Bengawan Solo

This is a very beautiful song about a river.
I saw the river, when I was in Indonesia, last year.
He might be a little dirty now, the song is still beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it ;)
Don't mind my bad English (A)

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Author lung wan chung (10 days)

Author Chesley Jayasinghe (1 month)
It's a beautiful song and sung beautifully as well. Thank You
Ches & Tilly U.K

Author isaac choi (24 days)
what is the beat of this song? 這首歌什麼拍子?

Author Λι-τσιω Τζανγ (4 months)
I love this song very much!!^^

Author Wahyu Widyantoro (10 months)
i love you indonesia, i love you solo.

Author Neptune Purple Heart (10 months)

Author Joseph Tao-Tse Wu (9 months)

Author maneewan manee (3 years)
I miss Solo a little town in Java,that I visited in 1991. thanks for

Author Razalinho (6 years)
wow ! nobody write comments about this song! nice leh this song!

Author Rein Marchal (4 years)
Terima kasih Pak , lagumu abadi !!!!!!! S'lam jalan Pak ! Dari Belanda, Rein

Author Wout Koch (2 years)
Wonderful singing and song from my birthland.

Author ChenJunHung (3 years)
i know a taiwanese song covered from this, its called ''文雅灣梭羅'' but i
currently cant find it on youtube

Author Elhan Ambia (5 years)
saya dr malaysia tp saya cinta sama solo!!!

Author katanaSJ410 (4 years)
Gesang, the creator of this song dead today, May 20th 2010 at 6.10 PM (
Indonesian Local Time ) -R.I.P Gesang-

Author Zara Araz (4 years)
all I can say is RIP Gesang and thanks for coming to Indonesia and loving
this song :)

Author 99Mazka (3 years)
make me proud to be indonesian and live in SOLO

Author abascus15 (1 year)
I would also like to know who she is

Author CnR Tribe (1 year)

Author sarahdirectioner6 (2 years)
Greetings from Singapore!!

Author Samuel Herron (5 years)
Kata "sedap" dalam bahasa Indonesian hanya digunakan untuk menyatakan bau
makanan atau bau barang yang harum. Sedang untuk poerasaan hati digunakan
kata "terhibur" atau "senang".

Author eries2003 (5 years)
master piece....from gesang

Author blueboysturngreen (3 years)
@iluvpokemon4eva LOL same

Author flamerrs (3 years)
Nostagia song greeting from Osaka, Japan

Author Fadhil Djajasasmita (3 years)
Yang nyanyi orang Prancis yee? 'r'nya kedengeran jelas kayak orang prancis

Author VerenaMWalian (5 years)
the singer: Lisa ....? Mckea or something like that

Author JustXlikeXme (5 years)
I have absolutely no idea... sorry.

Author MrHoop503 (3 years)
Sweet Memory song of INDONESIAN very historical and inspirational.

Author winxmichelle1 (4 years)
Beautiful Indonesian song. Love it.

Author Hotredroad (4 years)
Ini siapa yg nyanyi sih?? orang Jepang atau orang Chinesse?? who's sing
this song?? nihon-jin or chinesse ?? Gesang -- RIP

Author dita yunita (2 years)
penyanyi nya sapa ya?

Author 101saxophone (3 years)
where can i get the full marching band score for this song? can anyone pls

Author masyanto (5 years)
Semoga Malaysia dan Indonesia tak bergaduh terus mengenai Budaya

Author Claudio de Seriis (3 years)
Hallo, what a wonderful Melodie and fantastic Voice. Very very good !
Greting from Germany Ciao Claudio

Author wendelina koning (4 years)
ini orang aring

Author mahamud ahmad (2 years)
a beautiful Indonesian heritage.

Author MASkholil (5 years)
saya juga suka malaysia:)

Author Akus (4 years)
Don't translate this anyone, whatever you do....

Author jeahsung2227 (1 year)
Razalinho!..4 yrs ago u said no one commented...u r rong..I love B.Solo of
this version

Author creative20009 (5 years)
very nice song : )

Author MrHangjebat (4 years)
bagus bngat

Author belvedere416 (1 year)
Wonderful song from beautiful Indonesia. Greetings from Philippines!

Author aditya putra mardani (3 years)
go go ! indonesian song!

Author MultiNiQi (3 years)
lyrics failed. ==

Author Shannon K (5 years)
I'm Malaysian,this song has vividly reflected the beauty of Indonesian's

Author MrDaniashidi (2 years)

Author Iris Sit (3 years)
e only reason i came here cuz i had 2 do project bout it. haha lol

Author Viking Soul (2 years)
Thanks ... So good performance ...

Author Streuselsturm (2 years)
Aku cinta Indonesia :) greetings from germany

Author Pat Prem Lim (3 years)
This evergreen Indonesian songs has been covered many a times ( & into diff
languages) by various artistes . There are jazzy , slow tempo, keronchong ,
hawaiian , fast tempo versions to this song. I found Ms Anneke Glonloh
version apleasure to listen to but does not means others are not . Its a
matter of preferences.

Author silenzo100 (1 year)
Greeting from Thailand :)

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