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Author davidtheguitarman ( ago)
Everyone knows that quaffing a bottle of Absolut Vodka makes drive safer.

Author Morten Harket ( ago)
in russia pedal brake is a ornament

Author Asghar Khoso ( ago)
plzzzzzzz salo

Author Subhan Ahmed ( ago)
7:57 When GTA is life..😍😂

Author Chris Williams ( ago)
What are they Putin in the water over there?!

Author Antaloczy Soma ( ago)
0:00 song?

Author ZaysenX ( ago)
The First crash must be in Poland :D

Author ADAM TV ( ago)
3:05 lol

Author Stephen Curran ( ago)
Why do all the mad Eastern Europeans be doing 120 mph in 60 zones it serves them right do they not have speed clocks in there cars ' speed kills '

Author Gaming with Cole and Halle ( ago)
Proper crash kid

Author Beau Lloyd ( ago)
is it just me or are most people who have car accidents in Russia drive Ladas the boxy cars often in white or cream car guys will know what I mean

Author Dmytro Simachov ( ago)
Что за музыка 8.37

Author Σχχοτιc Trolls ( ago)
Wow is that a police car that crashed

Author Mickiaero ( ago)
les pire conducteur c est les Russe aucun fair play chez eux apres faut pas s étonnée des accident

Author Heath Roberts ( ago)
as of thumbnail

Author Margaret Ann Finlayson ( ago)
Real question is....why u listening to lizzy lizard ...oops sorry iggy izeala

Author Alexis Beuve ( ago)
very stupid drivers

Author Alexis Beuve ( ago)
1:06 beautifull reflex

Author nym jargal ( ago)
i heard iggy azalea on first video..

Author HonorFreeMusic ( ago)
0:45 this moron almost killed someone completely innocent with his moronic driving, should not only lose license, should be fcking going down for attemtped manslaughter

Author nimitzopsoi ( ago)

Author Christina Whatmore ( ago)
Does Russia have insurance companies? Well if I owned an insurance company I certainly wouldn't be in Russia they are fucking idiots and they don't care about there own people when they get hurt!

Author Neal peter ( ago)
8.12 what a cunt!!!

Author Ивайло Асенов ( ago)
1:55 are you blind

Author Engineer ( ago)
bmw drivers dont care how expensive ur car is or pritty

Author Nek Nek ( ago)
Ce sont vraiment des clowns les conducteurs russe.

Author Worst Crashes ( ago)
Follow my chaine !! the news always, watch the most shocking videos you will nor regret (y)

Author Stepan B. ( ago)
Crazy russians :-(

Author CommonCentsRob ( ago)
2:07 Ahhh.... that same old 57 Bulgarian sedan... damn him... he gets around in 80% of Russian car crashes. 5:46 He just got it painted blue... dammit all... 6:33 His mom's Bulgarian car... damn.... 6:51 Painted it black to hide all the dents.... oops.... dammit... 7:26 Dammit... this was his brother's car....

Author derpvppro cool ( ago)
lustige Unfälle

Author LSZocker2009 ( ago)
3:03 Profi XD

Author arizonatsunami ( ago)
1:06 I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. :)

Author Joseph Holmberg ( ago)
worst fucking drivers in the world.

Author Matt Pannell ( ago)
2.08. That Tree is very famous in this little Village. It's called "The Breaking Tree", because those that don't want to wear out their break pads use it regularly.
They also don't wear seat belts, and yet, for some mysterious reason, when hitting the Magical Tree, they just jump out of their car as if nothing had happened. Scientists from Moscow are to examine this special phenomena. Local resident Yuri said, "Oh, that's are Special Village Saviour, over the last year it has prevented 689 accidents. 😱

Author Matt Pannell ( ago)
1.27. So funny, passenger saying, "Oh my god, he's only gone and crashed again". Looks like he's been there before. 😨

Author Matt Pannell ( ago)
1.15. Good piece of driving. In fact, his Google maps told him to keep driving on that dirt track. It took him through a pine forest, a disused mine and a village full of people from "The Hills Have Eyes", but he did save 7 minutes on his journey. 🤔

Author chimpy pickering ( ago)
people really this thick

Author Hisham Sq ( ago)
Fucking Russians

Author Jason Quam ( ago)
These people's RT's suck

Author sennakaza ( ago)
car in russia should have bigger braking pedal

Author Cart Man ( ago)
90 % of worlds car crashes happen in rusia hhhh

Author dogeified ( ago)

Author dogeified ( ago)
9:03 perfect example of Russian emergency personnel

Author arish arish ( ago)
whos give license for yours

Author Рамазан Курманалиев ( ago)
лайк кому жалко машины

Author Henry Yulfo ( ago)
Yo what is up with Russia.
Do they give licenses away or do they actually take a course and pass it and if they do OMG better have some good insurance if you're driving in that country

Author Perrito Chiquitito ( ago)
3 millones de visitas y solo 4 mil like o.O eso si es estrellarse :'v

Author Alies Hebben ( ago)

Author Monsieur Spock ( ago)
Conduire en Russie est dangereux, ils sont *cons et bourrés.

