Angry Ivanka Trump Walks Out Of Cosmo Interview

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  • Ivanka Trump recently lost her cool during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

    "Ivanka Trump is turning into her father. The usually composed and genteel businesswoman gave a very Donald Trumpian interview to Cosmopolitan on Wednesday, in which she denied that Donald has said the things he’s said, stumbled over basic questions about his new maternity leave proposal, and scolded the reporter for doing her job. Then, when the interview turned out to be more pointed than a sweet conversation between gal friends, Ivanka bounced.

    Donald Trump’s Ivanka-backed plan proposes six weeks of paid unemployment benefits for women who physically give birth to a child, paid for by cutting “fraud” in the unemployment insurance system. It does not include any paternity leave or leave for a mother who adopted her child or whose partner gave birth. Paternity leave has been proven to have lasting effects on greater equality in housework, child care responsibilities, and wages. Cosmo reporter Prachi Gupta pointed that out, and Ivanka brushed it off…”*

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  • Kenneth Goforth
    Kenneth Goforth 7 hours ago

    If I know only half has much was just a quarter as smart as the young turks think they do, I would be the richest man ever to have lived on Gods green earth

  • Lincolnfrees
    Lincolnfrees 12 hours ago

    Trump Pence, America WINNING!!!

  • Lincolnfrees
    Lincolnfrees 12 hours ago

    yeah, but HILLARY STEALS BILLIONS BY "FILTERING" IT THROUGH THE Clinton Foundation!!! LOOK WHAT THAT B & HER HB Billdo did to THE HAITIANS!!! Trump RAWKS. A BLACK gal was SQUATING in Trump Towers. Rather than have her thrown out, he let her stay, gave her room service and FRESH FLOWERS every day, until a plan to help her permanently was figured out. HILLARY IS,A LYING, CORRUPT CRA CRA was a RAPIST for a HB. My brothers, and MOST men in the Hotel Food & Beverage Industry TALK WAYYYY worse when they think no one's around! YOU "JOURNALISTS" are pathetic!!! I HATE this Channel!!!

  • Luke Springthorpe
    Luke Springthorpe 12 hours ago

    Wow... eight years under Obama... nothing
    Trump's been in office for less than a year and we have this... Not perfect, Not brilliant, but it's a start.

    And why are the moose and the harpy throwing their rattles out of the pram?!!!

  • Sharon Yarbrough
    Sharon Yarbrough 14 hours ago

    "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause." -Padmé Amidala, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

  • Paul Jerome
    Paul Jerome 18 hours ago


  • Valerie Perkins
    Valerie Perkins 23 hours ago

    Great story!  Thank you for calling out the media!  I wouldn't expect anything less from a Trump, though.

  • Wayne Kirby
    Wayne Kirby 1 day ago

    These two are such a joke. Alex Jones straight up punked them. And what a nasty ass bitch she show herself to be.

  • TheTruth
    TheTruth 1 day ago


  • Brian Scott-Dawkins

    Stop being so biased - its amazing how you twist the facts & context to support your bias, sir! Trump is the best thing that has happened to your country and the world to thwart the Deepstate - which is paying you to undermine Trump!! obviously.

  • MisakiDono
    MisakiDono 1 day ago

    I cannot believe the comments on this video, it's full of ignorant people who don't have any arguments for what they're saying, people who try to justify this ridiculous Trump policy no matter what. Truly, TYT, thank you for being reasonable and stating the facts. I'm amazed at the like/dislike ratio, unbelievable... one would think everything you said was pretty obvious and rational but maybe not for 50% of "americans", what a pity (I'm american because my country is in America, Chile). Keep strong, representing real journalism and justice!

  • binod singnar
    binod singnar 2 days ago

    C is sexual doll of her father trump...

  • crypt keeper 071
    crypt keeper 071 2 days ago

    wouldn't she have to slither?

