Bengawan Solo

This is a very beautiful song about a river.
I saw the river, when I was in Indonesia, last year.
He might be a little dirty now, the song is still beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it ;)
Don't mind my bad English (A)

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Author arend bos ( ago)
ik ben gelukkig dat ik voor een lieve oudere dame haar afduw muziek heb
gevonden, bengawan solo, mevr het gaat u goed.

Author Ri.NICO Art ( ago)
Some of the Lyrics are wrong...
Here's the the right lyrics :
Bengawan Solo …
Riwayatmu ini
Sedari dulu jadi ..
Perhatian insani

Musim kemarau …
Tak s’brapa airmu
Di musim hujan air …
Meluap sampai jauh

Mata airmu dari Solo
Terkurung gunung seribu
Air meluap sampai jauh
Akhirnya ke laut

Itu perahu ….
Riwayatmu dulu
Kaum pedagang selalu
Naik itu perahu
Sorry if i have a bad english

Author Ranteh 1801 ( ago)
This is a Beautifull Song !!!

Author goldj333 ( ago)
Who is this lovely singer ? Can anybody help me?

Author lung wan chung ( ago)

Author isaac choi ( ago)
what is the beat of this song? 這首歌什麼拍子?

Author Chesley Jayasinghe ( ago)
It's a beautiful song and sung beautifully as well. Thank You
Ches & Tilly U.K

Author अल्लाह ॐ ( ago)
I love this song very much!!^^

Author Wahyu Widyantoro ( ago)
i love you indonesia, i love you solo.

Author silenzo100 ( ago)
Greeting from Thailand :)

Author belvedere416 ( ago)
Wonderful song from beautiful Indonesia. Greetings from Philippines!

Author CnR Tribe ( ago)

Author IrenaSt ( ago)
Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful -super song!!!

Author abascus15 ( ago)
I would also like to know who she is

Author abascus15 ( ago)
Who is this singer with such a sweet voice...can anybody help? 

Author Viking Soul ( ago)
Thanks ... So good performance ... 

Author Robert Lim ( ago)
beautiful song my thumbs up anytime 

Author Wout Koch ( ago)
Wonderful singing and song from my birthland.

Author Streuselsturm ( ago)
Aku cinta Indonesia :) greetings from germany

Author Lokitravels ( ago)
Beautiful song! Love it! 

Author dita yunita ( ago)
penyanyi nya sapa ya?

Author Chary Cannia ( ago)
...Sedari dulu, jadi perhatian insani (not Dewi Sari ^_^) insani means
people in general

Author Judy de Silva ( ago)
brings back memories of the past when I first sang this song with my sister
Lilonga on Maliban Talent Contest in 1961 and sadly passed away on the 4th
of May 2012.We went as Kanthie and Lilonga. I still sing this song with my
daughter Judy A very big thank you to Sharida and Bunny Mutaliliph my
school time pals for teaching us this beautiful nostalgic heartwarming

Author mahamud ahmad ( ago)
a beautiful Indonesian heritage.

Author Pierre J. Nursewan ( ago)
Reminds me of Han Solo Wkwk canda boy!! Tribute to gesang

Author flamerrs ( ago)
Nostagia song greeting from Osaka, Japan 

Author muhammad prawira ( ago)

Author Claudio de Seriis ( ago)
Hallo, what a wonderful Melodie and fantastic Voice. Very very good !
Greting from Germany Ciao Claudio

Author maneewan manee ( ago)
I miss Solo a little town in Java,that I visited in 1991. thanks for

Author Iris Sit ( ago)
@blueboysturngreen :P

Author blueboysturngreen (630 years ago)
@iluvpokemon4eva LOL same 

Author Fadhil Djajasasmita ( ago)
Yang nyanyi orang Prancis yee? 'r'nya kedengeran jelas kayak orang prancis

Author MrHoop503 ( ago)
Sweet Memory song of INDONESIAN very historical and inspirational.

Author Iris Sit ( ago)
e only reason i came here cuz i had 2 do project bout it. haha lol

Author fazra765 ( ago)
bengawan solo.. singing by jazz musician LISA ONO

Author VladiSSius ( ago)
lagu tempoe doeloe... sangat indah... serasa mengenang nostalgia dengan
Bengawan Solo yang kini semakin kotor... Oh Bengawan Solo, riwajatmoe
doeloe, riwajatmoe kini....

Author Pat Prem Lim ( ago)
This evergreen Indonesian songs has been covered many a times ( & into diff
languages) by various artistes . There are jazzy , slow tempo, keronchong ,
hawaiian , fast tempo versions to this song. I found Ms Anneke Glonloh
version apleasure to listen to but does not means others are not . Its a
matter of preferences. 

Author Axel LaFontaine ( ago)
This is indeed a beautiful rendition of the song Bengawan Solo about the
River Solo in Java, Indonesia. Terimah kasi banjak for sharing. The last
time I heard this song was several years ago when my wife and I visited KL,
Malaysia and a group from Malaka played it for me at a jamming session they

Author aditya putra mardani ( ago)
go go ! indonesian song!

Author Elang Samudra ( ago)
sweet song..

Author wendelina koning ( ago)
ini orang aring

Author Hotredroad ( ago)
Ini siapa yg nyanyi sih?? orang Jepang atau orang Chinesse?? who's sing
this song?? nihon-jin or chinesse ?? Gesang -- RIP

Author Zara Araz ( ago)
all I can say is RIP Gesang and thanks for coming to Indonesia and loving
this song :)

Author MrHangjebat ( ago)
bagus bngat

Author Rein Marchal ( ago)
Terima kasih Pak , lagumu abadi !!!!!!! S'lam jalan Pak ! Dari Belanda,

Author Akus ( ago)
Don't translate this anyone, whatever you do....

Author katanaSJ410 ( ago)
Gesang, the creator of this song dead today, May 20th 2010 at 6.10 PM (
Indonesian Local Time ) -R.I.P Gesang-

Author Xaliber ( ago)
RIP Gesang, namamu akan selalu dikenang..

Author Samuel Herron ( ago)
Kata "sedap" dalam bahasa Indonesian hanya digunakan untuk menyatakan bau
makanan atau bau barang yang harum. Sedang untuk poerasaan hati digunakan
kata "terhibur" atau "senang".

Author masyanto ( ago)
Semoga Malaysia dan Indonesia tak bergaduh terus mengenai Budaya

Author Amy Ng ( ago)
Nice one!

Author Alfareza Huda ( ago)
whats up wif her r.?? french ka.?

Author iQuation ( ago)
I wish to dedicate this beautiful evergreen to the memory of Rinus Schram.
The (wine)glass was always half full for Rinus, and he would have loved
this Indonesian classic about a river that was just like him - Larger than

Author Verena ( ago)
the singer: Lisa ....? Mckea or something like that

Author Shannon K ( ago)
I'm Malaysian,this song has vividly reflected the beauty of Indonesian's

Author Elhan Ambia ( ago)
saya dr malaysia tp saya cinta sama solo!!!

Author kc chek ( ago)
who is this female singer?

Author uvedkommend (1095 years ago)
very nice done , I like this also v=qlEnmt8Vntg

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