Minecraft - my premium accout

hello pls tell me what to do

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Author nemesiscas ( ago)
This page relly works Ht tp:/ /W am jelly.c om/?ref= 25 54 1 6 remove spaces

Author mk999kh1 ( ago)

Author HeCTiiC Aurora ( ago)
Who the fuck is this chick and WHY IS SHE SO RETARDED

Author Timmy ( ago)
you have the freaking hacked version

Author MrPlaymobil777 ( ago)
you are so noob

Author Colby Gerard ( ago)
htt p://w am m/?re f=95 869 free minecraft account. legit (take
away all spaces)

Author Parah ( ago)
hey retard just play offline tht wat u get if u dont buy an account

Author Alan Hanchana ( ago)
quit begging

Author TheGagsCast ( ago)
click play offline or something

Author FizzyShadow gG ( ago)
please get me one premium account .please,please.

Author mcfidgetmuffin9 ( ago)
help me get a premium please :D ht tp: //f ree mi ne c /?ref= 5864
54 (without the spaces )

Author Carson Collier ( ago)
IDK wat 2 do go f ur self in a mirror u really had to put ask youtube wat
to do????

Author Alec VicarageForbes ( ago)
this happend to me but it wont let me do anything and it said i aint
downloaded it please help

Author SAM ANNETTS ( ago)
I payed 13 pound dick it aint f*****g £8 douche bag!!!

Author Cppro10 ( ago)
6 likes.....66 dislikes......

Author Mathew Lawrence ( ago)
h ttp://fre emine craft.m e/? ref= 29 594 remove the spaces

Author SHADOWxWOLF ( ago)
thats the cracked free one noob.

Author 1999moh ( ago)
mine m?id=4366053 ok plz

Author stonematt15 ( ago)
@seplucher thank you hope you get an account soon

Author stonematt15 ( ago)
@seplucher i went to yours could you please go to mine
minecraft4free(DOT)com?id=8325180 replace (DOT) with .

Author Rafi Ali ( ago)

Author Reift ( ago)
My Minecraft Hamachi Server. Pm If you want to join need admins.!

Author GetHacks1 ( ago)

Author Scott0129 ( ago)
go to support seciton

Author prankster855 ( ago)
u have to buy the game first the download is for to get on quicker

Author CacceliFIN ( ago)
Dont use Ä or Ö or Å on your password and if that dont work message to

Author Alleigences ( ago)
Lemme have your account info and i'll see if i can fix it :p

Author plokij097 ( ago)
u mad bro?

Author MrJOEANDERIC ( ago)
Try minecraft self out, and stop watching these videos, go Play it either!.
Check then : / minecraftprize

Author Marc Lacida ( ago)
hey if you forgot password report to pollice and spank you :P

Author timebloodkill ( ago)
omfg he is crying.cry some more bitch,see wat happens!

Author Dawcterpivot ( ago)
cry some more bitch

Author Team1Kaboomie ( ago)
he just pirated it --' no wonder he can only press on OFFLINE

Author boyboyboy102 ( ago)
Did he really cry? ??O_O??

Author Jmaz926 ( ago)
when I mine says user not premium i dont have the choice to stay offline

Author Ecksss ( ago)
Wow, this guys a dunce. CLICK THE PLAY OFFLINE MODE.

Author lorddemios2 ( ago)
GO HERE minecraftaccounts(.) C O M?join=44623 without COM caps and () on
the peirod

Author biggunzman ( ago)
h t t p : / / mine craft. me/?ref =110 287 delete spaces and go for free
mincraft accounts!

Author biggunzman ( ago)
free mine craft. me/?ref =110 287 delte spaces and go for free mincraft
premium accounts!!

Author bloodyzach ( ago)
legal and free please go here h ttp://w ww.minecraft 4free. com?id=3234977
(remove spaces)

Author Geoffrey117 ( ago)
go here and stop waiting for these stupid servey sites Go here for a free
minnecraft account freeminecraft[dot]me /?r ef=79 570

Author xBloProductions ( ago)
anyone want minecraft gift codes? this isnt fake i pinky swear ... type in
t i n y u r l . c o m / WITHOUT SPACES and after the "/" type in 43664du

Author izze97 ( ago)
@TheSnorreB why do want it back im sure you would waste it in front of the

Author Deweydog90 ( ago)
what the hell you saying

Author TheCr4nk ( ago)
all they bought the game for paysafe they stette to normal

Author pobbart13 ( ago)
have you tryed sending a message to them mate?

