Black Leopard Attacks Little Girl at Zoo

My niece was at the zoo taking a photo in front of the Leopard Glass Cage when the vicious animal pounced on her..... Funny Reaction!

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Author rohit chauhan ( ago)
shes so cute lol, them chubby cheeks are adorable

Author BobbyJenkins (1705 years ago)
Season 3 of Carmilla looks good

Author UFC FAN ( ago)
cute baby

Author j popiuoyers ( ago)

Author Chris Johnson ( ago)
This she I was expecting alil girl getting attacked

Author andydahviejayycc ( ago)
poor animal...tormented every day by squaling children and idiotic parents,
i feel really bad for them.

Author nnnnnnnnnnnn ( ago)
it should of ate her tbh

Author 92nicu17 ( ago)
... Um. Is that an attack? Does it have claws to attack with like that? An
attack would be a bite, to me. Looks to me like it wanted to jump on the
little human, possibly to play or something. Sure, the little girl would
probably still have reason to fear, and it could probably still be counted
as an "attack", even if it was playful, but... Yeah. Maybe I'm just badly
informed. I just have a difficult time imagining a zoo-animal, one which
has been brought up next to humans, would attack a little one so readily.
Oh, well.

Author lockudlad ( ago)
Nappy change please!! LOLOL

Author frankvalle ( ago)
BLACK Leopard Attacks Little Girl at Zoo and Eats her

Author G Hutchinson ( ago)
Good one! 

Author Horatio Dancea ( ago)
Attacks her? From behind that glass? Please...

Author monstercichlidkeeper ( ago)
u should've thrown her in

Author Felipe Herrera ( ago)

Author dollayx8 (1073 years ago)
2009 ? now i wanna c her

Author Ra' Baal ze'Bul ( ago)
cute little girl.. mhwahahaha..

Author Themylesman ( ago)
Fuck that don't like panthers

Author Elizabeth .JustElizabeth ( ago)
"C'mere, Lunch!"

Author Ender Cat ( ago)
Aww I hoped it got her, well maybe next time D:

Author British kyryr ( ago)
Panthers are Black Jaguars or Leopards.

Author Nytron ( ago)
Evil humans, cats on concrete?! Really?

Author GregTom2 ( ago)
Well, now we all know that a little girl would make a squeeking noise like
a mouse if we were to attempt eating her.

Author FamAD 123 ( ago)

Author Ben Kilgore ( ago)
That awkward moment when you realise that little girl is holding some weed.

Author Matt Sinclair ( ago)
Can you tell me what Zoo this was? 

Author SUMMER MOTLEY ( ago)
it wasn't attacking her it wanted to though

Author bashkurt ( ago)
so cute ;)

Author Yoshikazu Takahashi ( ago)
Wish it was real the panther killed the gitl so she could get to hell and
rotting there *spit*

Author whytepirate ( ago)
Little Sarah Silverman NOW WE KNOW...

Author MrElement50 ( ago)
Seems Legit

she is little Angelina jolly, doesn't scare of anything

Author Flower Power ( ago)
If i'm be her dad I'll put her in that cage and lock it.....just funny ^_^

Author Shiro Niwako ( ago)
its a panter wtf

Author Lo Zone ( ago)
Lol she didn't know it was in a cage

Author AirScholar ( ago)
Shortly after, a asian Tiger mom feels she must one better this child and
throws her own son into the cage. "Survive or you not get any food my first
born !"

Author JoJo Mama ( ago)
the leopard isn't vicious.. it does what it instincts tells him.. that's
nature.. he isn't a salvage, we are.

Author EaglesQuestions ( ago)

Author Guillaume E ( ago)
it's Bagheera :)

Author Aac. ( ago)

Author Pan “selene” Volador en LLamas ( ago)
jajaja XD ciut

Author Jenny Hall ( ago)
V Noones teaching the animals to attack fuckin retard lol that's their
natural wild instinct .. & I'm sure if u were takin outta the wild and
contained in a glass box ud wanna attack too. Poor cat

Author EdudLufetips ( ago)
death to all zoos. animals jailed up for life without committing a crime.
all so you can stare at them. fuckin parents of this girl should step out
into a safari and left there for an hour.

Author Kelsey “Bootylove” McHugh ( ago)
that's what you get, you tease!

