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  • grace lee
    grace lee 4 days ago


  • Kim Dang
    Kim Dang 4 days ago

    OMG, you're doing all these by yourself? Looking forward to your wedding vlogs. Thank you. Your fans. xox

  • Ayanna Ferguson
    Ayanna Ferguson 5 days ago

    I'm so excited for your wedding!!

  • TX Grizz
    TX Grizz 5 days ago

    I dont know...but it calmes me down while I watch your Videos...You would be a great Couple of Psychatrists..:D .Way more Subscribers needed ................Greetings from Germany...:P

  • Laura R
    Laura R 6 days ago

    Eve that is a lovely outfit for the wedding, where is your dress from pleaseeee? Xx

  • Anna Janka
    Anna Janka 6 days ago

    I love your accent Eve. Such a lady accent. The hat is beautiful and your top. Dark navy blue suits you Eve.

  • Serielle
    Serielle 7 days ago

    You guys looked gorgeous at your friends wedding - that hat you hired looked stunning on you Eve!!

    Good luck with all the wedding planning, it's a stressful time I'm sure! Make sure to get some rest and not let it become to overwhelming!

    Love those hangers as well! They're gorgeous!!

  • mskeeterbobs
    mskeeterbobs 7 days ago

    Eve,your outfit is lovely,luv the hat/fascinator & colour of your nail varnish! 💅🏼 hangers turned out gr8 too 😻

  • Suzanne Camp
    Suzanne Camp 7 days ago

    Eve you look so beautiful in that gorgeous hat:

  • Julia Taylor
    Julia Taylor 7 days ago

    Finally got a phone where I can comment as well as watch. you both are amazing. Turbo and Jetty are adorable.

  • Sohraiyah Swain
    Sohraiyah Swain 7 days ago

    you two looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. The Royals have nothing over you both.

  • linda doman
    linda doman 7 days ago

    Really terrific hat, Eve!

  • Sophie Makes
    Sophie Makes 7 days ago

    We have the hogwarts school box for our Harry Potter sweet table at our wedding 😉😉

  • Katrina It Be
    Katrina It Be 7 days ago

    I love how excited eve was to talk about her outfit

  • Alana Lam
    Alana Lam 7 days ago

    Love you guys! ^_^ always put a smile on my face

  • Helen Allen
    Helen Allen 7 days ago

    Eve they could walk down the aisle on leads?

  • J Buggy
    J Buggy 7 days ago

    Congrats Chris and Eve! You are looking mighty slim and pretty Miss Eve......"wedding dieting" looks good on you!

  • Sarah Henry
    Sarah Henry 7 days ago

    you'll be a lovely bride eve and turbo and jet look like cute best cats.

  • Loopy leigh
    Loopy leigh 7 days ago

    You both looked lush!!!! 💜💙 xxxxxxx

  • debra bolton
    debra bolton 7 days ago

    You both looked lovely, the suit, hat, dress, and shoes. Turbo is so handsome, Jet is a dolly. Your house looks fine. The boys will look delightful in their bow ties.

  • SiobhansBookCorner
    SiobhansBookCorner 7 days ago

    you make such a cute couple! and i just love you both

  • Nillers
    Nillers 7 days ago

    Turbo and Jetty will look so handsome in those ties.

  • Zaya Hussain
    Zaya Hussain 7 days ago

    Amazing vlog

  • Anne Cody
    Anne Cody 7 days ago

    You know we all enjoy your videos!