  • katzl666
    katzl666 2 days ago

    I can tell that this lady probably has no children that she gave birth to. If she did, then she would see how this IS a major leap from where USA is today. The big guy probably ate his kids. Liberals have no idea about child birth, child care or raising children...they are just way into the Clinton pedo Ring

  • Sophia Nedear
    Sophia Nedear 2 days ago

    In Eastern Europe during the communism era, the Eastern Bloc was the group of socialist states of Central and Eastern Europe, generally the Soviet Union and the countries of the Warsaw Pact, women who had a child had two years of paid maternity leave. Free hospital, at least three days, or five stay in the hospital with a newborn, after woman gave a birth. Saw her child only during the breastfeeding time. Otherwise newborns stayed separate from their mothers. No one was allowed on the maternity section of the hospital, no husbands, or any other family members, until woman was going home. Free medications, nobody paid for medications, free education. The best education in the whole world. No unemployment. Everybody had a job. But there was 0 immigrants, all local people, pretty much one nation. I think everybody can have a great country, if they would want to. It takes lots of hard work and determination, not trash their own country and go somewhere else where everything is great. Who do you think made that country great,people who live there.



  • Matthew Sullivan
    Matthew Sullivan 2 days ago

    more fake news

  • Rebecca Havard
    Rebecca Havard 3 days ago


  • trent heystraten
    trent heystraten 3 days ago

    The Trumps really have no idea and when they are challenged their answer is to walk . They really don't know what they are doing . Why  the Hell was he elect  so silly he has no idea

  • Louis G
    Louis G 3 days ago

    flight 17 was shout down over Ukraine and they cleaned up evidence

  • Scott star
    Scott star 3 days ago

    shes a dumb useless piece of shit just like her daddy

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 3 days ago

    Cenk and Ana should let Ivanka speak for herself. They have researched this after the event and try to put words in the speaker mouth. Fake, emotional garbage method of "drive by reporting." you are part of the" Sell out BS media" that you are complaining about.!

  • David Adams
    David Adams 3 days ago

    TYT are left wing BIGOTS!!!

  • Harold Hinson
    Harold Hinson 3 days ago

    Turk the jerk

  • Giraffe Gerald
    Giraffe Gerald 3 days ago

    if you don't kiss my ass, you will not get a small loan of a million dollers

  • Jezabel
    Jezabel 3 days ago

    I really love your show, thanks for all you do. By "do" I mean, tell the truth and stand up for people even if they are too ignorant to realize they are being taken advantage if. Truth prevails!

  • Vince Bellisano
    Vince Bellisano 3 days ago


  • Iris Baldwin
    Iris Baldwin 4 days ago

    I agree with Ivanka/ Trump. You two are on some real bull shit😁
    all this new age crap is crazy. Hell next we're going to be taking leave gor our pets having a litter. Get the hell out of here. Ivanka is a class act.... she gave her statement.... you just didnt like it. She has a right to make a stank face and respond. Deal with it!

  • Gene Ground Jr
    Gene Ground Jr 4 days ago

    You spoiled little brat only the birthgiver needs time off .. Who the hell supposed to pay for the six weeks off to tell you that's a little much I'm going more with two weeks how much productions you wanna child casa if you don't wanna work and you wanna raise a child home quit your job and have a baby don't shutter company down over 2 weeks tops

  • DianeD08
    DianeD08 4 days ago

    I am pretty sure like all daughter who want attention from his father, seduced his father. Just see all the photos or all the touching they have together

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.


  • Navaid Syed
    Navaid Syed 6 days ago

    It ammounts to billions.

  • Wendy Warren
    Wendy Warren 6 days ago

    these bastards r truly sickening!

  • Wendy Warren
    Wendy Warren 6 days ago

    what the f**k is EVER their answer?!?!?

  • Janice Henry
    Janice Henry 6 days ago


  • lilith horvath
    lilith horvath 6 days ago

    ivanka is innocent! they drug her with hair dye and silicone! free ivanka!!!