Author Richard Mcgilton ( ago)

Author Jean PGM ( ago)
lol she is so cute ^^

Author Tracey Gomez ( ago)
Who else thought the leopard was actually going to attack her

Author SuperDelta000 ( ago)
that animal should be shot

Author Navin Rajkumar ( ago)
support u

Author Ryder ( ago)
Yeah! D':

Author 38Gaucho ( ago)
the invisible thing that stops me is still there."

Author Illegalquantity ( ago)
I scared(ed) him?? LOL She's so cute.

Author ATCRyderX© ( ago)
What's wrong with you people? It is not because the Leopard is BLACK!

Author suddenlyitsobvious ( ago)
'Vicious animal'???

Author TheWoody3322 ( ago)
You tell that wild animal!

Author TheWoody3322 ( ago)
Don't you understand that YouTube comments are an open forum that allows
anyone of any age and of varying levels of literacy to say anything without
care or actual meaning simply because they are bored and may want to elicit
a response?

Author smilsmff ( ago)
nice a are teaching the animals to attack way to go

Author Connor Thompson ( ago)
I guess Obby is fat lonely troll who only knows how to press a spacebar

Author chrislee4551 ( ago)
....................I dislike you in many ways

Author Александр Непеин ( ago)
don't pink dress and go zoo... не одевайте ребенка в розовое...

Author Gaarakun2 ( ago)
oops maybe not

Author Callum Manson ( ago)
No shit professor yout right

Author Callum Manson ( ago)

Author Bri ( ago)
It's a panther

Author OwlCUlater ( ago)
What a beautiful animal.

Author obby obynova ( ago)
From ur nick name u seem to be 33 years old, but ur brain like 10 years
old... P.s. why exactly 3 fingers, why not U just a retard,no

Author AnnaLee33 ( ago)
When you point at others, you point back at yourself with 3 fingers. So you
are 3 times more what you call others, think about it.

Author Christian H ( ago)
Hahah yeah, just wants to pla- - OM NOM NOM NOM

Author Gaarakun2 ( ago)
it just wants to play

Author Mark Jackson ( ago)
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Author www9311 ( ago)
In fairness to him, she did seem like a stupid whore.

Author JK1 ( ago)
I saw your video. Your face broke the internet.

Author JK1 ( ago)
No wonder she's so bitter. Did you see her video on her home page. Wow,
fugly is a compliment to that face. Damn!

Author frisky dingo ( ago)
you're right...

Author Sage Mauldin ( ago)
You're a fucking idiot.

Author Doride Pinheiro ( ago)
What a lovely little girl!

Author jackforpresident22 ( ago)

Author Albert Corrales ( ago)
Hes All Yeah! Then Hes Like Ahh Damn It.

Author twido ( ago)
it's a jaguar.

Author Matt Petersen ( ago)

Author Pants Halo ( ago)
You should check out some of the sick shit dolphins are capable of.

Author Andrew Flood ( ago)
GET HER !!!!!!!!!

Author LadyBludgeon ( ago)
I don't know any other species besides humans who are capable of wiping out
whole species & killing ones own kind in the way that they {humans} do.
Famine, wars, holocausts, poisons... yea I say that of all species who
deserve to be killed it would be the homo sapiens sapiens.

Author Sziszy Ke ( ago)
Bagheera, what are you doing?

Author Liquidsteel3 ( ago)
Humans are the most vicious species on earth...How many animal wars have
you seen.

Author Elizabeth Adams ( ago)
this is why all animals should be Killed.

Author Misty River ( ago)
No comment.

Author LegendKingY2j ( ago)
thats right, but if he go there, he gets killed by hunters...

Author Mike k ( ago)
I scaredid him! She's a cutie...

Author Preetam Halibandi ( ago)
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Author Mazvydas Jukna ( ago)
got no interest in this comment still going to write your a cunt.

Author epiccheese911 ( ago)

Author IXM360 ( ago)
"i have no interest in your comment" ... *writes 5 lined direct reply to

Author mohmad dayim assadi ( ago)
So cute baby...

Author monkyface2002 ( ago)
Cute and funny

Author TheFuckingGrandpa ( ago)

Author BunnyNormally ( ago)
funny and cute

Author deadman walking ( ago)
girl: hey whats up nigga... cat: WHAT did you call me..!!???

Author Olivia Quevedo ( ago)

Author menslady125 ( ago)
Leopard: TOY!

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