The BIGGEST bike jump ever!
please note, this is not me in the video, just some idiot...

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Author Sunny krithin (1 month)

Author MsSWAGboss (2 months)
Is he alright now?
Is he fine please REPLY

Author Stormranger_jj (5 months)
Is he alive?!

Author Shivion29 (8 months)

Author xXxSn3akxXx (3 years)

Author 1mikewalsh (2 years)
Bahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the coffee nose incident, now come clean my
monitor off!

Author JettaNetaTV (2 years)
63 people have crashed on a bike.

Author Oliver Paton (3 years)
How does he sit down with balls that big?

Author HRS8509 (2 years)
Ahhh I know who this guy is!!! His name is Edmund Stoiber, he comes from

Author Traxxasracer5787 (2 years)
Rag doll

Author aznboyyeah (2 years)
dumbass white boy adrenaline addict sighh stick to driving trucks and
hunting animals

Author xtelevisionset (3 years)
did he die?

Author charlie shepherd (2 years)
more like the bigest bike fail ever

Author recurvelegend007 (2 years)
is he alive???

Author Serbicon (2 years)

Author yamahapwns (3 years)
damn! a new f-150!

Author Anthony Rossi (3 years)
@Kx2fity22 your a dumbass

Author easypeelers (2 years)
ya guys is sucidal

Author djkazwestlondon (2 years)
he defiantly hurt something...

Author hongkongfooyHAZE (3 years)
why would u do that?

Author Johnny Blaze (3 years)
OMG is the bike ok ?

Author Nico Lucia (3 years)
I hate when people put BIGGEST BIKE JUMP EVER!!! as the title, when really,
its not, Ive seen much bigger videos on youtube. WOW

Author ronimiester (2 years)

Author Brennan Kirkpatrick (2 years)

Author davidtheguitarman (2 years)
you can feel the pain of that guy just by watching the vid

Author BLAZEDAZMATE (3 years)
fuk that!

Author PLA17EN (3 years)
man that was unlucky, i bet he'd done it like 5 times before and when he
was filmed it went wrong, but he'll bounce back and try it again :D

Author Bob Marley (1 year)
do you know who jumped it is he ok

Author Christopher Clough (3 years)

Author Hadobás Marcell (2 years)
wow looks serious . Hope he 's alive

Author italianindianbiker (3 years)
wooooowoo josh bender

Author Braden B (2 years)
did his balls crack or something? holy ----- he scratched his nuts!

Author mpkunitsa (2 years)
cant stop fuckin laughing

Author ghostXgamerz (2 years)
his balls obviously were to much for gravity nice jump

Author Edgar Picazo (3 years)
i think he fell off hes bike

Author simmo30394 (2 years)
The downramp is like vert!!!

Author DuelBeatAirsoft (1 year)
Think about it. Does "Do you still alive?" make ANY sense?

Author LFCLEWIS4 (3 years)
what happened to him?

Author tek4341 (2 years)
i think he tried to barspin

Author forbzy61 (3 years)
is that show still on tv? it was awsome!

Author ReasonWhyYouAreHere (2 years)
Poor bike

Author kyle lavalley (2 years)
what a dumbass

Author MegaSogni (2 years)
uh when was that considered a good idea...50/50 chance making it at best
.....hope dude was ok

Author willbrownrally (2 years)

Author 355vk1 (2 years)
@BLACKOPSNINJAS325 hes not dead

Author [CoDE]SlimShady (1 year)
speak english you can? Know your grammar dude.

Author IdiotsCommentBelowMe (3 years)
Holy fuck a duck! That was suicidal.

Author Moey from Bankstown (2 years)
@recurvelegend007 no

Author FishHuntCook (3 years)
I was like that soooooooo si...... 0.o

Author stevef2566 (2 years)
this video should surely be called biggest bike jump epic fail

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