  • Marvin N
    Marvin N 7 days ago

    Gays also need maternity leave for not giving birth? I'm really asking a question here guys, not trying to upset anyone. Don't kill me SJWs!

  • HoneyDew King of the West

    Even Fox is going after Trump, let's not be too disingenuous.

  • Lynne Barnes
    Lynne Barnes 7 days ago

    She spews out a similar, word salad to her Dad. The meritocracy theory goes down the toilet when you look at the Trumps.

  • Dave Steps
    Dave Steps 7 days ago

    TYT needs to delete their lives, fake news f-ckers.

  • Brett Peterson
    Brett Peterson 7 days ago

    this proposal has nothing to do with gays, its talking about a women giving birth. Gays cant procreate. why do you need to make it look like they are loosing out on something? its not heir fault they cant get pregnant,

  • Jade Paulsen
    Jade Paulsen 8 days ago

    she is a lying bag of shit just like her father FAT drumpf. are we really suprised?

  • rolf Lundberg
    rolf Lundberg 8 days ago

    You are so mean...

  • Nova
    Nova 9 days ago

    Idiots. Genocide supporters

  • Grandus11
    Grandus11 9 days ago

    One more time the Turks and their liberal insanity, if a woman has a kid she needs time to get over pushing something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon. Getting a child via adoption does not hurt the woman physically and two gay men cant have kids unless they adopt one. Ana i hope when you have a kid you have to jump right back to work.

  • Popular Girl
    Popular Girl 9 days ago

    In Ireland men get 4 months and women get 6 months of maternity leave

  • Anne Woodborne
    Anne Woodborne 9 days ago

    In Austria women get 18 months paid maternity leave

  • Clean Bodies
    Clean Bodies 9 days ago

    This is ridiculous the entire reason that women need to kind of leave is because of the trauma body goes through during pregnancy and during birth. Their mental and physical body need to recover and that is why they, unlike anybody else that is mentioned in this video, deserve the leave of absence for that period of time. I mean people get off of your high horses and stop leading with your emotions. That's why people call you snowflakes.

  • Jim Dodd
    Jim Dodd 10 days ago

    trump goog example for a bad example! and you say he has no talent

  • Norine Parkey
    Norine Parkey 10 days ago

    I cannot stop laughing this is news?

  • 007mmL
    007mmL 11 days ago

    The Young Turks are a bunch of leftists liberals, pushing a liberal anti-Trump agenda. Screw you people.

  • Lone Westh Jensen
    Lone Westh Jensen 11 days ago

    Who gives a rats arse about what Cosmopolitan thinks, says, and spews out!!!!

  • Clubland Exrcixe
    Clubland Exrcixe 11 days ago

    Crazy Eyes Session the Alabamy Bigot steals dummy Donnie's thunder - too funny.  a 5ft 1in google eyed howdy doody topping the Great Imposter!  5 stars for Crazy Eyes Sessions today.

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 11 days ago

    You had better watch your mouth or you;ll be the next to go.

  • CL Ng
    CL Ng 11 days ago

    ?? her answer makes no sense in the first question

  • Tushar Tripathi
    Tushar Tripathi 11 days ago

    An Indian kicked her Ass. I'm so glad

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P 11 days ago

    What a waste of energy we used on producing this youtube clip

  • george cushing
    george cushing 12 days ago

    obama didnt even do a interview unless he had all questions approved ahead of time tyt are freakinn raging with jelous hate the trumps dont even use a teleprompter almost like a real person..

  • george cushing
    george cushing 12 days ago

    haters tyt

  • Wally G
    Wally G 12 days ago

    Uygur, you're a just a stupid fat guy and a fat drama queen..
    Anna, at least you're really pretty.. I don't really listen to the nonsense that comes out of your pretty mouth but I like watching u talk

  • Frederick Giordani
    Frederick Giordani 12 days ago

    The Young Terds at it again lol off spring of the Clown News Network CNN

  • Esta Medley
    Esta Medley 12 days ago

    take a look at the talking heads that are trying to convince us theygive a shit about anyone. wellfair. i know at least 10 people that get it but dont need it. you probably dont know anyone on it.

