Horrible Bicycle Accident

The BIGGEST bike jump ever!
please note, this is not me in the video, just some idiot...

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Author Sierra Renae ( ago)
One word Dom

Author MrSWAGboss ( ago)
Is he alright now?
Is he fine please REPLY

Author Stormranger ( ago)
Is he alive?!

Author Shivion29 ( ago)

Author DEREK REAGAN ( ago)

Author Bob Marley ( ago)
do you know who jumped it is he ok 

Author Brandon ( ago)
Did he died? Don't you mean, "did he die?"

Author Samantha Baskersville ( ago)
did he survive?

Author Guanjyn ( ago)
Did he died?

Author zezimaforthewin ( ago)
do you still alive? 

Author [CoDE]SlimShady ( ago)
speak english you can? Know your grammar dude.

Author lila makkara ( ago)

Author Downhill Freeride ( ago)
do you still alive ?? 

Author 1mikewalsh ( ago)
Bahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the coffee nose incident, now come clean my
monitor off!

Author Kamil Wojciechowicz ( ago)
You are an idiot!! 

Author MrRedneckbogger ( ago)
What went wrong, uncle jhonny didn't tighten the bolts lol

Author Serbicon ( ago)

Author MrToontown02 ( ago)
is he alive no 

Author dylan jewell ( ago)

Author Braden B ( ago)
did his balls crack or something? holy ----- he scratched his nuts!

Author tek4341 ( ago)
i think he tried to barspin 

Author 37mts (871 year ago)
Fuckkkkk he scratched the damn bike!!!!

Author mtbikersrulez ( ago)
That is the true glory if mountainbiking. Learn from ur mistakes and don't
be an ass.

Author xterrasesc ( ago)
he missed the landing by 6 inches lol.

Author Djwhitenorthofficial ( ago)
you should change the name to: Thw BIGGEST BIKE JUMP CRASH EVER!!! cause
the guy literally did a barrel roll.

Author HRS8509 ( ago)
Ahhh I know who this guy is!!! His name is Edmund Stoiber, he comes from

Author specterbuggy ( ago)
@recurvelegend007 i dont think so 

Author Arno Braeckman (392 years ago)
@suggg I think it's the french guy who jumped over the peleton from the
tour de france, the spot almost looks exactly the same...

Author suggg ( ago)
this video has been on youtube for very long time - does anybody know who
this person is/was - I agree he certainly had big balls leading up to that

Author Honda Nutta ( ago)
@creepyguywithphone96 What every true biker thinks of first :D

Author Chevyguy1 ( ago)
I hope the bikes ok

Author ryan wetherbee ( ago)
and this isnt on ridiculousness

Author kyle lavalley ( ago)
what a dumbass 

Author Einlogmusik ( ago)

Author cybertronus ( ago)
omg is the poor bike alright ?? ?? @ :(

Author Brennan Kirkpatrick ( ago)

Author Moey from Bankstown ( ago)
@355vk1 how do u know??????????

Author ogferg ( ago)

Author Rogue sH ( ago)
more like the bigest bike fail ever

Author MrChubbymeat ( ago)
G FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Author callofdutykyle ( ago)
how did his balls fit in his trousers ?

Author Ian Forbes ( ago)
is the bike ok?

Author Moey from Bankstown ( ago)
@cowface29708796 no

Author Moey from Bankstown ( ago)
@sebleton no he actually died instantly

Author Moey from Bankstown ( ago)
@recurvelegend007 no

Author MegaSogni ( ago)
uh when was that considered a good idea...50/50 chance making it at best
.....hope dude was ok 

Author sebleton ( ago)
he came away from that with a sprained ankle or something petty like that

Author luluade1 ( ago)
i hope he does'nt give up and trys the jump again

Author Ian Forbes ( ago)
did he live???

Author Luke Baggs ( ago)
press 3 then 6 for telaport!!!!

Author toolforwomen ( ago)
he's fine 

Author gawrry ( ago)
@TwistedPresence he destroy the landing.

