Black Leopard Attacks Little Girl at Zoo

My niece was at the zoo taking a photo in front of the Leopard Glass Cage when the vicious animal pounced on her..... Funny Reaction!

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Author Abbie Culberson (8 months)

Author AirScholar (5 months)
Shortly after, a asian Tiger mom feels she must one better this child and
throws her own son into the cage. "Survive or you not get any food my first
born !"

Author GregTom2 (1 month)
Well, now we all know that a little girl would make a squeeking noise like
a mouse if we were to attempt eating her.

Author Ben Kilgore (1 month)
That awkward moment when you realise that little girl is holding some weed.

Author Heather McLaren (1 month)
And a panther IS a leopard...

Author Heather McLaren (1 month)
She was messing with her hair... so he did. :)

Author Giselle Americana (1 year)

Author Shiro Niwako (4 months)
its a panter wtf

Author praba nat (1 year)

Author JoJo Mama (6 months)
the leopard isn't vicious.. it does what it instincts tells him.. that's
nature.. he isn't a salvage, we are.

Author xnitronx (13 days)
Evil humans, cats on concrete?! Really?

Author Guillaume E (7 months)
it's Bagheera :)

Author AVINASH SOLANKE (4 months)
she is little Angelina jolly, doesn't scare of anything

Author بعيد الهقاوي. (10 months)
Black Leopard Attacks Little Girl at Zoo

Author SUMMER MOTLEY (3 months)
it wasn't attacking her it wanted to though

Author Jenny Hall (8 months)
V Noones teaching the animals to attack fuckin retard lol that's their
natural wild instinct .. & I'm sure if u were takin outta the wild and
contained in a glass box ud wanna attack too. Poor cat

Author Lo Zone (5 months)
Lol she didn't know it was in a cage

Author Matt Sinclair (2 months)
Can you tell me what Zoo this was? 

Author Richard Mcgilton (8 months)

Author Kelsey McHugh (8 months)
that's what you get, you tease!

Author bashkurt (3 months)
so cute ;)

Author EdudLufetips (8 months)
death to all zoos. animals jailed up for life without committing a crime.
all so you can stare at them. fuckin parents of this girl should step out
into a safari and left there for an hour.

Author Giselle Americana (5 months)

Author RichieD088 (27 days)
bad kitty!!

Author whytepirate (3 months)
Little Sarah Silverman NOW WE KNOW...

Author Randy Macklin (1 month)

Author MrElement50 (3 months)
Seems Legit

Author Kimy Höglander (3 months)
Wish it was real the panther killed the gitl so she could get to hell and
rotting there *spit*

Author EaglesQuestions (6 months)

Author Flower Power (4 months)
If i'm be her dad I'll put her in that cage and lock it.....just funny ^_^

Author healer od (1 year)
lol black leopard ? it sounds like some1 saying black nigger :D

Author suddenlyitsobvious (9 months)
'Vicious animal'???

Author Kingdom Fantasy (1 year)
i was waiting to see a real attack

Author death145647 (11 months)
It looked like she was really in there

Author Megan K (11 months)
she's like "oh hell no lets go" lol

Author JJ truth (1 year)
True animals should be left in their native habitats. Much can be done to
preserve these habitats. But these zoos & corporations don't bother.
Poaching or stealing the animals of another nation is robbing that country
of its natural resources. These are punishable crimes under international

Author meanwiddlekid (10 months)
I had enough of this zoo thing. Let's go home.

Author frisky dingo (9 months)
you're right...

Author Claude Black (9 months)
how would you live then?

Author epiccheese911 (10 months)

Author Mike k (10 months)
I scaredid him! She's a cutie...

Author MADGIRLJAZY (1 year)
Ahhhh, I understand. However I am sure that there are still many places
where animals roam free.. and the people that captured this animal captured
it to be shown off for peoples entertainment not because it didn't have
anywhere to go.

Author Sabrina Mars (10 months)
would you laugh if there wasnt any glass and if it actually attacked her?
if you would, then you are sick

Author Callum Manson (9 months)
No shit professor yout right

Author JKroger100 (9 months)
No wonder she's so bitter. Did you see her video on her home page. Wow,
fugly is a compliment to that face. Damn!

Author Gaarakun2 (9 months)
oops maybe not

Author Olivia Quevedo (10 months)

Author Connor Thompson (9 months)
I guess Obby is fat lonely troll who only knows how to press a spacebar

Author Jen Haymaker (1 year)
What's with the "whore" comments? It's a small innocent child. What the
hell is wrong with you people?

Author Hardcore King (11 months)
The comment you deleted was just as stupid as this one. I've lost too many
people to those genetic faults I mentioned previously to ever see them as
anything but that - a fault that needs fixing. People don't get to choose.
You get no say in the laws. You follow them or face the consequences.That's
not a choice, its a threat. It's like the mob, you can choose to pay them,
or you can choose not to, and they break your legs. Everyone is waiting for
death, no matter their surroundings.

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