  • Christina Pansy
    Christina Pansy 13 days ago

    The Young Turks suck. Why are they even on TV?

  • Lawrence Vose
    Lawrence Vose 13 days ago

    you cant beat her dad, so you went after are the scum journalism that someday soon will majority hate you....and we will show this with your ratings....dont are that guy said in the movie Con Air....your that shit that ooozes.....I personally will NEVER have any respect for this type of reporting and GUESS WHAT....I already said this ...I am part of a majority.....Either join the American way of supporting the current president...because the election is long past and over....Or just get the fuk out of our are an obstruction during the most fuked up times this country has ever been in...and you ARE NOT paying attention to what Trump has been doing or you simply hate him so so so much that you have turned your back on America....because this is a simple forsight I can promise...and all annalists will agree...Lets say you get your way and impeach Trump.....WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR GONNA PUT IN HIS PLACE.....A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!! have no brain or capability to even use it.....this country will never let a democrat in office right think there has been have no fukin idea at all...There will be riots in front of your station....YOUR HOUSE...your dogs house....this country will go mental on you people.....what are you idiots.....join the team...join the fight....wait four years and elect a democrat in normal fashion....THAT WILL BE THE ONLY WAY

  • Christina Pansy
    Christina Pansy 13 days ago

    Stupid show run by hysterical idiots. NO CREDIT -- THUMBS DOWN.

  • cristine Saunders
    cristine Saunders 13 days ago

    All Trumps are arrogant, bigots, racist, selfish, and they think because they have the Trump Name, they are all above the law! NOT! We will and must hold these selfish people responsible. They do not represent America at all!

  • ADvorak
    ADvorak 14 days ago

    Revolutionary. In low-balling, maybe.
    Really incredible plan --- yes. Incredible weak.
    Pushing the boundaries ... of ridiculousness.

    But then I am used to places where the step of civilization was not totally left out between barbary and decadence.

  • Jim Pottorf
    Jim Pottorf 15 days ago

    Made the mistake of clicking on the headline without looking to see who posted the video ...... seeing these two babbling idiots reminded me of why I never visit their YouTube channel..... total garbage. Took the time to comment as a punishment to myself for giving them a click thru.

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 15 days ago

    Please stop sounding like jack ass' HEE HAW HEE HAW HEE HAW HEE HAW HEE HAW

  • Ultra Magnus
    Ultra Magnus 15 days ago

    The 🍎 doesn't fall to far from the 🌳

    EVIE ILES 15 days ago

    I love Turkmenistan Air

    EVIE ILES 15 days ago

    I want to take a class.

  • Yosef Rabin
    Yosef Rabin 15 days ago

    Oh, come, maternity leave is not for child raising, it is to allow the women to recover from very difficult time and pain.

  • sonia kling
    sonia kling 15 days ago

    Her entire family are obnoxious. Put $5000 dresses on them Wow They're still slime!!

  • Allen Jenkins
    Allen Jenkins 16 days ago

    "They suck at their jobs." that was freaking awesome ! true but just such a perfect way to close the segment.
    let me just add I've been checking you (TYT) out for the last few weeks wish I would've found you long ago . Its so refreshing to have someone with a brain and critical thinking faculties still working delivering the news , and by that I mean actually understanding the words coming out of your mouth not just reading what the teleprompter is scrolling with an emotionless empty smile and blank look behind the eyes . keep it up . There is still hope not everyone is walking around obliviously unaware that our society is being systematically dumbed down and pacified into a semi conscious state of apathy . NOT ALL SHEEP ! I'm done with my rant for now thank you and have a great day . peace

  • Carlos Muriel
    Carlos Muriel 16 days ago

    between welfare fraud, and cost of illegal immigration, will definely pay for a HUGE amount of programs to include the cost of shutting down the crazy turks show, especially the femanazi female turk. wow, they are in LA LA land.