Author Hadobás Marcell ( ago)
wow looks serious . Hope he 's alive

Author TwistedPresence ( ago)
oh! man! poor bike :(

Author Icanrockandparty ( ago)
Owww... bet he was like oh hell no.... then ragdoll affect kicked in

Author Tanner King ( ago)
I think he needed to pedal faster! 

Author joshua campion ( ago)
with an epic fail!!!

Author enjoiyourboard1 ( ago)
OMG dude hes crazy!!

Author NotJimmyStewart ( ago)

Author aznboyyeah ( ago)
dumbass white boy adrenaline addict sighh stick to driving trucks and
hunting animals

Author Antonio Cruz ( ago)
Dude!!!!!!!!! That dude died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author recurvelegend007 ( ago)
is he alive???

Author Lewis .Broadhurst ( ago)
his balls obviously were to much for gravity nice jump 

Author davidtheguitarman ( ago)
you can feel the pain of that guy just by watching the vid

Author Jack Perry ( ago)
his balls threw him off ballance

Author eddynick12 ( ago)
Holy f***!!! Did he die

Author ashley ( ago)
@alrome24 haha maybe so :L 

Author simmo30394 ( ago)
The downramp is like vert!!!

Author xXfk96Xx (530 years ago)
I'm pretty sure he died...

Author xtelevisionset ( ago)
did he die?

Author ashley ( ago)
press 0:06 .. whats that, that fly off him.. goggles ? pads ? lol 

Author Edgar Picazo ( ago)
i think he fell off hes bike 

Author stylesbradley ( ago)
holy f@ck,crazy even to attempt that!!!

Author Christopher Clough ( ago)

Author Timi Lebar (1929 years ago)
i hope he and his big balls are ok

Author Tyler Halliday ( ago)
i live right around there :)

Author Spencerianism ( ago)
That looked absolutely brutal.

Author Oliver Paton ( ago)
How does he sit down with balls that big?

Author Paul Chase ( ago)
I bet that felt realll good.

Author Johnny Blaze ( ago)
OMG is the bike ok ?

Author 22izaiah22 ( ago)
holly crap thats INSANE is he still alive ?

Author TZ LimpaN ( ago)
ah crap

Author hongkongfooyHAZE ( ago)
why would u do that? 

Author forbzy61 ( ago)
is that show still on tv? it was awsome!

Author italianindianbiker ( ago)
wooooowoo josh bender

Author spudssam ( ago)
@fallenskater138 his nose

Author RuggedSportsmen (1593 years ago)
I was like that soooooooo si...... 0.o

Author Cameron Subbotin ( ago)
god damn that got to hurt 

Author yoshibomber ( ago)
@fallenskater138 the person on the bike

Author IdiotsCommentBelowMe ( ago)
Holy fuck a duck! That was suicidal.

Author Louis Gerard ( ago)
did he dieded?

Author blake westberry ( ago)
Lol what was that white thing flying on the left side from 0:04 to 0:07?

Author RELLIKBOY ( ago)
@ajjs02 I was thinking the exact same thing

Author jimbo jones ( ago)
Anyone know if the guy was alright? That's like jumping off a house face

Author ajjs02 ( ago)
does anybody know what happened to this person....dam!!!!!

Author PLA17EN ( ago)
man that was unlucky, i bet he'd done it like 5 times before and when he
was filmed it went wrong, but he'll bounce back and try it again :D

Author THEduckSMOKESquack ( ago)
did he die?

Author LFCLEWIS4 ( ago)
what happened to him?

Author Matthew Gara ( ago)
holy shit, I cringed so hard, nothing but respect for trying it, but damn,
if your gonna go so big just have a really wide easy tranny instead of a
sketch gap like that!

Author Nico Lucia ( ago)
I hate when people put BIGGEST BIKE JUMP EVER!!! as the title, when really,
its not, Ive seen much bigger videos on youtube. WOW

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