  • gemma baker
    gemma baker 7 days ago

    Wow, I have finally caught up and watched all your videos from day 1! I found your videos purely by chance, it was the cat fountain comparison video that i found you, my other half laughs as I've binge watched, we have 2 little boys of our own, Marti (Madmartigan from Willow) and Cloud ( Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 video game) They are just a year old now, and have many products based on your videos(including some posh feed bowls thanks to your help on Insta) lol and I have just found Zooplus! (Amazing company) Looking forward to seeing the wedding outfits, good luck and I hope your not too stressed out with all the planning, I know it can take it's toll :) Gem

  • LBrobie
    LBrobie 7 days ago

    That hat is so pretty and is very attractive on you. Good choice! :)

  • Mathew Rides !
    Mathew Rides ! 7 days ago

    Omg hi Chris and Eve I'm getting a British shorthair kitten (the same colour as turbo and she's a girl) next sunday

  • Vanessa Morris
    Vanessa Morris 7 days ago

    What a lovely couple you made! I can only imagine what you will look like on your wedding day!

  • Regina Shappell
    Regina Shappell 7 days ago

    Your outfits were very nice. Love the hat and dress.

  • My Mental Health Diary

    Aww Eve looked absolutely stunning and you looked so handsome!! 😀 congratulations to ur lovely friend charlotte and her now husband. 👰 🎩 turbo and jet will look sooo adorable in here bow ties! Thank you again for a great video xx

  • Diana Fitzgerald
    Diana Fitzgerald 7 days ago

    Its Father's Day here in the U.S. Seems there's a heatwave everywhere, as we're having one in Nor. Cal. too, which is rare for this time of year. Its 80 degrees right now at noon but is slated to get to 90 by midday! Want to trade places? Lovely wedding outfits and I'm impressed by Eve's craft-worthiness. Can't wait to see pix of the boys in their gear.

    • LBrobie
      LBrobie 7 days ago

      It's supposed to be 108F (that's about 42C) in Sacramento today, and as of now, they're predicting 109 on Thursday. Ugh!! Although, I suppose I should be grateful because I understand it's supposed to be 121 in Phoenix on Tuesday! Yikes!

  • Dina B
    Dina B 7 days ago

    The hat was beautiful 😊 And I love those hangers!!!! Turbo and Jet will be absolutely adorable in the bowties 😊 So excited for you guys to get married lol Hopefully you share some pics with us viewers 😃

  • maritia
    maritia 7 days ago

    nice hat :)

  • S Star
    S Star 7 days ago

    I like the hat,...and the hangers, and the bowties!!

  • Shaira Zahin
    Shaira Zahin 7 days ago

    Ahahahh I was also one of them who messaged you guys on Instagram! Binged on all your videos today! I remember the Thailand vlogs and man what a long way we've all come. Best of luck for the wedding guys!

  • Grace M
    Grace M 7 days ago

    I love this video! Your hat is gorgeous Eve. What is the date of your wedding?

  • Abdul Azim
    Abdul Azim 7 days ago

    what city do you live in?

  • No Body
    No Body 7 days ago

    hi... im quite early 😊have a nice day/night everyone

  • Dakotina
    Dakotina 7 days ago

    Aww, you both looked gorgeous in the picture at the wedding! Eve, I adore your outfit and you're going to be a wonderful bride, you're getting more beautiful every day ...or every Sunday ;) x

  • rosecolouredglasses

    I really want to see Turbs and Jet Jet wear bowties!

  • Jordan Reed
    Jordan Reed 7 days ago

    ...and the first one liking it

  • Tai Leo
    Tai Leo 7 days ago


  • Vesper Martini
    Vesper Martini 7 days ago

    Beautiful picture at the wedding, can't wait to see you guys in your wedding outfits.

    • Chris & Eve
      Chris & Eve 7 days ago

      Thank you :) I can't wait to see us either haha! x

  • Jordan Reed
    Jordan Reed 7 days ago


  • Jordan Reed
    Jordan Reed 7 days ago

    I'm the 1st one watching this

    • Nancy Adams
      Nancy Adams 5 days ago

      I just feel the big day will be 7/07/17 !!! You think so?

    • Jordan Reed
      Jordan Reed 7 days ago

      +Chris & Eve Thank you! Greetings from France/Spain

    • Chris & Eve
      Chris & Eve 7 days ago

      Yay! Go you! x

  • Ivanaa S.
    Ivanaa S. 7 days ago


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