  • DPR56 X
    DPR56 X 17 days ago

    In a speech to Congress and the 47 million Americans who watched on TV or online, Trump endorsed paid time off for mothers AND fathers. It was a bold move for a Republican president.
    "My administration wants to work with members in both parties to make childcare accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents have paid family leave, to invest in women's health, and to promote clean air and clear water," he said.
    Notice that Trump didn't say paid leave for moms, he said paid FAMILY leave. That's a much bigger promise than what he said on the campaign trail.
    "It's hugely significant to say family leave," says Brad Harrington, executive director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family. "For a Republican, it's unusual."   ON CNN WEBSITE

  • Greetings ToYou
    Greetings ToYou 17 days ago


  • Dean Croney
    Dean Croney 18 days ago

    If it weren't for channels like this telling white people to be p c and take millions of Muslims into Europe , yet sryain christains who are getting slautered in Syria and who would assimilate into Europe , don't want them because they want to divide society's, we wouldn't of had Manchester

  • Dina Malina
    Dina Malina 18 days ago

    She is just rich  nothing    same like her father. He and her husband  tool billions  buddy russian money from russian  novo rich  - all  big money from Russia in blood!

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King 18 days ago

    Father's don't need maternity leave. MATERNITY COMES FROM THE WORD MATER WHICH MEANS MOTHER! We do not call it PATERNITY LEAVE! Equality does not mean everyone gets to do the same thing. Lets make a football team equal. Let the nose tackles play the QB position for a month. Not a trick play. Let them play for a MONTH. Is the nose tackle just as important? Sure IN A DIFFERENT WAY. AMERICAN SOCIETY IS A SOCIETY OF BLUNDERING FOOLS.

  • Dianna Brown
    Dianna Brown 18 days ago

    not so young but definitely turkeys

  • Natan Walden
    Natan Walden 18 days ago

    yo, turkiss,
    so how many Armenians have you killed lately?
    And Jews?

  • Getty's Randomness -

    -------------->> I can't stand the Turks soooo badly I came on just to 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 & leave. Fakest news around

  • Josh Albuquerque, yep.

    Why do people who adopt need maternity/paternity leave?

  • SirSmurfalot
    SirSmurfalot 19 days ago

    "Businesswoman" You mean daddy gave her some slaves to whip.

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 19 days ago

    Get ready TRUTH is coming

  • Basil  Thomas
    Basil Thomas 20 days ago

    Who was that guy at 8:10

  • Adam S
    Adam S 21 day ago

    Ivanka as delusional & profit oriented as her father

  • C. Love
    C. Love 22 days ago

    She has a steady diet of Daddy's semen - she is the super duper blow job princess, she does it with class.

  • Amanda Leffler
    Amanda Leffler 22 days ago

    welfare fraud... i promise within a 4 block radius of where i live, you will find at least 95% of adults with children that are fraudulently receiving benefits by purposely birthing children like kittens to get the help so they don't have to work. i work full time, have my own paid for health insurance and receive no aid AT ALL from any gov. agency. I barely make it and at times cant buy food. Sad.

    4TIMESAYEAR 22 days ago

    Oh gee - there was a time when normal people understood why mothers got paid leave. Instead people have now taken leave of their senses and expect everyone to get paid time off. You people ever hear of common sense?

  • L J Tuggle
    L J Tuggle 22 days ago

    Like daddy like daughter-wife

  • Khadijah Okoya
    Khadijah Okoya 22 days ago


  • Real Conservative
    Real Conservative 22 days ago

    Let's all chip in and start an brand new all-American company that makes knock-offs of Ivanka Trump footwear. We can call it.....Fake Shoes 😂

  • Luis Acevedo
    Luis Acevedo 23 days ago

    "It's actually weak sauce" best thing said in this video.

  • Valerie Hall
    Valerie Hall 23 days ago

    I thought unmarried women will not be covered.

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