Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

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  • Shawn Fernandes
    Shawn Fernandes 3 hours ago

    0:12, WTF is that chair even.

  • iMicca
    iMicca 5 hours ago


  • Twunk
    Twunk 5 hours ago

    sorry samsung but touchwiz is terrible....until you ship your flagships with stock android ,I’m sticking with my 7plus

    LELER YT 10 hours ago


  • A.N.A
    A.N.A 1 day ago

    Your hands makes any phone small whatever!😂

  • Harsha Chikkam
    Harsha Chikkam 1 day ago

    need review of one plus 5 vs samsung galaxy s8

  • A7llaman
    A7llaman 1 day ago

    wallpaper bro

  • Liss
    Liss 1 day ago

    I absolutely love the screen, but I'm an Apple girl. I hope the iphone 8 has a similar screen.

  • Joseph Figueroa
    Joseph Figueroa 1 day ago

    I tried the phone and it's not that quick, my iPhone 6s (which I'm not too proud to own) feels faster

  • Vega281
    Vega281 1 day ago

    I've been thinking about switching to the S8 however I am kind of scared since I've always been an iPhone user. Should I switch or nah?

  • Faysen Tech
    Faysen Tech 2 days ago

    SAMSUNG have imporved the design and size which fits people at a cozy way, that's great compared to previous series.

  • Ellehcar
    Ellehcar 2 days ago

    Please do a review on the s8 vs the s7/s7 edge!

  • CODgamer
    CODgamer 2 days ago

    1:47 MKBHD number lol. i dont think thats it but i dont know

  • SEXY CHEESEBURGER name is for the LOLs

    It has a headphone jack.

  • Mona
    Mona 3 days ago

    When people say jif...

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 3 days ago

    what was that tower stacker app?

  • topflight091
    topflight091 3 days ago

    Do you own a Tesla????

  • iHartcookie
    iHartcookie 3 days ago

    Am i the only one who realised that 'bixby' is Phils(from modern family) alter ego name, which he uses on valentines day with his wife?

  • Liam Lake
    Liam Lake 3 days ago

    how can i get that wallpaper?

  • ank1992
    ank1992 3 days ago

    Now I know why I loved my Nokia n73 music edition so much. The top bezel on that thing was so tiny, it was beautiful!!

  • Salihu Goni
    Salihu Goni 3 days ago

    still dre

  • Selma Cruz
    Selma Cruz 4 days ago

    Can somebody help me? The gray tab thats on the side of the galaxy S8 is gone... and i want it back becuase its really useful but i don't know how to do it

  • victor m
    victor m 4 days ago

    For those who are thinking about buying it: the location of the fingerprint scanner isn't NEARLY as bad as people are talking about. I bought my S8+ yesterday and I'm having no problems to place my finger on the reader (I have mid-sized hands).

  • JFrame
    JFrame 4 days ago

    I was gonna buy this phone. Everything about it seems perfect, but now that I found out about the bixby button being unmappable, I'm out.

  • WildTech
    WildTech 4 days ago

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    NIGHTHOWL 5 days ago

    ok listen up. Samsung had given a separate company the fingerprint under glass tech. After 5 months the company tells Samsung they can't and fingerprint was then placed at back as a last min chance by Samsung themself. It's not Samsung's fault guys

  • Krys PlayB
    Krys PlayB 5 days ago

    i really love you man marques but i cant understand how come you have not yet reviewed the HTC u 11 which looks like the best phone around right now cuz it got a little of all we need that's design camera performance and exceptionally battery life. so a prayers to you dear mkhb please review that mobile for us

  • Asif Zafar
    Asif Zafar 5 days ago

    Please answer: If I get a samsung galaxy a8 and samsung galaxy s8. Which one has more chances to heat up more and explode ? you can write me the percentage or reason it to explode. Coz any phone with waterproof option got more chances to heat up in no time. And as you know Samsung's note 7 explosion is very trendy.. What should I choose ?

  • Wergrun
    Wergrun 5 days ago

    how do I find the punch in feature in settings? it isn't showing up

  • Collin McFarlane
    Collin McFarlane 5 days ago

    @4:56 what is the name of this game? i want to download :) also, please do a s8 vs op5 comparison video

  • Monowar Mohinuddin
    Monowar Mohinuddin 5 days ago

    Which do you recommend Samsung galaxy s8 or s8 plus

    VINAY ADAGATLA 5 days ago

    the startup music was really gud has Marquess

  • GD Random
    GD Random 6 days ago

    yup,5.5inch iphone6plus cant reach the end.while 5.7s8 can reach the end.btw im 13yaer old boy had a very small hands.

  • Aditya Pratap Singh

    please reply me as soon as possible should i wait for samsung galaxy note 8 @marques

  • Butt-Dumpling Fart-Goblin

    Its spelled 'nougat' but the correct pronunciation is "noo-gar", not "noo-gat". You illiterate fuck. Why the fuck do people not read anymore for fuck sakes? Great vid btw, ill wait until iphone 8 or XZ Premium before i make my decision on this phone.

