deep sleep because it's so stressful. I've lost maybe 10 years of my life to overthinking. I don't regret it, because I learned so much.

Author Nicholas Reed ( ago)
Who is this guy?? I think I must have sunk to far into the present moment and mad a quantum leap. 2 hour vegan challenge baby, "can I get a goodbye now"...

Author Anuja Bele ( ago)
I overthink about my love..

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