Author TopGamingControl ( ago)
Want minecraft premium for free? well watch this video /watch?v=4UYt0VXBLoo
and you will be playing without paying!

Author Runenova CheeseDoodle ( ago)
why u cant do play offline on beta?

Author CatLover 9000 ( ago)
ll u just got fuckraped i downloaded it for free and my online works

Author Jian Soo ( ago)
@4131025 XD that was moderatly funny

Author alex_aaa789 ( ago)
@jiansoo33 nope he ask 'hello pls tell me what to do' so i tell him the
joke lol

Author Jian Soo ( ago)
@wendylorenzoXCLX to hack it? lol hes gonna soooooo hack it

Author HybridHacks ( ago)
@RsManiac21 He did at like 0:56 noob.

Author KurdishKxnt ( ago)
are u friends with kootra and gang

Author André Costa ( ago)
@RsManiac21 His brain is OFFLINE!!!

Author Jack Ford ( ago)
What the hell did I just watch? o.o

Author alex_aaa789 ( ago)
just give us the account

Author DontFuckWhitMeh ( ago)
thats not premium dumbass.thats an launcher

Author xXeMxModderZ ( ago)
Try and use ur email address

Author Nights Owl ( ago)
The Creeper blew up your premium goodness. =D

Author Austin Semeta ( ago)
Dude you must be pretty sad to make a video like this one you big baby.

Author toXicMonkeY ( ago)
just reset ur password

Author challe876 ( ago)
yes plz

Author brandon hughes ( ago)
yeh sorry need to get my facts righ buy the game get it free forever but
seriosly get beta the newest i know of is 1.2_0.2

Author Deoxia ( ago)
Are you possibly Retarded?No offense but im very worried.

Author NOS Raptor ( ago)
@hammy12233 scam

Author NOS Raptor ( ago)
@brandon99902 no you dont once you buy it you have it forever fuckin faggot

Author minecraft14 ( ago)
you are a dem

Author brandon hughes ( ago)
get a life get beta and get nbt forge on world of minecraft you hafe to pay
monthly like runescape

Author gitorla13 ( ago)

Author RawrXLR ( ago)

Author hamtetutu ( ago)

Author DMDropShotz ( ago)
stop crying u sound like a fag

Author hammy12233 ( ago)
tell me your user name and pass and i will help

Author zack1913 ( ago)
no you do not have the real game

Author Levi Lence ( ago)
"Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter"

Author Ted Maniac ( ago)
You obviously didn't buy you fag.

Author FlashMazter ( ago)
Send an email to the creators of minecraft and ask what to do.

Author cjaykiller ( ago)
@shakafakafilms srry it was a fake :/

Author RsManiac21 ( ago)

Author shakafakafilms ( ago)
@cjaykiller can you do the same for me plz

Author michael scutts ( ago)
Dumbass, I know how to fix it, kill yourself

Author Tobias ( ago)
stop crying

Author James Wyvern ( ago)

Author cjaykiller ( ago)
@1Nekit1 k ill pm it to u :D

Author Nick Kent ( ago)
@cjaykiller I can ^^

Author cjaykiller ( ago)
can some one give me a alpha acount its just to unload offline :) i promis
pm me and ill give u my email to send it to me

Author LimitedANlME ( ago)
Go to the start menu then run then %appdata% then roaming then delete
.minecraft and run the whole thing again.

Author GameProductor ( ago)
@DrummerX3X can u give it to me i cant change the password pls

Author robocu4 ( ago)
Play offline jackass.

Author DrummerX3X ( ago)
If you bought the premium recently, it may take up to a week for it to

Author Terrin ( ago)
i think its because you have to buy premium as well as the game

Author ninjasagarules201 ( ago)
do u have to buy it to play offline 2?

Author nuget102 ( ago)
you could try re-downloading it? like completely install it and re-install
it from the site???

Author jakio91 ( ago)
@challe876 I Need Help

Author jakio91 ( ago)
@challe876 I Need Help i got msn

Author jakio91 ( ago)
Thats What Happend To Me I Need Help

Author challe876 ( ago)
i can help u:) do u got msn?

Author challe876 ( ago)
i can help u:)

Author AaD1iPanda ( ago)
A whole £8, go wash pots.

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