  • TheSageOfTheSixPaths

    itsss GIF not JIF

  • Ratchet
    Ratchet 6 days ago

    the fingerprint scanner placement is the only thing making me wait for a newer phone. otherwise I would have got this.

  • Adam Anderson
    Adam Anderson 6 days ago

    Jiff? Really?!

  • Ahmad 007
    Ahmad 007 6 days ago

    where can i find that s8 wallpaper ! :)

  • MH Watches
    MH Watches 7 days ago

    I'm currently using a Google pixel. Does anyone recommend i switch to the S8?

    ASBOSS SOCIAL 7 days ago

    s8 or pixel though

  • Ashok kumar Lakkaraju

    Hey Marques, your reviews are great. I don't know whether you heard of this or not but their is a brand that claims to be the best. Could you please check out about the "Brandeis" "Prometheus". It hasn't come out yet. But, I hope you will give us information about it.

  • geezeweezebabypls
    geezeweezebabypls 7 days ago

    Do a vid after 1month use .. people say it is awesome..

  • king of kingZ
    king of kingZ 7 days ago

    someone link me those books on his desk?

  • Jyotiraditya Panda
    Jyotiraditya Panda 8 days ago

    Dat Bezel.

  • Ariana Baer
    Ariana Baer 8 days ago

    @Marques Brownlee Are you sponsored by Samsung or something? Your reviews used to be fairly critical of the true downsides of new flagships. The majority of this video was strongly neutral. Where is the bad and why? Don't just explain the features, REVIEW them. Tell us what is good and what is bad and WHY they're such. Very disappointing.

  • Mr.Buckets
    Mr.Buckets 8 days ago

    I'll get this one day...

  • Hunter O'Dore
    Hunter O'Dore 8 days ago

    watching this on the s8 plus lol

  • PhoenixofSun
    PhoenixofSun 8 days ago

    Hey confrontation whores, fuck off and stop trying to bring Apple into this.

  • Linubee
    Linubee 8 days ago

    lol, im out here rocking my snapdragon 410 😂😂😂

  • Vikas
    Vikas 9 days ago

    I tried the Samsung S8 and its very smooth with a good build quality. The apps load very quickly.

  • Alice Green
    Alice Green 9 days ago

    He thought the phone was pretty, I thought his videos were prettier

  • Alice Green
    Alice Green 9 days ago

    Please someone tell me what that stack game was at 5:00

  • Awesome Adi
    Awesome Adi 9 days ago!

  • Gabatron
    Gabatron 9 days ago

    I want that wallpaper

  • Alex  Major
    Alex Major 10 days ago

    so nobody gonna tell me where to get that sexy ass wallpaper from though? lmao yaw just gone scroll passed like i aint say nothin?

  • a2blizzard1017
    a2blizzard1017 10 days ago

    got my s8 yesterday, It's beautiful!

  • TheBluesFlame
    TheBluesFlame 11 days ago

    Any owners of this phone experiencing the well known Samsung lag kicking in after like a month or so of usage?

  • bilal joyia
    bilal joyia 11 days ago

    can you send me one????
    if you had an extra pair?

  • Mani Kiran
    Mani Kiran 11 days ago

    wallpaper plz!

  • robert kevin
    robert kevin 11 days ago

    hi marques/ guys,
    do u have any idea how to record 16:9 video in vertical position smartphone?
    landscape recording on potrait position smartphone? how to describe x-x

  • Marshall Winterbach
    Marshall Winterbach 12 days ago

    I really love Marques review of everything. I first came across him when researching about headphones.

  • brad h
    brad h 12 days ago

    Samsung is boring.

    • jdennis867
      jdennis867 11 days ago

      brad h lmfao. Samsung can do everything apple can do and so much much more.

  • Shaswat Sharma
    Shaswat Sharma 12 days ago

    who else is watching this on their Samsung galaxy s8

  • Nedim Talovic
    Nedim Talovic 12 days ago

    Jesus Christ loves you brother. He died on the cross to save you from hell - God is love.

  • Nedim Talovic
    Nedim Talovic 12 days ago

    Jesus Christ loves you brother. He died on the cross to save you from hell - God is love.

  • CarlWiganer
    CarlWiganer 12 days ago

    Great review and I have got the S8 Plus. However, it's now on eBay. To unlock this phone is so frustrating, I've got tired of having to enter a pattern to unlock as it won't recognise face in low light and doesn't recognise IRIS without having to stare at it. Im getting iPhone 8, but I've gone back to iPhone 7 until September. I like to try all new phones, no doubt the Note 8 would tempt me, but for that to be the case, the finger print scanner must be on the front under the glass.

  • Nick Rawlings
    Nick Rawlings 12 days ago

    I have had this device since the release and the fingerprint sensor has not been an issue whatsoever. I got used to it instantly because I rest my finger almost always where the sensor is. also, the camera and display are excellent and the performance is outstanding.

  • 316creed
    316creed 13 days ago

    Whats the music app?

  • André Xavier
    André Xavier 13 days ago

    oh, It os a verificação good phone

  • Bound4Earth
    Bound4Earth 14 days ago

    The Iris scanner can also be tricked with a picture taken from a distance and a lens. I also don't put much stock into Samsung software. It starts off snappy and almost always ages very poorly which is sad.