Author Diana tsapi ( ago)

Author Kerr Wilson ( ago)
Russian idiots

Author buru kenge ( ago)
80% Ladas

Author Alicia Fasano ( ago)
que paso en el minuto 3:32 porfabor contesteme

Author thatjokerperson ( ago)
3:13 when you want a new car

Author Melissa Moran ( ago)
I won't call them dumb at all!! Very smart

Author Melissa Moran ( ago)
That's right Russians invented all the tech we have today! Yeah right!

Author Mustafa Maarabani ( ago)
Urgently required driving instructors in Russia

Author ii Cairo ii ( ago)
Oooo the thumbnail....xddddd

Author Dave J-R ( ago)
Why buy one when you can obviously drive without one. Keep them in Russia

Author Dimitris Dim ( ago)

Author C Jenkins ( ago)
Feels nice imagining everybody I hate driving these cars

Author Austin Bryant ( ago)
Notice anything? All these crashes started with one impatient asshole trying to avoid traffic and get to their destination quicker

Author A Bensalah ( ago)

Author Angel Henandez ( ago)
intuye oiubnbhppoppp

Author morgan pennie ( ago)
Why are 99% of cars in Russia shit??

Author Fozz Gate ( ago)

Author LeviticusAcc ( ago)
Always russia and america - the 2 world powers, the dumbest people

Author Johanna Tero ( ago)
Tsek 8.25:)

Author jean o'neill ( ago)
i guess they don't have any driving teachers in russia. half of these roads don't have any lanes marked. its like watching nascar or a chariot race.

Author MartydoomX ( ago)
If I knew sooner that you could get your drivers license for free, I would've moved to Russia already

Author Billie Bob Norton III ( ago)
give them ruskies a bottle of vodka and a drivers license, poor roads and lada cars and youre guaranteed thousands of hours of crash vids....

Author Алесей Попов ( ago)
амирикосы гандоны

Author Eric Taylor ( ago)
Is "binlant" Russian for "fuck" or "shit"?

Author Jero Veen ( ago)
Muss denn in Russland kein Führerschein gemacht werden?

Author Igor Kurzawski ( ago)

Author mermaniel ( ago)
So many of these are so fucking stupid. It's frightening to see so many total idiots on the roads.

Author TaNeshia McQueen ( ago)
so is it like mandatory that every person has a dash cam overseas?

Author Dustin Gibson ( ago)
That same car at 2:09 is in almost every crash compilation at least 5 times

Author Nora no ( ago)

Author maurizio moglia ( ago)
incredibile.... in Russia non sanno proprio guidare.....Putin fai qualcosa....

Author mustafa belen ( ago)
Producing cars easier than training people. This is the cause of all these accidents, i think.

Author Ilyass Hamaoui ( ago)

Author superswag 98 ( ago)
Does literally every car in Russia have to have a dashboard camera?

Author dogeified ( ago)
0:16 stupid butthole vodka god

Author luis hernando velez mejia ( ago)
Después se enojan porque digo que en Rusia están los accidentes mas estúpidos del mundo!!!!

Author FaZe Dope ( ago)
they keep drinking alchahol

Author Mocking69 ( ago)
普通にしてたらぶつからない様な事故が多いですね!! 漫然運転かな?

Author Mr T. ( ago)
I'll still stick with my ideas to take all the cars off the road in Russia and give them a bicycle with training wheels...Out of ALL the wrecks we just watched I'd say around 99% of them could most definitely have been avoidable...

Author EntrerPrime ( ago)
I wouldn't want to run an insurance company in Russia, what a nightmare.

Author Read This ( ago)
yopa yopa russian shit

Author D. Klompsma ( ago)
I cannot believe you could insure your car in Russia.... man, man, man!

Author Furkan Gudek ( ago)

Author deotten2 ( ago)
1:56 this guy/girl had to be on his/her phone. no brakes and late correction

Author HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs ( ago)
Most people are playing pokemon and driving...

Author - Enderman5040 - ( ago)
What is it with the Russians and driving

Author Austin Lucas ( ago)
4:10 dirty windshield? I wasn't able to see the vehicle until they were nearly on top of it.
5:53 reaction time took far too long to prevent the accident.

Author Виктор Лыков ( ago)
вот это тряпки!!!

Author Ron Collins ( ago)
the people that crush in to others thay are shit

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