Wedgie 2: the revenge

after the brutal wedgieing at the hands of kimmy kim, frutron sees her chance for revenge in part two of the ever present saga WEDGIE!!!!
what will happen, watch it at least 40 times to see!

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Author Mike Speed (7 days)

Author Preston Gordon (5 months)

Author Joshua Hollowell (4 months)
Damn! She didn't even flinch

Author Anthony Saiz (1 month)
What kind of thong is that????? 

Author Bruce Wayne (2 years)
@heykimmykim more wedgie vids plz

Author cwebb212 (2 years)
did she feel the wedgie

Author Supermillionare321 (2 years)
You 2 should have a wedgie war/fight

Author olalabrooke (2 years)
holy damn....

Author jim halpert (1 year)
did that wedgie hurt?

Author cwebb212 (2 years)
can you do wedgie 3 when you put two cracked eggs in kimmy kim panty than
pull her panty un in the sky than pull her pants down

Author heykimmykim (2 years)
I guess I'm immune to the wedgie. :/

Author SleeplessInTexas56 (2 years)
uhm what is with everybody and wedgies? weirdos. but they are
funny...anyway, kimmykim, you say your immune, and you need another
one...another what? immunity? i'm confused, but funny, all of your videos
are funny, dont party without a designated driver

Author Carly Ray (1 year)
Hanging wedgie? Please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author rsrslolful (2 years)
I came to this,, :D

Author thechrisrox1110 (2 years)
@MrDickRyder ik

Author charsorenson (2 years)
@FruTron yes

Author FruTron (2 years)
to give more wedgie ideas tweet us @frutron & @LaDolceKimma

Author hotwedgiefan123 (2 years)
make anthor one

Author FruTron (2 years)
Damn! the singing in this is amazing.

Author Ozztastic57 (2 years)
Wat even happened?

Author Hollywood Is Hard (8 months)

Author Talya .N (1 year)
What the

Author MrHullboy12 (2 years)
@heykimmykim did you actually do the wedgies or is it fake?

Author FruTron (2 years)
@morgo1337 Oh, well it's blonde now! I put pics @frutron on twitter :)
Thank you!

Author freshistboy4 (2 years)
forget the boobs..I was too busy looking at her eyes ;)

Author superbuffguy100 (2 years)
Hey can soneone explain wat happened

Author XxDenverOmletManxX (2 years)
@heykimmykim one of you needs to get another wedgie. hopefully u because ur

Author FruTron (2 years)
What ?

Author chimchar2002 (2 years)
pause it at 0:15

Author morgo1337 (2 years)
btw frutron LOVE what did you with your hair. Looks fantastic!!!!!

Author Diamonds Bling Bling (1 year)

Author KJ00784 (2 years)
nice boobs ;)

Author shanespriuel1999 (2 years)
Nice ass+nice wedgie-nice video XD

Author heykimmykim (2 years)
@frogerboy99 Better than having a suspicious ass I suppose.

Author bioshocker456 (11 months)
I watched this like 3 times in a row your butt is awesome!

Author FruTron (2 years)
@heykimmykim :(

Author alkine451 (2 years)
When's the next one?

Author Green Lord (2 years)
Love it, it is not always as easy it seems. But it sure is fun.

Author n00bg0tpwned (2 years)

Author toothbrush71 (2 years)
the wedgie videos are hilarious! you should do more!

Author tylon cooper (2 years)
that booty bout to get a wedgie

Author FruTron (2 years)
@charsorenson have you seen all of them?

Author 2sjoerd (2 years)
she doesn´t were a bra:D i want more wedgie video's!

Author heykimmykim (2 years)
@Ozztastic57 Pretty sure Frutron has a trophy in her room as The Singing
Bee Queen from her county. So, that's pretty awesome if you ask me.

Author heykimmykim (2 years)
Immunity to wedgies!!! I'm better than a vampire, perhaps.

Author ninjacayden (2 years)
why give her a wedgie she was allready wearing a thong

Author charsorenson (2 years)
Can you do more?

Author GhoulHecticTV (2 years)
ReVengE is cOLd DeLi BusiNess!~!~!

Author Bruce Wayne (2 years)
@cwebb212 good idea

Author Jarren Herrera (2 years)
@FruTron How are you not signed to a major record label yet?

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