Minecraft - my premium accout

hello pls tell me what to do

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Author stonematt15 (3 years)
@seplucher thank you hope you get an account soon

Author jakio91 (3 years)
@challe876 I Need Help i got msn

Author MrRawr (3 years)

Author pikaCRAFT (3 years)
go here and stop waiting for these stupid servey sites Go here for a free
minnecraft account freeminecraft[dot]me /?r ef=79 570

Author NOS Raptor (3 years)
@hammy12233 scam

Author Team1Kaboomie (3 years)
he just pirated it --' no wonder he can only press on OFFLINE

Author Austin Semeta (3 years)
Dude you must be pretty sad to make a video like this one you big baby.

Author gitorla13 (3 years)

Author toXicMonkeY (3 years)
just reset ur password

Author Andrew Wu (3 years)
ll u just got fuckraped i downloaded it for free and my online works

Author Jian Soo (3 years)
@wendylorenzoXCLX to hack it? lol hes gonna soooooo hack it

Author daniel daly (4 years)
i know so have i

Author challe876 (3 years)
yes plz

Author spidermonkey881 (3 years)
I just bought the game and it says i need a premium account and i cant play
offline it says i need to play one game online. please help me?

Author CraziiLoLii (3 years)

Author Dawcterpivot (3 years)
cry some more bitch

Author Levi Lence (3 years)
"Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter"

Author AaD1iPanda (3 years)
A whole £8, go wash pots.

Author Nights Owl (3 years)
The Creeper blew up your premium goodness. =D

Author pobbart13 (3 years)
have you tryed sending a message to them mate?

Author cjaykiller (3 years)
@shakafakafilms srry it was a fake :/

Author GameProductor (3 years)
@DrummerX3X can u give it to me i cant change the password pls

Author izze97 (3 years)
@TheSnorreB why do want it back im sure you would waste it in front of the

Author biggunzman (3 years)
free mine craft. me/?ref =110 287 delte spaces and go for free mincraft
premium accounts!!

Author DMDropShotz (3 years)
stop crying u sound like a fag

Author TheGagsCast (2 years)
click play offline or something

Author boyboyboy102 (3 years)
Did he really cry? ??O_O??

Author FizzyShadow gG (2 years)
please get me one premium account .please,please.

Author challe876 (3 years)
i can help u:)

Author minecraft14 (3 years)
you are a dem

Author UnkownRaw (3 years)
freeminecraft . m e / ? ref = 23 62 9 5 remove spaces

Author Timmy (2 years)
you have the freaking hacked version

Author xBloProductions (3 years)
anyone want minecraft gift codes? this isnt fake i pinky swear ... type in
t i n y u r l . c o m / WITHOUT SPACES and after the "/" type in 43664du

Author DrummerX3X (3 years)
If you bought the premium recently, it may take up to a week for it to

Author bastaart712 (3 years)
i cant play offline tell me how i do it

Author James Wyvern (3 years)

Author TonkkaX (4 years)
Connect Minecraft in Steam, it keeps up on date and you don't have to
download more mirrors.

Author CraziiLoLii (3 years)
this its not Permuiom

Author Mathew Lawrence (3 years)
h ttp://fre emine craft.m e/? ref= 29 594 remove the spaces

Author 94rast (3 years)
w w w.minecraft4free.c o m? id=6993786 go here

Author hammy12233 (3 years)
tell me your user name and pass and i will help

Author xXeMxModderZ (3 years)
Try and use ur email address

Author MinecraftBestMusics (3 years)
[Play offline] < < < < < < < < < < < !!!

Author Scott0129 (3 years)
go to support seciton

Author plokij097 (3 years)
u mad bro?

Author spidermonkey881 (3 years)
I just bought the game and it says i need a premium account and i cant play
offline it says i need to play one game online. please help me?

Author ubifanlol (3 years)
tell me username and password :D

Author ploppe1337 (3 years)
you can play singel player and im cant play minecraft :(

Author shakafakafilms (3 years)
@cjaykiller can you do the same for me plz

Author MrPlaymobil777 (2 years)
you are so noob

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