  • Kashyap Vadhel
    Kashyap Vadhel 14 days ago

    I choose Apple.
    Because samsung s4 was released on 27 april 2013 and iphone 5s was released 20 september 2013.
    Iphone 5s is getting the latest ios 11 and samsung s4 can not get android N.
    Samsung dont maintain older devices and Apple care about peoples.
    That's why I love and prefer apple more then samsung.

    • Amna Ateef
      Amna Ateef 8 days ago

      But most of the older iOS devices miss out on some of the best features of the newer iOS update. On Android, software updates work differently. While you may not have the latest version, the stock Google apps will be the up to date ones on most of the devices. So, you'll get the same chrome browser like the one you'll get on Android 7 even if you are on, for example, 5. What's more, you can flash custom ROMs with additional features and those which are based on the latest Android version. You can also root your phone to get the features you are missing out. However when the support ends on an iOS device, there's not much you can do, apart from jailbreaking. Downgrading or changing the OS is impossible. As far as security updates are concerned, tbh it depends on the user how they use their device and don't install shady stuff on their devices. I was a very dedicated iOS fan for 5 years (since iOS 4) and didn't like Android for the very reason you mentioned. But after using Android I realized it's not exactly a deal breaker.

  • Miguel Orrego
    Miguel Orrego 14 days ago

    watching this on my s8 had for two weeks now and I'm enjoying but I am grateful I have my iPhone also and both are connected and I get the best of both worlds

  • Oemar Dayat
    Oemar Dayat 14 days ago

    does anyone notice the amoled screen on galaxy s8 still give burn in effect,, specially on the bottom,, recent, home and back button will burn in first coz that is the most static picture on screen,, right??

  • Jabari Stephens
    Jabari Stephens 14 days ago

    For the wallpaper download backdrops app and the wallpaper is called Gradient Glow

  • Bryan Alvarez
    Bryan Alvarez 14 days ago

    R.I.P red iphone 7 in the bag at 2:50

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott 14 days ago

    Watching on S8+ lol

  • Kundan Rayamajhi
    Kundan Rayamajhi 15 days ago

    #askMKBHD @MKBHD is the earphone we get with samsung s8 also waterproof?

  • Ayesha Irfan
    Ayesha Irfan 15 days ago

    22 to 8 percent o__O even my 2012 sony xperia s isn't that atrocious

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C 15 days ago

    I have watched several of your videos this morning, and thank you! I think I am going for the Galaxy S8 and not upgrading my iPhone this time.

  • Jeremiah Burns
    Jeremiah Burns 16 days ago

    What wireless charger is that?

  • Pranav Kurup
    Pranav Kurup 16 days ago

    Must have that amazing wallpaper

  • Pranav Kurup
    Pranav Kurup 16 days ago

    Where did you get that wallpaper

  • Pranav Kurup
    Pranav Kurup 16 days ago

    Where did you get that wallpaper

  • Pranav Kurup
    Pranav Kurup 16 days ago

    Where did you get that wallpaper

  • Rifet Okic
    Rifet Okic 17 days ago

    what game was that with the blocks ?

  • Formal Tuna
    Formal Tuna 17 days ago

    What's the tower game called?

  • Md Thrilling
    Md Thrilling 17 days ago

    waseem bhaiyya bola Tera kuch bhi nai hai phone Xiaomi redmi k saamne,,😀

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 17 days ago

    where do I find the wallpaper you are using in this video?

  • Fato Kh
    Fato Kh 17 days ago

    Samsung S8 phone is great and strong and solid ... s8 the best in the world

  • The Praska Brothers
    The Praska Brothers 17 days ago

    Everyone please check out my new basketball video!! It is unreal!!

  • Manav Chordia
    Manav Chordia 18 days ago

    should i wait for oneplus 5 or buy samsung s8

  • Obed Jean
    Obed Jean 18 days ago

    damn that nigga sound white

  • Jan VIllaraza
    Jan VIllaraza 18 days ago

    Can someone provide a link to the wallpaper?

  • DerekRyanTwo
    DerekRyanTwo 18 days ago

    I really like the wallpaper he has on the S8 in this. Anyone know where I can find it? It's not in the default wallpapers in my S8.

  • Luke Crawford
    Luke Crawford 18 days ago

    almost hahaha we won't be impressed till it turns in a robot and do all our work

  • Arvin Kamberi
    Arvin Kamberi 18 days ago

    I wanna buy the S8+ but in mean time i wanna waut for the note. what u guys thinks should I do? should I wait a bit more? any thoughts would be helpful and appropriate. cheers.

  • crispy
    crispy 18 days ago

    Used every iphone including the iphone 7 plus. Thought about it for a week and sold it for the S8 plus. Really a beautiful phone.

  • omar farooq
    omar farooq 18 days ago

    I was checking online and I saw two versions of S8+ a 4 gb ram version and a 6 gb one which can be pre-ordered and dat 6 gb one also has 128 gb storage while the 4 gb one has 64 can someone explain?

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