Leh Ratree Eng. Sub ep. 1 (1/9)

My Thai is not 100% so there are names, words etc that I don't get. There will be a lot of grammar for I didn't do a qc before encoding this so I apologize

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Author Miing YS ( ago)
Thanks for uploading, I really like this drama. Pepper&Ann-Alicia so cute ^^

Author LuvAquarius91 ( ago)
lmaoo...the kid that plays the priest is sooo adorable!! he
ran to give poo the fake ring was too cute. hahaha

Author HaibTshajHaib ( ago)
Pong is so young and nerdy in here. Pepper and his mom are super mean too.

Author bruceyeung23 ( ago)
thanx for the eng sub

Author alberto reyes ( ago)
good job

Author james jamie ( ago)

Author mor thao ( ago)
the kids is so cute and funny

Author smilestream:) ( ago)
Thnks for doing ur best. :-)

Author PAM SENGPHOM (1131 year ago)
น่ารักทุกคนเลย เด็กเนอะเด็ก

Author lopi brown ( ago)
the heroine so pretty

Author hsm9269 ( ago)
is there a new making of this whats the name?

Author aaza6 ( ago)
No problem dear...At least you have tried your best :)

Author Krys Kay ( ago)
I really wish I could understand them :(

Author sweetpraises ( ago)
wow, i have been seeing this nang rai in many older lakorns...

Author sweetpraises ( ago)
oh my! pong was too skinny with a big head back then! how much he has
changed physically!

Author Kazoua Her ( ago)
this is one of my most favoritest lakorn! i dont know how many times ive
been re-watching this. perfect cast! perfect storyline!

Author shawtychang ( ago)
wow...haha i watched this movie dubbed in hmong..

Author EricNorthmanLuvrBeth ( ago)
pong...pong..PONG! i luv

Author Nancy Hang ( ago)
cute!! cute!! cute!! a reminder for me... I've watch this lakorn on
1/20/2011 12:20AM

Author ThaistarFan ( ago)
the little girl looks so much like kate haha

Author kalia559 ( ago)
i loove this lakorn so much, i dont know how many times i've seen it
already :D

Author deevang001 ( ago)
one of the best lakorn

Author Kimnaly ( ago)
@apxaio mais tu peux le regarder en vostfr, je l'ai trouvé

Author Yo Moua ( ago)
i believe that is the business do.

Author AsianMix92 ( ago)
I love this drama so much even though its an old one...I still love it....

Author 11dreamingofu ( ago)
lol, so cute. ^_^ then grow up 2 continue being a couple is so sweet. don't
like sak & wife. very cold people. i can feel a cold air watching them.

Author MsDEvil209 ( ago)
@KODOCHOAV tik is hotter

Author vmp98765 ( ago)
aww the kids are so cute XD

Author KODOCHOAV ( ago)
pepper is hot!!!!!!!

Author apxaio ( ago)
j'apprecie bcp ce drama dommage qu'il n'y est jamais de traduction en
français vraiment dommage que je ne puisse le faire

Author SLWPAY ( ago)
begining to love this lakorn

Author candydisneygirl1 ( ago)
The beginning is so cute! :)

Author dimon514 ( ago)
can someone tell me what this lakorn is about? thanks a lot before head. :)

Author Der Vang ( ago)
i know right! This is a really good one. probably...3 time watching this.

Author chong vang ( ago)
omg!!! hes so young in here!!!

Author mai ( ago)
i like the coupling in here the modeling seems interesting eheheh imma come
back and watch this

Author Stacy Moua ( ago)
i am watching this for like the fourth time!! such a good movie!!

Author mchmonglauj ( ago)
i wish you guys can dubb their new lakorn Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So

Author kxio900 ( ago)
I know! this is the third...fourth? time i watch this!

Author iCeBeRrY1103 ( ago)
well he is pong

Author Shorty200524 (35 years ago)
I loved this drama so much I'm watching it a 2nd time. Thanks again so much
for the subbing!! =)

Author maitxiabneeb lee ( ago)
pOO is sO...HAWT

Author kairiin ( ago)
he is an cold and heartless...

Author lakorns ( ago)
I am back to watch one of my favorite lakorn from ch5.

Author lov2us ( ago)
just point of information,,, you got most of it right but he said her pay
should be cut by 20%

Author angel05oliver ( ago)
thank you!!!

Author salakjith ( ago)
The first time I saw him was when he had long hair too, I thought he was
okay looking but he was the sweetest one in the group but wasn't the most
cute, but in this lakorn he is so sexy. I love Sake's character, a gentle
and hard working man.

Author avangellique ( ago)
lovelly begining...

Author sssasaa ( ago)
Is that Sake's sister that tell him to be nice to his girlfriend?

Author Bronchi ( ago)
haha, the beggining was adorable(:

Author Bodicee ( ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

Author lilmaytnt ( ago)
he is hot. when i first saw him on u.h.t he had long hair, couldn't see his
face, thought he was ugly, but now i changed my mind, he is HOT.!

Author txung23 ( ago)
this was one of my favorite thai lakorn....thanks for the
rock!!!! pepper such a cutie

Author pisa tooj ( ago)
Thks for sharing! Luv the Eng sub!

Author janjunko ( ago)
Pepper of U.H.T. is so HOT! and so cute! so happy to have subs! THANKS!

Author vantacy ( ago)
Very nice storyline and addictive. Thanks for the upload with subs. My
second lankorn.

Author babishi ( ago)
thanks so much...aaha

Author 2007essence2007 ( ago)
lol the little boy looks exactly like the grown up one.. -_-"

Author azndramaluver ( ago)

Author yayableu ( ago)
i saw this one a looooong time ago, but t didn't have subs then, so...
it'll be kool to watch it again. thanks!!!!

Author chngnschyy ( ago)
damn pong is hot stuff!

Author Michelle Soontornpatee ( ago)
too bad UHT broke up >_< but i saw this a long time ago when it first came's a really good lakorn but there are soo parts that are soo

Author Lane phu ( ago)
i seen this Lakorn b4 dudded in khmer. I Love it. I'm gonna watch it again
na ka.

Author Kalia Lee ( ago)
thanx for the subtitle!!!!! liuv the lakorns!!!! this lakorn is so
addictive!!!! imma watch it again!!! thanx again.

Author vangba ( ago)
omg. thank you so much for the eng. subs. ahh i love this drama.

Author luomestbelle ( ago)
thx lots for the eng. subtitles :)

Author IceRainy ( ago)
thank u, i'v watched it already on tv but i'll watch it again^^

Author lakorns ( ago)
1st to comment. love ann alicia and pepper. super couple. yeah eng sub.
super happy. can't wait 2 see the rest.

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